We are getting more and more questions about Christmas and New Years in Gurgaon. So I decided to write two articles for each city in order to give you as much information as possible about the magical holiday season in India. I will then talk about things not to miss, places to see and of course the Christmas markets in Gurgaon.

Why organize a company end of year party?

Whether it is a large group or a small business, it is important to gather its workforce in order to celebrate the holiday season. Indeed, traditionally organized in December, organizing this evening is a real opportunity to take stock of your year in a more relaxed and festive atmosphere than at work. It is an opportunity for you to thank your employees, talk about your expectations for next year, weld and motivate your teams, but above all allow them to have fun outside the traditional framework of work. And it is on this last point that we will focus today.

How to make your end of year party a real event where your guests will have fun and keep a good memory? Examine the 3 major tips are shared here!

1 - Choose the right day and find the right place.

The choice of the day and the place may seem simple and banal, but it turns out to be the most important step to make your event a success! You are not the only company to organize a year-end party. Places are reserved quickly, and everyone's schedules fill up quickly at this end-of-year festive period, so it is essential to do it as soon as possible (September / October).

Choosing the right date means successfully gathering the maximum number of guests. And for that, you must first ask your employees for their availability. Once you have them, set yourself 3 date options, and go find your location. There are so many good banquet halls in DLF Phase 3 which you can book for celebrating New Year party.

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2 -For the place, it must meet several criteria:

  • Your type of event: cocktail reception, dance party, sit-down meal…
  • The style of the place: it must match the image of your business.
  • Accessibility: make sure it is easily accessible (parking, metro, disabled access, etc.).
  • The size of the place: choose a space that corresponds to your number of guests, it must be neither too large nor too small.

With its 4 criteria in hand, you can start your search and find the ideal place for your end of year party. Once your date and place chosen, all you have to do is notify your teams as soon as possible!

3 - Establish a program for your evening!

A good event is an organized event! To make your evening a success, it is essential to establish a program. A common thread is therefore necessary; it will give meaning to your evening, and above all, will allow your guests not to be bored.

You must therefore first define the activities that will take place throughout your event. But above all, to make your one useful for your business, think about what you want to communicate that evening. Here are some examples:

  • Take stock of the year (key figures, projects, strengths, etc.)
  • Present the projects for the following year.
  • Thank your collaborators Etc.

These points will allow you to establish a schedule for your end-of-year party. Do not forget to add more festive activities such as welcoming your guests around an aperitif, organizing a meal with the help of a caterer or even entertaining your guests with several activities…

4 - Entertain your guests!

Our last piece of advice is the one we can help you the most: the animation of your evening .To entertain your guests, you have several options:

  • Choose a music group to ambience your evening.
  • Call on a professional animator to liven up your evening with various games and activities.
  • Organize a karaoke and discover talents of singer among your collaborators!
  • Bring a DJ for a dance party that will be remembered by your guests.
  • The last solution for us is the one that best fits all types of people. Calling on a DJ means making sure you have different musical styles and making almost your entire guests dance.

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