As referenced in the past posts copy content or dainty substance (Content that includes next to no an incentive for the client) ought to be stayed away from on the site. Evacuating such substance encourages you in improving the inquiry rankings of your site  Copied substance might not have been made deliberately, so it is acceptable on the off chance that you cross check the URLs of your site that have been ordered in Google. If you don't mind find beneath certain instances of copied content that could have been made inadvertently.  You are utilizing a WordPress subject Digital Marketing Companies in Quebec that rundowns the whole blog entry on the landing page. A similar substance is recorded on the blog entry URL.  You are following traffic on the site by means of URL Parameters which don't change the substance of your site. 

Get Google output in spreadsheet 

On the off chance that you lean toward working with a spreadsheet you can separate the indexed lists on a Google spreadsheet. Duplicate this record from beneath URL to your drive and change the information fields in it to get all your indexed lists in a spreadsheet. 

 The event that you are a huge association and have thousands/a huge number of pages recorded in Google the above choices will be unable to give you a total view. The majority of the association's record Digital Marketing Agency in Quebec information of URLs visited. This could be isolated dependent on genuine clients and bots. You could utilize the URLs slithered by bots and discover the URLs that are copies.  In the event that you are a casualty of a duplication on account of the topic you can without much of a stretch relocate to a topic that just records the piece of the content on the landing page and gives the whole blog entry content on the interior page. 

I will compose on different arrangements accessible to deal with copy content in my next post. In the event that you have any inquiries on the present post please don't hesitate to post your remarks underneath or you can get in touch with us.

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