Kraft boxes have changed the word radically as well as fundamentally. It is because these boxes have multiple uses. A product requires a durable and reliable packaging no matter how great or cool your product is. Without amazing packaging, you can neither protect your product nor can allure customers towards your product. For this reason, custom Kraft boxes are getting hype among retailers as well as customers. Do you think why Kraft material is best while there are many other options for the packaging of your product? But there are some reasons why these boxes are superior among them.

Firstly, Kraft boxes are user-friendly and eco-friendly. These boxes use pinewood material which is an excellent thing when it comes to packaging. Moreover, these boxes are 100% recyclable. Secondly, despite its eco-friendly nature, Kraft boxes are sturdy enough to hold all kind of products safely in them. Furthermore, Kraft boxes have a great quality of resistance. Do you think why Kraft box packaging has got so much popularity? Well, this is because these boxes have the quality to bear all kind of pressures.

Moreover, you can add corrugated layers in the boxes as well. It will make the box more strong and sturdy. Another reason why Kraft boxes packaging is best is their recyclability which makes them affordable and eco-friendly. Apart from that, these custom Kraft boxes can bear all kind of climate conditions like moisture, humidity, heat and shocks.

Multiple features to give an aesthetically bewitching look to custom Kraft boxes:

Nobody can ignore the beautiful and amazing looking Kraft boxes. Moreover, people prefer durable and good looking packaging over the average one. It does not matter how amazing your product is if it does not have nice and alluring packaging.  Furthermore, marketers are now aware of the fact that good packaging is key to boost up sales. So, they invest a heavy amount on the packaging as well. Given below are some features that can add beauty to your packaging:

  • Coatings:

Do you want your product to look amazing all the time? Here is the solution. Use coatings which are available in different types to achieve this goal.

  • Matte coating:

Matte coating gives a flat and dense look to the boxes. People who do not like shiny packaging can go with this type of coating. Moreover, this coating is finger-print resistant. Also, it makes the colours appear more vibrant.

  • Gloss coating:

The gloss coating provides a glossy and glamorous look to the box. If you have sided to invest some money, you should go with gloss coating. It helps in attracting people towards your product as well.

  • Satin coating:

A satin coating is a mixture of matte and gloss coating. It neither gives a pure matte look nor a glossy look. You can create a balance of both by this coating.

  • Foiling:

Foiling has now become high in demand. It helps in giving a premium look to the box. Additionally, you can get foiling in any colour you like. Moreover, gold and silver foiling is more in demand because customers like it the most. Apart from that, you can write the logo or special message, even your brand name with foiling. It will help in highlighting that part of your Kraft box packaging.

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