Lucky Patcher is one the most trusted applications for Android users which is capable of removing ads and unlock the premium features of Android apps and games. If you don’t want to see ads, you must download Lucky Patcher APK. In short you can say that it allows users to patch Android apps and games. It is also possible to eliminate the unwanted app permissions which irritate you during the installation process.

Over the times, I have observed that users feel irritated when they see pop-up kind of advertisements in their Android apps and games. To get rid of this, Lucky Patcher APK download is the solution. So, today I am going to explain everything detail about the Lucky Patcher APK. Additionally, you can also read some important posts about how to remove ads on Android app and lots more 

To start with, lets first see some of the features of Lucky Patcher. Once you go through the features section, you can proceed to Lucky Patcher APK download section. So, here’s something that Lucky Patcher can do for your Android mobile or tablet 

Lucky Patcher Features

Well, when you talk about features of Lucky Patcher, there’s a lot to explore in the app. Right from taking a backup of an app or game to building a modified apk of a particular app, everything is possible here. All you need to do is just download Lucky Patcher APK, sit back, relax and leave the rest to this wonderful patch app. Not making you wait anymore, here are some of the features of Lucky Patcher APK. Have a glimpse at them

Lucky Patcher APK

#1. Lucky Patcher allows you to take a backup of any app’s or game’s APK within its app. So even if you lost the original APK, you can always have a backup for the same.

#2. It comes with a separate Tool Box through which you can easily remove all saved purchases of any app or game and also take a backup of them at a blink of an eye! 🙂

#3. Lucky Patcher also allows you to create a modified APK file through which you can easily skip the ads and the unnecessary in-app purchases.

#4. The option of ‘Clone Application’ might not work for all, of course, it works good on all smartphones but not sure about the tablets.

#5. Remove unnecessary ads in the apps which you use regularly. We have covered a separate post to guide you on how to remove ads using Lucky Patcher apk.

So these are some of the features of Lucky Patcher. Now let’s see how you can download Lucky Patcher APK without rooting your Android smartphone or tablet. It might take some time to complete the overall process so please be patient 😛

How to Download Lucky Patcher APK on Android

So now that you know about some amazing features of Lucky Patcher, it’s now time to download this APK. Follow the below guide carefully to complete the downloading process without any hassles.

#1. The first thing you need to do is, download the lucky patcher apk from here

#2. Once you are done with it, just install the app and you will see the following pop-up if you haven’t downloaded the latest version of Lucky Patcher APK Android.

Lucky Patcher APK latest version

#3. Just click on Update if you want the latest version of it and if you want to skip this step, simply tap on NO. Once you do that, the installation process starts right away and here’s how you it looks!

lucky patcher apk loading

#4. Give the app some time to finish the process and install all the files on your smartphone or tablets successfully.

#5. Once the Lucky Patcher APK Android is installed completely, here’s how it looks. Take a look at the below given image.

Lucky Patcher APK Download

So this is how you can easily install the lucky patcher APK on your mobile phone or tablet. We hope that this will surely help you a lot to unlock the in-app purchases and the ads will no more trouble you.

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