In any social media marketing services Dubai, it is very important to know what your objectives are, know your audience, have relevant content and be clear about how to distribute it to create a impactful content calendar and simplify your work. 

In this article we will explain, how social media marketing services Dubai manages social media campaigns for its clients? It is a very simple way, there is nothing more than a table designed in a word processor according to which you can temporarily structure and organize your social media strategy, so that you know what you have to do at all times and what your next steps will be. 

What should we include in our Social Media Marketing Content Calendar?

Next, we show the most important aspects to take into account when preparing social media content calendar in social marketing strategy. 

It Saves Us Time:

Organization and efficiency often go hand in hand and this case is no exception. If you have the help of a social media calendar that you have developed for this purpose, you will discover how it can carry out your work more quickly so that you can dedicate your time on other things.

Clarify Your Ideas:

It allows to set a prior social media marketing strategy and helps you to easily follow the evolution of your social media content plan. 

Avoid Confusion And Forgetfulness:

With this technique you will never miss out updating social media channels because you will always be clear about what to do each day.

Never Miss Any Important Dates: 

When drawing up each calendar you must pay special attention to the upcoming dates and the planned commemorations. Thus, you can set specific actions that serve to enhance the strength of the festivities and anniversaries. 

We Must Take Care of the Content and Monitor It:

You should not settle for simply posting the message. It is advisable to use analytics and keywords, always giving importance to the questions and interests of your buyer persona. 

How To Design A Social Media Marketing Services Dubai Content Calendar?

Making a social media calendar is easy and simple. The first thing is to propose a basic and generic one that explores your long-term options. Here it will be essential to identify the strategies to follow in the coming months. And secondly, we can go month by month or week by week to successively develop short-term calendars. 

And what should your monthly or weekly social media marketing or SEO Services Agency Dubai content plan should have? Ideally, create a clear and well-organized table that has these points (you can also add others if you think appropriate):

  • Publication date
  • Post title
  • Content of the message and the image or video to include. 
  • Hashtags to use
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Content type: Informative, advertising, engagement
  • Notes: Metrics, Considerations, Reminders
  • Others: Authorship, Keywords, Target audience, Feedback generated ...