Turkish drama "ASK LAFTAN ANLAMAZ" that got viral over world wide for its characters and plot.

A girl who stays away for her study with her two other friends, had to face family strict rules that is either to get married or get a job soon after study.
she did not wanted to return her home which is in country side, eventually got a job in a brand textile company on name of an other interviewee who left the interview for her EGO and thrown out her resume to road side and HAYAT the lead actress found it and before she could explain the HR took her in job just looking at the resume.

Then she fought with the CEO a lot of time having a misconception that he is a random guy. And as usual the fight turns in to attraction, friendship or perhaps a lil more but they both could not confess it and here it introduces the lady twist lady who is a brand model for the company and loves the CEO the lead actor.

Sooner she got to know about the smoothness in the relation of HAYAT AND MURAT , she started a new trick to get MURAT in her life and there is many more twist and drama there.

The drama has got 96% of google views and has been converted to 4 to 5 language including Hindi and Arbi.

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