Are you someone who often gets asked questions that leave you wondering their answers for hours on end? Or are you simply surrounded by multiple people who think out of the box and ask unorthodox questions, demanding unorthodox and not so simple answers? Are you ever played the game “unscramble words cheat”?

Lego lights are the most beneficial to our mental health should we immerse ourselves in them and forget about the world around us. Are you someone who remains curious on your own and demands answers to questions left and right? Do you often cook up wonderful yet weird questions in your mind that you, then, have trouble solving on your own, and find minimal help from other people and books? Are you even failed by the internet more often than not? 

If any of this applies to you, worry not! We have got your back. The Internet will completely change itself for you after you read our helpful article, regarding your wonderfully weird question! 

How to approach it in the best way? 

As you may already know, the key to solving any big question is by wondering whether it can be solved or not. You may often think that something cannot be solved. That is where you are wrong. This proves that your morale is down and that you have given up already. This is exactly the time when you need to take a step back and breathe in deeply. 

Think once, twice, thrice, about things completely unrelated to this. 

However, this alone will not help you efficiently. You must also distract your brain in an activity that absorbs you, so as to ensure that you relax as fully as possible. Our number one suggestion is the usage of Lego light kits. Trust us when we say that you will relax like never before!


Now let’s come back to the subject at hand. What are the names of animals containing five letters? Let's rack our brains at it and start with the domestic animals. A horse can be one. Use this strategy to note down as many as you can find. Then work your way outwards, towards other animals that are not domestic. An example can be snake or zebra.

The best way is to use Lego night mode and lose yourself in the pretty lights, forgetting about all else for a while. If you use this technique you are bound to come up with a variety of animals that you could not have come to without relaxing yourself before the process. Now that your mind is a lot more efficient, you will do this in a much better way! 


We hope you find all the animals that you need to know, and satisfy your inner mind through this simple method! Happy thinking! Good luck.