Baldness is something no person can find an easy escape to. Wearing wigs or human hair toupee is not only an ongoing trend amongst females, but also amongst men. No matter whether it is merely a fashionista stunt or a self choice for enhancing your personality, everyone loves to style it off with a toupee. With lot of new designs and options available in the market, it becomes complicated for men to shortlist the best human hair toupee for to cover their baldness. 

Why men’s human hair toupee?

It is a stigma today to roam out with a bald head in open and the situation turns out to be more complicated for the males. A simple solution to this problem is selecting the right mens human hair toupee which imparts a great natural look to your face and head. With a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors, you have ample of options to dwell around. Depending on your personality, needs, and desires, the market offers you a good count of men’s toupee made out of human hairs or synthetic fibres. 

Why you need to measure the size of a toupee?

While buying men’s human hair toupee for the first time, you need to consider two basic factors – its length and width. In short, you should have sufficient knowledge on how to measure and pick the right wig for your bald head. Besides, getting the perfect size hair piece allows you to carry a more realistic look. To get an accurate measurement, you can opt for a cloth measuring tape irrespective of a straight ruler. When you are measuring the dimensions of your men’s human hair toupee, do not hold on your ruler very tightly. To get the accurate estimate, you need to take measurements more than once and at the least, three. Flatten your tape straight while taking measurements. 

Tips to get your men’s human hair toupee – 

While we have dealt with a lot of stuff about the men’s human hair toupee, here are some tips to select the perfect one for you – 

  • In the first place, use a cloth tape for measuring the dimensions of your face. This will help you in determining the size of your cap. 
  • Decide whether you want to buy a wig which is exactly of the same color and texture as that of your natural hairs or you want to remould your look. If you look confused, you may get two different human hair toupees for yourself – one that perfectly matches your natural hair colors and the other one that twins in with it. While the former will give you a more realistic look, the later will add more value to the length, style, and color of your voluminous hair. 
  • If you are entirely unaware about the styling, you may pick the one that is somewhere lighter than your own natural hair tone. 
  • In the end, shortlist some of the best quality wigs that imparts more natural looks to your face and personality. Lace front and a piece of art by the monofilament on the top of your toupee adds on further value to your look.