Over the last several months, Apex Legends has seen a spike in popularity. It's simple to understand why millions of people are flocking to EA's battle royale game. Apex Legends promotes itself as a good free-to-play game, but it also provides a few unique takes on the battle royale genre. While looting and shooting are still important aspects in apex patch notes, you'll need more than that to win. Here are the finest Apex Legends tips & techniques to help you get started.

Select a legend.

There are 14 playable characters in Apex Legends. Each legend has three abilities: passive, tactical, and ultimate. Aside from those advantages, all legends play the same way. They can pick up and utilize the same gear and move at the same speed. Just remember that no matter who you choose, you may still get it to the conclusion of a match, so try out each legend to discover which powers you like.

Bangalore or Wraith, for example, could be excellent for you if you want to go in guns blazing. Bloodhound and Gibraltar are fantastic options if you're a careful battle royale participant. Lifeline may be useful if you perform the healer position in other games. If you need help choosing a Legend, our Apex Legends character guide will steer you in the right direction.

Continue to follow the Jumpmaster.

Apex Legends, like other battle royale games, starts with a drop. The Jumpmaster is one of the three players on your team. The other two can provide suggestions about where you should go, but the Jumpmaster ultimately decides where you should go and how you should get there. You may vehemently disagree with the location at times. Perhaps it's a desolate location with nothing in the way of gear. Or perhaps you've noticed other teams moving in the same way. It occurs all the time.

But resist the urge to split out from your group, which you may do at any point along the descent. Splitting up is a surefire way to die young. You will not only be taken out early by an organized squad, but you will also be too far away for your teammates to revive you.

But don't land in the same location again. You don't want to be caught up behind one of your colleagues as they gather all of the stuff in one place. Break for an unoccupied structure or loot location once you're near to the ground and construct your loadout alone, staying reasonably close to the rest of your crew. That way, you'll have the highest chance of locating useful items while also guaranteeing that you're not alone.

Stick together and make the most of your talents.

Stick together as a squad after you've gathered some basic treasure. Although Apex Legends does not place as much emphasis on collaboration as Overwatch, certain Legends fill up the gaps left by others. Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Lifelife provide a great combination of attack, defense, and support, but you may also be more inventive. Loba can direct your party to greater riches, while Pathfinder can search new locations fast. Whatever Legends make up your squad, figure out how they operate best together and put that approach into action.

Using your Legend's powers early and often is typically the key. Once you've decided on a Legend, study everything there is to know about them. It's quite simple to discern when you need to summon Lifeline's D.O.C. Heal Drone, for example, while understanding when to use Revenant's Death Totem takes time and practice.