With so many of us working remotely, a good grasp on our technology is more necessary than it has ever been.

Since the idea of working from home became possible in the early 90s, the concept of the satellite office has expanded exponentially. The invention of the personal computer started a chain of events that would culminate in the  of the last two years.

If the personal computer hadn’t been invented back in the 60s, if the internet was still in its infancy, if we didn’t have the technological know-how, many businesses would simply have shut shop during Covid and never been able to trade again.

Table of Contents

  • Software and IT Management are Big Business
  • The Importance of Software Training to WFH Businesses
  • Where to Get Staff IT Training

Software and IT Management are Big Business

With everyone trying to work from home at once, there was a national shortage of laptops in the UK in 2020. This emphasised the demand for a WFH experience for many businesses. Across the board, business after business didn’t make it and had to close their doors. Those in the IT sector, however, were still going strong.

As others faltered, Zoom became the go-to app for video chatting and checking in with your remote workers. Amazon and eBay did extraordinarily well, while Google, Facebook, and the other big contenders for ad space all made a profit. The businesses that stayed put, were those that could connect us. Those who could get other businesses online.

The Importance of Software Training to WFH Businesses

Since we all just came through the pandemic collectively, we all have similar world-of-work experiences from it. Some of us will have been off on furlough, while others will have been buying their first ever laptop and trying to figure out how they check in to the office with it.

Businesses have a new problem here. Everyone is using different equipment. Those using software systems need the license to be able to run it on personal computers. The regular software systems you use while at work simply aren’t available on home PCs. Therefore, software training has become more important than ever during these turbulent times.

Some of the benefits of getting software training for your staff include:

  • Enhancement of their CVs and of the skills on offer in your team
  • Better productivity due to knowledge of shortcuts
  • Better productivity due to less restarts and frozen screens
  • Expansion of skills means more tasks can be assigned
  • IT or technology training can be used in place of your own IT department, saving you a fortune
  • Streamline processes
  • Keep staff knowledge up to date

If all these advantages seem appealing, then you ought to invest in some staff IT training.

Where to Get Staff IT Training

You can find any number of companies that provide this through Google, but we adore the Hays Technology approach. You can upload your CV for talent spotters, learn new IT skills through their training programs, or find the next IT job for you on their website.

Otherwise, you can get IT staff training through colleges and universities near you, or you can hire a consultant who can guide you through that WFH transition smoothly, and vice versa.

Whatever you do, your workplace will be happier with more knowledgeable staff, be they at home or in the office.