I like everything about traveling-including staying at the airport. Yes, you read it right. Long queues, many checks, heavy flights-really don't bother me, because I am usually happy to leave. But I hate this package.

Usually it's because I can't decide what to bring. But sometimes it is because of my suitcase. I admit that once or twice I lift the suitcase and I feel embarrassed about the luggage carousel. Therefore we recommended you the nicole miller luggage review I also cursed a suitcase-once, I was eagerly trying to catch my flight among the many people at Heathrow Airport, and then saw the zigzag whereabouts when a wheel of my house stopped.


When the founder and pilot Bob Plath got tired of carrying luggage on a busy bus, Travelpro invented a suitcase. Since then, the company has been known for its creativity. Travelpro Maxlite 5 26-inch Extra Round may not be the heaviest item in the suitcase on the luggage conveyor belt, but this durable lightweight polyester weighs 5.6 pounds and is very cheap.

Two high-performance rear-wheel drive wheels with anti-collision protection have a longer service life and can help you navigate more areas. The armrest has two stops: 38 inches and 42.5 inches of extra belts, so you can wrap it to any length. The opening of the hidden compartment expands the storage space to meet your needs.

Maxlite 5 has a limited lifetime warranty, so it should be wrapped in case, just in case something goes wrong with your bag. This bag is both light and lightweight is a huge advantage.


The luggage suitcase is a highly respected suitcase, manufactured by the famous French company Delsey. It is made of 100% lightweight polycarbonate with a smooth surface effect. What needs to be clear is that most bags with this value are made of composite flame-retardant ABS polycarbonate.

There are five colors to choose from, including black, titanium and plum; this bag relies on round check points with four wheels in opposite directions, which will not put pressure on your hands. For strict control, the ergonomic comfortable cushion is made of industrial-grade aluminum and can be moved up and down by pressing a button.

The simple interior has two basic parts: one with a belt to protect the clothes, and the other with a mesh pocket for clothes. A zipper-based expansion system can provide an extra two inches of packaging. Finally, the three-way code lock approved by TSA can protect your product.


This suitcase is one of the best checked baggage you can make multiple trips around the world. The shell in the solid bag has its own composition, including 95% nylon, 3% aluminum, and 2% plastic. But this is a bulletproof nylon that retains moisture and dirt.

Using four wheels in a row, you can easily carry the bag anywhere, no matter how full it is, you can hold a lot of things. The spacious interior is ideal for long-distance travel. The company's CX expansion-expansion technology can increase luggage space by up to 26% by simply pulling the joystick. Push the bag down to its original size with one click.

Briggs & Riley is a company based in Long Island, New York, founded in 1993 and known for its lifetime warranty. If your luggage is broken or damaged, the company will not only repair your luggage for free, it will do so even if the problem is caused by the aircraft.