As a blogger, publishing content on your blog on regular basis feels quite uneasy. Most of the times, its just hard for you to update your blog with some new posts on every day basis, every alternate day basis or weekly basis when you are looking for quality content in your posts.

Some of you might have thought about ways to drive traffic to your blog without publishing a bunch of posts regularly. But it seems that you have got nothing as you are still stuck here reading this article.

Well, you need not to worry now as I have figured out some of the best ways which will help you to drive traffic to your blog without updating your blog’s content a number of times. So, by not taking much of your time, I here by share ways to drive constant traffic to your blog without updating your blog’s content quite often.

Note : These traffic tips will build non organic traffic. So, I’ve not included Link building strategies for ranking – as that is the best source for driving constant traffic.

Don’t worry, I’ve already experimented everything listed below and these were the results:-


In this article, I’ve combined the ways which I am using to drive constant traffic to my blog. You can use the same if you want to increase traffic to your blog without posting new contents.

Join Reddit

Reddit is one of the best ways to drive referral yet constant traffic to your blog. If you haven’t joined reddit yet then you have been keeping your blog away from a lot of refferal traffic. Sign up now and start exploring, the more active you are on the community the more traffic your blog is supposed to get. And the best bit about reddit is that you don’t have to solve any algorithm or do any senseless or difficult stuff to get readers.

All you have to do is, add your blog post URL, post title and select a category. If the title of your blog post is attractive enough then you may manage to get a very large number of visitors. Make sure you are regular on Reddit to get make the best use of it. One thing to be noted is that do not spam, resharing of a post looks okay but too much of it leads to spamming.

Use Q&A Websites

Q&A sites will help you to build relationship with people and drive targeted traffic to your blog. The very first thing that you should keep in mind to drive traffic from Q&A sites is that you should not choose more than one or two question and answer website(s) to drive traffic. It is not possible to write excellent answers on every site regularly. So, target one or two in the beginning and slowly build your name. Try to help people as much as you can by answering their questions in whatever field you are good at. Subsequently, this will increase your reputation among people and make them click your blog’s url. Yahoo! Answers and Quora are considered to be the best question and answer sites. Try to become active on these sites and see your blog building up and getting famous.

Join Communities 

Communities are a great way to share and exchange knowledge on a specific topic or niche. But what if along with the exchange of knowledge, you are able to drive some traffic to your blog? It is actually possible and surprisingly, some people even use communities as the main traffic source of their blog. Make a name for yourself in a community by providing thoughtful and insightful advice and knowledge and it will ultimately result in driving more traffic to your very own blog. Make sure you choose a community that is relevant to your blogging niche or the niche you are interested in.

Remember that do not spam any community with useless stuff otherwise you’ll only be recognized as a spammer. Always try to maintain quality in everything, be it any advice or any of your blog posts. Also, Blogging Ideas and are considered as one of the finest blogging communities at the moment. So, try them and if you are not satisfied then you can explore some more communities for yourself. There are a lot of communities waiting for you to join.

Wrapping it up

Along with all these points, few others that you should remember are staying active on social media, branding yourself by blog commenting, Email Marketing, Guest Posting and the likes. Also, if you want to be more successful, you gotta mix up all these stuff. Target multiple sources for driving traffic rather than sticking to a single source. This will also help you discover that which source is working out the best for you and then later on you can pay more attention to that specific source.

So, people these were some of the ways which you can use to drive constant traffic to your blog without taking the hesitation of posting a bunch of articles on a regular basis. The key to a successful blog is that go for quality instead of quantity and then try your best to market it.

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