Your dog loves to take a nap and sleep soundly, so he needs a place where he can retreat to rest and relax comfortably. This aspect is as necessary as having your own food and water bowls .

The dog beds also provide an important source of insulation in winter and summer, acting as a protective layer between cold or warm soil. But how do you choose the best bed for your dog?

How to choose a dog bed

It is normal that you are indecisive when choosing the best Pet Bedding Store for your dog , since it is not an easy thing, however we give you some tips and aspects that you should take into account and that can help you in your decision.

Dog bed size

Your dog's bedtime habits are just as important as its size. It is very important to choose a bed in which your dog fits perfectly: do not settle for just any bed.

The best way to know how much space your sleeping dog occupies is very simple:

  • You must measure it while sleeping . Add a few more inches when buying the bed to be safe (it is always better to go a bit to fall short).
  • The way you sleep is decisive when deciding on one or another bed. Pay attention!
  • If you like to sleep stretched out , you need a large, border less mattress or mattress bed.
  • If, on the contrary, your dog likes to sleep in small places to feel more sheltered, curled up, he needs a slightly smaller bed and with margins on which to support his body weight while he sleeps. Crib or plastic beds with a soft cushion are a good option.

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Here is this infographic that serves as a guide according to the size of your pet: mini, small, medium , large and giant .

Location of your dog's bed

You will have to decide the location of the bed before deciding on one:

  • If your pet is going to sleep indoors, the ideal is a quiet place where it does not disturb or be disturbed.
  • If your dog sleeps outside, you should choose a bed that is resistant to mold, mildew, and other environmental factors to avoid causing health problems for your dog .
  • In addition, you must provide a refuge such as these huts for their well-being:

Cleaning your dog's bed

The dog bed cushion can help to keep the house clean (or at least cleaner) by keeping hair and odor concentrated in a single area that you can wash when you see fit. Find a waterproof bed for easy cleaning. Ah! Remember you can apply cologne after bathing your friend.

Puppy Beds

In the event that you are looking for a bed for a puppy , you will have to think about how much it will grow before buying it. You can start with a crib for its puppy stage and then a different mattress or cushion for adult dogs.

Orthopedic dog beds

If your dog has bone or joint problems the choice is much simpler because the beds for elderly or sick dogs are made of orthopedic foam. You can check this aspect by pressing on the mattress, if it returns to its initial shape in a matter of seconds, it is what you are looking for. Remember also that this bed should be placed in an accessible place that does not require efforts to access it.

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