In order to hide images and messages from your Spoiler Discord players, you can mark them as spoilers. To do this, you must highlight the text with your cursor and click the formatting bar. Then, select the right arrow and then select mark as spoiler. Now, you can simply drag the message that you want to hide to your server chat. This method is ideal for users who share a lot of images and videos. W can learn how to hide spoiler tags on Discord in this easy instruction. Read this text thoroughly and easily follow the step-by-step instructions.

Steps to Add Spoiler Tags to Hide Messages and Images on Discord

In order to hide your messages and images from others, you must first add spoiler tags to them. Spoiler tags are symbols that block other users from seeing the content that you want hidden. The '-' symbol will hide the text and images. If you're trying to hide an image, you'll need to copy and paste the image into a new window or tab.

After you've selected the image, you can send it to another Discord Spoiler user without revealing the content. To do this, you need to select the image that you'd like to send and click the 'eye' symbol. Once you've done that, the spoiler will disappear from the image. And once you've sent your message, it's not visible to others.

You can use these tags to hide messages and images on Discord without revealing them to others. To hide spoilers in Discord, you need to use the '/spoiler' command to add '/spoiler' before the content you want to hide. The '/spoiler' command is an alternative. Once you've selected the spoiler, a floating bar will appear. It will show a 'eye' mark and '' mark. It will automatically follow the text that you've highlighted. This only works for desktop versions.

The next step is to add Discord spoiler tag to the message. When you want to hide a message, just mark it as a spoiler. In the chat box that opens, you can see the message you're hiding. Then, you can delete the message, or add a new one. Then, you can re-post the message to your Discord server.

Aside from using spoiler tags to hide images and messages on Discord, you can also use them to hide text. The spoiler tags are highlighted with gray background and can be seen by other Discord members. Adding a spoiler tag will only show the message to people who are authorized to view it. If you want to prevent your users from viewing any messages that contain a spoiler, you can choose to make them unread.