Isn’t it irritating your computer automatically restarts while you are working on it? For instance, your computer restarts while playing games it not only breaks down the tasks but also does not give you any alert or notice to explain the reason behind it. We have summed all the possible reasons behind your pc restart automatically problems and solutions to it. 

How to fix the computer restarting automatically problem?

  • Defective Memory or the RAM issues: Disabled or defective memory can prevent your PC to work properly. Examine the memory with a Memtest RAM tester to ensure your memory is in good condition.

  • Hardware issues: Update the computer’s drive if you are facing hardware conflicts. If it does not work, restart your computer while disconnecting other devices such as a printer, CD, recorders, etc. 

  • CPU Overheating: through the motherboard’s utility or Everest program, you can check the heating of your CPU. It is also advised to use a comparative high fan and occasionally clean dust from the CPU. 

  • Defective power supply: In this case, switch to a more powerful power supply mode.

  • Software Conflict: you need to update the responsible driver and delete the newly installed software if your pc restart automatically problem begins just after this.

  • Defective Hardware: review your computer and call out a technician in case of hardware issues.

  • The BIOS: check the memory frequency and update the BIOS

  • Viruses: use a good virus remover or antivirus tool

  • Automatic Restart Enabled: you need to go to the start menu> control panel> performance and maintenance> system or to my computer>properties>advanced>start and recovery>settings and disable automatic restart