Fantasy Cricket- Tips to Play Better and Earn More

Fantasy sports were first introduced in the early 2000s in Europe and The Americas. Fantasy sports in brief are an online tactic-based game where you can make your virtual team from an upcoming match, play a contest and earn money.

Fantasy sports include many sports like football, hockey, baseball, cricket, NFL, and others. Football is the most played fantasy sport in the world. But, in India the case is different. Cricket is the most-watched and followed sport. People consider watching cricket as a way of celebrating a good time with friends and family. Cricket in India has a huge fan following especially among teenagers.

Seeing the fan following of cricket and the desire in people to connect with the game, many companies in India started exploring this domain and came up with the idea of fantasy cricket and marketed the same with full strength.

Now speaking of fantasy cricket, what exactly is it? And how is it played?

Fantasy cricket is an online skill-based game in which people make their dream team, play a contest, and earn money. The aforementioned definition is a bit simplistic, so, I will explain it more elaborately.


Steps to play fantasy cricket


1)To play online virtual cricket you need to download a free fantasy cricket app on your smartphone. You can do your research to download the best fantasy app which suits your requirements, or you can ask someone in your close circle that has been playing the game for some time

2) After downloading the app you need to sign up for it. Once you are done with that, you are generally provided with a sign-up bonus to kick start your Fantasy Cricket journey.

3) You can now start with choosing an upcoming match.

4) After you have decided which upcoming match you want to play you can play a contest with a particular joining fee.

5) Now, you can draft your dream team from a list of players provided to you. Every player you select deducts a certain amount of credits that are provided to you.

6) You also have to select a captain and a vice-captain as these players act as point multipliers and can help you gain more credits and further result in more rewards.

7) After the match, if you selected the maximum number of players who have performed the best or good in the game, you are rewarded with cash as per your rank in the contest.


Tips to do great in Fantasy Cricket


1) Start playing the game with practice competitions: Most of the apps provide you with paid as well as practice contests. Practice contests are free to play and you can play it ‘n’ a number of times. This will give you a much better idea of how to play the paid contests.

2) Make more teams: If you are playing a paid contest, you should draft more than one team. This will increase your chances of getting a better rank in the contest

3) Choose your captain and Vice-Captain wisely: Captain and vice-captain give you multipliers, so you should select them with some research.

4) Choose players based on recent performances: Your team should consist of players from both teams and especially players who have been doing well in the recent past.

5) Good Knowledge and analytical mindset: If you are a hardcore fan of a particular team, you might not perform the best in this tactic-based game. A person who has good knowledge of the sport and has an analytical mindset can do wonders and earn a lot of cash on an everyday basis

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