The war has erupted in full. Frightening crying can now be used as POE Currency, but not through items. It can double your next attack. Ancestor’s cry is a brand new skill that will make your next strikes target nearby enemies. Earthquake Shout is another new feature that can make your slamming effect have a greater range of effects.

The summoning sound now grants nearby allies a buff, giving them a certain percentage of weapon damage as additional damage, and enhancing the next few attacks. Tears of Hell is the call of a new bottomless abyss, now enemies nearby are covered with ashes, causing them to explode upon death. Finally, the general’s cry is another new skill that can be associated with melee attacks. When used, it will generate ghosts. These ghosts will use this skill once before dissipating, similar to the way the Savior works.

Obviously a lot of new things are coming, I can’t wait to try them. Hope you guys can test everything as excitedly as I do!

As always, the change in the skill tree is the biggest. There are many such versions this time, and many changes come from the eternal trapezoidal stones, some of which have become the core of the tree, and have also been replaced by brand new trapezoidal stones in jewelry.

In jewelry, it will be replaced by a new trapezoid. New significant clusters have also been added around the tree. As usual, they are very powerful and have a new reputation, which can make Elusive have a strong lethality, a stronger brand, and even Tribal Fury are the natural popularity of the tree-no longer need to be oiled! In all respects, these are powerful tools that enhance various functions and can realize more functions. And there are many more!

So far, my personal favorite new jewelry is the timeless jewelry cornerstone, called Supreme Ostentation. The content is to ignore the attribute requirements. There is no inherent reward from attributes. Temporary clothing can be used right away, and if possible, this may be the best item in the game. However, it can also simplify adjustments that are less concerned with the construction of statistical data.

This largely means that buildings with energy shielding or statistical information stacks can benefit from it. In particular, the entire Shadow category will benefit from a major aspect, because they have a shorter lifespan, less ES, and will not expand flexibility in the way of Buy POE Currency. I am very happy to see Garb with short hair shot up to 100ex!