Gift boxes are the first thing that can create a high level of excitement in their receivers. They not only beautify the presentation of an object, but they also ensure their supreme protection as well. They are made from numerous quality materials like corrugated cardboard, kraft, paperboard, etc. Their choice of materials depends on how much sturdiness their users want in them. Their ideal beautification makes them pleasing to the customers.

You can either wrap them with some printed sheets or use different decorative items like ribbon bows or short message notes to make them more alluring. Surprise your loved ones by giving them custom-made gift boxes on any special occasion. They can easily be made by using corrugated cardboard material, and that will look fantastic as well. Follow our seven easy steps to make them with no trouble. These steps are:

Gather supplies

To begin your process start gathering the required supplies that will be needed to make them. You will need corrugated cardboard sheets, pencil, eraser, ruler, adhesive or transparent tape, few paper clippers, a printed paper sheet, decorative items, colorful ropes.

Draw an outline

Once you have gathered all the required supplies to make cardboard boxes, take one sheet and place it in a vertical form. With the help of a ruler, draw a line across the bottom of the paper by having a width of two inches. This line will represent the depth of your box. Again bring the same width of a line on the top of the sheet. You will have two parallel lines on both the bottom and top of a leaf. Draw another two parallel lines on the opposite vertical sides of the sheet, both having the same width of two inches.

Fold and cut

When you have drawn all lines, bend the sheets from both top and bottom sides on these marked lines. By holding those folded parts, fold the sheet inwards from one side towards the creased lines. Could you do the same for its other hand as well? When you unfold those creased areas, you will have two parallel creased lines in the center of a sheet.

The next step is to cut the short lines that are perpendicular to each other on the flat side of the sheet. To give a more improved look, slightly chop the corners of each flap to give it a more neat look.

Secure their joints

After you have marked and cut the extended lines, bend the tabs to form a box shape. By using any glue or tape, secure their bottom joints together to give it a proper way. Please do the same for its top flap lid to provide it in an own way as well. Use some paper clippers on their sides to secure their joints and to let it have a proper form.

Cover them

When you are sure that the adhesive is dried, remove the paper clippers. Take a printed sheet that can be wrapped around your box. You can either cover the whole table by placing it on top of it or cut it into small pieces to make a more accurate coverage for your printed gift boxes.

With the help of glue, paste it by following any of these two ways as per your requirements. Let it all dry, so that it will not tear off or get damaged in its next step, i.e., decoration.

Decorate them

The most importing thing that makes custom boxes presentable is their ultimate decorations.

You can add different decorative items to make them look more lovely. Use stickers, ribbon bows, glitters, or buttons to beautify them as per your requirements.

Seal them

When you have decorated your custom gift boxes, the final step is to secure their sealing. You do not want your gift items to drop off somewhere during their transportations. Therefore a proper sealing is also an essential step in their making. Use either a colorful rope or ribbon that can be wrapped around the box to secure it. Or you can place some pretty stickers on their closing flaps. By doing so, you will not damage their look.

Instead, you will beautifully secure the items that are packed inside them. These are the seven easy steps to make a gift box for your loved ones. It is a simple method to make a few pretty items all by yourself. However, if you require a bulk quantity, you can visit several online packaging vendors. They will offer you the latest and trendy Custom Printed Boxes in your respective budget. Another important aspect of ordering them online is that they will provide you free shipment and transportation for bulk quantities.