How do I Start my Own Shopping Business?


Personal buyers are paid to shop and carry out duties, serving clients who are too busy or cannot shop for themselves. As a home-based business, it is ideal for someone who likes to shop.


What do Personal Shoppers Do?


Hiring personal shopper services they usually interviews clients to get healthy ideas about their tastes and their dislike.Purchases may include food and other essential items, but often they are underwear and accessories. Some who go shopping are armed with smartphones or digital cameras to transmit their findings and get approval before buying. Sometimes, personal shopper services and clients go shopping together, and a shopper must advise and guide.

Skills, Education, and Experience are Needed.


Some of your skills must be a personal shopper depending on the type of shopping or service you will offer.If you are going to buy clothes, then you must have a sense of style. On the other hand, if you will do food shopping, you must have a good feeling about bargaining and offers. Some private buyers come from companies' world and rely on their former network to start their home-based business. The other comes from the department store work where they might have a similar position. The nose for the quality of bargains and people's skills can be very helpful.


What Can Personal Buyers Get?


Some personal shopper services charge a percentage of the cost of merchandise or charge an hourly fee. According to Payscale, the average hourly rate is $ 11.57 per hour, with total annual wages ranging from $ 23,000 to $ 76.00.



  • It does not require a lot of money to start up.
  • No inventory involved
  • Allow you to be paid to shop.
  • Build useful relationships with clients



  • It can be challenging to build a client base and build trust.
  • This is not proof of recession (because it is seen as a luxury)
  • Voter clients can be challenging to please.
  • May need to work unusual hours and hours during the holidays.

What You Have to Start?

Starting a Personal Shopper Business requires many of the same tasks with other businesses, including building legal companies, writing business plans, obtaining business licenses, etc.

Some Other Things You Need to Need

  • Desire to find gifts, clothes, or perfect agreement
  • Awareness of what is new and trendy and what is missing from style
  • The instinct for bargaining and sensitivity to the client's budget

The Tools and Equipment you Have to Enter:

  • Cellphone or digital camera to send style images and colors to clients to consider when you shop
  • Reliable and insured vehicle
  • Marketing strategy

Like many home businesses, your success in the personal shopping business goes down to how well you can convince people about your value. Why did they pay you to shop for them?

Start by listing your service offer allowance. If you buy clothes, then what background or experience in mode?

What time you are available, and how many personalized services will you provide?

Do you have a relationship with the shop where you shop?

If you buy a lot, some stores can offer you a discount.


After you know what you will offer to the client, you need to find a way to reach them. Some ideas include:


Business cards and brochures to be shared with potential clients Website:  

This will be a house base where people can find information about what you have to offer, ask for your service, and contact you by Errandsboy.


Social media accounts:

platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest can be the ideal place to promote your style as a personal shopper stylist.


Reference program:

Happy customers can be the best source of new clients.


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