This is Your Guide to the Perfect Wedding Reception. It is true that wedding reception sets the stage for a night-long party and should be organized to perfection but you do not have to lose your hair doing it. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you plan a wedding with little to no surprises and one that your guests will remember.

Step 1: Define your wedding budget & Venues

You can start setting aside a realistic amount of money that you, as a couple, are willing to spend on your wedding. It is necessary to note that your wedding is not the only special event you will ever have to prepare for and holds some savings for later events such as the birth of a child, buying a home, financing the education of your children and probably taken care of by your old parents. After determining your budget, it may be prudent to ask for an alternative source of funding by perhaps, asking each set of parents to finance an aspect of the wedding such as decorations, catering, photography or the honeymoon. There are so many good wedding venues in Indirapuram are present all inclusive features to host your wedding in style

Step 2: Consider the size of the guest list

Catering is probably the biggest expense of the entire wedding, deciding on the number of mouths you will feed is so indispensable. Want a tall guest list? If yes, then be prepared to pay for food and beverage expenses.

Step 3: Consider the date and time

To choose the dates for your wedding, first consider your venue's calendar. You need to know where you want to get married and find out if the venue is free that day. It is clear that venues in high demand can book way ahead. Your task is to start your search sooner, find a venue within your budget, one that can hold all your guests without making them feeling cramped or uncomfortable, ask about its availability and determine your date and time for the wedding. Good wedding venues in Ghaziabad never keep free their availability in wedding season time, so book a wedding venue at least 6 months ago to save your money, because in last time the charge it extra also doubt on free on particular date.

Step 4: Think about the seasons

Thinking of the times of the year you want to get married can also help you narrow down the dates and venues that would be perfect for you. It is clear that venues can get a bit pricey in summer, spring and fall and cheaper in winter.

Step 5: Decorate

Your wedding hall should not look cheap. It has to be inviting. It may mean hiring a jazz florist to place some decorative flowers and using a light pro for the right ambiance. It also includes a selection of decorative tables and chairs and pretty china and crystal furnishings for your dining tables.

Step 6: Decide on your menu

Whether you decide to leave your catering in the hands of a professional caterer or a loved one with unique cooking skills, you'll have to decide on the menu to be served at the. What food is served? Will you serve a buffet or gourmet meal? What kind of drinks is served? What to bring for dessert? These are all questions to discuss with your caterer months before the wedding. Be sure to choose the best catering company to provide delicious food for your guests.

Step 7: Entertainment

Some forms of interesting presentations should be organized to keep your guests entertained. If you want to have a DJ, a live musician, band or dancer perform this role, and then try communicating with them before the wedding to give them enough time to prepare for your big day.

Step 8: Favorite for guests

You can offer your guests a favor in the form of picture frames, thank-you notes or photos to show that you value their presence at your wedding. These tips will help you plan the perfect wedding that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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