I'm an avid reader. And recently I have been fascinated with the supernatural genre. So I got this book 'Raised by Wolves' by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

It's about a girl name Bryn who was attacked by wolves when she was a young girl. But she was saved by the alpha of a pack.

There is a hierarchy in the pack, but Bryn being a human who is raised by wolves doesn't think about breaking the rules. She then meets Chase a rogue, they form an instant connection that no matter the distance, they can feel each other. The wolf who bit chase was also the one who attacked Bryn's parents. Now Bryn has to take charge herself and try to bring down the rogues by herself. She leaves the pack and does it with the help of her friends. 

When she attacks the rogue, she forms her own pack, first time being led by a human. It's a different category of supernatural that is not written. It beautifully depicts no matter the human, she can still stand on her own to the wolves. It is a series which has three books.

It is a good book to read if you are fascinated by wolves and romance.