Vaping is one of the popular techniques for nicotine replacement products, which helps in supporting smokers with an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nowadays, most people choose several vaping products. There are several devices for vaping available, in that disposable electronic cigarette bars are also among them. Elux Legend is the leading disposable electronic cigarette bar, which comes with a prefilled nicotine-based e-liquid that allows you to vape the flavor right immediately after the purchase.

The vape coil is one of the important components of the electronic cigarette device. Coils are responsible for heating up the e-liquid in your device and turning it into a vapor. The expenses involved with vaping include the cost of the device and consumables such as e-liquids and coils. The costs increase significantly when your vape coils keep burning out causing you to need replacements much more often. The following are several ways to keep your coils in perfect condition as long as possible.

Prime Your Coils:

When you install the new coil for your device, it is important to check that it is fully soaking the wick with the e-liquid. Priming is the best way to make sure your wick is completely soaked before you are going to take a first inhale. Priming your coils is very easy when you know how to do the process. You can find the juice holes on the coil head, where the wicking material comes in contact with the e-liquid. Simply drop several droplets of vape juice into the coil until the coil will not hold any more liquid.

Once it is done, add the coil to your device. Make sure your wick is fully saturated you could draw from your vape kit without pressing the button. Nowadays, modern vape kits are equipped with automatic priming technology to prime your vape coils automatically.

Use Only High-Quality E-Liquids:

Low-quality e-liquids contain large amounts of sweeteners which causes more damage to the coils. The sugary sweeteners caramelize when heating and they started to destroy the vape kit components such as coils. The damaged coils become clogged up with the vape juices which wear out the wicks, causing them to struggle to soak up the new e-liquid. To avoid this always use high-quality e-liquid. High-quality vape juices contain premium ingredients which are helpful in providing less damage to your vape coils.

Clean Your Coils Regularly:

Vape coils should be cleaned regularly with vinegar or warm water to wash away the build-up of the e-liquids. You can soak your coils overnight to break up any remaining e-liquid residue on the coils. Simply remove the coil and rinse it under the warm running water. Leave your coil in the air to dry before inserting it again into your device.

Use E-Liquids with a Higher PG Content:

E-liquids with a high VG content are derived from vegetable oil which has a thicker consistency that can easily clog the coils. Propylene glycol has a thinner consistency than vegetable glycerin and it does not affect the vape coils.


From the above, you will gain an idea about how to make your vape coils last longer. Follow the above simple steps to maintain your coil to avoid wasting your money.