Hiring an iOS programmer is a long and complex process. This seems like an "impossible task" given the small number of experts in the regional market, the limited budget for the project, and the need to expand here now. And if you start development early and are considering adding someone to your team in the middle of a project, things can get even more confusing.

If you absolutely need to hire a dedicated and experienced Android app developer for your team but aren't sure where to start, this quick guide can help.

This article describes the hiring process, showing you what qualifications you need to find the  Freelance Android Developer in Bengaluru you really need. Let's start.

Skills required for Android application developers

Maybe you are looking for someone to perfect the little things or organize the whole development process. Based on your needs, you can hire Android developers of any skill level - junior, intermediate or senior.

Junior Android Developer

work experience less than 3 years;

develops simple applications;

can work as an assistant for middle and senior developers.

Medium Android Developer

3+ years of experience;

deals with complex projects based on Android;

can work independently.

Senior Android Developer

5+ years of experience;

leading, supervising, and consulting major projects;

occupy the position of team leader.

Whether it's a junior candidate or senior experienced, Freelance Android Developer in Delhi needs to have strong technical expertise, be a problem solver and team player, and that's a minimum.

Android developer skills

Let's start on the technical side.

Java. Since Java is the most popular programming language for developing Android applications, the Java experience is non-negotiable.

Android SDK (software development kit). It is the set of tools used to build applications on Android. A good developer must have a clear understanding of the views, installations, users, projects and their lifespan, etc. It must also be able to fix errors in the code.

API operations. Freelance android developers need to know how to handle the API. To determine if a candidate is proficient in this area, test your understanding of the XML / SOAP and JSON / REST APIs.

Understand wallpaper. No background skills are required, but basic knowledge of this part of the development process is required.

Android app developer soft skills

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, what you should expect from a candidate for this job is:

Team player. Since all development projects are team efforts, it is important for  Freelance Android Developer in Noida to be able to work in a team environment, regardless of skill level.

A good communicator. Effective communication is a key requirement for a successful project. Android developers need to be able to contact both technicians and non-technical people. It also assumes a high level of English.

Culturally compatible. It's very important to hire developers who share the same values as the rest of the company, as some are simply immutable. Good cultural relevance can make a difference between thriving collaboration and painful development.

Recruitment of Freelance Android developers: two common methods

You can hire a Freelance Android developer in two ways - using freelance sites or partnering with other companies. You can book an individual contractor for a few hours or outsource the Android development team for the entire project. Let's take a look at both.

Hiring Freelancers:

Hiring independent Freelance Android Developer in India contractors are the way to go for many companies. Some of the most popular platforms for this are Upwork, YouTeam,, Toptal. In short, they are all the same. This is how it works. Go to the site, create your "client" account, create a job, wait for candidates to submit their job forms, and discuss with your favorite developers how you will work together.

Hiring Android developers through IT companies:

A universal option for projects of any size and budget is to hire  Freelance Android Developer in Gurgaon through IT companies in Ukraine. Personnel in Eastern Europe is cheaper than hiring additional employees, but just as reliable.