When you find yourself caught up in the chaos of it all, yoga is a welcome escape—not only from the distractions, but the pressure to perform. It’s an incredible practice that, while addressing health concerns, has been linked to better concentration, more self-assurance, higher self-esteem, and a reduction in anxiety and depression.

Yoga is a way to exercise and, more importantly, transform how we think, feel, and interact with ourselves and the world around us. It’s known to help improve one’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Yoga is a tool that you can use to improve your ability to create your own boundaries and be more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, thereby preparing you for your next important activity.

You might see yoga as a multi-physics that involves breathing and stretching, or you may see it as your connection to a rich and highly-respected tradition where traditions and philosophies are exchanged and reflected. There are all types of styles of yoga taught; some are purist, others open to personal expression. For instance, you may take a traditional class or practice a form of sojourn yoga, which is performed in a natural setting or studio.

The important thing is that, no matter which type of yoga you take, you find balance within you through your training in the art of mind-body-spirit collaboration.

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