● It is better to write for Myself and have no public support than to write for the public and have no Self !

● The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen or read to understand ; we listen & read in order to reply !

●  The day you realise that all human beings are imperfect, you become an adult ;  the day you forgive them you become wise ;  the day you forgive yourself you become a philosopher ;  the day you forget yourself you become an "Alziemers" !

● Sometimes "those" people who are thousand miles away from you, can make you feel better than "these" people who are right beside you !

● Behind every woman's success, is her own self and determination ;  Behind every woman's failure and misery, there is another WOMAN !

● I have not yet come across a problem, which when looked at in the right way, does not become more complicated !
(this means that all problems tend to become complicated when approached or tackled seriously)

● All that glitters is not always gold,  All that infects is not always corona !

● If ignorance is really bliss, then i am the most happiest person in the planet !

● I cannot face the problem if the problem happens to be my FACE !

● My thoughts are like the pendulum of a clock that swings to & fro without reaching a consensus point !

● I compare myself to lime fruit (lime pieces) that you find in finger bowls in restaurants !

● I understood Newton's theory of gravity and gravitational pull only after i slipped and fell down to the ground from my home terrace !

● We are all small islands shouting abuses and accusations at each other across seas or oceans of Misunderstanding !

● Make hay when the Sun shines ; Make way when your Son shines !

● While all roads lead to "corruption", only one load leads to "prison" !

● Painting is an expression of Art while Panting is an expression
of Heart !

● Should my complexion in the mirror appear to be less than perfection, it is really the mirror that needs correction and not me !

● I am more or less convinced that India is a land of opportunities ;
I am more & more convinced that India is a land of opportunists !

● Where there is a will there is a way and where there is a "wheel" there is a highway !