With the onslaught of Covid19 and its associated risks, many students are now turning to cyber platforms for learning. These teaching platforms are available in a variety of forms such as websites, blogs, social media pages, forums and large web portals that allow students to take online classes. 

HNC (Higher National Certificate) & BTEC

 HNC is a good course from Pearson as hundreds of students in the UK and globally attend it to gain certificate. The certificate is a powerful tool for students to set themselves up for higher education as it hones their skills in many subjects. HNC courses are available in subjects such as business administration, electrical engineering, nursing and social healthcare, mechanical engineering and others. Students, who do not keep up with the course due to their job, need help with HNC assignments in the hope of attaining their certificate at the end of the course. 

To assist time-strapped students in the midst of Covid19 troubles and employments issues, services like Essayarsenal and Assignmentglory have rolled up their sleeves and made HNC assignment writing services available globally.


HND, which is Higher National Diploma, sees a large number of HNC and NVQ students enroll in different courses in the UK alone. HND, a bit more challenging than  HNC because of detailed and complex course outline. Many students need assignment help indeed but they are quite unsure of how to choose the right expert. 

Here are some tips on how to go about writing your HND assignment in simple steps:

  • Pay attention to the brief as HND assignment writing will usually have lots of scenario-based questions if you are writing, let's say, business management. 
  • Carry out research before you actually begin the writing process as you might find useful information in the middle of the process, making it hard for you to revise parts. 
  • For engineering projects, you need to be extra cautious as marking could be stricter than you think. From my own experience, I had to rely on many HND electrical engineering experts to complete my diploma.


Both HNC and HND are powerful courses if you are looking to strengthen your academic profile for higher education in the UK.