Edu email address is not only made for educational purposes it can also be used for both personal as well as professional use. In actuality, it is created for students to send and receive information.

What does that mean? if we are not a student or teacher, we cannot have it? No matter who you are, if you desire to get a free Edu email address, you can get it with ease. 

Looking back to the history of Edu email, this domain was implemented in the year 1985 by six universities. At first, it was initiated just only for educational purposes. Later it was used by individuals and many other institutions so when an institution uses this email, they will have to follow certain guidelines that are set. So when an individual or institution is eligible, they will be provided with one Edu domain email address. 

Benefits of Using Edu Email Address:

The reason individuals show interest to have Edu email is that when they have this email this will lead those individuals to receive more Edu email discounts for their orders and there are other benefits too. 

Get A Free Edu Email Account: 

Step 1: Open the browser and locate Virginia College’s official website.  

Step 2: From the top-right menu, click on the apply option. 

Step 3: Now you will be on the login page, there click on the ‘new user’ options. Then enter information like personal, contact, credential, security process, and any other information accurately. 

That is it, now you have successfully created an Edu email account.

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