Abbey Law is a small but friendly law firm that has the aim to simplify legal issues so that everything remains transparent to the individual. Located in the historic city of St Albans, they make sure that results get achieved without compromising the comfort of the individual.

  • The commitment of the firm to its customers is clear because:The firm makes sure to explain complex issues into something a non-lawyer can easily understand.
  • Adapts and foresees the trends in the law. So, the company stays proactive.
  • Customer satisfaction is on top of its importance. To that end, they are willing to support their customers in all circumstances.
  • Rather than “your problem”, Abbey Law makes sure that it's “our problem”.

Areas of speciliazation

From immigration issues to divorce, or even just for a will, Abbey Law got everything covered. They have become like one solution for any legal problems or concerns that come in the way.


Having a legal will is important, especially when owing assets. The experts here at Abbey Law make sure that the customers’ will in their will.


If an individual is above the age of 60 or is suffering from a chronic condition, it is best to look for LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney). They are capable of making financial decisions when an individual can no longer do so.

Family Issues

Whether child custody issue or divorce, the help from a legal advisor has become mandatory because not all know the ins and outs of these issues.


Whether for business or individuals, experts in Abbey Law can take care of the legal proceedings.

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