India is a place of emotions. You can come here with empty hands and still have one thing with you - the bond of friendship. You can have nothing here, but you can still survive here with the virtues of friendship.  

So, to immortalize the emotions and values of friendship, many mythological stories are imprinted on the golden pages of history and either captured in pictographs or sung in the melody of songs. Legendary songwriters, lyricists, singers, directors, and producers have portrayed the bond of friendship beautifully on cinema's silver screen for over a century. 

There are millions of songs in the Bollywood industry in Hindi to personify the bond of friendship. The dosti hindi songs of Bollywood are enough to make you feel thousands of emotions at once without forcing you to express any feelings from your side. 

May it be the song Yaara teri yaari ko….Maine to Khuda mana….yaad karegi Duniya Tera mera afsana portrayed by Amitabh Bacchan and Dharmendra in the movies back then or may it be Tera yaar hoon main from the movie Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety … every song has left the whole virtue of friendship and dosti completely and amazingly spellbound through their work.

Also, there are many other dosti songs that you should listen to if you understand Hindi well and want to relive your old lost friendship vibes again.

Such outstanding work by our legendary songwriters has inspired today's generation Z people a lot. It set a benchmark for all the people to beat and is heart-touching to listen to. But nowadays, newbies have almost destroyed and ruined the ideas of friendship and scenarios through their content. The lyrics sound meaningless, and the scenes aren't family-friendly, which makes the audience feel difficulty in feeling those emotions like they used to before. Many initiatives are being taken to maintain the same decorum as before, but still, the same situations continue to persist. 

But still...even today, our parents and old generation have done far better on these Dosti songs than us. This is because they knew the real world better than us. They had seen friendships offline better and for decades than us. 

Hence, they could put their thoughts into the lyrics and music in a more usual way and manner than generation Z. And coming back to the same point of musing with the legendary Dosti Hindi songs. So you cannot miss some of the unique pieces crafted by the community of people throughout the country.

Here are a few suggestions for you to add and enhance your playlist with :

  1. Atrangi Yaari 
  2. Chalta rahe tera mera meelon ka yarana
  3. Sooraj Dooba hain
  4. Yaariyan - ABCD
  5. Tu hi toh meri dost hain
  6. Dil chahta hai
  7. Jaane nahi denge tujhe
  8. Meri dosti mera pyar
  9. Yaari ka circle
  10. Ye ladka hai deewana

Here we have curated the perfect Dosti Hindi songs list. I hope this will be a bliss to your playlist.

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