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Category : Mythology
The fourth to sixth labours of Hercules
 Roshan Rollands  
 15 February 2018  

Fourth labour- Erymanthian boarThe Erymanthian boar by Francisco de ZurbaránEurystheus, humiliated that the hind had escaped from right before him, sent Hercules on the next task of bringing back the Erymanthian boar alive. There are no definitive accounts of this labour though this is the most agreed upon version. On the way to Mt. Erymanthos, Hercules dunes and sups with his old friend Pholus. He was a centaur and Hercules convinces him to open the jar of wine left to the centaurs of the mountain my Dionysus. The aroma was so strong that t attracted all the centaurs of the mountain. Unknown to them, the wine was so strong that it should’ve been diluted. They drank the unadulterated wine and went berserk, attacking Hercules. Hercules shot at them with his poisonous arrows, sending them retreating all the way to Chiron’s cave. One version of the legend states that Pholus, curious as to why these arrows had killed several centaurs, picked an arrow up but dropped it on his foot, thus poisoning himself. Another version states that a stray arrow hit Chiron and poisoned him although he’s immortal. He felt immense pain, so great that he gave up his immortality and took the place of Prometheus who had his liver torn away by an eagle every morning. Hercules, seeing Chiron in such agony shot down the eagle, killing it. This labour also according to some, serves as the point for the transfer of immortality from Chiron to Hercules. Chiron then tells Hercules that in order to catch the boar, all he had to do was drive it into the deep snow. Hercules thus caught the boar, bound it and took it back to king Eurystheus.Fifth labour- Augean stablesThe Augean stables by Morgan SnellThis labour was to clean the stables of King Augeas. This was intended to be both humiliating and impossible for Hercules because the animals there were immortal and produced a huge amount of dung. The stables housed roughly a thousand cattle and it hadn’t been cleaned in almost 30 years. Hercules, confident that he could complete it in a day, asked the king for a tenth of his cattle if he succeeded in doing so. The king agreed to the bet, oblivious to what Hercules was capable of. Hercules redirected the rivers Alpheus and Peneus and succeeded in cleaning up the filth in less than a day. Augeas refused to honour the agreement on the grounds that it was King Eurystheus who’d given Hercules the task anyway. Hercules took the matter up in court and was supported by Phyleus, the king’s nephew. Augeas banished them both before the verdict of the court was out. Hercules returned to the kingdom, killed Augeas and handed over the kingdom to Phyleus. Also, according to the poet Pindar, Hercules founded the Olympic Games shortly thereafter.Sixth Labour- Stymphalian birdsHercules kills the Stymphalian birds by Albrecht DürerThe Stymphalian birds were creatures that were sacred to Aries, the good of war. They were man eating birds with beaks of bronze and dagger like metallic feathers that could be launched at their victims. They had all migrated to Lake Stymphalia in Arcadia where they multiplied rapidly. In Greek mythology, Arcadia is the home of the God Pan. In other cultures, it is seen as an untouched and unadulterated wilderness. The birds went berserk, wreaking havoc all over the countryside, destroying crops, trees and killing the townspeople. Hercules ventures into the swamp but couldn’t go too far as it couldn’t support his weight. Athena coming to his aid, gave him a rattle made by Hephaestus for this very purpose. He shook it and the birds flew out from their perches. Hercules then shot down several of them with his arrows, killing them instantly. The remaining birds flew far away never to return.**All images are taken from greekerthanthegreeks.blogspot.in

The seventh to ninth labours of hercules
 Roshan Rollands  
 15 February 2018  

The seventh labour- The Cretan BullThe Cretan bull by B. PicartFor his seventh labour, Hercules sailed to Crete where king Minos told him of the bull that was wreaking havoc all over his kingdom, destroying crops and demolishing orchard walls. The king gave Hercules permission to take the bull away and even offered assistance in doing so which Hercules politely declined. Hercules got the jump on the bull by sneaking up from behind it and throttled it, letting go just before it died. He then shipped it back to Tiryns. Eurystheus who hid at the first sight of the creature, wanted to sacrifice it to Hera who loathes Hercules. Hera however, declined because this offering would be a testimony of Hercules’s immense bravery. The bull was then released and it wandered into Marathon, later coming to be known as the Bull of Marathon.The eighth labour- Mares of DiomedesThe Mares of Diomedes were horses that were particularly violent due to their diet that comprised mainly of human flesh. They were kept by King Diomedes of Thrace. They were kept tethered in bronze stables because of how violent they were. Some versions of the legend also say that they breathed fire from their mouths. Hercules left his friend and companion Abderus to keep watch on them while he fought Diomedes. After beating him, he finds that the boy was eaten. Driven by rage, he avenges him by feeding Diomedes to the mares which calms them down. He then builds the city of Abdera near the boy’s tomb. In another version, Hercules cuts the horses loose and drives them to the high ground of a peninsula. He quickly digs a trench with his axe and fills it with water, thus making an island. When Diomedes arrives, Hercules kills him with the very same axe he used to dig the trench and feeds his body to the mares to calm them down. In both versions, the ending’a pretty much the same with Hercules calming the horses with the flesh of Diomedes. He then binds their mouths and takes them back to king Eurystheus who sacrifices them to Hera. In other versions, they’re allowed to freely roam the planes of Argos where they permanently calm down. In yet another version, they’re sacrificed to Zeus. However, Zeus, dissatisfied with the mares, sent wolves, lions and bears to kill them.The ninth labour- Belt of HippolytaHippolyta, queen of the Amazons by Vittore CarpaccioAdmete, the daughter of king Eurystheus wanted the belt of Hippolyta, the queen of the amazons. The belt was a gift from her father Aries, the God of war. So, king Eurystheus charged Hercules with retrieving the belt as his ninth labour. Taking a few friends, Hercules set sail. He docked at the island of Paros which was inhabited by some sons of Minos. The sons managed to kill two of Hercules’s companions, sending Hercules on a rampage. He killed the two sons and threatened the inhabitants of the island that he wouldn’t leave until they gave him two men to replace his fallen comrades. Continuing their journey, they reach the court of Lycus. Hercules, at his request, kills King Mygdon and hands over his kingdom to his friend, Lycus who called the land Heraclea. The crew them set off for Themiscyra. Hippolyta, impressed with Hercules and his exploits had planned on giving him the belt as soon as he arrived. However, Hera infiltrated the Amazons and spread the seeds of discord, convincing them that the strangers were planning on carrying the queen of the Amazons away. The women then set out to confront Hercules. When he saw them, Hercules thought that Hippolyta was planning this treachery all along and never intended on handing over the belt. In the battle that ensued, he killed her, took the belt and returned to Eurystheus.**All images have been taken from greekerthanthegreeks.blogspot.in

The final labours of Hercules
 Roshan Rollands  
 15 February 2018  

Tenth labour- Cattle of GeryonThe cattle of Geryon by Jun-Pierre ShiozawaThis labour was for Hercules to acquire the cattle of Geryon, brilliant red cattle that were guarded by Orthrus, his two headed shepherd dog. Hercules, for this task, travelled to the island of Erytheia which lies in the far west. In order to do so, he had to cross the Libyan desert. After traveling for long, he got frustrated by the heat and let an arrow loose towards the sun. Helios, the God of the sun, seeing his “courage” decided to help him and gave him his golden chariot on which he crossed the sea from west to east every night. Hercules rode the chariot to Erytheia, the “red island” of the sunset. On his arrival, he was attacked by the two headed dog, Orthrus. Using his famed club, he kills him with a single blow to the head. The herdsman Eurytion arrived to help Orthrus but fell to Hercules’s club in the same way. Hearing the commotion, Geryon joined the fray, wielding three shields and three spears, three helmets on his shoulders. He was slain and fell to one of Hercules’s poisoned arrows which was shot with so much force that it pierced his forehead. Hercules then had to herd the cattle and take them back to Eurystheus. Hera however, sends a gadfly which bites them, sending them into a frenzy, thus dispersing them. Over the next year, Hercules retrieved them but Hera sent a flood to prevent them from crossing a river that stood in their way. Hercules filled the river with stones to decrease the level and crossed it with all the cattle. On returning to Eurystheus, the cattle were sacrificed to Hera.Eleventh labour- Golden apples of HesperidesThe apples of Hesperides by Remnev, AndreyTo begin this task, Hercules first had to find the island that had the golden apples. In order to do so, he caught the old man of the sea, a shape shifting sea God. In some variations, either in the beginning or towards the end of this task, Hercules runs into Antaeus, a man who was invincible as long as he touched his mother, Gaia (the Earth). Hercules fights him and kills him by choking him in a bear hug while picking him up. Hercules was then captured by king Busiris in Egypt who planned on making him the yearly sacrifice. But Hercules broke free if his chains and escaped. Hercules finally made his way to the garden of Hesperides. On the way, he encountered Atlas who was holding the heavens on his shoulders. Hercules persuaded Atlas to get him some apples because he was related to Hesperides. In exchange, he would relieve him of the heavens until he returned. Atlas on returning, broke the pact and said that he’d deliver the apples to Eurystheus. Hercules conned Atlas into taking his place once more saying that he’d take it back from him after he adjusts his cloak. Hercules doesn’t take Atlas’s place a second time and leaves with the apples. In other stories, he slays the dragon Ladon who protects the garden and the golden apples and then returns to he king triumphant.Twelfth labour- CerberusA statue of Hercules as he subdues CerberusThe final labour demanded Hercules to capture Cerberus, the three headed guardian of the underworld and return to the king. To prepare for his journey to the underworld, Hercules travels to Athens and is initiated in the Eleusinian mysteries. He then enters the underworld with Hermes and Athena as his guides. In the underworld, he meets Theseus and Pirithous, two companions who were trapped by Hades because they tried to covet Persephone. One tale tells of snakes coiling around their legs and then turning to stone, cutting off their escape. In another tale, he invites them for a banquet but reserved seats of forgetfulness for them. They sit in them and are ensnared as they lose their mission in mind. Hercules frees Theseus but a part of his thigh stuck to the chair. However, when he tries to free Pirithous, the earth shakes, thus showing how much he desires Persephone. Hercules then meets Hades and asks if he can take Cerberus above ground. Hades accepts on the condition that Hercules subdues Cerberus without using any weapons. Hercules overpowers Cerberus, slings it over his back and takes it back to Eurystheus who at first cowers in fear. He pleads with Hercules to take Cerberus away and said that he’d relinquish him of all duty if he did so. And so, Hercules’s debt comes to an end

Ganesha- Our all Time favorite
 Pinal Chauhan  
 6 April 2018  

Ganesha – the all time favoriteLord Ganesha, one of the most famous and favorite among all especially the kids. Do we really know about him? He's just famous as the elephant headedGod with a big belly who is usually found playing around everywhere with hisbest friend the Mouse and eating his favorite food Modak. There are someincidents through which Ganesha proved himself one among the others.Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva was supposed to go for bath and she wasalone as Shiva was busy meditating on the mountains. She wanted someone toguard her door when she goes and it was only Nandi (Shiva's bull) who could doit. She told Nandi to guard the door and let no one enter till she asks him. Nandidid accept her orders, but he being loyal to Shiva let's him enter inside with whichParvati gets very angry thinking of no one being loyal to her, takes off herturmeric paste applied on her body and makes an idol of a boy and then puts lifeto him and names him Ganesha and declares him to be her own son who wouldbe loyal to her always. Every time she wished to bathe she instructed Ganeshato guard her door and not let anyone enter.One day when he was guarding the door, Shiva happened to come and justrushed inside, but at his surprise, he found a strange boy guarding the door andstopping him to enter in. On asking him who he was and why was he stoppinghim to enter his own house, Ganesha introduces him to be Parvati's son andinforms him, thus, as per her orders he would not allow him to enter. Shiva,furiously warns him to let him go or else he would have to battle with him.Ganesha denies to let him enter and so Shiva asks his army to attack him, butGanesha very bravely rebelled them. Shiva had realized that he was not anordinary boy and thus decided to himself fight with Ganesha and with his divinefury his trishul poking his head cut on the ground and killed him instantly.When Parvati came out after her bath and saw Ganesha lying down, ran towardshim and had found herself extremely hurt and insulted that, she wanted todestroy the whole creation. But, Brahma, being the creator appeared suddenly atthe spot to know what had happened and pleaded her to take back her words.She furiously denied to change her decisions and narrated them the whole case.Shiva apologized for his mistake and tried to keep her cool and decided to getthe head of any first living being they find and would place it on Ganesha's head.So, he ordered Brahma to move towards the north direction and get any head hefinds.In a short time Brahma returns back with a strong big head of an elephantand hands it over to Shiva. Looking at that Parvati was very annoyed thinking- “aboy with an elephant head” and so denied to accept it. But, Shiva explained herthat though he would be an elephant headed, he would not be an ordinary boy,but would be worshiped before all the other Gods. He places the head on thebody and gives him life and declares him to be his own elder son and named himGanapati (leader of the beings)As time passed, Ganesha started growing and with many such incidentsthere was one of the most famous incidents when Ganesha and his youngerbrother Karthik were discriminated and and were tested who was wiser amongthe both. The Devas had insisted to test their qualities and intelligence and so allof them decided to go to Brahma being the creator of the universe would cleartheir doubt. On asking him, he too was speechless that who wiser among theboth. So he decided to send his mischievous son Narada to clear the doubt.Narada, who was always prompt with his pranks had a wonderful plan to testthem so he reached to the divine couple Shiva and Parvati with a magical fruitand insisted them to give it to the one whom they liked the most. They were bothconfused to whom to give it. At the same time Ganesha and Karthik reachedthere and insisted to have the fruit. Shiva and Parvati then decided to organize atest between them. They in the center and all the other gods and goddessessurrounded by them. Ganesha and Karthik in the middle were all prepared for thetest. Karthik was confident enough to win it, as he was a fit and fine. Well,Ganesha was stout and with a big belly who could hardly move from his placefast. Ganesha was very cool and was least concerned about what was going tohappen. They then announced that either of them who goes around the wholeworld thrice and reaches back to them first would get the magical fruit. Karthik,very spontaneously moved on with his peacock and Ganesha puzzled, thinkinghow he would manage as he was too stout and his mouse too small to cope upKarthik, so very wisely Ganesha joined his hands and started moving around hisparents Shiva and Parvati three times. Surprisingly, when he was asked for thereason, he replied, “You have created me, and thus, for me you are the world.So, i don't find it worth wasting my time moving anywhere else” and hecompleted his task very efficiently. Not only Shiva and Parvati but, all presentthere, were very impressed by his wise act and gave him the fruit and cheeredfor him.Thus, Ganesha has been given the dominion over all the Ganas, whichmeans all the classes- be it Gods, humans, insects, animals or celestial beings. Itis said that we have to respect and honor all these Ganas and if do not do so, allour actions are known as the form of thievery as they are not sanctioned. So,instead of preaching each Gana differently, in order to receive the blessings, itwas decided to bow the Lord of all, Shri Ganesha (which means God of allGanas) By receiving his grace, we receive it from all and he removes all thepotential obstacles and helps us to succeed.

Glorious The Moon
 Dhwani Shah  
 14 February 2019  

Glorious the moon . . .therefore our thanksdark cloudsCome to rest our necks.When our focus shift from thoughts to self, we are grateful to everything around us. Our mind becomes silent and at rest.Life is a story we weave together from the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we experience each moment. Yet we live the majority of our life in the memories of our past and the expectations of the future. Rarely do we live in the purity of the present.In meditation we disrupt the unconscious progression of thoughts and emotions by focusing on a new object of attention, whether that is our breath or empty screen on third eye.Meditation is one of the best ways to loosen the grip of sticky emotions and connect to our true self, which isn’t limited, angry, or fearful, but is infinite, pure consciousness. Meditation brings us home to the peace of present-moment awareness and gives us an experience of profound relaxation that dissolves fatigue and long-standing stresses and – as countless studies have shown – promotes both physical and emotional healing. The benefits of meditation include:• lowered blood pressure and hypertension• slower heart rate• decreases cholesterol levels• reduced production of “stress hormones,” including cortisol and adrenaline• more efficient oxygen use by the body• increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA• improved immune functionBeyond these significant health benefits, the greatest gift of meditation is the sense of calm and inner peace it brings into our daily life. When we meditate, we go beyond the mind’s noisy chatter into an entirely different place: the silence of a mind that is not imprisoned by the past or the future.

 21 April 2019  

 सभी को नमस्कार, इस समय में आपको  जीवन में आने वाली  कुछ समस्याओं  के बारे में बात करूँगा क्या आपको किसी समय ऐसा महसूस होता है कि आप जो भी करना चाहते हैं वह नहीं कर पाते और जो नहीं करना चाहते या नहीं होना चाहिए वह जाने अनजाने में ना चाहते हुए भी हो जाता है इसके कई कारण हो सकते हैं आप सोचे तो आपके हिसाब से यह ग्रह गोचर, भाग्य दशा और उनके विभिन्न फल- फलादेश एवं आपके कर्म बंधन हो सकते हैं इन सब के समाधान  प्रत्येक  के / सब के हिसाब से अलग अलग हो सकते हैं किंतु फिर भी कुछ लोगों का यह विचार है कि हम अपने कर्मों का फल जो भी हो प्राप्त करते हैं . कर्म अच्छे भी हो सकते हैं कर्म  बुरे भी हो सकते हैं अच्छे कर्मों का फल अच्छा ही मिलता है और बुरे कर्मों का  बुरा फल भी हमको भोगना पड़ता है  मैं यदि किसी के मार्ग  में काँटे डालूंगा  तो यह निश्चित है कि  काँटे मुझे ही   तकलीफ पहुंचाएंगे .  जब भी में किसी के साथ अच्छा कर्म करूंगा या  भलाई  करूंगा तो निश्चित मानना कि यह  भलाई  भी मेरे साथ ही  बंध जाती है और इसका अच्छा फल भी मुझे ही प्राप्त होता है और यह मुझे भी नहीं मालूम कि वह सर्वशक्तिमान परमपिता परमात्मा इसका फल मुझे कहां पर दे देता है यह भी मान्यता है कि यदि कोई भी  कर्म  बगैर  फल की प्राप्ति के लिए किया जाता है तो बंधन के रूप में हमारे साथ नहीं  बंधता और उसका अच्छा फल या    बुरा फल भी हमको नहीं प्राप्त होता इसी को भगवान श्री कृष्ण ने गीता में निष्काम कर्म की तरफ बढ़ने के लिए हम सब को मार्गदर्शित किया है .यह भी निश्चित है कि यदि कोई भी   कर्म किसी भी फल के लिए या किसी को परेशान करने के लिए किया जाता है तो वह हमको बंधन में   डालता है और इसको हमको अच्छे या बुरे रूप में भुगतना पड़ता है आज के समय में निष्काम कर्म के बारे में बहुत मुश्किल से ही सोचा जा सकता है क्योंकि इस  युग धर्म  के अनुसार हर  कर्म किसी न किसी भाव   या फल के लिए ही किया जाता है और यदि किसी देवता के,  देवी के चरणों में  या उनके मंदिर में भी  हम देखें तो सभी भक्त भगवान से कुछ ना कुछ मांगते हुए दिख जाते हैं और कई दफा तो हमको यह भी सुनने में मिल जाता है कि भक्त भगवान से व्यापारिक सौदेबाजी की तरह सौदा करता दिखाई देता है कि भगवान मेरा यह कार्य करो, मदद कर दो, यह करो ,वह करो, मैं वहां आऊंगा,  प्रसाद चढ़ा दूंगा ,   ब्राह्मणों को भोजन  करवा दूंगा  या इतने रुपए चढ़ा दूंगा इत्यादि इत्यादि. यह क्या है? क्या हम भगवान से भी सौदेबाजी करने से नहीं चूकते. जब भक्त की भावना भगवान के प्रति ऐसी हो जाती है तथा भक्तों की श्रद्धा भी  व्यापार -तोल-मोल हो जाती है तो देव मूर्ति भी भक्तों की प्रार्थना उसके हिसाब से ही सुनती है इसलिए हमारे यहां यह   भी कहा गया है कि जैसी रही भावना जैसी  प्रभु मूरत तिन देखी तैसी. क्या वह सर्वशक्तिमान हमारे धन का, रुपयों का  भूखा है बिल्कुल भी नहीं .यह सब श्रद्धा एवं भावना की बात होती है इसलिए हो सके तो  हमको हमारी इस व्यापारिक  सोच से मुक्त होकर ही देवालय में जाना चाहिए किंतु इसका कहीं भी यह मतलब नहीं है कि हम को अपनी देव प्रतिमा के प्रति श्रद्धा भक्ति को  प्रदर्शित नहीं करना चाहिए.  देवालय  में हम देव  प्रतिमा के समक्ष नमस्कार कर, प्रणाम कर, सिर झुका कर अपनी श्रद्धा और भक्ति दिखा सकते हैं फिर भी यही करनी चाहिए कि यदि हम किसी के साथ अच्छा न कर सके तो उसका बुरा भी नहीं करें क्योंकि यह निश्चित है कि बुराई का फल हम को भुगतना ही पड़ता है और यही बंधन है .  हम यह कह सकते हैं कि अच्छे या बुरे कर्म हमको बंधन में डालते हैं और उनका फल हमको निश्चित रूप से भुगतना पड़ता है इसलिए कई दफा हमारे चाहते हुए भी या न चाहते हुए भी वह कुछ घटित हो जाता है जिसकी उम्मीद हमको पहले से नहीं होती है क्योंकि यह हम नहीं जानते क्यों  और कैसे समय के चक्र के हिसाब से कौन सा अच्छा फल या बुरा फल हमको कब कहां और कैसे भुगतना पड़ जाए.  इसलिए कोशिश यही होनी चाहिए कि हम प्रत्येक कर्म बगैर किसी फल के,  निष्काम रुप से करें यदि कोई भी कर्म निष्काम रूप से भी नहीं कर पाए तो  हमारी भरसक कोशिश यही होनी चाहिए कि किसी दूसरे प्राणी मात्र के साथ हम किसी भी रूप में मन, कर्म, वचन से कोई भी बुरा कार्य नहीं करें क्योंकि यह परमपिता ही जानता है कि किस वक्त  उसने किस प्राणी को किस तरह  का फल  भुगतने का समय निश्चित किया हुआ है. यह मेरे निजी विचार हैं.इनको यहां तक पढ़ने के लिए आपका कोटि - कोटि धन्यवाद .

Occult Studies
 Noyonika Mukherjee  
 13 May 2019  

                      Occult studies First of what is occult? It necessarily does not mean that these blogs will contain witchcraft spells or ghost summoning or cult activities instead this will tell u all you need to know about ghosts, spirits and parallel worlds and anything you want to clarify your thoughts upon (true information). Now let’s start today’s topic which is “from the scratch” well have you ever noticed small babies they all sometimes stare at the sealing or walls or lamps and keep on saying something like babble bobble.....well it’s not just a co incidence that all kids do this kind of stuff cause they all can truly see spirits. They can see things us adults can’t see and there is a very simple and logical reason behind it kids have a pure heart and less of a corrupted mind. When we are small studies have proven that there is a part of our brain that can see and communicate with all the spirits. Now take our universe as one universe and think that there’s another one connected to us but we can’t see it like a mirror world but that doesn’t mean that there Is everything opposite in it,  it’s just that there is something that separates us from that parallel universe but that thing hasn’t been found yet. Anyway that part of our brain requires a either a pure heart or a pure mind to communicate with this parallel world but as we keep growing that part of our brain vanishes cause our heart or mind is no longer pure it happens in very rare cases that this part is sustained in our youth as well. Now to communicate with the parallel world in any way our body requires some special qualities like a pure heart or a very strong mind or different thinking where you don’t see the world as it is but from  a different perspective or all of these and many more..... some people who sustain these qualities acquire super natural powers which we will talk about in the next blog till then stay tuned with occult studies. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

દીકરી થી ...વહુ (વધુ ) સુધી. ..
 Solanki Sandhya  
 21 May 2019  

દુનિયાની સૌથી સુંદર ભેટ એટલે જીવનમાં દીકરીનું હોવું એવું આપણે સૌ કોઈ માનીએ છીએ બરાબર ને ...!દીકરી સાપનો ભારો અને બોજ એવી બધી માન્યતાઓ માંથી હવે આપણે ઘણાં અંશે બહાર આવી ગયાં છીએ ...એટલે જ દીકરીના જન્મને હવે પ્રસંગ બનાવતાં અને દીકરીને વરદાન સ્વરૂપે જોતા થયા છીએ ...એક દીકરી તેના પ્રેમ.,વાત્સલ્ય .,નખરા .,લાડકોડ અને કાલીઘેલી વાતોથી જાણે ઘરમાં જ સ્વર્ગ જેવું સૂકુંન આપતી હોય છે .નાનપણથી સૌની લાડકી બનીને આખા ઘરને ક્યારે પોતાના વ્હાલ અને પ્રેમમાં રંગી તરબોળ બનાવી દે છે ખયાલ જ નથી રહેતો ,ક્યારે તે વ્હાલી બની ઘર પોતાની મરજી મુજબ ચલાવવા લાગે છે. ..લોકો દીકરીની બધી જ ઈચ્છઓ અને સપનાઓ લાડકોડથી પુરા કરે છે કે પછી તો તારે પારકે ઘરે (સાસરે) જ જવું છે ને. ..!તો ઘણાં ઘરોમાં પહેલેથી જ જાણે કોઈના ઘર (સાસરે) જવા માટે જ જન્મ લીધો હોય એવી રીતે શું કરવું. ..? શું ના કરવું. .. કેવી રીતે વર્તવું ..ટ્રેનિંગ આપવામાં આવે છે. ..દીકરીને આપણે એની ભુલ હોય ત્યારે પ્રેમથી પાસે બેસાડીને સમજાવીએ છીએ ...અને સાથે થોડું વધુ વ્હાલ પણ કરીએ છીએ જેથી તેને સરળતાથી સમજાવી શકાય કે શીખવી શકાય ...ક્યારેક કોઈ મોટી ભૂલ કરી હોય તો પણ, થોડું નારાજ થઇ ,ગુસ્સો કરીને માની જતા હોઈએ છીએ ...આ થયો એક દીકરી સાથેનું આપણું સૌનું વર્તન ,વ્યવહાર અને વિચાર. ....હવે અમુક વાતો કદાચ કોઈને અણગમતી કે કડવી લાગશે ...કારણકે સત્ય આવું જ હોય ...આમ. તો કોઈ ઘરમાં દીકરાનો જન્મ થાય ત્યારથી ખુશી થી વહુ લાવવાની વાતો કરતાં આપણે ફરતાં હોય છીએ ., અને જયારે દીકરો પરણાવીને વહુ લાવો છો ત્યારે અચાનક કેમ અણગમતી થઇ જાય છે. ..ઘણી વખત મેં વાતોમાં સાંભળ્યું છે કે અમારે તો બસ, વહુ આવી જાય એટલે "દીકરો સોંપી દઈને આપણે છુટ્ટા ",.."આપણે ઘરની બધી જવાબદારી સોંપી હળવા બની જઇશુ "...અમુક સમય પછી એ જ લોકો ફરિયાદો કરતા હોય છે ...તે તો આમ નથી કરતી ...તેમ નથી કરતી ...એવીરીતે રસોઈ બનાવે છે ...પેલી રીતે સફાઈ રે છે ...મારી જેવું નથી કરતી. ..તમારે જો જવાબદારી સોંપવી હોય તો તેને થોડી સત્તા કે થોડી છૂટછાટ પણ આપવી જરૃરી છે ...દરેક ને થોડી મોકળાશ તો જોઈએ .કોઈ પણ રીત હોય ,કામ થઇ જવું જરૂરી હોય કે તમારી જીદ ? કામ કલાક વહેલું કે મોડું થઇ જવાથી કોઈ એવોર્ડ કે મહાસંકટ આવી નથી જવાના,તો શા માટે એટલું એ વિશે વિચારવું...?આમપણ સમય સાથે દરેકે બદલાવ લાવવો જ જોઈએ .હું એવું નથી કહેતી કે દરેક વખતે જૂની પેઢી કે સાસુઓ નો જ વાંક હોય કે વહુઓ બધી સારી જ હોય ...આ એક સામાન્ય વાત છે ...દરેક સાસુ પોતે પણ ક્યારેક એ ઘરની વહુ રહી ચુકી હોય છે ..તેમને પણ કદાચ જિંદગીમાં ઘણું સહન કર્યું હોય બની શકે ...પણ સારી વ્યક્તિ " એવું અમે પણ સહન કર્યું છે "...તો " તમે કેમ ના કરો" "તમારે તો આવું કાંઈ નથી ..?"...કહેવાને બદલે મેં જે સહન કર્યું છે આવું " હું મારી આગળની પેઢી (વહુ ) સાથે ક્યારેય નહીં થવાં દઉં કે ખુબ પ્રેમ થી સાચવીને સાંભળી લઈશ ..."આ સાથે જ ઘણી છોકરીઓ પણ વહુ બન્યા પછી સામાન્ય ફેરફારો જલ્દી થી લાવી શકતી નથી પણ , સમય જતા દરેકે સ્વીકાર તો કરવો જ રહ્યો ...દરેક દીકરી જો નવા ઘરને પોતાના લોકો સમજીને વ્યવહાર કરે તો ચોક્કસ દરેક કુટુંબ ને સુખી થતાં કોઈ અટકાવી શકતું નથી ..દરેક દીકરી એ ખોટી વાતો કે સલાહો થી દૂર રહીને પ્રેમ થી સૌને કદાચ જીતી શકે છે ...આ એક જ સંબંધ વર્ષોથી થોડો વધુ ચર્ચામાં અને હવે તો જોક્સ રૂપે પણ ફરતો થયો છે. જો આ સંબંધો વિશે આપણામાં રહેલી ગેરમાન્યતાઓ અને એકબીજાની ખોટી ચાડી ખાતા લોકો થી દૂર રહીને ચોક્કસ સુંદર અને મજબૂત બનાવી શકાય ...કોઈ પણ દીકરી જે ખુબ લાડકોડ અને વ્હાલથી ઉછરી હોય તે તેનાં ઘરમાં "રાજકુમારી" જેવું જીવન છોડીને કોઈ સુંદર પાત્ર ના સાથ ના સહારે નવાં ઘરને અપનાવવાં આવી હોય છે. ..એ કઈ ઘરમાં રાજ કરવાં કે માલિક બનવાં નથી આવતી ...કે કોઈ માતા થી તેનાં દીકરાને છીનવી લેવા કે અલગ કરવા નથી આવતી ...કારણકે તે પોતે "વ્હાલરૂપી રજવાડાં જેવું ઘર તો તમારા માટે છોડીને આવે છે. .."પોતાનાં માતાપિતા થી છૂટ્યા નું દુઃખ જાણતી હોવાથી એવી તકલીફ એ બીજાને ક્યારેય આપવાનું ન વિચારી શકે. ..એ તો માત્ર તમારાં પ્રેમ થી તમારા દિલોમાં રાજ કરવાના પ્રયત્ન કરતી હોય છે. ..દરેક સંબંધ પ્રેમ, વિશ્વાસ, ,હૂંફ અને થોડી સમજદારી થી મજબૂત રીતે બાંધી શકાય છે ..વાત થોડી અજીબ છે પણ વિચારશો તો સારી ...અને અપનાવવાની કોશિશ કરશો તો સરળ ચોક્કસ લાગશે ...વર્ષો સુધી રાહ જોયાં પછી આવનાર કે મળનાર સાથે થોડા પ્રેમથી...થોડી છૂટછાટ થી...થોડા ખુલ્લા મન થી શું સાથે ન રહી શકાય...?લેખિકા: સંધ્યા રતિલાલ સોલંકી ( " દિલ થી " )