The Space Bar CPS test, which stands for spacebar Click-Per-Second test, is another name for the spacebar speed test. It might be a 5-second quick test. You must press (push and release) your space bar as many times as possible till the timer runs out.

You can do this as many times as you like. Only focus on getting the highest possible grade (CPS – Click Per Second). According to our Big Data, the average CPS is 6.11.

You should do these Spacebar Counter if you want to check your typing speed, including the space bar, or if you want to know how fast you can push the Space Bar. Choose a specific period and press the space bar as rapidly as possible.

If you're a gamer, you'll know how important it is to practice pressing the space bar. The most crucial aspect of the game is the speed test. 

The standard challenge is to touch the button more than the other players in a set period, such as ten or sixty seconds. Tik Tok is the most popular platform for this trend. As a result, it's critical to increase your overall speed.

Online SpaceBar Speed Test For Free

If you're wondering how many times you can press the spacebar, the answer is unlimited. Then you've arrived at the right location. Our Space Bar Counter is a fantastic free online spacebar speed test tool for determining your spacebar tapping speed. 

Simply go to the spacebar click speed test, set your Space Bar timer to 60 seconds if you want to see how many times you can click the Spacebar in a minute, then begin clicking the Spacebar as many times as you can in a minute. 

The spacebar timer will finish after 60 seconds, and you'll be able to see your Space Bar pressing speed score from your spacebar click test.

The greatest and unique feature of the Space Bar counter is that you can change your fingers if you become bored of constantly hitting the spacebar. Different fingers can be used to press the spacebar. Let's use the spacebar counter to check your pressing speed while enjoying the different things that our website has to offer.

Improve Your Spacebar Clicking Speed with These Proven Techniques

If you want to improve your spacebar speed. This Space Bar game may be of assistance to you. If you need to travel faster than five clicks per second, you can increase your speed by hitting the area button.

The secret to this speed is to hit the space bar with a minute focus with one hand. Setting a goal and practicing regularly yields the best results.

1-second spacebar counter: The one-second Space Bar counter tool is a spacebar mode that saves time. This 1-second spacebar counter is available online and is completely free to use.
 5-second spacebar counter: is a little more difficult than the last one.

15-second spacebar counter: This Space Bar game mode is designed for regular users and gamers who want to improve their skills.

60-second Spacebar counter: If you passed the 15-second Space Bar exam, you're ready to move on to the 60-second spacebar practice mode.

120-second Spacebar counter: This is the most difficult mode in the Space Bar counter to master. Only try this setting if you are a true pro gamer. It will put your strength to the test.

How to use the Spacebar counter tool?

This spacebar counting tool is an internet tool that is simple to use and completely free. You must hit the Space Bar button to enter the space bar counter tool, and then the countdown will begin. 

You can set the timing as you choose, with options ranging from 1 second to 120 seconds. This utility also includes the ability to set a timer. 

Our technology is capable of determining a ranking based on your performance. There are five different forms of ranking; if you want to learn more about them, utilize the Space Bar counter tool.

If you use our product regularly, your speed will undoubtedly improve. If your score is low, you can try to improve it by using the Space Bar clicker tool to practice repeatedly. If you're good at keyboarding, you'll be good at gaming as well.

The Features of Spacebar Counter

The same tool used for the space bar click test is the spacebar clicker. Playing with the space bar clicker counter can provide you with hours of entertainment. The Space Bar clicker makes a point with every tick or clicks, much like you can with your spacebar. 

So, as quickly as you can, press the space bar to assure an endless number of clicks in a specified amount of time. Because it is a very responsive tool, it appeals to a wider range of gamers.

It's a tool that pro gamers, office professionals, and students use to deal with stress and exhaustion. It also helps you figure out how often and quickly you can press the space bar on your laptop or PC. 

If you experience pain in your fingers when playing, you must train yourself daily, as the practice is an important part of accomplishing any goal.

It's an all-in-one tool with fantastic features for your Spacebar Game problem. It is mobile responsive and compatible with all browsers. To become a perfect player, you can train yourself by practicing more and more.

With the help of a Space Bar clicker, you may now improve your gaming experience. Just a quick overview of the space bar clicker game's features.

Spacebar Counter Ranking

When you press the space bar, a number in your speed test increases for a set amount of time. You may hit the Space Bar quickly and achieve a higher milestone, or you may lag and make little difference. 

As a result, there is a ranking system that allows you to distinguish between different levels of players based on their Space bar hits.

Turtle rank: In this game, the turtle rank is the lowest performance. Players in the turtle rank often hit the Space Bar 1-4 times each second, which is a very low score.

Rabbit rank: If you can hit the Space Bar more than 5-6 times per second, you are in the rabbit rank group. This level is slightly higher than that of the turtle.

Deer rank: If your speed limit is 7-9 times within a second, you are in the deer tier, which is greater than both of the previous rankings.

Tiger rank: This is a rank for fast players that can hit 9-10 space bar in a second with their hands.

Leopard rank: If you are a lightning-fast player who can move your finger at the speed of a leopard, you will be assigned to this rating. Players at this rank can typically hit the Space Bar more than 10 times per second.


How to click the spacebar faster?

The Space Bar counter speed purely depends on your finger’s agility, which you can achieve with tons of consistent practice from scratch. Furthermore, hold down the space bar key with two or more fingers and try to generate a burst of Space bar hits through your whole hand instead of using just finger muscles.

What is the world record for pressing the Spacebar?

The highest score recorded on this space bar game is 17.5 hits per second. Take part in this CPS test Space bar game right now to be the next high-score record holder.

How fast can u hit the Spacebar?

Before the timer runs out, you must hit the spacebar as many times as possible. You are free to participate in as many rounds as you like. Make certain you achieve your highest possible score (CPS - Click Per Second). The average Space Bar CPS is 6.27, according to our analysis.

How many times can u tap the Spacebar? is another fantastic website that allows you to have the best challenge possible. Simply tap the keyboard more than 300 times in a minute on this website. At least 6 rows and 50 rectangle forms make up the speed test challenge, totaling 300 shapes.


A flash game designed to test your gaming skills inspired the widely used space bar counter trial. The click test on the space button is interesting and humorous. You can play it for fun, to enter a competition, or to compete with your teammates. Do you want to put your talents to the test with a challenge? Start playing right away, and don't forget to tell your friends about our website! You can flex your wrist as much as you like till you feel cramps!