The borders are put on lock,

But some people continue to mock,

All the steps by the government,

Do they want to spread the virus’ scent?

I am a family of soldiers in the times of coronascare , I am a daughter to doctors and in this war our whole family is soldiers.Me and my sibling may not be there with our lives on our hands in front of the virus laden bodies but we also stand there with our lives the most susceptible to the virus after our parents because they return home and we want them to.

A soldiers’ child knows that his parent is saving a nation and he is trained with this believe as a part of his upbringing.They are taught to say goodbye to their parents bravely, and stand strong if they come in the tricolour.

But today, we the children of the soldiers of humanity are trying to stand here strong, not letting our parents give a reason to stay at home, sans training.

Despite extreme shortage of medical supplies and protective gear in every corner of the world they are putting their hands in the lion’s mouth, they are showing humanity and compassion to the people who they know can wipe their whole families when they go back home and we let them go saying goodbye in the morning when they go to the hospital with a smile, sans training.

Countries have run out of coffins, dead bodies are stranded on street like leaves in autumn, people are shooting the diseased in many countries and in this time of crisis all I appeal to you is to stay at home so that we sleep in peace.

Yesterday I saw in the news a lot many people were defying lockdowns imposed by the government. I appeal all of them to stay at home, to stay safe.

Do it for your family ,for your children, for your parents ,for yourself, for the society ,for the nation, for the world ,for us.