The Elders Scroll Online offers some of the most flexible classes in the entire MMO genre. in a typical game, you race or class limits the type of gear or role you can go for as a player. 

But TESO isn’t like that. Every class has access to any weapon and gear in the entire game. You could the tank Mage or a Healing Nightblade. The game offers a lot of customizations and the only deciding factor that determines the interactions is the race you pick. Though there are some classes that shine in a particular role. Some of the Classes are good option for farming Elder Scrolls Online Currency.

  1. Templar

Synopsis- The Templar is a revered character across all RPGs and TESO isn’t any different. However, they went ahead and created a sort of Templar Paladin hybrid which makes the character all the more powerful and fun to play with.

Abilities- The Templar comes equipped with lots of burst healing, support abilities(buffs and debuffs). Their playstyle is mainly defense based focusing on health and armor, but you can create a DPS Templar as well. 

Verdict- They are currently the best healers in the game. Though they can dish out mean damage or act as the tank, no other class compares to the healing abilities of the current Templar. 

2. Dragon Knight-

Synopsis- Traditional warrior but on drugs. Knights are flashy and look badass when they are skewering through hordes of enemies. Their main element of attack is fire and by the time they are fully leveled up, they become sort of a demi-dragon themselves. 

Abilities- Considered as the best tanks in the game, Dragon Knights can take a lot of hits and is the main aggro of any team comp. 

Verdict- This class can be challenging for new players. The skills are a bit complicated and require prior knowledge of certain mechanics in order to play them efficiently. You’re better off starting with another class. 

3. Nightblade

Synopsis- The Nightblade is the assassin equivalent of other RPG games. They can quickly dish out a butt-load of damage and rip enemies within minutes. Abilities- Nightblade is obvious damage dealers but can also serve as a healer by siphoning health from enemies. You can also use them from some lightweight tanking thanks to the siphoning abilities. 

Verdict- Great option for solo players and a solid option if you’re a DPS geek.

4. Sorcerer

Synopsis- The spell casting AOE damage-dealing character is a staple in RPG and TESO is no exception. 

Abilities- Sorcerers in TESO have access to a plethora of fire, freezing and arcane spells and can also summon minion to do their bidding during fights. They are not the best healers, but they surprisingly good tanks!

Verdict- You can’t go wrong playing a Sorcerer in TESO. It’s a well-rounded class that does well in solo and team comps. 

5. Warden- This is the newest class in the game, a sort of a hybrid between the Druid and Hunter.

Abilities- Can summon animals to fight by his side. Wardens also have access to lots of support spells with long durations that bolster their defenses and healing. 

Verdict- It’s a new class that goes head to head in tanking abilities with the Nightblade. You might as well give it a try to see for yourself. Note that you cannot change classes for a character but you can change their race for a price of 900crowns. We will discuss more of each class in future guides.