If you are looking for the exact solution through which you can convert Gmail emails into PDF file format with bulk emails and their attachments, then this article will help you to understand the working of the best tool to save all Gmail data into PDF file format that is the SpecyTech Gmail to PDF Converter tool.

This utility can be utilized by all users including those who have no technical knowledge for this Gmail to PDF conversion process. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of this utility and follow the complete procedure step by step so that every user of the Gmail account can easily view all steps of this software.

Gmail application is a worldwide usable email client which is completely based on the cloud processing and it provides many unique benefits with email managing feature. Users of Gmail application can utilize the free cloud space to save their data and use other applications of Google without any cost.

On the other hand, PDF is the most usable file format that can be utilized for professional work and other document-oriented platforms. This file format is considered as the best and secure file format as it provides many features like password protection through which only authorized persons can view the file.

Features of the Gmail Email to PDF Conversion Tool

Bulk Emails Can Be Processed: Through this tool, you can easily convert bulk Gmail mails into PDF files through a single processing procedure. The tool allows users to choose that folder which users want to convert into PDF file format.

Attachments Can Be ConvertedThis tool contains options through which users can convert all attachments of Gmail emails and save them all as PDF file format separately. This tool can maintain the integrity of all attachments so that every user can get the same view of all converted attached items.

User-Oriented FeaturesThe Gmail to PDF Converter utility can be operated by all users including both professional and non-professional users. You can follow the steps and procedures of this utility without getting any help from professional users.

Desired Destination SavingThis feature of the tool make it better for Gmail email to PDF conversion procedure as the convert allows users to choose the path where all converted Gmail emails will be saved on the computer system.

These are the major features of the Gmail to PDF Converter, with these features it also contains some other features which are required for this process.

You can download the Free Edition of the tool to view the other features of this advanced and user-friendly software.

How to Convert Gmail Emails with Gmail to PDF Converter? – Step by Step

Step 1. Download the Gmail to PDF Conversion tool and open it after the installation process.

Step 2. Add Gmail Account and sign in the account.

Step 3. Deselect those files which are not required for the process after loading of Gmail account data.

Step 4. Select required and necessary saving options for further process.

Step 5. Click on the Next tab and view the live Gmail emails conversion process.

Through this simple procedure, you can easily transfer your Gmail account data to the hard drive of your computer system as PDF along with all attachments and other details of the Gmail account.


We have discussed the best way to convert Gmail emails into PDF file format that is the Gmail to PDF Converter tool which can be utilized with batch Gmail data. You can follow the steps and view the processing of this advanced software through its demo edition which is free to all users.