How to Restore the Old Wooden Windows of Your Home

No house can be completed without the existence of windows. Windows are the next important part of the home after the doors, which allow the entry of natural light into your home. It also allows the homeowners to enjoy the views of their neighborhoods and keeps the home more ventilated.

Many homeowners decided to replace the windows rather than restore them. If you want Wood Windows Replacement, you need to purchase wooden windows systems from trusted sellers like doorsplusiwndows and they are having a wide variety of wooden windows. But this article is for the one who wants to restore their old wooden windows rather than replace them.

The following are some steps to restore your old wooden windows if you find any significant damage to them.

Remove the Glass:

When you need to make a major repair to your wooden window it is essential to start with removing the glass completely. There is always a chance risk you could shatter the glass while working on the window. So it is advisable to proceed with caution when removing them. Always remember to use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the window glazing and then gently scrape the glazing off from the frame with a putty knife. Also, you can use pliers in order to remove the glazing pins around the windowpane.

Strip the Paint on the Frame:

When you want to strip and repaint your existing window, you need to strip off the old paint from the window frame. You should remove the paint that is chipped or flaking by using a paint scraper. Also, you can use a chemical paint stripper in order to rip off the larger areas of paint but it is essential to use protective gears before you start ripping off the paint.

Doing Necessary Repairs:

Restoring your old wooden windows is a daunting task unless you get detailed knowledge of what to do and how to do it. If your windows have over-rotted, it is advisable to replace them with new ones. If the problem is minor you can start filling the holes and cracks with the wood filler, repair the splinted or broken pieces with wood glue, and remove and replace the broken or rusted parts.

Sand Down the Window:

It is important to sand down the window in order to create a smooth surface for painting. Sand down the window frame and sash by using the orbital or hand sander. It is important to sand a little to avoid getting warped. You can start doing the process of sanding with 40-grit sandpaper in order to get rid of the large nicks and imperfections.

Clean and Repaint Your Old Window:

Before you start painting, it is essential to remove the dust from sanding with a vacuum machine and then clean the area with mineral spirits. Once it is cleaned properly, start with a primer. Once the primer dries, you can apply a wood stain or enamel paint to your renowned windows.

Reinstalling the Glass:

Once the final coat of the painting is done and dries, you can reinstall the glass pane in your window sash. When the glass was damaged, you can buy and install the brand new pane. Fit the glass carefully in the sash and secure it with the glazing pins. Fill the edges with the glazing putty in order to create an airtight seal.


From the above, you can easily get a clear understanding of restoring your old wooden windows. If the repairs are minor, you can easily upgrade your home windows by yourself which also helps to reduce your overall energy costs.

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