Digital consultancy is a vital service for all companies that want to grow their business. In fact, keeping up with the changes in the digital world is one of the challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises face today.

Fifteen years ago tools useful for corporate communication such as social networks, SEO, smartphones did not exist. Today it is necessary to reflect on how to communicate the company's vision and mission, on which channels to promote products and services and how to optimize budgets.

The professional figure who can respond to all these needs is that of the digital consultant.

Who is the digital consultant?

The digital consultant is a highly transversal professional figure.

He can provide support to entrepreneurs , professionals and public administrations. It is able to optimize IT investments, improve the presence and reputation of brands, provide support in the ordinary management of IT tools and in the development of new online projects.

The consultant has skills ranging from IT to marketing. He knows the rules of the business sectors, the competitors and the target audience of a company. Its purpose is to present a complete strategic plan giving companies the opportunity to optimize budgets and results.

How is the consultation carried out?

A first meeting is the occasion for the digital consultant to listen to the needs of the company .

After studying the brand's online presence and web reputation, it examines its vision, target audience and competitors. Subsequently, the consultant, together with the company management, moves on to defining the objectives. The consultancy approach is multidisciplinary and guarantees the support of a team of professionals dedicated to branding, design, communication and marketing.

The digital consultancy is one of the services Creating Graphics Leek proposes successfully for over ten years. Every day we deal with small and medium-sized enterprises on these issues, listen to their needs and identify ways to optimize the predetermined results.

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