Disable VR Mode for Roblox [Updated Guide 2022]

Why do you have to disable VR mode for Roblox?

You have to disable or turn off VR mode for your Roblox for reasons like facing ongoing crush, locking up now and then in Roblox games while playing with your VR, or you wish to play Roblox the old fashioned way on your PC. The reason differs from person to person.

This article will show you how you quickly turn off the VR mode. For that, you need an account of the Roblox platform. What, forget your password? No need to worry. Get back your lost password using the Roblox Password finder tool.

How to Turn Off VR Mode in Roblox

People asking this question for over five years, yet there have been no definite answers on the websites, some blogs, and groups, i.e., the internet from where you can get support.

So, the wait is over. Following the methods and resolving your problem, you turn the VR mode off for Roblox using the given methods.

Here are the methods to turn off VR mode on Roblox

1. Change the Command

By changing a command, you can disable the VR in Roblox and not have to unplug your headset every moment you want to play.

  • Go to file manager and then open C: Drive to your computer. It’ll contain a Windows logo.
  • Click on Users.
  • Search \Appdata\Local\Roblox and hit Enter.
  • Find Globalbasicsettings_13. Right-click on it and click edit.
  • Scroll down until you find <bool name=”VR-enabled”>true</bool>.
  • Change true to false and hit Enter.
  • Launch Roblox.

The above methods are pretty simple, right?

When you launch Roblox, it will begin Oculus, but the game will launch on your monitor. So, don’t worry if Roblox starts Oculus. You can check the Latest password guessing list for Roblox.

We hope you have cracked your issue by now. But if you to follow the next one.

2. Use Radial Menu

The Radial Menu offers an interference that permits you to fast reach all the functions of your VR mode, for instance, Asset Editors, Model Panels, etc. It is a trustworthy solution to the display options, and it permits users to use a joystick or trackpad to set options.

You can use this menu and disable VR mode in Roblox. To do that, you have to:

  • Firstly, open Roblox and tap the Menu button to see the VR Radial Menu.
  • Open VR Radial Menu and select System Menu. This permits you to access system options.
  • Toggle the VR option off.

Thus, you can disable the VR mode for Roblox promptly. I think you fixed your issue following these. There are no workable ways to improve this other than following these two.

VR Mode for Roblox: Turn Off in HTC Vive

Though you can no longer buy the official HTC Vive system through HTC, it is still open out there from some tech retailers or third-party sellers. So, We guess it’s still suitable to give a solution for this.

To turn off VR mode in HTC Vive for Roblox, all you have to do is:

  • Go to the file manager or This PC.
  • Open C: Drive and go to Users.
  • Search \Appdata\Local\ and then find open-VR.
  • Right-click on open-VR and then select Rename.
  • Rename it to whatever you like and press Enter.
  • Close the Window.

Following this process will ensure turning off the VR mode for Roblox. But if you want to play on the VR again, you have to follow this process and rename the folder back to open-VR.

When you prepare to play on your VR again, try not to use other names than “open-VR”.

How to Turn Off VR Mode on an Android

If your phone supports VR mode, of course, there are choices to turn it on and turn it off. There is a straightforward way to turn off the VR mode on your android. To do this, you need to -

  • First, you have to open your phone and go to the Settings.
  • Please scroll down to find Feature and then tap into it.
  • Scroll down to see VR Mode Switch.
  • Tap into it and click on the on/off switch
  • Close Settings.

Thereby you can turn off the VR mode on your android. If you like to turn it on again, just following the same process will be enough to do so.


To improve your Roblox adventure, you must play Roblox games in VR. But nothing can fulfill the 100% efficiency. So, the same thing goes for Roblox in VR.

But there are solutions to your problems. If you face issues for which you have to disable VR mode for Roblox, this article will be good for you to solve your problem.

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