My hometown is a remote suburb of a large northern city, rich in produce and simple in its people.
Growing up there, I only knew how to play crazy every day, and I matured late.
If it wasn't for the Japanese CD my dad kept under the bed when I was in my second year of junior high school, I would have been foolish enough to think that the only function of the penis was to pee.
The night I watched the DVD, I had a wet dream.
It was so sore, I couldn't believe it! I couldn't see the woman's face, but I clearly remembered her long dark hair and the raging waves.
The next day at school, I looked at each of the girls around me.
Shit, they were all fucking airfields, beanstalks, and doll heads! What the hell! It was hard to see a girl with big tits, so I crept up behind her.
I was surprised when she looked back at me and smiled, her mouth was as big as Yao Chen's. She had a mouth full of pure gold teeth and a piece of chili pepper skin stuck to it.
The first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of people in the world who were not interested in this kind of thing.
After giving up on my female classmates, I spent the rest of my junior high school years wasting away in CDs and dream sequels.
I had to go home every day after school to be molested by the resident landlord lady in front of the building with her growing beard and changing voice.
Just when I could not hold back my thoughts of ending my life, God finally answered my prayers and good news started to come in one by one.
Auntie Doe had a stroke, was paralyzed in a wheelchair, spoke strangely slowly, sat in the front of the building every day drooling and watching the sun, and I ran up six flights of stairs in one breath and she didn't even have time to say my name.
Thanks to eight generations of ancestors and the overall quality of my female classmates, I got into the best high school in the county.
The day I reported for my placement, I met my goddess.
Long hair and big eyes, skin white and snowy, light smile, gentle and lovely ...... What other words are there? Just use it all anyway! The first time I saw her from afar I knew that she was the one in the dream, and don't ask me why! If you must ask, then I can only reveal one thing: she is particularly, particularly like Takayuki Maria 2 on the disc! hi! You fat fuck! What are you staring at? A sudden voice in my ear startled me, I took two steps back and turned my head to look.
I thought the voice like a yellow warbler out of the valley should be worthy of a decent face, but I never thought the Creator would be so joking.
How could a woman look so dark! The first impression I got from the woman I was talking to was no more apt than this word, with a crescent moon on her forehead.
It's a very organic combination of an eccentric look and an unkind smile, with an army of pimples on her face and forehead.
Fortunately, under the hot sun and with my sharp eyesight, I didn't mistake her for an African friend.
Are you looking at Xu Xiaoyan? She pointed at the woman of my dreams with a wicked face: you're a toad trying to eat a swan, aren't you? Still a fat toad! I was intimidated by her face and read through her mind, and unconsciously took another step back, looking at her warily.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and say, "I'm not going to be able to do that.
Afterwards, the two hands raised in front of the chest, rubbing each other, hehehe laughter a few times, the words change: "However, if you really want to chase her, as her best friend, I still have some weight to say, depending on your understanding of the matter! Maybe the good thing came too suddenly, or maybe her shamelessness and familiarity shocked me, in short, my mind was a little blank, half a day did not answer.
When the pomegranate princess saw me like this, she silently muttered: "I'm not so unlucky as to meet a stupid guy in high school! You're an idiot! I hate women who talk dirty, look at her face pimples add a few more disgusting, so backlash.
She frowned and nudged the tip of my nose with her finger through the air, arrogantly saying: give face don't ah you are! Do you know how many people begged me just so I could put in a good word for them? I don't think you're too far off if you're not an idiot! Pointing back at Xu Xiaoyan in the distance: remember what I, Wang Ying, said to you today - you and her are done for life! I'll make sure you're not only a dead fatty in her mind, but also a lewd, nasty, shameless, despicable, 1.6-meter, 300-pound, stupid dead fatty! I was scolded for no reason, not to be angry, pointing at Wang Ying's departing back and hating her: you stupid bitch, who are you scaring? We'll see about that, big boy! Besides, you're only 300 pounds! I'm 5'4", 170! I spent more than two years trying desperately to lose weight, and managed to get down to 169 in my last semester of high school.
I also tried my best to take part in all kinds of activities that would make me stand out, such as yelling at teachers and fighting in groups, hoping to get Xu Xiaoyan's attention.
As soon as I had the opportunity, I fawned over Xu Xiaoyan and did almost everything except kneeling. Sex Dolls Best Sex Dolls Real Dolls Love Dolls Sex Dolls Realistic Sex Dolls Of course, if she agreed, she would have licked on her knees.
But all my efforts only proved one thing-Wang Ying had won! Wang Ying did every single word of what she said to me on the day school started! And besides being constantly spat on and despised by Xu Jiao Yan, all I got was to pick up my gift to her from the dumpster again and again.
Although there were times when my gifts didn't show up in the dumpster, they never showed up in her hands or around her either.
I was so lost that I learned how to jerk off, a very high-minded method of self-satisfaction.
At first, it was jerking off thinking of Xu Xiaoyan; then, I got a picture of her from some source; and then, alas! Even though Xu laughingly ignored me, she hadn't been dating other boys for three years of high school, which made me feel quite relieved and made me feel like there was still hope for me.
I didn't dare to talk to her, so I had to quietly hide in a corner and observe.
One month before the entrance exams, let me discover a major event.
Xu Xiaoyan's family had moved to a new neighborhood! Wang Ying and Xu Xiaoyan used to live next door to each other, but now they live far apart.
Xu Xiaoyin has to walk a long way alone every night after her study sessions.
The world is in chaos and it's not safe! It was my duty to guard her, so I started to take her home.
Of course, she wouldn't approve, so I couldn't let her find out.
Well, I can't help it if you guys have to call it a tail line! I'm sending it anyway. Safety first! The summer days were long, and the sun was still hanging over the western tip of the mountain when I got home.
I followed far behind Xu Xiaoyin, stepping on every tile she had just stepped on, looking at every view she had ever seen.
When she stopped, I stopped; when she kept going, I kept up fast.
Every day I followed her into the hallway, stood on the corner between the third and fourth floors, listened to her push open the door to her fifth floor home, crisply said I'm back, and then listlessly went downstairs, thinking about her slender back, long black hair and clean white canvas shoes on the return trip, and immediately closed the door and jerked the pipe when I got home.
The happy times, day after day, finally came to an abrupt end the week before the entrance exam.
I'm not going to be able to walk out of the house, but I suddenly saw a cool guy from the next class standing next to Xu Xiaoyin, who was sprinting out of the alley.
I watched as they looked at each other and smiled, looking as if they had a tacit understanding of a hundred years of practice.
They didn't hold hands, nor did they make any intimate movements, just a few dozen centimeters apart while talking and walking, but I could clearly feel the heat around them and the coldness of their hearts.
I gritted my teeth and tiptoed to sneak very close to them.
It was so close that I could clearly hear the pretentious man say, "The college entrance exam is almost over, we can finally be together openly," and I could clearly see how the blush of happiness was creeping up on Xu Xiaoyin's cheeks.
It seems that my soul left my body, but it instantly returned to its place when the man in charge looked back unexpectedly, taking my body with him into the grass by the side of the road with a whoosh.
What happened? Xu Xiaoyin asked with a light smile.
It's nothing, but it seems to be a wild dog that got into the shrub from inside.
The pushy man replied casually.
Xu Xiaoyan seemed to be afraid of dogs, so she pulled the pretentious man's sleeve with her hand and walked away quickly.
I don't know what to think, but instead of leaving, the wild dog burrowed out of the bushes and continued his tail.
The pretentious man occupied the corner of the third and fourth floors that belonged to me, and somehow hugged or embraced my goddess.
I stood in the corner of the second and third floor, can only hear the sound of clothes rubbing and Xu laughing like want to repel don't look like this.
The first thing you need to know is how to make sure you're getting the right amount of money.
The pretender must have been tempted too, because the slurping sound of lips meeting echoed in the silent hallway right afterwards.
I'm hot, especially my eyes, so they sweat much more than the rest of my body.
Between my eyes and mind, I was considering whether to stick my tongue out to cool off, when I suddenly heard Xu Xiaoyin above me softly exclaiming in alarm, and then said, as if in a coquettish voice: Take it out, someone will see it! And instead of restraining himself, the pretentious man apparently raised his voice slightly and said cynically, My father will send me to France after the entrance exams! We'll go to Provence to soak up the lavender sea, Paris to see the last sunset on the Eiffel Tower, Marseille to hear the Marseillaise and ....... You mean to take me to France with you? Sure, I'll talk to my dad when I get back tonight! Hmm.
You nasty, not there la ...... pretend man's words made me furious, but there was nothing I could do about it.
The series of barely audible moans that Xu laughs at him after giving him license is like having twenty-five cats stuffed in my chest, scratching my heart with a hundred claws.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a few of the products that are available on the market.
Does this have any fucking regard for me? How can I lose face? After much deliberation, I've made a difficult decision: jerk off.
Yes! Right here, right now, do it! I don't like pretending to be a man, but I have to admit that I can't give him the happiness he can give Xu Xiaoyan.
Since I love her, I should wish her all that she is about to get.
For the previous three years, all my happiness had come from fantasizing about her jerking off.
To be able to stand this close to her and tearfully jerk off to the accompaniment of her emotional moans was undoubtedly the most glorious moment of my short life.
Wouldn't it be reasonable to wish her happiness with my high light? I unzipped my zipper, opened my panties, closed my eyes tightly, and reached out to clutch my no longer Wu Xia Amon's old man tightly.

The moans of Xu laughing above my head became more and more frequent, but the indisputable stick of flesh in my hand wouldn't get as hard as usual.
I'm desperately trying to speed up the action, it began to gradually raise its head, the head of the goddess statue is aware of my dilemma, in due course, said: no more inside ...... ...... me ...... I'm still ...... oh ...... I know pretending to be a man's hand must have touched Xu laughing at the mosaic part of the body from the inside out violently hair from the outside.
There was the sound of French wet kissing spit and a few errant footsteps from the roof, and then what seemed like a man thudded against the wall.
I brainstormed the scene of passion, and flew to lasso my burgeoning third leg.
Suddenly, it seemed as if a few drops of hot liquid had landed on the already purple glans, spurring me into a spasm.
I opened my eyes and blurred upward, wishing so much that I could look through the floorboards, but in the end I withdrew my gaze because I had no superpowers.
As my eyes went down, I swept up to a woman looking at me with her hands clasped tightly over her mouth, her eyes wide open.
Damn it! My head buzzed, a head exploded into two as big as that, but the protein liquid that was already raging up gurgled out uncontrollably at that moment, shooting straight at the woman staring at me from the second floor.
When I saw that the woman was Wang Ying, she was already yelling and running downstairs.
I said to myself, "No good," and put my brother back in the house in a hurry.
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I hate to stomp on the foot, a bitterness is only half a cry, the sound of panicked footsteps came from the corridor behind me.
In a mess, stand back next to the building door, stand close to the wall, pretend to be a man flying out, a yellow light straight to the southwest 3.
That night, I wandered around Xu Xiaoyin's house downstairs for a long time, then went downstairs to Wang Ying's house to wander around, and finally returned home with a head full of stars, unable to sleep at night.
The next morning, I hesitated, but I decided to go to school.
Because, really fierce, dare to face the miserable life, dare to face the dripping blood 4...... actually, I was holding a slight illusion.
After Wang Ying snitching, Xu laughingly said that she might be vain about me for a while or a little while because she wanted to seal my mouth.
I was not sure if I had the courage to approach or pass by, but Xu Xiaoyan was as cold as ever.
I was hesitating whether or not to take Xu Xiaoyin home when Wang Ying came to me and slapped me across the face without saying a word.
I, for one, endured it! At the same time, also lost the courage and idea to continue to send the goddess, listlessly go home, like a dog that lost its home, until the end of the college entrance exam.
The shackles of twelve years of study were lifted, and I could sleep until I woke up naturally, watching football until the middle of the night, no problem.
But what does all this mean to me? If I can't see Xu Xiaoyin one more time before she leaves the country and confess to her outright, the sky above my head will always be PM2.5 over the limit.
5 over the limit.
Achilles, defying the curse of the gods, went ahead and pursued his quicksilver.
5 And I, on the verge of becoming the Achilles of the world of love.
Use the trembling heartbeat as a rumbling war drum and step out with a firm step with open-toed sandals underfoot.

I was startled when Xu Xiaoyin came out of the shadows of the building's doorway and smiled at the pushy man as she walked briskly towards him.
The first thing I noticed was that the newest addition to the family was the newest addition to the family, the newest addition to the family, the newest addition to the family.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.
The first thing you need to know is what you need to do, and what you need to do is what you need to do to make sure you're doing it right.
Mud Mare Gobi! I cursed under my breath and tailed off to prevent the goddess from any unknown danger.
On the way, the pretentious man kept talking to Xu Xiaoyan, who just hung her head in silence, occasionally shaking her head.
After walking for about half an hour, she looked sideways at the pretentious man, nodded slightly, and then quickly turned her face back.
The pretentious man was delighted, and his excited laughter could be heard even by me, drawing sideways glances from passersby.
Xu Xiaoyin hurriedly took a few steps to distance herself from him, and the pretender took two steps at a time to catch up, his voice and movements toned down considerably.
I have a bad feeling about this! Ten minutes later, two men turned right and entered a roadside Speed 8.
Fuck. Who's got a thousand-year-old freezing bed in the tomb of the living dead in my arms? Come out, I promise I won't kill you! I watched through the glass door as the pretentious man went to take Xu Xiaoyan's hand after the room was opened at the front desk; I also watched as Xu Xiaoyan struggled only slightly and was good enough to be led upstairs by the pretentious man.
At that moment most of the passersby were pointing and walking around me, when I must have been a blood-red, fat man with an air of royalty! I raised my arm and wiped the water stains off my face with my sleeve, viciously staring back the eyes of passersby and taking a look around Speed 8.
The entire hotel is small, only four floors in total, but it's a thousand times harder to guess what room they have.
Just when I was at my wit's end