"Path of Exile" is an action RPG developed by Grinding Gear Games. The most recent update is called Harvest, allowing players to grow monsters, expand their crafting opportunities and build beautiful gardens. The expansion also includes new weapons purchased using POE Currency. Follow this guide to grow and defeat Path of Exile: the ultimate boss of Huff, Heart of Grove, and absorb its vitality.

Path of Exile gave away two Alienware gaming laptops, one of which will reward the first person who defeated Harvest’s "Grove Boss Heart", and the other will be the drawing award, defeating Ultimate Boss in the first week Of participants participate in the competition. Path of Exile also includes micro-transaction rewards such as Stygian armor, footprints, and portals.

How to grow Grove's Heart in Path of Exile: Harvest
To plant monsters in Path of Exile: Harvest, players must obtain seeds from the seed bank. Opening the seed store will advance the time in the garden. Then the player can plant seeds in the holy bush. Place the collector in the middle of a set of seeds to harvest its vitality to plant other seeds or upgrade weapons. Some higher-grade seeds even need to be placed on their irrigation lines from the collector to help them grow.

Monsters that grow in the sacred bush can also drop higher-level seeds. However, the higher the level, the harder the monster is to defeat. To plant level 4 seeds, you need to plant level 3 seeds around it. Once you have eight fully mature crops with exactly the same color, you can harvest them. Defeating monsters from level 4 seeds in the garden will allow you to grow Heart of Grove. She does not need irrigation, but she needs 100 maps. If you cannot defeat it, it will reappear after you harvest enough monsters.

How to defeat the Heart of Grove in Path of Exile:Harvest
To defeat Grove's Heart, the player must work quickly because she will fire projectiles at them quickly. There are four defense achievements that will not be affected by her attacks. Each stage of her offense can be identified by the color and the phrases she yells at each stage. For this reason, please give priority to defense and attack in your defense work.

 In the orange stage, she will make a yellow spot on the ground, called "Holy Pain". Break her wall to prevent it from spreading and causing harm. In her purple phase, she will charge up and launch a thorny orb that fires purple projectiles. She must cover up when charging the POE Exalted Orb to avoid attacks. In the green phase, she has a rattan hammer, which will hit the ground and cause a series of damage. When she starts to step up the offense, please give her the largest berth. In her blue phase, she will charge and then launch her volatile orchard. Here, she will send blue snakes to the player, these snakes will turn into balls, evade to avoid them and damage.

After the Heart of Grove is defeated, please take pleasure in defeating the ultimate boss of Harvest in the Path of Exile. Respawn her to complete the challenges you missed and collect Lifeforce.