Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Quiz is an arrangement of one hundred” Perhaps you have questions” that researches your virtue. By the tactic, for instance, have you ever at any point kissed somebody unsportsmanlike? Stroked off? Showered with a bit of their favored sex, or some piece of their favored sex? The Rice Purity Test started at Rice school, which is the reason it’s called – the Rice Purity Test. The objective of this assessment was to assist new understudies bond during the school’s introduction. Presently, this test may be a fun test that will be gotten by anybody as a measure of one’s degree of innocence.


The 100 inquiry survey covers everything that individuals could have finished from an arousing viewpoint. Not just that, it asks you on the occasion you’ve been on the wrong part of the law. Believe it’s senseless to play out a test including virtue? All things considered, for what reason not? It is fun, and it can enlighten plenty concerning yourself that you simply won't have found during a nearby viewpoint.

What is a Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test could also be a series of 100 statements that everyone relates to varied vices that people neutralize life.

To complete the test, you want to mark every statement that you have done before, leaving those that you’ve never done unmarked. Then, your results are calculated and thus the test will tell you ways many of the 100 statements you ticked.


It will then determine how innocent you’re and provides you a nickname like ‘angel’ or ‘wild child’ also as an overview. The test follows precisely the same standard because of the Rice Purity Test but the statements are just a bit more updated and apply to life within the 21st century.


1. It helps a lot in reviling the hidden traits of individuals and also helps to know about self-more.
2. It evaluates the extent of innocence in some specific characteristics very easily and smoothes going with the assistance of a questionnaire.
3. Helps in improving and grooming their own personality.
4. Diagnose the syndromes and also provide a platform of counseling.
5. Will step up in improving and motivate one from a poor background or poor past trauma to again live a traditional happy life.

Benefits of Rice Purity Test

There are many benefits of a private involved within the rice purity test as are often wont to determine your traits and a person’s behavior quality.
Once you complete the test by submitting the checkbox of the given rice purity test questions, the ultimate results will decide how pure or impure you face to face may need to remain!

Some of the advantages of the Rice Purity test are often made visible to:

1. Check the type of Personality you hold inside
2. Know your maturity level
3. Check your Obedience and honesty with laws
4. Understand the culture of scholars and their community
5. Check the criminal activities
6. Avoid misuse of medicine among the kids and students
7. Understand the mental health conditions of students

What does Rice Purity Score Means?

After you complete the test, you'll get your Rice purity score which may be a number on the size of 0-100. But, what does this score tells about you? How this number defines your ‘purity’?

Let me tell you rice purity score meaning intimately.

Between 100 and 98:

A score between 100 – 98 means you're really a really pure, innocent, and introverted one that is very unlikely to socialize with senior groups. Or, you would possibly be a young teenager taking the test for fun. ?

Between 97 and 94:

This score also means you're a reasonably pure person. You are clearly far away from nasty things and have almost zero romantic experiences. All you've got wiped out the name of ‘romance’ is holding hands or a primary kiss (in some cases).

Between 93 and 77:

If your rice purity score falls during this range then you're like most other college students within the US. You have had a few relationships in your life including romantic dates etc. But, still, you’re far away from being kinky in bed.

Between 76 and 45:

With scores between 45 and 76, you've got done quite a lot being just a university student. Getting drunk or having sexual experiences, you've got been there, done that! Still, you're sane enough to abide by the law and illegal stuff.

Between 44 and 9:

A score below 9 on the rice purity test clearly states that you simply like to live wild. Nobody would be surprised to see drugs or getting caught by the police for breaking the laws. You also experiment tons while in bed together with your partner.

Between 0 and 9:

If you’ve scored between 0 – 9, you're probably the foremost popular guy in your college (for all the incorrect reasons!). You have a life with all the wild stuff and there are chances you even have had near-death events in your life.

Final Words

Above we talked about the rice purity test may be a self-reviewed test that has been made by the rice college only to see the purity level of individuals. One who must provide a rice purity test should comprehend 100 distinct classifications of grown-up inquiries. What's more, after supplying you with get an outcome between 0 to 100 where 0 is that the least purity level and 100 is that the most purity level.