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How to Investigate with Outlook PST Forensics Tool ?

In the current Digital era, email is the most popular form of communication for companies and individuals. It is often exposed to illegal use. If you are a forensic investigator, you may have to determine whether the email has false or not. Thus, follow the below instructions to collect and analyze data related to email investigation or forensic analysis.

Working of Outlook PST File Forensic Utility

  • Download and start Outlook PST Forensics Tool in your Windows system.
  • Click on [Open File] option. Now, pick one option from Open Configured Outlook Data File, and Choose from a folder or Recent Files.
outlook pst forensics
  • Now, the tool will display all the folders in the software interface.
outlook pst file forensics

The tool has a Search Option that lets you search for any words or content from the selected folder.

There is also an advanced search option. With this, you can search inside .pst files without Outlook. The software gives separate filtering options for searching Outlook emails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks, and journals.

  • Select required file Saving Option from the list of various format.
pst forensics tool
  • Now, choose destination and click on Save tab to complete the process.
outlook forensics tool

Why Use Outlook PST Forensics Wizard ?

This list has been created after a detailed survey of the requirements and challenges that researchers frequently face during the examination of Outlook PST data file.

· Search Traces Inside & Through PST

Searching for traces leads to evidence, while the evidence leads to suspects and motives behind actions that led to some devastating consequences. Thus, the search is a very important part of investigation, especially when it comes to emails, because they are usually in large numbers upon receipt.

The discussions indicate that even Outlook has proven its excellent forensics, especially with regard to search, thanks to its powerful and very fast search function. However, what is missing is the ability to perform a search on the entire PST file. If you do not know which data file contains the evidence, it is difficult to search for that file.

This is where an application can boast its best role. An application with programming to search for information in PST files / emails and through them is what most experts require to make research efficient and successful.

· Get Tampered Evidence

The means to tamper with the evidence PST file is very easy to obtain online. Hard permanent deletion of emails from data files or header alteration with a hex code editor are two of the most convenient processes that make it impossible to obtain evidence.

Therefore, applications built with the purpose of providing forensic analysis of Outlook PST files must be powerful enough to get evidence from data files, Even if it has been tampered with using the means described.

Note: Complete email deletion will not take effect unless the remaining white space is replaced. Hence, the email is not actually deleted and is no longer physically available. Consequently, Outlook PST forensic software that claims forensic potential must be able to make it available again.

· Indexing Masses PST Files

Examining several Outlook data files is a common scenario that distinguishes cases and other related connections. This usually happens when there are cases involving corporates and enterprises, when all work data files are checked in the process.

In addition, spotting connection among users and the discovering evidence tampering is only possible if the associated PST file is examined in parallel.

Therefore, investigators are regularly faced with the unavoidable, but obviously practical, requirement to index a majority of PST files altogether. This gives you the freedom to compare activities such as email exchanges, conversations, and connections between users in your organization.

Furthermore, applications that can inspect multiple PST files are relatively more in demand by Forensicators, than others.