Online, audio files are becoming increasingly common, and some content creators may even prefer audio over text. Even though audio alone still has a greater impact, a written copy is still more effective. Here are some reasons why.

To convert audio content to text is the best thing to do if you have a lot of it. It is possible to use a transcription tool to do this.

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Let me first tell you why transcription of audio files is so important before I present to you some options for this.

Why should you transcribe audio to text?

There are many advantages to transcribe audio to text.

1. Simple accessibility

Readers can easily scan copy, find and digest the information they need. It is easier and more convenient for the reader to navigate through articles, grasping the gist of the article more easily than interacting with his or her audio file.

2. SEO benefits

A search engine can find your text if you post it online. The site will also rank for relevant keywords. By getting long-tail traffic (searches for particular keywords or long-tail variations of keywords), your website will become even more popular.

3. Repurposing content

You can create more blog content when you convert audio to text. That will speed up the process of populating your blog. Additionally, you will be able to repurpose that content at a later date, making the most of your time and resources.

4. Get social shares

Social media snippets do not support audio files. However, text and images, needless to say, are. Due to this, getting more social shares can increase traffic through transcription.

5. Easy content creation

Transcription is easier than typing. Transcribing is the best way to add more content to your blog/website. Your website's authority will increase if you have relevant content on it.

Below we will discuss tools you can use for audio-to-text conversion.

6. Text to speech 

Text to speech is the most effective and easiest way to convert your audio files to text online. Adapting to the audio, it uses machine learning technology. Therefore, accuracy is on the higher side. With this software, you can identify the speaker from a large number of audio files, reducing your editing time.

Media, podcasts, and educational lectures can all benefit from text to speech. It has a lot of versatility, so it is a good choice. Fast transcription speeds due to artificial intelligence make it easy and quick to transform large audio files into text. You can use it with different audio files and edit their content with the included text editor.

Summary: This tool provides everything you might want from audio-to-text transcription software.


  • Online tool
  • Uses machine learning and AI technology
  • High accuracy
  • Supports various audio formats
  • Detects multiple speakers
  • Easy to edit
  • Allows you to upload and export files quickly

7. 360Converter

360Converter is an online tool for converting audio to text. Converting audio to text is easy. You just need to attach the audio and select its format/type. You can get quick results and reasonable accuracy with a 360Converter. Editing will take some time, which is the only downside. I think it is a pretty good tool if you're willing to do that. You don't need to download anything since it's readily available online.

Although the tool is quite robust, its user interface leaves a lot to be desired. It can seem mundane at times because it is oversimplified. The long history of the tool does not make it as accurate as Text to speech, so it takes second place on our list. Although 360Converter may be easier to use, its average precision does not help it.


  • Online tool
  • Reasonable accuracy
  • Supports various file formats

8. Sobolsoft

As long as you don't mind downloading software, Sobolsoft is a reasonably good option for transcribing audio to text. Your transcribed MP3 files will need to be added to the client via your computer. You can also add more than one MP3 file.

However, the MP3 format is the only one it supports. You must first convert the audio to an MP3 without distorting the quality if you have the audio in any other format. You will continuously receive updates regarding the transcription time of the entire file in the part below during transcription.

It is easy to install on any computer because Sobolsoft requires little resources. This is an excellent tool to use if you have an MP3 file of the audio.


  • Suitable for MP3 files
  • Facilitates easy conversion to text
  • Easy to monitor the progress

9. Temi

Temi recognizes speech and can convert it to text. It translates from speech to text 5 minutes worth of audio at a time. Your files can easily be edited to produce the results you want. The output can be exported to MS Word, PDF, and other formats.

Audio input files affect the quality of the transcript. Noise-free audio files allow the tool to work smoothly. You can upload audio files to Temi, and it will ask you questions about them. In addition to asking if the audio is clear or if there's an accent in the recordings, it also tests for noise, speaker proximity, and clarity. As a result, the audio is transcribed into text.

This questionnaire has the advantage of providing accuracy when the audio quality is poor. Generally, it's a good tool for transcribing audio to text, but it has a five-minute time limit that isn't ideal.


  • Multiple export options
  • Converts 5-minute speech into text
  • Suitable for noise-free audio files

10. Braina Pro

Among the best transcription tools available is Braina Pro. An intuitive interface is provided by the voice-to-text app. Transcribing and editing audio files are both possible. It facilitates precise dictation using artificial intelligence. Compared to other tools, it's somewhat slower. Transcribing the text accurately requires clear audio.

Multilanguage support is one feature that makes Braina Pro a good option. You can consider this option if you are not transcribing audio files into English. Also, the software can set reminders and alarms for you. As well as reading e-books, it can also record videos.

As a personal assistant, the software can be used. One speed is sacrificed when so many features are offered. Transcribing is therefore a bit slower than usual. It is easy to use but requires a lot of transcribing time.


  • Uses artificial intelligence
  • Provides an interface to edit
  • Multilanguage support

Transcribing audio to text can help you build your website in a number of ways. You can use the above tools to develop content for your site. Due to its speed and precision, Audext is the best choice among the five options above. Audext beats everyone else, but they are close behind.