Every individual with a smart phone is likely to use at least one app a day. A quick scroll through a mobile app store reveals thousands of mobile apps designed to entertain, assist and educate. It only makes sense that a large chunk of new digital businesses is either app-based or rely heavily on their target market being smartphone users. 

If you’re one such business owner and you find yourself searching for Austin app design agencies to get the ball rolling on your app idea, you’ll also need to know what makes a great app to begin with.  Not only will it guide the journey to your final product, but it will also be an indicator of the kind of new product agency you should be working with. 

Here are a few ingredients that make up an awesome app. 

Solves a Problem 

The best apps are the kinds that add value to users’ lives. As with any other business idea, your app should be centered on solving common problems or fulfilling common needs. Users who search for apps in mobile app stores already know what they need. This indicates that every user has a problem that needs solving, or at the very least, a desire they’d like to fulfill. This could range from mundane issues like boredom, to more significant needs like finding the best real estate agent to sell a property in a specific area. Whatever it is, your app’s reach can only go as far as the problem it solves, so make sure that you are able to provide real value. 

Impeccable Design

When you’re looking for an Austin app design agency, remember to look for a track record that demonstrates awesome design. Good apps are intuitive, simple, user-friendly and pleasant to look at. Not only should the app be a direct reflection of the brand itself, but it also shouldn’t take an entire tutorial to show the user how to benefit from it. Most smartphone users have become accustomed to things working a certain way (if I click ‘Home’, it’ll take me to the first page I started on). Make sure your app is designed for easy and pleasurable use, so as not to frustrate your users. Even if it does solve a real problem, it loses its value if it can’t deliver on UX. 

High Performance 

For better or for worse, we live in a world of instant gratification. High performance is a non-negotiable when it comes to digital technology. A site that takes too long to load is reason enough to abandon a shopping cart, and an app with a bug is reason enough to click ‘uninstall’. The performance of your mobile app is sure to be a constant work in progress, but it’s important to prioritize these kinds of technicalities. Make sure you make a big deal of how fast your app is, take care of consistent crashes and test multiple times to identify performance issues. A new product agency will be able to facilitate this entire process for you, which is why it’s important to pick a team that has designed phenomenal apps.