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Category : Politics
ରାମ ଜନ୍ମଭୂମି ବାବରୀ ମସ୍ଜିଦ୍
 Bauribandhu Lenka  
 16 March 2018  

ଉପକ୍ରମ:ରାମ ଜନ୍ମଭୂମି ଓ ବାବରୀ ମସ୍ଜିଦ୍ ସମସ୍ୟା ଧର୍ମ ଓ ସଂସ୍କୃତି ସମ୍ବନ୍ଧିତ ହୋଇଥିଲେ ସୁଦ୍ଧା ଏହାକୁ ଏକ ରାଜନୈତିକ ବିଷୟ ରୂପେ ବିଗତ ବର୍ଷ ମାନଙ୍କରେ ବ୍ୟବହାର କରାଯାଇଆସୁଅଛି। ଏହାକୁ ଭୋଟ ବ୍ୟାଙ୍କ୍ ର ଅସ୍ତ୍ର ରୂପେ ପ୍ରୟୋଗ କରି ଦେଶରେ ହିନ୍ଦୁ ଓ ମୁସଲମାନ୍ ସଂପ୍ରଦାୟ ମଧ୍ୟରେ ଅଶାନ୍ତିର ବାତାବରଣ ସୃଷ୍ଟି କରାଯାଉଅଛି। ଏହା ଦ୍ୱାରା ଦେଶରେ ବାସ କରୁଥିବା ବିଭିନ୍ନ ଧର୍ମର ଲୋକମାନଙ୍କର ଶାନ୍ତି ସହାବସ୍ଥାନରେ ବ୍ୟାଘାତ ସୃଷ୍ଟି ହେଉଅଛି। ଯେ ପର୍ଯ୍ୟନ୍ତ ଏହି ସମସ୍ୟାର ଏକ ଶାନ୍ତି ପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ ସମାଧାନ ନ ହୋଇଛି ସେ ପର୍ଯ୍ୟନ୍ତ ଏହା ଭୋଟ ବ୍ୟାଙ୍କର ଅସ୍ତ୍ର ରୂପେ ବ୍ୟବହୃତ ହୋଇ ଚାଲିଥିବ ଏଥିରେ ସନ୍ଦେହର ଅବକାଶ ନାହିଁ। ବାବରୀ ମସ୍ଜିଦ୍ ୧୯୯୨ ମସିହା ଡିସେମ୍ବର ୬ ତାରିଖରୁ ମାଟିରେ ମିଶି ସାରିଅଛି। ସେହି ସ୍ଥାନରେ ଭଗବାନ ରାମଙ୍କର ମୂର୍ତ୍ତି ନିରବିଛିନ୍ନ ଭାବେ ପୂଜା ପାଇ ଆସୁଛନ୍ତି। ଭଗବାନ ରାମଙ୍କର ମୂ୍ର୍ତ୍ତିକୁ ସେ ସ୍ଥାନରୁ ସ୍ଥାନାନ୍ତର କରି ବାବରୀ ମସ୍ଜିଦର ସେହି ସ୍ଥାନରେ ପୁନଃ ନିର୍ମାଣ କରିବା ସମ୍ଭବ ନୁହେଁ ଏ କଥା ହମସ୍ତେ ହୃଦୟଙ୍ଗମ କରୁଥିବେ। ଏହି ଦୃଷ୍ଟିରୁ ଦେଶର ମୁସଲମାନ୍ ସଂପ୍ରଦାୟ ମୁଷ୍ଟିମେୟ ମୌଳବାଦୀ ମୁସଲମାନ୍ ନେତାମାନଙ୍କର ପ୍ରରୋଚନାରେ ନପଡି ଏକ ମହତ ଉଦ୍ଦେଶ୍ୟରେ ଯଦି ବହୁ ସଂଖ୍ୟକ ହିନ୍ଦୁ ମାନଙ୍କୁ ସେହି ସ୍ଥାନ ହସ୍ତାନ୍ତର କରିବାକୁ ରାଜି ହୁଅନ୍ତେ ଏଥିରେ ସେମାନଙ୍କର ମହାନତା ପ୍ରତିପାଦିତ ହୁଅନ୍ତା ଓ ତା ସହିତ ଦେଶ ଏକ ବଡ ସମସ୍ୟାରୁ ରକ୍ଷା ପାଇ ପାରନ୍ତା। ଏତଦ୍ ବ୍ୟତୀତ ରାଜନୈତିକ ନେତା ମାନଙ୍କର ଏହି ସମସ୍ୟାକୁ ଭୋଟ ବ୍ୟାଙ୍କ୍ ଅସ୍ତ୍ର ରୂପେ ବ୍ୟବହାର କରିବାକୁ ସୁଯୋଗ ପାଆନ୍ତେ ନାହିଁ। ଏହି ପରିପ୍ରେକ୍ଷୀରେ ରଚିତ ନିମ୍ନ ପ୍ରଦତ୍ତ କବିତା ପ୍ରଣିଧାନ ଯୋଗ୍ୟ।ରାମ ଜନ୍ମଭୂମି ବାବରୀ ମସ୍ଜିଦ୍=================ରାମରାଜ୍ୟ କଥା କହି କହି ଗାନ୍ଧି ହୋଇଗଲେ ମହାନାୟକ।ଏବେ ରାମ ନାମ ଧରୁଛି ଯିଏ ସେହେଉଛି ସାଂପ୍ରଦାୟିକ॥ରାମ ଜନ୍ମ ହୋଇଥିଲେ ଅଯୋଧ୍ୟାରେଏ କଥା କି ନୁହେଁ ସ୍ପଷ୍ଟ ?ରାମଙ୍କ ମନ୍ଦିର ଅଯୋଧ୍ୟାରେ ହେଲେକାହାର ହେବ ଅନିଷ୍ଟ ?ନାହିଁ ଏବେ ଆଉ ବାବରୀ ମସ୍ଜିଦଯାଇଛି ମାଟିରେ ମିଶି ।ରାମଲାଲା ଆଜି ପାଉଛନ୍ତି ପୁଜାସେହି ସ୍ଥାନ ପରେ ବସି ॥କେହି କେବେ କଣ ରାମଲାଲାଙ୍କୁ ସେସ୍ଥାନୁ ହଟାଇ ପାରିବ ? ନ ହଟିବ ଯଦି ମନ୍ଦିରଟି ହେଲେଅସୁବିଧା କଣ ହେବ ?ହିନ୍ଦୁ ବହୁଳ ରାଷ୍ଟ୍ରେ ଯଦି ହିନ୍ଦୁଆସ୍ଥା ପାଏନା ସମ୍ମାନ ।ବିଶାଳ ଏ ଦେଶେ ଅନେକ ଧର୍ମମିଶିବ କିପରି ମନ?ମର୍ଯ୍ୟାଦା ପୁରୁଷୋତ୍ତମ ସେ ଶ୍ରୀରାମପ୍ରତୀକ ଏ ସଂସ୍କୃତିର ।ଧର୍ମ ମତ ନିର୍ବିଶେଷରେ କରନ୍ତୁସର୍ବେ ତାଙ୍କର ଆଦର॥*******

Riots- An analysis of human nature in a Democratic Polity
 Suparna Banerjee  
 3 April 2018  

The Beginning:In the wake of recent riots following the Ram Navami procession in Asansol-Ranigunj in West Bengal, this article is interested to analyse human nature and how does it function in a democratic political culture. The name of Adolf Eichmann is probably known only to a limited circle of people- those affected by his actions and those who studied him later. He was the second in command of the Nazi SS who was part of the team which formulated the policy of Final Solution of the Jews, fled to Argentina after the Second World War,captured by Mossad in May, 1960 , and hanged to death after a trial in Tel Aviv. What is important to know in this chronology of events is that his trial was televised throughout the world to present the extent of atrocities committed by the Nazis (it is however, not to suggest that Israel did not have any hidden agenda of not only gaining sympathy worldwide against the holocaust deniers but also prove its righteousness in putting a man responsible for the death of millions from their own community to trial despite being a nascent nation state which would help them bring their legal authority to the limelight) and that German born American political theorist Hannah Arendt wrote a book based on this trial, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A report on the Banality of Evil to analyse the extent of evil nature of human beings which prompted these people to adopt such horrific methods that led to the extermination of millions of a race from Europe. Putting in perspective- The curious case of West Bengal:Although what is happening in West Bengal following the Ram Navami incident is simply nothing compared to the above-mentioned incident, what is necessary to point out is an analysis of human nature. Bengal has been witness to comparatively lesser riots than northern and central regions of the country, except during the period of the country’s Freedom Movement where riots broke out for example in Noakhali which Mahatma Gandhi himself came to quell. Bengal’s experience of dealing with riots is very less- the last one (post the assassination of Indira Gandhi where the Sikhs were targeted) being successfully quelled by strong hand of Jyoti Basu, the long standing Chief Minister (CM) of Communist Party led West Bengal, preventing any reactions against the Sikh population. The Bengali Bhadrolok class has always taken pride in the fact that they are way above the rest of India class wise, where class does not represent any economy but signify a combination of factors like culture, politics, and social cohesion. This kind of feeling has taken its roots since the time of Bengal renaissance when the society led by some of the well-known Bengali intellectuals and social reformers like Raja Rammohan Roy and Debendranath Tagore ignited a rational thinking among the people (although there are existing views which proclaim that their efforts to modify conservative elements within Hinduism is a step towards making it more acceptable among the populace). We have traversed a long path in History, but we have always loved to bask in the glory of these past achievements and held it very close to our heart. In this long journey we have compromised on our ideals and ideas for petty gains and hence stands no chance of claiming to be on a higher pedestal of moral consciousness. The narratives coming up in the recent communal clashes in Asansol-Raniganj is the same that come up as mud-slinging and blame game following any such similar incidents. The ruling party blames the other, specially the one which has a history of using riot as an instrument to enter the political arena of a geographical space (we have not forgotten Muzaffarnagar yet!), the other accuses the ruling party of allowing the incident to flare up to such an extent by preventing the administration to perform its taskHuman Nature- an analysis:The nature of human as an animal appears to have remain unchanged. The three actors in this case are- BJP’s popular face in Bengal is a Central Minister and earlier voice to many a hit song in Bollywood, Babul Supriyo. CM Mamata Banerjee who has a history of resorting to disruption and chaos in the political culture throughout her rise in the political ladder as an opposition candidate. And finally, the common people who form the significant tool of the implementation of riots as political instruments. All the three actors have their roots in the same society which claims to have nurtured secularism as its core value- so much so that at least the 34 years of communist rule should have been able to nourish a religion-less political thinking. But unfortunately, it failed. It appears everything has gone in vain. Instead of moving towards a more civilised state of nature (at least that’s what Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau would have dreamt of!) we are moving towards a state of animalistic carnal nature of killing one of our own. And here the study of human nature like the one by Arendt attains significance. Human nature is basically animalistic. War, battles, human atrocities, rapes is not something new. It has been going on for generations and has filled the pages of history far too much. What therefore changed were two things- the reasons for the behaviour and the modus operandi of the actions. The basic instinct of performing such acts never left human essence. What Arendt argued was a lack of “thinking” in performing such acts. It always waited for the trigger to manifest its worst nature. With sophistication in our reasoning and societal structure we began our quest for myriad ways of being increasingly animalistic with the sole reason of being powerful over the others. Being powerful allows us to make happen whatever may not otherwise have been within our reach. For our convenience we have given names to these power – some are democratic, some dictatorship while some others are monarchy. But behind all these terminology lies the ever-burning instinct of more power. Democracy is considered to be the best among the worst because it also has its own share of pitfalls and disadvantages like the others but its packaging and marketing by the liberals have been way better than the propagators of the others. What makes such incidents like riots in a democratic polity interesting is, it is the sovereign which was handed the power to rule on behalf of its citizens takes a step backward towards chaos and disorder from where it was duty bound to save the people. Carl Schmitt, the crown jurist of the Nazi era provided an adequate justification in this regard. He claimed it is the sovereign which has the power to decide the cases of ‘exception’ in which it is entitled by the very constitution which binds its action, to take steps to address such scenario. Those exceptional circumstances would facilitate the process of labelling an ‘enemy’ and then follow it up with justification of waging a war against them. Such a logicality was used during the Nazi era to legitimise its actions against the Jews who were made to look responsible for the plight of the Germans post the First World War. The rhetoric in riot like situation is not very different. There is an enemy and there is a saviour. The saviour (Hindus) can legitimise its rule only at the cost of the enemy (the other social groups mainly minorities like Muslims). At the same time, it does not absolve the rulers from its actions or rather (in)action. Following Schmitt, the rulers have misused the legitimacy for its trivial political bargain at the cost of the sovereign who has handed them the power to rule on their behalf.Last but not the least:It is important to think why such incidents happen and how are human beings capable of such atrocities despite claiming it to have travelled the civilisational ladder. The political classification only gives us a convenient way out to explain our deeds- a dictator would directly kill people and in a democracy the ruler would instigate or sit back while people are killing each other. Rather it becomes convenient to perform such acts within a democratic scenario (because accountability comes later) in the absence of the baggage of pre-conceived public opinion against the system. Therefore Democracy, funnily, provides that space where leaders are capable of doing anything until it becomes too little too late. #smblogcontest

The Media Show
 Syeda Shua Zaidi  
 4 October 2018  

Media is the need of the hour with its force and strength, it is a wildfire, not a wild flower Virat Kohli and Leo Messi are a few of the idols today's generation looks forward to. But I have grown up admiring Shashi Tharoor and Barkha Dutt. You might call me a lunatic but media is what resides in my heart and inevitably in my soul. Media is referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy, but if we glance over it, media houses are accused of promoting ghastly cowardice, and portraying horrendous incidents which don't stand true, due to which attention is attributed to them and freedom of expression of several individuals is throttled on the whole. On one hand, media is what, we the youth looks up to as a frontier of change and something that is unparallel to anything in our life which is no less than a paradox. However, the other side of the picture, media is targeted for proclaiming mind numbing notions as relevant, and not derogatory. This so called elixir of life is a force of change and as a pillar of strength, is a mass influencer. Reporters don't blabber on your screens, they are up to some good for the present pragmatic society we reside in. It pinches me, and pierces me all along when people proclaim it as a medium which introduces either the black or white aspects of life. But let me tell you, it is much more than that. It is a system of mingled hues and showcases the colours of life. Media is a basic entity which gives us identity. Media is entrusted to lead is to the truth and it certainly will. Let's not target media houses always and manipulate its existence. There may be pros and cons of a story, but the fact remains, media is and will be the life of my party, or the inextricable possession of my treasures. You can disagree with me all you want. But I hope you know, opinions aren't to be argued with. Atleast, that is what media taught me, and indeed what my Innervoice whispers to me.

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 15 November 2018  

Its common in every ones life, to safeguard.

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 20 November 2018  


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Best Female Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan And Women Members of Assemblies
 Levis Flem  
 13 March 2020  

Assemblies and female lawyers in Pakistan:Where the mode of filling in these seats is concerned, there has been a difference of opinion even among the main political parties. While various methods have existed over different periods of Pakistan's history, the last mode for filling in reserved seats in the NA and PA of Inquiry for Women and female lawyers in Pakistan was through elections, the PML(N) suggested doubling of the number of seats to 40 and possible methods for doing so. The first was that of direct elections to these seated in direct election by members of the respective no after the 1009y members of the respective houses. The second was of “ugh proportional representation, on the basis of the number of votes received by each party. The indirect method of election for women's reserved seats and female lawyers in Pakistan has not proved to be beneficial. It does not lend credibility to women representatives, since they remain dependent on and accountable to the primarily male legislatures, instead or being genuine influential of the electorate. There is also a perception that nominations are rarely made on the proven track record of the women party workers. And although a number of them played a role in initiating and participating in debates on women's rights issues, there is a further perception that their role has not been sufficiently effective.Coming of Women and Female Lawyers in Pakistan in the Political System:Coming of women and female lawyers in Pakistan in the political system has to be the ultimate objective of any method is to be adopted for filling in women's reserved seats. As such, the system should be geared towards bringing in capable women who can play an effective role in the House, just as it should return capable candidates through the general electoral system. The proportional electoral system, which involves the advance publication of a list of candidates who would come in on the basis of priority after the party's share has been calculated, is one which has been discussed at different levels as a method which might increase opportunities for women’s representation. However, it may not be an immediately feasible system in a largely illiterate society with insufficient political education and experience.Independent Candidates Who Still Comprise a Significant Proportion:Moreover, it creates no space for independent candidates who still comprise a significant proportion of candidates and representatives in the country. Yet another issue discussed is whether women representatives should be brought in through the vote of women alone, or both men and women. Being elected by just women may make the representatives feel more obliged to address women's issues, but it may also narrow their focus to just that. If they are voted in by both, they would still recognize their obligation to address women’s and female lawyers in Pakistan concerns since they have been brought in on women's reserved seats, but would also find it necessary to inquire into and address other issues since their electorate would comprise both men and women. The latter system appears to be more conducive to the political mainstreaming of women, and also in line with the principle of doing away with separate electorates in any form.Electorate for Voting in Women:The electorate for voting in women representatives should, therefore ideally be a joint electorate of men and women, both Muslim and non-Muslim Thus, the basic principles for ensuring effective representation of women through reserving seats for them emerges through these various discussions: the system should be geared towards mainstreaming women, the quantum of reservation should be at least 33%, the system of election could be direct and constituency-related, and there should be a joint electorate, A few possible modalities which fulfill these requirements have been briefly discussed below, with their respective advantages and disadvantages.For Further Detail Visit:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/get-consult-about-court-marriage-in-pakistan.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/about-victims-after-khula-in-pakistan.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/get-consult-about-short-way-for-unmarried-certificate-in-pakistan/https://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/support-for-helpless-women-female-in-dar-ul-aman/