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Category : Fashion
 Reena Saxena  
 6 April 2018  

Plus Size Indian Fashion

 Smart Watch  
 25 July 2018  

If you are a James Bond fan, its likely that you enjoy his interesting spy gadgetry. Over the years there have been many actors who portrayed Bond. Now our tech gurus bring new innovation to the Digital Watch it works as a Smart Watch a wearing computing device that closely resembles a wristwatch. It is an interesting device.A timekeeping device which Bluetooth capable, can answer phone calls, read emails, and text messages. Get a weather report, listen to music, dictate email or text messages.Such watches are helpful for the die-hard athlete and all the people who want to maintain their health because this watch includes a heart rate monitor to track your workouts. Digital watches have been touted as the next generation of devices set to transform consumer lives.Performance:In the next few years, SmartWatch will likely to see the addition of more efficient power management and increased capabilities. Companies are looking forward to alternative methods of charging using solar energy to ensure better longevity and watches will be soon become water resistant and equipped with gorilla glasses for scratch resistance. As a coin has two sides, every story also have two sides pros and cons. Enjoy with the hand free user experience but not with accurate data. The gateway to IoT world as these watches specifically one of the more integral devices in the IoT vision. But the disadvantage of the watch is that the battery life seems to be the discussed issue. Digital watches slowly but surely becoming more mainstream gadgets. Apply Here: http://directsmartwatch.com

Eye Brow Embroidery for Better Look
 Jenny Xu  
 21 February 2019  

People who want to keep their self smart they always prefer to choose the Brower studio in Singapore. Brower studio is maintaining their job standard very high in terms of providing quality embroidery services to people. Today they are having a very respectful work culture in their organization because their expert staff is doing the tremendous job for giving the beautiful Eyebrow Embroidery work with proper ethics.Everybody in this world wants to look better & beautiful but everybody is not like each other. This is the reason that we want our look better & beautiful like other beautiful persons. Many people approaches to persons who take care of these kinds of beauty works & even they are the expert in making other people beautiful.Our face is the most important thing in our body from beauty point of view & our eyebrows plays an important role to give a beautiful look to our self. There are many persons who are good looking but their eyebrows are either not perfect or not grown properly. So through Eyebrow Embroidery imperfect eyebrows can be drawn perfectly by expert people.Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore provides the better options by the expert people. These expert people are highly trained & experienced in their work. These expert people through their various techniques by using needles & brushes with special paints draw the eyebrows as per the demand & look of a person. Eyebrow Tattoo services are also provided by these expert people in Singapore with the guarantee in their work.People who are not having the perfect eyebrows feel something less in their look & as a result of that they visit to these expert people to draw their eyebrows to give a beautiful look. Brower studio in Singapore is doing fantastic job for doing these kinds of beauty works.The team of expert people in their organization has the expertise & technique to deliver the quality work. People are Highly Satisfied by the work done by the Brower studio. It has given them a charm look. Before doing any eyebrow work these expert people prepares the proper plan as per the demand of the face. Some people require thin & some require dark shaded eyebrows so these all things are decided by the expert people in the organization. These people also use the computer related designs for suitable look of any individual. All the Eyebrows Embroidery Singapore work is provided with the Guarantee for a year. The work cost is very reasonable in Brower studio. This is the reason that thousands of people every year visit the Brower studio. Eyebrow embroidery job has now become the most demanded in terms of beauty work.

Things You Need to Know About Graphic T-shirts
 Abhinav Singla  
 9 May 2019  

T-shirts are one of the most popular sets of garments which are loved and worn by people all over the world. Owing to the comfortable nature of t-shirts every one of us has t-shirts in our closets as one of our favorite outfits. For all sorts of informal events, they are a perfect choice which is capable of offering an elegant and trendy look.T-shirts rank in the highest echelon when it comes to casual dressing.  Nowadays it has become a mode of self -expression, wearable art and a very important item for product marketing. Another reason behind the rising popularity of t-shirts is its versatility as they can be paired up with any attire.With the rising demand for t-shirts as one of the most wearable garments, various manufacturing companies are coming up with different types of t-shirts of varying style and design. T-shirts with quotes printed on them are also available in the market. One can buy t-shirts from physical stores as well as from many online stores. A simple search with round neck t-shirts online India and the web will come up with the complete list of all the online stores which sell t-shirts of different varieties. From there, customers can choose and buy t-shirts as per their choices.Customers can customize their t-shirts with quotes according to their preferences and likings. There are several online stores which have a huge collection of t-shirts of varying designs and they print them with any type of quotes, such as life quotes or some other kinds of humorous ones. Many stores also have a wide range of funny alcohol printed t-shirts.Many people prefer to wear graphic tees rather than the plain ones as they are in fashion right now. In a graphics t-shirt online store customers can go through the entire range of graphic tees of multiple style, design, and color. The well -known online stores sell the best quality of graphic tees which are made after thorough research work to determine what kind of graphics will go better with tees.

At What Price should I sell Mobile Phone Cases?
 Satyajit Routray  
 14 May 2019  

If you dedicate yourself to the personalized mobile back cover, the price is one of the key factors that will have a direct effect on your sales and the success of your business. When deciding the sale price of any product, it is advisable to conduct a small market study on the sales prices of your competition. It's as easy as visiting the online stores of similar products and even the nearby physical stores. After analyzing this information, you have the last word and you can even offer a lower price than the competition. You send in your business. However, the price war is not the right strategy to ensure a stable business. We have carried out a small market study, and in this post, we want to offer you our conclusions about the sale price of personalized covers and to come up with ideas on some strategies that can help you increase the sales of personalized covers.The custom phone cases is a very simple product, so the competition analysis does not require much time. We have visited the main online stores of personalized covers and although we have found small differences in price, we can conclude a sale price margin.At what price should you sell the carcasses?According to a study conducted by Zepper, the approximate price is INR199 to INR550. There are many shops selling these printed mobile covers in shopping centers with prices below INR199, but these are not personalized. Sure you find decorated cases even for INR149, but it is another business different from yours. You are offering the client the possibility of incorporating a special photograph, a phrase or personalized message and even his own design. For this reason, the value of your product is higher and this also translates into the price.Once you have decided on the individual sale price per personalized housing, you can make an additional offer: why not offer a second mobile cover with a discount? If the sale price of a case is INR299, you can offer a second case for INR249, and even a third case for INR199. Or you can offer a second housing with a 50% discount. With these offers, you will be encouraging your customers to think about giving away more than one case. It is a simple marketing strategy that can easily increase your sales.Surely you can come up with other commercial strategies. Why do not you share them with us?Other tipsAlthough the personalization of mobile back covers allows you to include your own photograph, more than half of the clients prefer to incorporate an original design and fun phrases. In this case, you must offer several design proposals to your clients. But be careful, do not offer too many options because the bigger the range you offer, the harder it is to choose!There are customizable housings composed of a structure that incorporates a customizable metal plate and 3D phone case that allow you to customize the entire surface of the casing including the edges. Although the phone case with the metallic plate is easier to personalize, more and more the 3D cases are preferred because of their better visual effect and maximum adaptability to the phone. 3D customization requires using a 3D oven, a specific mold for each phone model and cooling of the casing immediately after sublimation can become a delicate process, to prevent the casing from deforming and not adapting perfectly to the mobile. This small problem is being solved with improvements in the composition of the cases, the use of molds and a special cooling of the custom casing.The mobile covers offer more protection to the mobile phone by covering both the back and the front of the phone, being able to customize both sides of the case.Customers want a specific casing for their phone model and you should have covers for classic mobile models: iPhone, Samsung, etc. And you must also be aware of consumer trends in this sector. You can not neglect the new models of companies like Xiaomi or Honor, which have achieved very important sales figures.It is impossible to have such a complete offer and the universal cases are a great solution for those less popular models.If you are starting in the world of personalized covers, this information can be your starting point. And if you already dedicate yourself to this niche of personalization, your experience is very valuable. Write to us and share with us at what price you sell your custom cases and what type of design is most popular.

Have you identified the best store to order your beach shoes?
 Drooth Ltd  
 9 July 2019  

When you go out to order summer shoes for men you are likely to be surprised with the number of options that are before you if not confused. When there are going to be so many different online stores for you to consider how should one be sure whether or not they are selecting the right canvas shoes stores? You are likely to run into series of issues while ordering your canvas shoes online. Here are few quick tips for you to ensure that you are selecting the right suppliers for ordering your canvas shoes..How good is the customer support offered by your canvas shoes store when you go out to order your mens canvas shoes? Why should this be such an important factor as you are not going to any way deal with your canvas shoe store frequently after you complete the purchase process? When you order your goodies online you should be prepared to face all kinds of issues. There could be delays in the delivery of the orders. You could also have the wrong products delivered to you or there could be some damage in the products you ordered. There are also situations whereby customers see a stark difference between the product displayed in the website and the product delivered. There could be endless such issues when ordering your canvas shoes online. If you happen to face any such issue you would be forced to approach the online store and their customer service team because they are the ones to have your issues resolved. Double check on things therefore before buying and once you are sure that you have made the right choices you should place the order so that you minimize the issues pertaining to the order processing. Our assumption here is that you have made the right choices ensuring the customer support team is a reliable team.Next you should check the customer reviews. What do the other customers who have shopped from this online store have to say about their experience with the store? Are they happy with the overall quality of the products delivered and with the delivery time? These are some of the most important factors to be taken into account when you are ordering your canvas shoes from an online store.Are the beach shoes and the canvas shoes you are ordering online priced nominally? Yes, the cost of these shoes varies from one store to the other. There is no guarantee that you have spotted the best priced store unless you have compared the prices between multiple stores. While comparing the prices you should not forget about  the quality of the beach shoes you are ordering. Your goal should be identifying the best quality shoes at the most reasonable prices. Go ahead and find the most reliable online store to order your canvas shoes. You need to find the most trustworthy online stores for beach shoes so that you get what you want at the right prices.

How to pick out the best creeper trainers
 Drooth Ltd  
 10 July 2019  

While creepers have grown in popularity over the last few decades, they are more than just a rebellious fashion statement item.The thick sole actually makes them perfect for exercising but you need to pick out one that is suited to you. Not all shoes are made properly; some shoes might actually damage your foot or even worse cause feet related injuries. More so if you are going to use them for working out.To pick out the best creeper trainers for exercising, you need to take the following things into consideration;1. Exercise typeFirst and foremost, you need to determine the type of exercise you intend to use the creepers for. While most creepers trainers can be used for multiple forms of exercise, if you are more outdoorsy then you are better off picking creepers suited for outdoor terrain. These can be identified by the deeper sole tracks. Yu also need to ensure that the shoes you buy are comfortable for climbing purposes. Pick a size bigger if need be to take foot expansion and sock room into consideration.2. BrandDo your research before you fork out a tidy sum of money to buy your shoes. Some brands are best suited for fashion purposes only. It would be a setback to spend your sport wear budget on a costly pair of shoes that you cannot use for the reason you bought them. Stick to brands that have a track record for producing reliable work out creepers. Use consumer reviews and product ratings to wade through the sea of shoe options and pick out the top options before you go shopping.3. Foot sole typePick out options designed for your specific foot sole. This decision will be based on whether you are flat footed or an arched foot sole. Using the wrong shoes can result in back related as well as feet related injuries. As such it is best to ask the store assistants to assist you pick out the best shoe type for your feet. They are usually better versed in this task than you would be doing it on your own.4. PriceEvaluate the different price points and decide whether you should dole out tons of money for a pair or go for a cheaper option. A key point to remember is that pricier does not always mean better. None the less, you are more likely to get a fair priced pair of creeper trainers. Additionally, you can get better priced creepers when you shop during clearance sales or at thrift stores. You can also sign up on online stores and get discount coupons and updates when the shoes are on offer.5. Heel sizeFinally, decide on the heel size of your choice. You need to take into consideration what form of exercise you intend to use the shoes for. If you are going to be doing aerobics for instance you would be better off picking a smaller heel size.T.U.K. Shoes UK is author of this article on creeper trainers. Find more information about creepers.

Staying Abreast With The Latest Women’s Fashion
 rosie joy  
 22 July 2019  

Modetøj til kvinderindustry is one of the most lucrative industries. Many new collections of women’s dresses are released every week around the world. Now that the world is just a global village in this information era the fashion clothing that is released in one part of the world catches fire in other part of the world within no time unlike the past. Fashion conscious women therefore need to observe the global trends if they want to remain fashionable and if they want to stand out from the rest. Many fashion designers and fashion brands are emerging releasing new fashion designs regularly. Regardless of whether it is Sommer kjoler or club wear or party wear you will never run out of options. However, the question is how to stay abreast with the latest fashion. What should one do to stay ahead of the latest fashion?One of the easiest ways to understand the latest fashion trends is to follow the celebrities. All the top brands like Kenzo til kvinder, Kenzo til piger, Stine Goya try to popularize their dresses or try to introduce new fashion wear through celebrities because that is one of the fastest ways to get the attention of the world on their new designs and new releases as the world is paying close attention to the every move of the celebrities. You can have your own fashion icons to follow and this will help you stay in touch with the latest fashion industry. Fashion magazines are yet another way to stay ahead of the latest fashion news and designs. This is yet another channel used by all the leading brands to introduce to the world the latest designs and latest fashion ware to the world. Keep subscribing to the latest fashion design magazines this will help you keep in touch with the latest fashion industry. There are number of online fashion clothing stores online. You can screen multiple stores to short list a few stores that are popular among its customers and stores that feature the largest selection of brands for its customers. When an online store features all the top brands in one place it will be easy for you to review all the latest releases of the top brands. You might want to pay attention to the product inventory of such stores. Popular women’s fashion clothing stores in order to make their stores interesting for its customers and to make their customers keep coming back to them take an aggressive approach in being the first ones to showcase and to bring to market the latest fashion wear. Along with the above platforms discussed above you can also keep track of the most popular online fashion stores. This will help you stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. Keeping track of the latest women’s fashion clothing industry is fun. These days we have so many different ways of following the fashion industry and to remain fashionable.

Are you complicating your kids back to school shopping?
 rosie joy  
 26 July 2019  

Parents do not like the back to school season because of the huge expenses that they need to incur during this season. Added to that, they need to spend a lot of time buying a shopping a long list of items. So if you too are a parent who does not like the back to school season because of the above reasons, you need to check whether you are unnecessarily complicating the entire back to school shopping process.Most parents do not realize that they do not have to buy all the items for their kids at the same time. You can order the school supplies one item at a time and you could get started with the shopping process as soon as the school closes for the summer break. Instead of starting early, parents wait until the last moment. Just before the school reopens they try to rush to the store to pick the school supplies. This in fact is one of the best ways to complicate your school shopping process. Do not make this mistake because you cannot compare the prices between multiple stores and you cannot also compare various models and designs.Some parents are prudent enough to find the best supplies from the wholesalers instead of the retailers. When you buy wholesale backpacks you will not have to buy them again for the next few years because you will have surplus backpacks as you would be placing the order in bulk quantities. You do not have to go over the shopping process over and over but go through it once and store the supplies for the next few years.This approach will also help you solve the other problem that you are likely to have and that is managing your finances during the back to school month. When you buy your school supplies from the online wholesale backpackstore you will be saving 90% on the retail cost. What would cost you $30 per piece can be purchased at $3. You do not have to believe our word but check for yourself the prices. Wholesalers will sell in wholesale or bulk quantities but the prices will be 90% cheaper. Even if you are going to scout the web for an entire month trying to find a retail store that could match the price you will not be able to find such a store. You would only be wasting your time. You better start sourcing your school supplies from the wholesalers and save time as well as money. Do not hesitate to invest a little extra upfront because that investment is what will help you cut down your back to school expenses by 90% and added to that you do not have to worry about shopping for those items for the next few years. Even if you have not tried ordering the school supplies from a wholesaler so far, it is high time that you changed your approach. 

Fashion it up
 Hritika Bhattacharya  
 29 July 2019  

Fashion and attitude :- a cherry on top

11 Types Of Western Jewellery Best Suited For Indian Outfits
 kk sharma  
 16 September 2019  

Who says western jewellery is meant to be paired only with western or indo-western attires? You can very well couple western jewellery as well as western earrings with a saree, salwar or even lehengas - the outfits which are absolutely Indian!Western jewellery not only consists of delicate Swarovski crystals or perfect zirconia but also of silver tribal jewellery, bohemian jewellery as well as other kinds of western tribal jewellery originating in various parts of the western world.I always prefer western tribal jewellery along with Indian tribal jewellery to create exquisite, bold and dramatic looks! Here I am enlisting 11 western jewellery that is best suited for most, if not all, kinds of Indian outfits.Long Chain Floral PendantUnlike more conventional silver tribal jewellery, a long chain floral pendant is a great option for those who wish to keep their look simple and decent. The long-chain ensures that you get the attention on yourself, whereas the floral pendant speaks volumes about your minimalist and subtle style. This type of neckpiece is suitable for stylish sarees and contemporary Indian outfits.Multi-strand Silver Tribal NecklaceWestern tribal jewellery, like Indian tribal jewellery is made to showcase your style and mirror your preferences. In order to bring out the boldness in you, the multi-strand silver tribal neckpiece is a great option. If silver neckpiece doesn’t go well with your outfit then you can also opt for gold plated or different coloured multi-strand necklace. Collar Neck NeckpieceA collar neck neckpiece is the best way to add some drama and glamour to your saree. This western jewellery can also be paired with lehengas and Anarkali dresses. A collar neck necklace is best paired with silver studs and oversized finger rings. If you want a bolder look then you can also choose to pair this neckpiece with silver drop earrings.German Silver Charm BraceletsGerman silver charm bracelets are called charm bracelets for a very justified reason! A charm bracelet adds a subtle appeal to your overall look. You can pair a german silver charm bracelet with a statement ring to create some drama. Similarly, small midi finger rings would look great with charm bracelets. Oxidized German Silver Nose PinNose pins look great on every woman. No matter the face shape or the outfit, you can always go for an oxidised german silver nose pin. This nose pin would give a completely different look than a typical gold nose pin. Apart from giving you a gothic chic look, the german silver nose pin would help you get a refreshing look.Geometric Drop EarringsGeometric drop earrings are one of the best western earrings. Available in a huge variety, these earrings go well with most kinds of outfits and suit women of all face shapes. My favourite geometric drop earrings are the one with irregular geometric shapes that are currently in vogue. Tribal Statement ChokerStatement chokers are pure love and help you create a statement drama like no other piece of jewellery can. I absolutely adore tribal statement chokers which come in a wide variety. The chandbali jhumka pendant choker, as well as a bib choker neckpiece, are your best options.Bead Tassel DanglersSimilar to Indian tribal jewellery, the bead tassel danglers are earrings with beaded tassels. These western earrings give a chic look to any outfit such as an Anarkali suit, saree or a lehenga. These earrings are long and hence can create a statement on their own. However, if you want a bolder look, then you can pair it with statement choker or multi-strand necklace.Bohemian Retro Wood NeckpieceWooden jewellery is so chic! A classic bohemian retro wood necklace is a perfect way to add charm to your saree. Since it is wood we are talking about, it would go well with each and every kind of Indian attire that exists. I say that every woman must have at least one bohemian retro wood necklace in her jewellery chest.Oxidized Midi Finger RingsThe oxidised midi finger rings have been in vogue for a considerable period and will continue to do so in the distant future as well. The midi rings fall under the category of tribal silver jewellery. They usually come in a set of 3 - 9 or more finger rings which are made of the same base material but have different looks. When you want to draw all the attention towards your delicate and beautiful hands, then the midi finger rings are your best bet.Tribal Boho AnkletsAnklets are cool and so in vogue. You can wear anklets in either one foot or both. In any case, they’re sure to look amazing and add a glam factor to your gorgeous feet! Anklets go well with outfits that have a lower which extends up to your ankles and not more than that. Tribal boho anklets can be paired with ankle-length leggings, ankle-length salwars/churidars, reverse-dhoti pants, and even three-fourth ghagras.  These were some of the trendiest and chic western jewellery which go all too well with both conventional and contemporary Indian ensembles. These pieces of tribal jewellery can be worn on several kinds of occasions. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab some attention with a bold and fierce yet absolutely adorable look with some pieces of silver tribal jewellery.Have you ever rocked the look with western tribal jewellery? Which Indian tribal jewellery do you prefer?

Everyday Jewellery Styling Hacks
 kk sharma  
 20 September 2019  

Today, women prefer fashion jewellery over Diamonds and Gold jewellery. This shift in the jewellery choices of the women owes to the fact that fashion jewellery gives you the same feel like high jewellery at a very reasonable cost. Investing in fashion jewellery won’t feel like burning a hole in your pocket.The best part is that with fashion jewellery you don’t have to worry about the damage because even it gets broken or lost, it won’t bother you very much (because of its low price, of course). Talking about which, we have curated a list of 5 Amazing tips to style everyday jewellery like a pro!Pick versatile piecesMaintaining freshness in your everyday style is the most difficult thing any woman has to deal with. It’s very difficult to maintain continuity in your wardrobe while keeping it fresh. Our suggestion? Go for versatile pieces of jewellery that can be used to style a variety of outfits. For instance, pick a delicate pendant necklace can be styled on its own as well as with other necklaces. Such styles will help you to add a fresh vibe to your look while keeping your personal style intact.Similarly, you can also buy a chain with a gemstone pendant or a pair of gemstone earrings that you can add into your work wear jewellery collection. Don’t say NO to bold jewellery piecesEven the bold and chunky jewellery pieces cannot be worn on a daily basis but they are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe not only because they have a grander appeal but also they can take an outfit from just okay to jaw-dropping. You can pick gemstone jewellery or styles like Chunky silver necklace for statement looks. The bold colors and statement designs can add oodles of flattering appeal to your daily look. For example, a pair of quirky chunky earrings can add a pop of color to your simple outfits like basic t-shirts and denim.Include delicate piecesYou don’t always need to garner compliments with statement styles, sometimes; a touch of subtle color and delicate style is enough for a jaw-dropping look. Delicate jewellery can work wonders when paired with daily outfits, especially if you’re getting ready for business meetings and first dates. You can add delicate jewellery pieces into your office wear jewellery collection.Create a Vintage lookFor the days when you feel like experimenting with your look then go retro. However, pulling off a vintage look is not as easy as it seems but with the right type of jewellery, you can garner tons of compliments.For example, vintage gemstones are a great way to accessorize your look with a retro vibe. Consider your personal styleComfort is the key to create a striking look, therefore, you should never compromise with your personal style because what works for others might not look good on you. Fun shapes, chunky pieces, bold colors are all good as long as you feel comfortable wearing them. If your style is more about adorning delicate pieces rather than the statement ones then there’s nothing wrong in building your collection with delicate jewellery. Stick to what you like and you’ll be good to go. Which all jewellery styles do you like wearing on a daily basis? Tell us in the comments below!Till then,Happy Shopping Fellas!

9 Stellar Ways You Can Dress Up For Your Diwali Party
 kk sharma  
 30 September 2019  

With the upcoming festive season, whether you are in office or at college, Diwali feasts and parties will be the centre of your festival prep for a month now. With so much to choose from, colours all around, exquisite cuts and designs and all kinds of jewellery, it can get a lot.To help a little with that, we have put together a list of outfits you can create or try on and the accessories you can mix them up with to serve glam looks and look your very comfortable best all the way around. This season, dip in the ongoing stream and go minimal and experiment with the taste of the season like hoops, silhouettes and tribal jewellery, taking a cue from this little list.1. Out Comes The CottonWith the vibrant vibe of pujo melting into Diwali fare, it’s that time of the year to bring out your mother's old cotton beauties. Go for a broad border or printed pattern and pair it up with the nicely crafted tribal jewellery. You can go for a simple choker with a sleeveless or deep neck blouse or a hand full of silver bangles with drop down gorgeous and intricate jhumkas.2. Anarkali With Statement JhumkasIf you are the one who embraces the festive spirit in all its glories, this one's for you. Get into your unabashedly swirling anarkalis with plain simplicity mixed with gota borders or batik and pair them up with statement silver tribal jewellery like jhumkas with stones studded in them or in flattering shapes like festival favourite peacocks or try something new with long style chandelier type jhumka designs and get your dancing feet on.3. Mash Up LookIf you are not that comfortable in Indian, you can go for a semi indian vibe with your favourite Indo western dress from Westside with Indian prints and western cuts to give you an uber chic look, mix and match your clenched waist slits with intricate chokers and those spaghetti dresses with Indian tribal jewellery like toe rings and silver broad patterned anklets.4. Functional & ChicAnother one for those who are not altogether fond of flattering double layered kurtas and bound around sarees and are more likely to go for the more formal looks with short chikankari kurtis on denims and even shirts. Pair up your kurtis and shirts with Indian tribal jewellery like spiral, silver earrings and multilayered tribal necklaces or even a hand full of silver bangles.5. Subtle & SauveYou can also go for a quieter, suave look with plain kurta and palazzo and a woven shawl on the side or a handwoven dupatta like phulkari to bring life and style to your outfit. Pair this with exquisite and unique silver tribal jewellery like the wrist cuffs in German silver or silver rings with dazzling stones like ruby red or moonstone,even an anklet if it comes under your comfort radar.6. Beaded CollarsIf you are going the casual way for your Diwali party, channeling the hippie vibe with off shoulder tops with cotton shirts and beady headbands, amp it up with some tribal jewellery to add definition to the look. Go for beaded collars to draw attention and tiny studs in silver to offset this opulence of colours.7. Classic SilkFestival favourite of all times is of course this beauty right here. Pick out the choicest silk sarees from the cupboard with simple look and borders or go for an all out makhmal ka kurta quite literally, an overall silhouette of loose plazo and kurta in silk in plain or minimal embroidery and slap on some classic Indian tribal jewellery to lift up the whole look. Go all out on statement pieces like an eye catching pair of intricate earrings or anklets and toe rings and play it on.8. Shirt It UpOnce again for those with a little hippie vibe to their wardrobe, you can score this diwali party on the style board with going for a sleek shirt dress with a ethnic waist band in slim sliver setting, a quintessential part of silver tribal jewellery. Pair it up with studs or tiny jhumkas and some leather kolhapuri style sandals and there you go9. The ClassicsYou can also invest in classics for your Diwali party look , go for a Banarasi saree or for the usual A line kurtas with long skirts, just as good as anything else as long as you are comfortable in it and your absolute best. Pick up the look with some hands down gorgeous tribal jewellery, like the tribal silver jhumkas or if you have long hair, roll them up in a low bun and slap on some silver tribal hair accessory like a hair pin to bring the look together.Take these outfit choices as your style start point or a friendly advice and go on matching and mixing up fabrics and styles of all kinds to create flattering outfits. Be bold and be comfortable in what you wear and just sit back and enjoy the party.

Gifting Guide: 5 Affordable Necklace Gift Ideas for HER
 kk sharma  
 15 October 2019  

Gifting isn’t always about roses or a box of chocolate. In fact, it is (and should be) about something that she can cherish for longer time like a handmade choker necklace or a delicate pendant necklace. After all, picking a perfect gift for any woman comes with a lot of expectations.Feeling confused?Well, don’t be because we are here to help you! Check out these 5 Necklace Styles that any woman would love as a gift!Boho Necklace:Boho necklaces are meant to add a quirky vibe to even the simplest of the outfits. There is a wide range of designs available online but if you’re looking for the best ones then nothing’s better than a chunky silver necklace. It looks extravagant but is comfortable to wear at the same time. So, don’t wait and shop for boho necklaces online. To add a personal touch to your gift, give her a handwritten note along with the necklace. Pendant Necklace:A Pendant necklace is not just a necklace but a way to impress any woman (in seconds). Don't confuse the basic look of a Pendant necklace with boring appeal. It is, in fact, a sure-fire way to win any woman's heart and here's why:The very first appealing thing about a pendant necklace is that it can be paired with ethnics, westerns and indo-westerns alike. The second thing is that looks classy and is comfortable to wear as well. If we talk about the third thing (and the most important factor), it is the fact that a pendant necklace comes with an affordable price tag.So, what are you waiting for? Go to any online jewellery store and grab the best looking designs at affordable prices. Threaded Necklace:A Threaded necklace will give a classy update to her jewellery collection. Available in a variety of designs, a threaded necklace would make for an amazing gift for any woman.Since there a plethora of designs available online, it might be a bit confusing for you to pick one design for her. If you ask us, you should go for Indian tribal necklace crafted in monochrome (single-colored) threads tied in knots.Such styles will surely win her heart. Choker Necklace:Unlike every guy's expectations, a choker necklace is super comfortable to wear. You can gift her an oxidized silver necklace with a chunky appeal or a delicate choker necklace that will look good with her work wear outfits.Choker necklaces are easily available online. To make it a complete gift you can club it with a pair of oxidized silver earrings or Meenakari jhumkas.  Layered Necklace:Next up on our list is a Layered necklace and let us tell you one thing, you can never go wrong with layered necklaces. They can give a playful spin to any look. The best part is that they are in trend and work well with a wide range of western, ethnic, indo-western as well as work outfits. The best styles feature double-stranded necklaces that are perfect for a standalone look as well as the single-chain necklaces that can be layered with other necklaces from her collection.  Which of these necklaces styles will you give her? Tell us in the comments below!

Advice On Looking Great At All Times
 Mario Wiles  
 21 October 2019  

If you are looking to spruce up your wardrobe for a while but don't have enough time, you have found the right information to help you. Good fashion can be accomplished with just a little hard work, even on a budget!It is okay to wear sheer clothing as long as you watch out for things that are too transparent. Wearing see-through items will make you appear to be more trashy than classy.There are so many options available in terms of hair accessories. Hair accessories include ponytail holders, headbands, hair bows as well as hair extensions. Your wardrobe ought to have a lot of these items. For example, wear a ponytail holder with an athletic outfit to appear spiffy. If you're going out for the night, pick a headband that goes with the outfit you're wearing.Have frizzy hair? Use conditioners and shampoos that moisturize. This adds a protective barrier for your hair. In addition to this, stay away from products that have "volumizing" properties in them.If you are dealing with a problem with frizzy hair, never rub it with a towel after washing it. That damages your hair and encourages frizz. The best thing to do is wring it out in a towel. When your hair is dried, you should unwrap it and begin brushing it with a comb.When traveling, take clothes that are neutral so that you have no problem matching them together into a number of outfits. Having to worry about clashing colors isn't optimal when you want to reduce the number of pieces you take on your trip. Accessories, such as belts and scarves, can make you look nicer without taking up a lot of space in your luggage.Don't listen to the people saying that wearing white once Labor Day has passed is wrong. They're actually the ones who are wrong. You can wear clothes in any color that flatters you. Choose white if you feel like that is your preferred color of choice. No modern fashion concious person cares about this rule.One way to add more weight to thin hair is to use mousse. Don't lay it on too thick, though. A lot of people don't seem to realize the 1980s are over, and to be honest, even then big hair was not flattering on most people.Deflect negative opinions about the way that you look or dress. You don't have to dress perfectly. The one and only thing you have to focus on is the way you feel about yourself. Sure, it's easier said than done, but you can't waste your time dressing to please other people. It's a thankless task.Always remember to look for stitches meant to hold vents in jackets or skirts. Threads don't look good, so cut them off. You should get rid of them by using scissors. This is a simple step that can boost your style.Solid colors can draw attention to or away from areas of your body. Solid bottoms will open the gate to more elaborate tops that can get you attention. Wearing a brightly colored top with a pair of dark trousers helps direct eyes upwards toward your face.If you tend to carry extra weight in your midsection, stay away from skin-tight styles. Snug clothes will cling to the rolls that you would rather hide. Find tops that are fitted up top, but have a looser or flared fit around your waist. This will highlight the assets of your shape while hiding any unsightly bums.Know that your body shape should play a role in the fashion styles you wear. This means figuring out the exact type of body you have. You should figure out if you have an hourglass shape, a pear shape, etc. This answer will affect the way you style yourself and the clothes you choose.One accessory many people do not think about is their eyeglasses. By updating your eyeglasses, you can use them as an accessory. If you require glasses, it can be another way to show your fashion tastes. Try styles that frame your face beautifully, and you are going to start liking wearing your glasses.You should now be aware of how simple it is to better your style without working hard and spending too much money on it. With the right patience, you can change your style and look awesome everyday.

How to match Necklaces with different Necklines
 kk sharma  
 22 November 2019  

Check out our style guide that will help you to choose a perfect necklace for different types of necklines.Boat necklinesThe boat neck has a wide shape that runs horizontally across your collarbone. It is one of the most elegant necklines that can be adorned for semi formal and formal occasions. Long pearls, as well as a princess necklace, work really well with boat necklines. Such styles complement the elegant and classic look of the boat neck. You can also wear a long tribal necklace with a boat neck.Don’t wear: Statement necklaces because they will make you look messy. V NecklinesV-Necklines come in a variety of styles such as slight, deep, wide and narrow. Such necklines push the entire attention towards your chest which means that your necklace should do the same. V necklaces are a great option because they complement the shape of the V neckline. You can also go for short V necklaces. V-necks look good in both casual and formal occasions.Don’t wear: Statement necklaces, heavy German silver necklace and chokers because such styles will make your neckline look shorter. Turtle NecklinesTurtlenecks are one of the most adorned styles in winters. They fold around the neckline which means that there’s a lot of space for you to style your necklaces easily. Long necklaces work best with turtlenecks. You can wear anything from a Matinee necklace to an opera necklace and even multi-strand necklaces with turtle neckline. Don’t wear: Chokers/collared necklaces and short necklaces because such styles will make your neckline look shorter.Strapless NecklinesStrapless dresses help you to flaunt your collar bone; therefore, it is important to wear a type of necklace that doesn't pull away all the attention. Strapless necklines work well with shorter necklaces.The best options include thin chokers (this is, in fact, a very trending style) and oxidized silver necklace with shorter pendants. Such styles will accentuate your neckline without taking all the attention away from your skin and collar bone. Don’t wear: Heavy Chokers and wide pendantsScoop NecklinesScoop necklines feature a deep curve which means that you can wear anything with it (because there is a lot of neckline space to work with). They are in fact one of the easiest necklines that you can pair your necklaces with.If you want to make the best of it then pair heavy necklaces such as a chunky silver necklace or a necklace with multiple layers or strands with a scoop neckline. Don’t wear: Chokers that leave a lot of space untouched on your necklineWhich of these necklines do you already have in your closet and which type of necklaces do you wear with your necklines? Tell us in the comments!Till then,Happy Shopping Fellas!

The Most Iconic Rolex Watches You Need to See
 deepika Mahajan  
 3 December 2019  

It is said that staying on top of the hill is much more difficult than getting to it. The philosophy is quite accurate when it comes to an industry such as the luxury watchmaking business. The industry is quite competitive with brands that will literally do anything to get to the top of the food chain. Rolex is one such brand that has done this and is constantly making efforts to do so. Rolex has been at the very top of this game for quite some time now and it seems that it has mastered the game itself. As a brand, Rolex started off in 1906 in London and ever since then it has dedicated its entirety to the subtle art of horology.Rolexfounder Hans Wilsdorf found himself and his partner in Switzerland amidst the rising tensions in London. The brand established its first factory and the rest, as they say, is history. Along the course of time, Rolex has paved the way for some significant innovations and inventions that have impacted the Haute Horlogerie business in a way that cannot be explained in mere words. One of the world's first self-winding movements also known as the ‘Perpetual’ movement was presented by Rolex. The Oyster case, also known as the world's first fully-fledged waterproof case was introduced by the watchmaker. In fact, the popular day-date combination was also presented and made famous by the Swiss watchmaker.In this segment, we will discuss a few Rolex watches for men that are not much-talked-about but definitely should be.Rolex Deep Sea Rolex Deep Sea, as the name suggests, is a creature of depths. It was created to boast the engineering capabilities of the watchmaker. Many variants of the watch have been released over the years. One of the most impressive ones is the one with a water resistance of 12,000 feet.Rolex GMT-Master IIThe GMT-Master II is a different breed altogether. It is the first watch to present the new Cerachrom bezel. The blue and red (Pepsi) and the blue and black (Batman) are probably the most popular colour combinations in the market right now. Referred to as the travellers’ companion, the watch features a GMT hand that enables users to keep track of time from different time zones. The Rolex watches price surely do this timepiece justice. Rolex SubmarinerNow, this segment was dedicated to watches that are not much talked about but then again, some timepieces are just too good. Submariner is one of the most famous watches the brand has created. It is so popular that some of its models have a year-long waiting period.The collection’s most wanted reference is the Submariner ‘Hulk’. The full-Steel watch with its green dial and green bezel is really a sight to behold. The Submariner is also the timepiece that allegedly started the whole dive-watch genre.Today, several Rolex watches in the market perfectly encapsulate the soul of quality watchmaking. But some of them are just a notch above the others.

Breitling Watches – Which One Is The Best For You?
 deepika Mahajan  
 5 December 2019  

There a few watches in the horology industry that have had a greater impact that some of the existing brands themselves. It is a great honor to be able to even see these timepieces. Breitling, for one, is a brand that has made a series of these watches and is still making them to this day. Watches of such stature have immortalized themselves in the history books of the Haute Horlogerie business. Names like the Navitimer, Chronomat, and Superocean are not just popular, but they have become a cult favorite.Let us take some time and ponder upon a few of these Breitling timepieces. Breitling Navitimer The Navitimer needs no introduction of any kind. The watch made the Breitling name famous all over the world. Not only did it play an important role in the Second World War, it also made Breitling a house hold name among aviators and pilots. The Breitling Navitimer saw the light for the first time in 1952 and the rest, as they say, is history. It had the coveted slide rule bezel that made waves all across the watchmaking industry. Breitling Superocean The Breitling Superocean is part of Breitling’s heritage of making highly specialized tool watches. Although the true value of Breitling’s Superocean today is nothing more than a fashion accessory, it still reminds people of its original roots as a premiere divers’ watch. The timepiece does have a hardcore dive watch variant that exudes extreme water resistant capabilities and toughness.Breitling Chronomat The Breitling Chronomat is a watch of a different breed. The timepiece was first seen in the brand catalogue in the early 1940s. But this reference had a slide rule on the bezel. This was the first time that the world was seeing this. Never had a watch carried a circular slide rule on top of it. The timepiece was special because it drew a massive amount of attention towards Breitling from various communities such as aviation, science, and education. Another reason why the Chronomat moniker will always be respected is because it gave birth to the idea of the Navitimer, making it the official progenitor.These watches are not only some of the most sumptuous devices ever created but they are also highly functional gadgets that have successfully transformed into items of luxury. Today, their role as tool watches might not be as big as it used to be. Nonetheless, they are some of the finest watches ever made in the history of the world. 

The Best Watches You Can Get From Cartier
 deepika Mahajan  
 7 December 2019  

How do you define luxury exactly? There is no specific meaning, is there? Or is it something that we just make up as we go along? The term luxury is somewhat man made because as a civilization we have always focussed on essential things that aid our survival. However, somehow somewhere down the line, the concept of luxury was coined out and it became an integral part of our existence. The watchmaking industry utilises this concept of luxury quite well. Cartier would know that.Cartieris a superstar in the business and its watches are proof of that. It all started for the business in the 19th Century when the brand began as a jewellery making enterprise. In time it expanded to making watches. Today, Cartier watches are nothing short of spectacular and magnificent when it comes to quality, finesse, and functionality. Not many people know this but Cartier was the first one to make men’s wristwatches popular. It is also said that it made the first aviation timepiece, the Cartier Santos. Let us get a little deeper with present Cartier watches and understand what exactly makes them so good? Are they really great watches or is it just another marketing propaganda? So, shall we? Cartier Tank In the books of Cartier, the Tank casts probably the biggest shadow among all its other watches. The Tank’s origin dates back to the 1910s when its idea was conceived by Louis Cartier when he witnessed the tanks in the First World War. The battle machines did a good number on him as they made a long lasting impression. This resulted in a watch that resembled the outer shell of a tank but at the same time it was as elegant as any watch at the time could be. What made it even better was the watchmaker was willing to experiment which led to even better variants such as the Cartier Tank Solo, Anglaise, Francaise, and Americaine. Cartier Ballon Bleu The Cartier Ballon Bleu has gained quite the reputation in the recent years. This unprecedented rise in the popularity and demand for the timepiece was quite frankly no expected by anyone. The Ballon Bleu’s inspiration is rather abstract, unlike many of the others from the Parisian luxury goods maker. The timepiece is also one of the most exquisite and remarkable watch designs of this generation. The watchmaker will always be a huge name in the industry that is for sure. What remains to be seen is whether it can maintain this level of efficiency in the future. Well, only time will tell. 

Daily Wear Diamond Necklaces
 Kalyan Je  
 7 December 2019  

Working women are the products of a new empowered society, and we couldn't be more proud of the millions of women juggling work and home with ease and confidence. They are the real superheroes of today, toiling for hours to chase their dreams, earn for the family, look after them as well and still keep it together. To celebrate the beautiful, bold women of today, what other gifts can they be showered with other thanjewellery! There is something about jewellery, however small or big, that fills ones’ heart with joy. Jewellery adds to the confidence of every woman, so don't just keep them for occasions, get your hands on some elegant pieces that you can flaunt every day and shine brighter than the diamond you adorn. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to everyday jewellery. The options are endless from simple gold chains to affordable fancy silver danglers or the fine shimmer of a diamond pendant.Diamonds on goldSpice up your dreary office wear with the shine of a diamond for that lasting glow, making a statement every day. Daily wear or office wear jewellery has to be notable, yet not in the face, minimal yet visible enough to show you mean business! Also, if you are a saree or salwar person, you can go for a little dressy and slightly larger designs. Trousers and shirts would ideally need more understated looks to flatter you. In trend are medium length chains with delicate diamond pendants that steal the show.You can choose a classic round pendant with diamonds studded all over or pick a solitaire necklace if you want to up your game. Find danglers that are a combination of diamonds and coloured precious stones of choice like rubies or emeralds for a more striking look. The more elegant you, can opt for a coloured stone piece, surrounded by oval diamonds, the epitome of chic. When choosing everyday diamonds, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:Look at the construction. You will need a secure setting for the diamond.Get your price point lowered by choosing a necklace with a couple of smaller diamonds than a solitaire.Careful not to choose too heavy or chunky designs as they can tire you out through the day and might not suit all your outfits.Ask for the latest or trending design to help you stay updated or even ahead of the game.Choices to go for:Simple chain with a striking pendant with several diamond highlights.For an extra glow, choose a neck-piece of unique style and design.Solitaire pendants on strands of gold.A diamond necklace with pearls or coloured stone combinations is a dream.For the complete look, get matching earrings and maybe a ring to finish off the look.Floral designs have made an enormous comeback currently, so catch up on flowers and foliage in your jewellery.Silver set glitterSilver is a perfect choice for daily wear jewellery. They are easy on the pocket, can be great additions to western outfits and add a bohemian vibe to the whole look. Silver also compliments diamonds beautifully, so chose a diamond pendant with an array of coloured stones, that can be mixed and matched to suit most outfits. Also, the traditional flower and heart set diamond pendants are always in style.Rose GoldIf you are a fashionista, this is indeed something you don't want to miss. The coppery rose-gold, which is a happening trend in the market currently is a perfect match to the Indian skin tone. Rose gold gives an out of the world, fashion-forward look, especially as beautiful spiral chains with diamond studded pendants. Match your rose gold necklace with easy casual solitaire studs to complete the look.Platinum threadsDo not miss out on platinum! Being a pretty expensive metal, most platinum designs are sleek, stylish and can easily be carried off with formal wear. Platinum is rarely seen without diamonds, so get that elegantly studded platinum necklace, pair them with small diamond studs and add to your glamour quotient. Show off your platinum necklace with a bangle of the same set to turn eyes every day. So don't shy away from diamond jewellery for everyday looks. Today, they are affordable and there is an enormous variety of designs available for you to choose from. Enjoy Shopping!

5 Amazing Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts for Her
 kk sharma  
 10 December 2019  

Check out our list here!Modern JhumkasJhumkas with a twist are the new eye candy. They come with an irresistible charm that will win her heart in seconds on this Valentine’s day, therefore, they make for great valentines gifts for her.With literally hundreds of options available online, you can get her anything from a pair of oxidized jhumkas adorned with floral motifs or kashmiri hair chains to the ones encrusted with semi-precious stones. You can also get her a pair of Meenakari jhumkas.Statement RingsA Statement ring is meant to make you look stunning without drawing too much attention at the same time. Therefore, this trend makes for the best valentine gift for girlfriend or wife.With a wide range of options available online, you can find a plethora of statement rings easily at any jewellery store. The best thing is that statement rings come in various sizes but if you’re not sure about her finger size then you can shop for an adjustable ring for her.Beaded NeckpieceA beaded necklace is another jewellery style that is perfect to make your girlfriend or wife happy on this valentine’s day. Although beaded necklaces are available in a plethora of materials, the best ones feature colourful, shimmery, shiny and glassy beads. The best thing about this piece of jewellery is that it showcases a simple yet charming appeal. It will look great with her casual, party wear and work wear outfits alike. Beaded necklaces are easily available as well. You can buy a beaded valentines day necklace for her from any jewellery store. Cuff BraceletsCuff bracelets exude sophistication and chic style at the same time, therefore, they make for the best valentine gift for girlfriend. Available in a variety of eye-catching designs, color combinations, cuff bracelets are perfect to be paired with her casual, workwear and partywear outfits alike.You can shop for cuff bracelets online and with a plethora of sales going on these days; you can even get amazing offers on valentine day gifts for girlfriend.LocketsContrary to everyone's expectations, lockets with customized pictures are still in fashion. In fact, a locket with a customized picture is a great way to make your wife or girlfriend happy. So why wait? Buy one, give it to her and treasure memories forever.Delicate NecklaceA dainty necklace is loved by almost every woman/girl, especially if she likes to style her outfits in a simple yet stunning way. The best thing about delicate neckpieces is that can be worn with any type of outfit. Whether it is a saree, a dress, a jumpsuit, pantsuit or even denim paired with basic t-shirts, delicate necklaces look good irrespective of what she wears.So, delicate necklaces are one of the amazing valentine day jewelry sale that you can give her on this Valentine's Day. While there are so many options available online, the best ones feature Brass or silver metal studded with stones, pearls, faux Diamonds.Which of these jewellery styles will you gift her on this valentine’s day? Tell us in the comments below!

Bulgari Serpenti, Octo, And Lucea – The Best From The Brand
 deepika Mahajan  
 17 December 2019  

The Bulgari name carries a certain weight with it that cannot be explained in simple terms. The brand has been a major player in the luxury goods industry for a long time. Its Haute Horlogerie presence, however, is a different story altogether. Although there have been documented records about Bulgari making Serpenti watches for women in the 1940s, the brand officially entered the horology business only in the 1970s. The first watch that the brand created was the ‘Bulgari Bulgari’.It was surely a new domain that the already established luxury goods manufacturer had entered and the future looked uncertain. But the brand succeeded nonetheless and today we have a huge array of watches fromBulgari that grace the markets with their sumptuousness and class. There are a few watches, however, that need to be discussed in order to fully understand how they helped shape Bulgari’s journey.Bulgari Serpenti The Bulgari Serpenti is a marvellous creation from the Italian origin luxury goods house. What makes the Serpenti special is the fact that it is not just alluring but it defines the very essence of luxury. The entire collection is full of references that deserve the envy of its rivals as well as the appreciation of its patrons. The Serpenti is the pride of not just Bulgari but the entire Haute Horlogerie industry itself. Bulgari Octo The Bulgari Octo is a very popular watch collection, especially among the newer generation of watch collectors. The Octo Finissimo timepiece is among the best ones to recently enter the markets. Not only does it display a pretty unique case, but it also offers a ton of new features. This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that it is made by Bulgari, a brand that did not start making mechanical watches up until the late 1970s.Bulgari Lucea The Bulgari Lvcea is a very special watch. The brand wants to steer it into a direction that is both unique and significant. The timepiece is a relatively new one as it made its debut in the market only in 2014. What makes it so special is that it is a perfect middle ground between technological geekiness and immeasurable allure. It possesses features from both the worlds and presents them in the best possible manner.Bulgari has always been a house of wonders when it comes to luxury and high-end goods. By the looks of it, the brand is doing a pretty good job at upholding the values of the business as well as the art of watchmaking.

Omega Watch Prices And Their Correlation With Quality
 deepika Mahajan  
 18 December 2019  

There is absolutely no doubt that Omega is a one of the best watchmakers we have seen in recent times. The fact that Omega is still at the very top of the hill despite falling flat on its face back in the 1970s says a lot about the Swiss watchmaker. The idea behind Omega’s watches is simple and straight forward. They were made as tool watches that served a purpose. Today, although the tool watch image has significantly faded away, Omega timepieces are some of the most functionally superior and adept devices in the markets.The beginnings of the brand were as humble as they can get. Omega started off as a small business back in 1848 in La Chaux de Fonds. The founder Louis Brandt began with a small workshop and maintained a modest level of revenue for over 30 years. It was not until the launch of the Omega mechanism that things started to change for the watchmaker. In 1903, the brand was renamed after the Omega movement reached unprecedented popularity. Let us get a better understanding of Omega’s popularity surge throughout the course of time. Omega’s Image as a Tool Watchmaker Omega has always been a tool watchmaker. Its very essence is of a watch manufacturer that designs highly intricate and functional tool watches. Today, the brand’s catalogue is full of Seamasters and Speedmaster, two of the most popular tool timepieces in the history of the world. The Omega Seamaster prices might not be very high but its value as a watch definitely is. The reference no., for instance, is priced at INR 5,70,000. The price, as you can see, is quite reasonable considering that it belongs to one of the best luxury watch houses in the world. Unbelievable Feats Another major reason why Omega is still very much in the race to the top is its history that entails a past of unbelievable feats. Omega is credited with the first watch to ever make it to the moon. Today, it is NASA’s official supplier of timepieces for use by their astronauts. This is not a feat to be taken for granted. The road to the moon was not easy and it was definitely not something any watchmaker could do. Take the reference no. 311. also known as the ‘Moonwatch’ for example. The Omega Speedmaster price is at INR 3,49,600. Although quite low on the luxury watch price spectrum, the timepiece’s true value is off the charts. Precision Is King For a brand that has existed for over a century, you have to wonder what made it click for the brand. Omega’s success can be attributed to many things but if there was one thing that we had to point out, it would be the watchmaker’s strict and almost draconian emphasis on precision. All that being said, Omega is a top-notch watchmaker that has left an everlasting mark on the world. With watches that have made historic contributions on a global level, the brand is undeniably one of the best that has ever existed in the luxury goods industry.

Is Tag Heuer A Mediocre Watch Brand Or Not?
 deepika Mahajan  
 19 December 2019  

Tag Heuer has been at the receiving end of things for a long time now. The brand is a huge name in the Swiss Haute Horlogerie world but still somehow it manages to find its way into controversy. The watchmaker began its journey back in 1860 when founder Edouard Heuer laid down the foundations of the business in Saint Imier, Switzerland. From early on, the brand has been known for its ties with the world of motorsports. The Tag Heuer of today, however, has changed. Although its identity as a tool watchmaker is in the past, timepieces such as the Carrera and Autavia still keep that essence very much alive.Tag Heuer’s creations are good and as a matter of fact, the watchmaker is excellent when it comes mechanical timepieces such as chronographs. The watchmaker form Switzerland can also be quoted as a classic example of misdirected efforts. There is no logical explanation as to why a business would call a third part movement its own. But that is more of a management error and is in no way a question on the amount of skill Tag Heuer possesses as a watchmaker. Expertise In the Craft As a brand in the luxury watchmaking industry, a great emphasis is always put on the watchmaker’s expertise in the craft. As far as this is concerned, Tag Heuer has never been at a disadvantage. The watchmaker is always putting in efforts to do better. The Tag Heuer Carrera is a great example of this. The watch has been an exceptional invention from day one and today it continues to be a highly profitable timepiece in the brand catalogue. Experience As a customer, our focus is on many thing while purchasing a watch. This is especially true in the case of luxury and high-end watches. One of these factors is experience. In the case of Tag Heuer, this has always been an advantage. Along with the unbeatable skills that the watchmaker possesses, it also has an ample amount of experience. This experience is clearly reflected in watches such as the Tag Heuer Formula 1. There is nothing to brag about the timepiece in general. It was an attempt to curb the downfall of the watch house during the after-effects of the Quartz Crisis. Tag acquired Heuer and the Formula 1 was their first timepiece together. But there is still something about the watch that tells you about the evolution the manufacturer has had over the years leading to the massive pile of experience it has. Tag Heuer is definitely a star in the Haute Horlogerie industry and there is no denying it. Tag is in no way a mediocre brand and those who advocate this idea have no sense of what they are saying. 

Why Should You Go For SevenFriday Watches?
 deepika Mahajan  
 24 December 2019  

SevenFriday is a great watchmaker and an even better advertiser. The watch brand came into prominence only a few years ago and today it stands as a major player in the global watchmaking industry. The watchmaker houses some of the most intriguing and exciting designs in recent times and it is really exciting to see brand finally taking risks in business. The golden era luxury watchmaking is long gone and so are the days when watchmakers really did take a leap of faith. For instance, there have not been any major breakthroughs or innovations such as the co-axial escapement, the Oyster case, and scratchproof technologies in the business for a long time.Given the above scenario, it is brands like SevenFriday that are trying their best to keep that spark alive. Feels Good To Be Different It feels good to be different, doesn’t it? Being a part of the heads is definitely way safer and more comfortable. But at times, standing out is equally gratifying. SevenFriday men's watches are made in a way that you will always stand out. In a world full of timepieces that engross themselves in bling, precious metals, and petty titles, the Switzerland based horologist is out there breaking stereotypes. Making A Point SevenFriday watches are good at many things and making a statement is one of them. The timepiece not only help you stand in of the crowd but they also allow you to make a statement. The statement can be one in fashion, style, or just based on your personality in general. Nonetheless, it is a great way to say a ton of things without even uttering a word. SevenFriday watches for women and men might be worth a lot less than a regular luxury timepiece with a cocktail of automatic movements, complications, and precious metals, but it is of way more value if you look at what it represents. This is exactly what is special about SevenFriday and this is what makes it a solid contender for the top spot in the near future. The industry is unforgiving and that premise has already been established. But what people rarely see is that it is equally rewarding to those who dare to be different and take risks. What the brand is doing with its watches is extremely commendable and worth appreciating. Given the above scenario, it would be a matter of immense price to own a SevenFriday timepiece. Check out the SevenFriday prices at Kapoor Watch Company Delhi NCR stores.

9 Office Wear Jewellery Types That Are A Must In Every Minimalist's Closet
 kk sharma  
 28 December 2019  

Whether heading for a party or to the office, women want to put forward their fashionable best. Fairly enough, you need to pick office wear jewellery after careful consideration lest you should distract your co-workers with accessories such as loud bangles or flashy jewels. Thus, the general rule is to go with minimal jewellery. That way, you can look stylish and maintain the office decorum too.For accessorizing formal outfits, pearls and diamond jewellery have been popular over the years. However, you have a wider choice in work wear jewellery. Here, we have chosen 9 must-have designs for complementing your formal look.1. Smart Stud EarringsStuds or small hoops are a good choice in office wear jewellery if your job entails attending phone calls. The rose gold stud earrings with overlapping solid stones (especially the light-colored ones) are ideal when you are adorning a white or beige color shirt with a dark-colored pencil skirt. 2. Fashionable DanglersAs part of your work wear jewellery, if choosing danglers, always go for the lightweight ones. With the diamond-embedded varieties, you can look simple yet elegant. Also, tie your hair in high ponytails and put on your favourite pumps to seem your fashionable best.3. Subtle NeckpiecesBig necklaces are a no-no for wearing to the office. Rather opt for light gold chains with diamond pendants. Even so, you can choose diamond necklaces with fine designs. They impart an elegant touch and do not draw much attention. Go on and pair your formal shirt and pencil skirts or pants with diamond pendants for an understated yet fashionable look.4. Elegant Chain BraceletWith large-sized bracelets, typing and other office duties may get difficult. Rather the small-size ones make for smart office wear jewellery.Even so, when making presentations, your hand movements are vital to make the desired impact. Thus, avoid bracelets with tinkling bells as they can cause disturbance. Instead, with a subtle and elegant bracelet, you can be sure of catching all your colleagues’ attention when on the dias. Also, many people do not wear jewels to office because they may lose them. Though, you can opt for the diamond chain bracelets that are secured with lobster clasps to keep your mind free of worry about your expensive jewels.5. Elusive RingsRings having simple designs are other popular picks among office-going women. Either you can wear plain ones or go for the varieties with small diamonds or other precious stones. Notwithstanding your outfit for the day, delicate rings are perfect for your office wear jewellery - to impart a sophisticated look. Browse through a variety of online jewellery store and opt for the ones that catch your fancy. However, make sure you have a couple of rings and in different colors and designs to have a good selection.6. Chic BandsIf you are a fan of finger rings, then go for the single stackable diamond rings. The spiral-shaped or stackable designs come with diamonds embedded on them and make for a fashionable you. You can pair them with simple bracelets or wristwatches as well.7. Classic SolitairesUplift your office attire with solitaire diamond jewellery. Whether rings or earrings or pendants, you have an array of designs in these jewels to choose from. They are a worthwhile investment and can match many outfits.8. Modish Silver JewelleryYou must invest in varied jewellery types. Surely, pearls and diamonds and gold jewels are good to have in your wardrobe. Though, silver tribal jewellery are other wardrobe must-haves for teaming with your office and casual wear.9. Stylish Semi-precious StonesAdd some color to your office wear with adorning rings or pendants with semi-precious stones. Available in different hues, make sure to have a variety of jewels with semi-precious stones for an enviable collection.So, if you are a minimalist, keep up with the trend with these investment pieces and flaunt your effortless style confidently.

Panerai And Its Trio Of Wonders – The Luminor, Submersible, and Radiomir
 deepika Mahajan  
 31 December 2019  

Panerai has been among the top tier of watchmakers for a very long time. Its consistency is worthy of appreciation as it has proven that it can endure even in the harshest of conditions. The brand is a symbol of innovation and pioneering and its watches are proof of that. It all started for Panerai in the late 1930s when it came up with the Radiomir timepiece. This opened up gateways for the brand that eventually led to its global launch in 1993. The success story, however, did not begin until 1997 when it got acquired by Richemont.Let us dive deep into the trio of watches that are offered by Panerai. Panerai LuminorLuminor is a success story that makes the brand a global leader in luxury watches. The Haute Horlogerie industry is a vast one that consists of various timepieces. All these timepiece have something unique that makes them special. In the case of the Panerai Luminor, it is history. The watch was first introduced in 1950, a year forever etched in the history books of the Italian-origin watchmaker. Upon its launch, the watch was a large, legible, and durable one that offered Italian Frogmen, American equivalent of Navy Seals, a tough and resilient companion for their missions. The Panerai Luminor of today is a worthy purchase that offers a combination of features. It might not be the tool watch that it once was but it still carries with it the vintage essence of the same military ruggedness in its design. Panerai Submersible The watch family is a contemporary one from Panerai. It is the latest among all three and is the closest thing Panerai has to a tool watch. The timepiece is a highly functional device that offers a holistic solution to buyers who are looking for a luxury watch with an added flair of functionality. The Panerai Submersible is a unique watch that perfectly encapsulates the true spirit of Panerai as a watchmaker. Panerai Radiomir The Radiomir has a really long story that goes way back to the 1930s. The watch was made after an order from the Italian Navy was given to Panerai, which at the time was only into making specialized diving equipment. The brand, along with some help from its Swiss counterpart ended up with the Radiomir prototype which was unveiled in 1936. The device was approved and hence began the story of the legendary Radiomir. The watch was special because it used the in-house developed and manufactured ‘Radiomir’ compound which used radium as its base. This provided the timepiece with an enhanced legibility even in the most cruel and unforgiving environments. The Panerai Radiomir was soon scrapped from the company catalogue as news of the widespread radiation poisoning spread. The watch was discontinued and the Radiomir compound was done away with. Panerai is truly an artist in the way it makes it timepieces. Everything about this trio is unique as well as intriguing.

Which Hublot Watches Should You Go For This Festive Season?
 deepika Mahajan  
 2 January 2020  

Hublot is a luxury watchmaking stalwart that has established itself as a legend in very short time span. The amount of time the brand has taken to establish its legacy is applaud worthy. What makes things more interesting is that the watchmaker has numerous watches under its belt that have won the hearts of the people as well as the praise of the critics. In the field of luxury watchmaking, Hublot is the first one to introduce the concept of avant-garde designs via its ideology of the art of fusion.It basically involves using unorthodox materials in various combinations that end up making never-before-seen watches. The best examples are the Big Bang and Classic Fusion timepieces. These Hublot watches were launched merely over a decade ago and today they are one of the few watches that represent the entire Swiss high-end watch market. Let us go into a little detail and see why Hublot Big Bang and Classic Fusion are the modern day icons of the industry. Hublot Classic Fusion The Classic Fusion is often referred to as a modified version of the Big Bang watch. It is smoother and sleeker. But if you look at it, it has made a completely new identity for itself that separates it from its sibling. The watch successfully established its own identity in the business and today it is considered a brand in itself. The Hublot Classic Fusion watch offers people an alternative to the Big Bang. It is for those who like the original Hublot masterpiece for its boldness and futuristic design but also want something that is more subtle.Hublot Big Bang The Big B was introduced in 2005 when Jean-Claude Biver came into the company as its new CEO. It was this moment that Hublot’s tables started to turn. Within 3 years of his becoming the Chieftain of the company, the Hublot Big Bang was released and there was no turning back. The watch introduced a new ray of hope to the watchmaker and along with it a new line of designs and ideas. The timepiece was a perfect combination of class, quality, elegance, and boldness.Although these two Hublot watches for men have their similarities in design and overall structure, they are clearly different from each other in so many ways. Despite the extravagant catalogue that Hublot has for its watches, these two will always have a special place at the Hublot headquarters. Be sure to check out all the variants to make an informed and educated choice. 

The Best Watches Of All time From Audemars Piguet
 deepika Mahajan  
 4 January 2020  

The name Royal Oak resonates with excellence and quality. If you listen to the origin story of the Royal Oak, It almost sounds like a fairytale. The truth is that it really is. The watch was conceived in a matter of hours and then it went on to become the greatest timepiece to ever exist in the history of the Haute Horlogerie business. Audemars Piguet is a brand that is not afraid to push boundaries and try new things. But at the same time, as it happens with all businesses, AP is also very serious about traditions and likes to adhere to them.Such is the uniqueness of this Swiss watchmaker. Let’s dive in and check out the most unique Audemars Piguet timepieces made by the horologist in the recent past. Royal Oak Openworked Grande Complication Ref. 26065IS.OO.1105IS.01The watch is a brilliant combination of the three pillars of any great watch, namely, bulletproof mechanism, precision timekeeping, and state of the art complications. When you see the name Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in the title, you know you can expect greatness. But this timepiece is even better. The case is made of titanium and is 44 mm wide and 15 mm thick. The bezel is made of stainless steel, the front and back are sapphire and the bracelet is titanium as well. The movement inside is the show stopper with a 45-hour power reserve and 648 individual components.Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Openworked Ref. 26347TI.OO.1205TI.01With ingenious engineering and classic Swiss horology techniques, the Royal Oak steps up to the challenge and delivers yet again. The 44 mm titanium case might have a water resistance of only 20 meters but it makes up for it by adding an abundance of class. Its hand-wound in-house movement 2936 is a masterpiece that sprints at 3 Hz and musters a power reserve of 72 hours. Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph Ref. 26421OR.OO.A002CA.01Tourbillon chronographs have a special place in the Audemars Piguet catalogue. The architecture of the watch is contemporary but at the same time it retains that classic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore vibe which makes it all the more unique. The 45 mm 18-carat pink gold case and pink gold bezel are complemented by the sapphire crystal and case back. The 173-hour power reserve from Calibre 2947 is not only astounding but also quite impressive. With a water resistance of 100 meters, the watch seals the deal with ample panache. It is impossible to separate Audemars Piguet and brilliance and that is for sure. The idea of creating something this exquisite can only worked upon by someone who really believes in it. Audemars Piguet has not just proven its capabilities as a horologist but also as an artist and that too one of the greatest in the industry.

IWC And Its Tale Of Magnificence In Watchmaking
 deepika Mahajan  
 6 January 2020  

IWC is a very big name in the world of watchmaking and it would be an understatement to say that it makes good watches. The brand is an expert in making mechanical masterpieces and there is no denying that. The Swiss watchmaker began its tale in 1868 when American watchmaker and businessman Florentine Ariosto Jones embarked on his journey to the land locked state of Switzerland. The young man had a vision that aimed at merging Swiss ingenuity with American engineering. Today, what we see in the form of the brand called IWC is the live manifestation of that very vision.There are instances in a business’s life that can either make it or break it. Similarly, in the case of IWC, there have been many a times when the brand had the opportunity to create history. Luckily, the brand took the right steps at every turn. In this blog we will have a brief discussion about the timepieces that IWC watches have to offer. IWC Big Pilot’s War is a time of misery for many. In fact, it is a period of total despair and sadness for the most of us. But for some, it is a time for minting money. Watchmakers, for instance, had the time of their lives when the Second World War finally set in. Militaries of all the countries needed hardware for the battlefield and this included good and reliable watches. The IWC Big Pilot’s is a beast of a watch that displays tremendous functionality and sturdiness. This was clearly proven by the watch’s excellent performance in war-time. IWC Portugieser The timepiece not only has a kickass back story but also a fascinating built. The simplistic looking timepiece might be deceiving at times as it is not what it seems like. The IWC Portugieser is a marvel of a watch with state of the art mechanisms, exquisite complications, and a terrific overall aura. The watch, like other IWC watches for women and men features an alluring combination of large dials, precious metals, alloys, and premium leather straps. IWC Portofino The IWC Portofino is a magnificent timepiece that remarkably defines what watchmaking is all about. The watch discards any form of unnecessary bling and accessory and focusses solely on the core concepts of horology. The collection also offers a variety of complications and features, much similar to the IWC Da Vinci and Portugieser. IWC is a top-notch watchmaker and frankly the pride of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. The brand has a lot to offer for sure and it is only a matter of time that is gets the appreciation it truly deserves.

The Top Tissot Watches Of All Time
 deepika Mahajan  
 9 January 2020  

The Tissot brand has often been associated with affordability and that has been its primary USP for a long time. The affiliation with the Swatch Group brings in the marketing and resources while the brand history provides an edge over newcomers. But what usually get missed out are the watches themselves.Tissot T-ClassicThe Tissot T-Classic is a just as the name suggests. It embodies a perfect balance between simplicity and stark elegance. The watches in this series are big, masculine, and bold, just like Tissot watches for men are supposed to be. Some references you need to look at – Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Ref. T1274071104100 Tissot Tradition Ref. T0636103604700 Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 Ref. T006.407.16.033.00 Tissot T-Lady The T-Lady is a very popular timepiece collection among the fairer sex. The Tissot watches for women in the collection are petite, sleek, and beautiful. It is really not a surprise that the T-Lady belongs to Tissot. The allure and elegance of the timepieces is staple to the Swiss watchmaker’s DNA. Some references you might want to check out – Tissot T-Wave Ref. T1122102211301 Tissot Lady Heart Flower Powermatic Ref. T0502071711705 Tissot Flamingo Ref. T0942101111100Tissot T-Sport The T-Sport from Tissot was once an impossible task. People could not fathom that a brand as purist as Tissot would ever indulge in sports timepieces. But the reality so otherwise. The collection is full of watches that exude brilliance in build quality as well as function. Some references you should see – Tissot Chrono XL Ref. T1166173605700Tissot T-Race Automatic chronograph Ref. T1154273705101 Tissot Gent XL Classic Ref. T1164101604700Tissot PRC 200 Chronograph Ref. T0554171104700Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph Ref. T1204171104101 What separates Tissot from others in the industry might not be much in the people at top managerial positions in their expensive suits but it means the world to the person who can experience Swiss horological artisanship at an affordable price. 

9 Valentine Gifts For Your Lady Love If She Is A Minimalist
 kk sharma  
 4 February 2020  

In India, jewellery is considered more than just a decorative accessory. It has been tied to traditional, rituals, customs and rich heritage of the Indians. We acquire our love for jewellery from our ancestors who have always fancied the enormous and weighted heirloom jewels. Think of your mom’s wedding necklace that was given to her by your grandmother. Yes, our love for giant piece comes from there but minimalism is taking over the jewellery scene in India.With Valentine’s Day approaching, you should look out for the bestValentine’s gifts for wife or girlfriend. We suggest you start with jewellery as Valentine’s day gift for her because no woman has ever said no to a piece of jewellery. But before you go shopping, find out what kind of jewellery she’s into. She could be a statement jewels lover or a fan of the minimalistic styles. Like us. If she’s head-over-heels in love with minimal jewellery, here are our top Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend or wife that will sweep her off her feet.Abstract front-open chokerWe love a unique choker style too much. The simple addition of a minimal front-open choker like this one can be styled with off-shoulder dresses, turtle neck sweaters and even button-down shirts. This silver-tone choker has the most aesthetically appealing design and look.Gold half moon earringsAccents of pearl are a great way to enhance your minimalist jewellery. This gold pair of half-moon earrings with heart embellishment makes for a fine minimalist accessory for everyday use.Butterfly charm chokerMinimal accessories do not have to be boring. You can very well make use of a bit fun elements like the butterflies, flowers and clouds to make your minimal jewellery all the more interesting. This gold-toned choker can be a great choice for your girl this Valentine’s Day.Starfish necklaceDelicate gold necklaces are a must-have for your minimalistic style lover girl. If not a beach holiday, surprise her with a stunning starfish pendant gold necklace for a fun-filled Valentine’s Night.Geometric shape ringsMinimal style is incomplete without some geometric shapes here and there. These beautiful minimal rings with unique shapes have to be our top favourites this season. We love the addition of stackable minimal rings to accessorize your beautiful hands.Turquoise Dot NecklaceGold necklaces can be great gifting options for Valentine’s Day. The turquoise pendant in round-shape makes for an interesting visual element amidst all that gold. This necklace has all the qualities to impress her this Valentine’s Day jewelry sale.Gold face outline earringsThe face outline earrings are a rage even today. They were first spotted on celebrities in early2018 but even today they continue to fascinate minimal style lovers. You can surprise her with a pair of face earrings like these made out of 18K gold.  Moon-star rose gold ringThe silver open moon-star ring makes for a feisty addition to her your darling’s jewellery closet. Rose gold is the flavour of the season, she would enjoy wearing their celestial world around her finger.Amethyst stone drop earringsA pair of silver earrings embellished with amethyst stone is not only beautiful but also quite special. Gemstone jewellery is a great way to tell her that you remember tiny details like her Zodiac sign that matches with the stone.With Bollywood celebrities rocking these minimal baubles to the red carpets, movie premieres and casual date nights – These have caught the fancy of our regular crowd too. The fashion bloggers and who’s who of the fashion world swear by the minimal style jewellery that is here to stay. Besides, these accessories are never ‘too bold’ or ‘over-flashy’ for daily wear. This means you rock all the above-listed pieces to work and even a party. It is all about how you put together an effective look.

8 Unique Wedding Ring Pairings For Your Soulmate
 Priya Negi  
 6 February 2020  

You have finally found your soulmate. Congratulations! Now it’s time to go shopping for the perfect wedding ring. Many couples prefer to head to the jewelry store together. But if you want to bring in an element of surprise, this article will help you a lot. You can go a step further and impress her. Gift her the most unique wedding ring she has ever worn. This will strengthen your bonding.  A sleek, cleanly-designed band symbolized a simple ring but there are other striking combinations as well. So let’s go through some of the most glamorous, romantic ring pairings one by one.Unique Combinations of Wedding RingsMixed MetalsNobody likes to stick to one metal color nowadays. This trend is true for necklaces, bracelets, and even wedding rings. The modern bride loves a combination of yellow gold, silver or white gold, and rose gold on a special day. This means you’re not restricted to choosing an exact match. In the present day, most unique wedding rings have yellow and white gold, rose gold or titanium in their design. These rings are different from basic designs and convey a strong fashion statement. Moreover, this combination is completely customizable and works well on any white gold wedding ring. White gold’s purity is depicted in karats. One karat means 1/24th part of pure gold in an alloy. Thus, pure gold is denoted as 24 karats. 18 karat gold means 75 percent gold and the remaining 25 percent consists of other metals. If you’re looking for gold with high purity, 14 or 18-carat white gold is the best option. Keep certain things in mind while buying white gold rings. Most white gold is created using alloys of manganese, palladium, and nickel. You should avoid white gold that is created with nickel as it’s a common allergen. The other two alloys are great options for a hypoallergenic band.Antique and EngravedAntique or vintage-inspired engagement rings are both romantic and nostalgic. They complement an engraved wedding band very well. You can engrave the inside or outside of the band with something special. This message should be extremely special and touch her emotionally.Emerald with BaguettesAn elegant emerald cut engagement ring deserves a striking wedding band. Baguettes suit the emerald cuts perfectly as they look identical but are narrower and more elongated. Once they are paired together, the bride gets a modern and sophisticated look along with a unique sense of style. Tapered baguettes are a hot choice amongst modern couples. To experience a statement look, you can get the baguettes arranged horizontally in the band rather than vertically.Solitaire with an Asymmetric ClusterWhat do you think is a timeless classic amongst wedding rings? It should be a diamond solitaire ring without any doubt. Most people pair it with a classic band but you can try something more unique?  Instead of a row of diamonds lying below the solitaire, experiment with the style by placing a band of a cluster of smaller diamonds on one side. This pairing is best for a woman who isn’t afraid to tweak her personal styleTextured Metal Hammered metals are one of the most sought-after options in both costume and luxury jewelry, and their contrast with a smooth metal engagement ring is appealing. If you don’t believe us, try pairing a hammered white gold band with a simple engagement ring. It will enhance the look and feel multi-fold. Brushed or matte metal finishes also make for a beautiful pair. Triple StacksCountless brides love the idea of double wedding bands. One lies below their engagement ring, and the other is present on top of it. This suits well with band-style engagement rings and solitaire styles. You can also give pavé diamonds a shot for an exceptionally striking look. This will surely delight a woman who loves the luxurious look of diamonds.Interlocking The interlocking engagement ring and wedding band combination is one of the most innovative designs. Designing and purchasing this combination together ensures a perfect fit. Encrusting the band in pavé diamonds complements the sparkle-factor of the engagement ring. You can also pick a simple platinum or gold band that diminishes the effect of the other diamonds.Heirloom Ring with BirthstonesIf you want to gift her one of the most sentimental pieces of jewelry she’ll ever wear, a family heirloom ring is the ultimate option. You can take it to the next level by adding significant stones to the wedding band.  Creativity knows no limits. You may even add your birthstones to the band to get a look that’s extra special for the woman who wears it. Final ThoughtsWeddings are special and rings make them all the more special. You have to put your heart and soul into buying the perfect ring for your partner. We have elaborated on most of the possible ring combinations in this blog. You can further experiment with them and create something better. We wish you both a bright future ahead!  

Quick Perks of Kundan Jewellery You Should Know
 Rahul Yadav  
 13 February 2020  

You know what, everyone wants to look great and gorgeous right? well, jewellery is the best way to look so. but have you ever explored the options in the realm of jewellery? There are so many options out there that you can consider and pick one.The point is you should check out Kundan jewellery too. these kundan jewellery items are trending and are absolutely popular. To have Kundan jewellery is a dream and desire for people who loves to wear conventional and ethnic dresses. But you have to know which of the jewellery items or pieces can be paired with which sort of costumes and outfits. You must also be mindful of the fact that the kundan jewellery demands lot of care and it has to be stored in a safe and secured zone.kundan necklaceThe biggest and apparent perk of having a kundan Necklace is that you can wear any sort of other jewelleries with this. yes, for example, you can easily team up a costume jewellery earring with a kundan jewellery type of necklace or a simulated jewellery bracelet with a gorgeous necklace of kundan jewellery. The kundan jewellery can be teamed up with nearly any type of other jewellery so it is essential to have a necklace that can be worn with any sort of fashion jewellery too. you can find extensive range of options in the realm of necklaces in kundan and you would not be disappointed for sure. these jewellery items are surely going to make your day.Kundan EarringsEarrings are surely the best pals for all women who adore to wear different kinds of jewellery. Not only they enjoy and adore to wear jewellery but they also love to flaunt the style and fashion statement to others. Earrings might be worn in the absence of any kind of jewellery and mainly of it’s the kundan earrings.  You know what, you would see that most of the kundan jewellery is actually heavy and so it is not required to wear any sort of jewelleries like necklace or bangles with it. Every woman should definitely have a heavy pair of kundan jewellery in their treasured wardrobe. After all, it goes gracious and graceful with any type of woman, having any tastes.Amazing Kundan Bridal SetKundan is also loved and adored by many of the new age bride. These brides do love to have a look that is more sophisticated and modern and that is mixed with the conventions of their background or religion. Kundan can be the ideal example of this combination. You must purchase a bridal set of kundan to have a spectacular, graceful, sophisticated and exceptional look on the day of your wedding. you surely would love to have the jewellery that you adored and embrace closest to your heart. Your wedding day would turn out to be glamorous for you.Conclusion So, apparently, kundan is the first choice of trendy and sophisticated women in the present time. if you haven’t tried it out yet, you are surely missing out on something wow. 

Get Dragon Ring for Engagement
 amanda massaro  
 18 February 2020  

Dragon is the symbol of energy, fire, power, knowledge and peace. It can also symbolize cruelty and free spirit. Over the past 50 years, fantasy literature and role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons World of Victor have once again allowed people to fully understand dragons as they move away from their ancient glory in the West. The dragons also faded for a while because they were considered "non-scientific" in relation to the West But as these spiritual forms are an integral part of our souls, they cannot be stifled forever. What is the most suitable embodiment of a dragon from an engagement ring?The choice of a Dragon Ring for engagement will mainly be for couples who oppose bullets, such as those who refuse to use politically correct and "love it out loud" when it comes to music. There is "although dragons can be enjoyed and worn by everyone. Dragon Engagement will not only symbolize a passion for vibrant and bright, but also individual personality conviction and strength - qualities that can form a strong bond. In intimacy or marriage, dragons can also be a force, symbols of honesty, security, longevity, sexual strength, luck, wealth, prosperity and loyalty are all desirable - of course, a dragon engagement ring can mean that you love science fiction, art and literature!Dragon engagement rings are usually made of silver or cobblestone and are not gold, as darker colors turn into a dragon's spirit than gold ("rogue" dragons are also considered gold treasure). In addition, these minerals can be made thicker and less expensive than gold, and dragon rings are usually thicker to accommodate intricate designs & maintain an image of durability and durability. However, Dragon Ring can be made to order from any precious metal, including gold and platinum.Modern dragon engagement ring designs include illustrated cut stone designs featuring different style dragons (Asian, Russian, Irish, etc.), with rollers or rolling dragon rings wrapped in their bodies / wings. Whether working all over your finger, is it engraved in metal, or are there parts of the dragon's body showing a complete dragon (eyes, wings, tail, skull, etc.) that with Dragon using two sculptures that include can be body ring or center point cut gems , acting or other "ancient or symbolic languages, and multi-colored rings." One or more different minerals.For Details Visit Now: rockerring.com

How to Style Tribal Jewellery In Wedding Parties
 kk sharma  
 12 March 2020  

Wearing jewellery is loved by all, but what's more important is to adorn the right kind to create a head-turning look. Amongst the different jewellery options that we have, tribal jewellery is something which has become a hot pick for many. Owing to their bold appeal, captivating designs and unique look, they are a quintessential part of every woman's wardrobe.When we talk in the content of Indian tribal jewellery, then the inspiration for the same is drawn from the tribal people and nomads. These pieces of jewellery are not intricately designed; rather, you can find unevenness, and that is the beauty of these pieces of jewellery. They are highly versatile, and you can easily don them with your Indian and western outfit. In this blog, we bring you some great ways to style the tribal pieces of jewellery for wedding parties.Style them with charm : Weddings in India are extravagant affair, everything is grand about them, the look, the attire and everything you can think about. So, one has to look different, stylish and beautiful. A good piece of jewellery can help you in achieving this, and if you are willing to showcase your bold avatar, then tribal pieces of jewellery are the best options.All you need to do is pick the right one, and you are good to go. Here are a few options that you can try:1. A statement necklaceIf you are planning to create a subtle, yet appealing impact and don't want to wear a heavy 9-yard around you, then adding a tribal statement necklace to a plain saree will do the job. With a bold necklace you can amp up your look easily.2. Chunky earringsPlanning to create a whimsical look for the wedding, then add chunky earrings to your attire. These look perfect with your Indo-wester outfit. You can find tribal jewellery online and on these portals, you can also explore various designs and patterns. Whether you are planning to wear a saree or a western outfit, the chunky earrings will be perfectly complementing the same.3. Simple and sophisticatedMost of us associate tribal pieces of jewellery with bold look, but that is not necessary. You can even find the simplistic pieces of jewellery in this. If you have to attend a day function at the wedding, then you can add simple tribal jewellery online and make yourself look charming without going over the board.4. Boho-chicwedding looks are all about being extravagant, beautiful and attractive, so why not ditch the idea of everything being idealistic and adopt an avatar that will make you look different. So, go the boho way. It's a freestyle and looks perfect if you have a daytime wedding. You can wear layered necklaces or team up a long necklace with a pendant. They will look amazing.5. Nomadic styleGot to attend a summer wedding on the beaches, then why not go for the gipsy, nomadic necklace. You can opt for suede chokers or shell chokers to complement the look.6. The conventional Indian avatarSarees are the all-time favourite when it comes to the wedding. This 9-yard of beauty can make you look charming and elegant. So, if you have to choose a complementing tribal necklace to wear along with it, then you must go for a bold tribal necklace or a beaded necklace, they will complement your wedding look perfectly. Well, dressing up is all about experimenting with your look. You don't have to spend a huge amount to look all dolled-up. If you are planning to attend a wedding, then the styling options mentioned above option will help you style like a pro.

10 Ways To Style Your Jhumkas to Office
 kk sharma  
 17 March 2020  

Women often struggle with styling their work looks. Everything said and done office wear looks aren’t so easy to style in general. There is always a fear of looking over-the-top or too flashy at the corporate workplace. Women usually stick to the basics of clothing and jewellery, which is acceptable but is it exciting enough? Well. Not so much! If you’re a fun girl who likes to spice up her look with accessories in general then you shouldn’t keep away from doing the same with your office looks. Throw in some fun office wear jewellery to spice up your outfit. You can add a pair of earrings of stack some bracelets for that added glam provided you are good-enough with styling.For others, here are some ways to style your beautiful jhumkas to office. Read on!KurtiPair your ethnic or semi-ethnic Kurtis with oxidized silver jhumkas. This look is a no-brainer but also very impactful at the same time. The beauty of silver jhumkas is that can elevate even the simplest of looks. Try it and thank us later!Monochrome sareeSarees have become a staple at Indian workplaces. You can surely take your cotton sarees for a spin to the office on special occasions like Diwali, Independence Day and Word Ethnic Day. Try these beautiful double-layer oxidized silver jhumkas for a fantastic look.Jeans and t-shirtAdd a jolt of Indian drama to your everyday basic t-shirt and jeans look with a pair of these meenakari jhumkas that have our heart. We love the pop of colour this pair adds to the casual look.Formal shirt & trousersWho said your formal attire has to look boring? We believe that you can very-well style your formal trouser and shirt with statement jhumkas to keep that desi diva alive in you. Something like this pair would look stunning.Indo-western tunicsWith summers approaching, tunics are going to be your best friends. You can style your indo-western tunics with statement necklaces and matching jhumkas that add oodles of Indian glam to your corporate look.Now, there’s also a list of don’ts that you should abide by when styling jhumkas for work. Take a look.Too much is too muchDon’t go overboard with accessorizing. Keep your office style minimal but very creative as you don’t want to look like a walking jewellery shop amongst all those poised ladies at the office.Experiment but sensiblyBe stylish and fabulous but don’t get too experimental with your office looks. Remember to either wear jhumkas or rings or pachelis – Don’t go overboard!Colour ruleWhen earing jhumkas be careful about the colour of the jewellery and the outfit. Match your neutrals with gold jhumkas and popping coloured outfits with german silver jhumkas.Size mattersStrictly refrain from wearing your jhumkas with ear chains or elongated chains that sit behind the ears. Keep your jhumkas sizes in check before you head out for work. Do not add any extra elements to your jhumkas as you do not want to catch unwanted attention. Match your jewelleryTo avoid looking like a fashion disaster, stick to a single colour scheme for your jewellery. Follow the tone of your outfits and accessorize n h same colour family for a killer look. This would keep your entire look balanced and sealed together.A lot of women enjoy accessorizing with necklaces, bangles, earrings, bracelets and rings but they usually do nothing to enhance their look. Instead, too much of accessorizing kills the vibe of the look which would have easily been a head-turner. The right kind of accessories can level-up your look but the wrong choices can make you look like a clown. To avoid any fashion faux pas, follow our list and buy jhumkas from online jewellery store with enough variety of office wear jewellery.

Different Types of Goan Traditional Jewellery Styles for Neck
 kk sharma  
 14 April 2020  

Goa is famous for its Gold traditional jewellery. Unlike its image as a holiday destination, it is a state of craftsmanship with the oldest crafts history in the country.The state offers a wide range of traditional pieces of jewellery that are not famous in Goa but also worldwide. Shopping for Goan jewellery is actually included in the checklist of many foreigners who visit Goa once or twice a year, now isn’t that amazing?Read all about the history of Goan Traditional jewellery and its famous types for the neck below.Goan Traditional Jewellery For NeckGoan culture has a wide range of jewellery styles for the neck. All these styles form an important part of any woman’s jewellery collection. Goan MangalsutraGoan mangalsutra is also known as Kasithaali. It forms an important part of any Goan bride’s wedding jewellery trousseau. A traditional Goan mangalsutra consists of a gold chain strung with coral and/or gold beads and a Gold pendant.The Gold pendant is adorned with the figure of Goddess Lakshmi (symbol of wealth and prosperity). If you want to add a traditional Goan mangalsutra to your collection then you can buy it from any Goan hindu bridal jewellery shop. A necklace for the bride:When it comes to Goa jewellery, a set made in gunmetal and studded with silver gold or even diamonds is considered mandatory for every Goan bride. The bride wears this necklace on her engagement or wedding day.Coral Mala Necklace:Coral mala necklace is a regular necklace that consists of a chain made of coral beads and a Gold pendant. The pendant is adorned with different designs such as floral motifs, the religious figures such as Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha.A coral mala necklace is easily available and you can shop for it at any local Goan Hindu bridal jewellery shop.Galsiri:A traditional Galsiri is a Gold coin necklace and consists of coral and gold beads along with Gold beads that are strung together in a Gold chain. The beads are adorned with the figures of Goan forest deities such as Kelbai, Bramhini mai, Vetal, Mahishasurmardini. A Galsiri comes in 2 types of designs-the one with a single layer of coins set in the Gold chain and the second one with double layers of coins set in a Gold chain.A galsiri necklace is considered an important jewellery style in Goan culture; therefore, every Goan woman has this style in her collection. For those who cannot afford to buy a Gold Galsiri, they can go for an inexpensive one that is made with regular alloy metal or brass metal. Chain:This is a regular chain necklace worn by the women on a daily basis. Made with Gold, this is a must-have jewellery style for every Goan woman and you can buy it at any local Goan jewellery shop as well as online. So, these were the famous Goan jewellery styles for the neck. Which of these jewellery styles did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

8 Types of Maharashtrian Jewellery that you should know about
 kk sharma  
 16 April 2020  

Maharashtra is blessed with a plethora of traditional jewellery styles that are not only famous among Marathis but also worldwide. The state is well-known for its artistic work done on each and every jewellery piece.All of the traditional pieces of Maharashtrian jewellery are crafted with hands by the artisans. Being the state with the history of wars and battles, Maharashtra’s jewellery styles are inspired by the great warriors and kings who used to live in the state. Here’s everything you need to know about the traditional styles of Maharashtra jewellery.Kolhapuri Saaj:This is the most famous and most worn style of Maharashtra traditional jewellery. It contains 21 engraved pendant leaves. Out of the 21 leaves pendants, 10 pendants represent the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, 2 pendants have ruby & emerald stones, 8 pendants signifies ashtamangal and one pendant is taviz.The crafting of a traditional Kolhapuri Saaj requires a lot of skill and precision. There are a few Artisans left who can actually craft a traditional Kolhapuri Saaj with precision. The modern version of Kolhapuri Saaj consists of 10 or 12 leaves and is handcrafted instead of handmade.Vaaki:This is a baajuband-embellished with stones and adorned with floral motifs. Crafted with 23-carat gold wire, vaaki makes for a must-have Maharashtrian jewellery style for every Maharashtrian bride. Putli Haar:A Putli Haar consists of round gold coins that are held together on a silk braided cord. Because of the coins, it is also known as Coin necklace or temple necklace. These coins are embossed with the figure of Goddess Lakshmi (a symbol of wealth). Ambada:This is a golden pin adorned with pearls and gemstones. Worn by the Mahrashtrain brides, Ambada is pinned on the hair bun of a Marathi bride. The most popular motif used in this traditional Maharasthra jewellery piece is the sunflower with jowar beads. Kudya:Kudya are the pearl earrings that are adorned by a Marathi bride. Made with Gold, Kudya earrings come in a variety of color combinations and are embossed with gemstones.Tode:These are heavy Gold bangles (also known as kadas). Each bangle contains approximately 250-300 gm Gold and is adorned with intricate work. Handmade by the artisans, these beautiful bangles take almost a month to get ready. Dholki Dholki is a type of Maharashtrian jewellery necklace that consists of rounded pearls along with a gemstone (placed the centre). Dholki necklace can have different colors as the pearls that are used in it come in a plethora of color variations such as white, yellow, and red. A Dholki necklace is worn with other necklaces at the wedding ceremonies as well as festive occasions. Challa (Waist Keychain)This is the keychain worn by a woman on her waist. Made of gold-plated copper or oxidized silver, this style of Maharashtra traditional jewellery is embossed with stones and floral motifs. A traditional Maharashtrian challa is worn by the Marathi women on festive occasions/weddings. Which type of Marathi jewellery did you like the most? Drop comments and let us know about your favorite pick.

8 Types of Maharashtrian Jewellery that you should know about
 kk sharma  
 16 April 2020  

Maharashtra is blessed with a plethora of traditional jewellery styles that are not only famous among Marathis but also worldwide. The state is well-known for its artistic work done on each and every jewellery piece.All of the traditional pieces of Maharashtrian jewellery are crafted with hands by the artisans. Being the state with the history of wars and battles, Maharashtra’s jewellery styles are inspired by the great warriors and kings who used to live in the state. Here’s everything you need to know about the traditional styles of Maharashtra jewellery.Kolhapuri Saaj:This is the most famous and most worn style of Maharashtra traditional jewellery. It contains 21 engraved pendant leaves. Out of the 21 leaves pendants, 10 pendants represent the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, 2 pendants have ruby & emerald stones, 8 pendants signifies ashtamangal and one pendant is taviz.The crafting of a traditional Kolhapuri Saaj requires a lot of skill and precision. There are a few Artisans left who can actually craft a traditional Kolhapuri Saaj with precision. The modern version of Kolhapuri Saaj consists of 10 or 12 leaves and is handcrafted instead of handmade.Vaaki:This is a baajuband-embellished with stones and adorned with floral motifs. Crafted with 23-carat gold wire, vaaki makes for a must-have Maharashtrian jewellery style for every Maharashtrian bride. Putli Haar:A Putli Haar consists of round gold coins that are held together on a silk braided cord. Because of the coins, it is also known as Coin necklace or temple necklace. These coins are embossed with the figure of Goddess Lakshmi (a symbol of wealth). Ambada:This is a golden pin adorned with pearls and gemstones. Worn by the Mahrashtrain brides, Ambada is pinned on the hair bun of a Marathi bride. The most popular motif used in this traditional Maharasthra jewellery piece is the sunflower with jowar beads. Kudya:Kudya are the pearl earrings that are adorned by a Marathi bride. Made with Gold, Kudya earrings come in a variety of color combinations and are embossed with gemstones.Tode:These are heavy Gold bangles (also known as kadas). Each bangle contains approximately 250-300 gm Gold and is adorned with intricate work. Handmade by the artisans, these beautiful bangles take almost a month to get ready. Dholki Dholki is a type of Maharashtrian jewellery necklace that consists of rounded pearls along with a gemstone (placed the centre). Dholki necklace can have different colors as the pearls that are used in it come in a plethora of color variations such as white, yellow, and red. A Dholki necklace is worn with other necklaces at the wedding ceremonies as well as festive occasions. Challa (Waist Keychain)This is the keychain worn by a woman on her waist. Made of gold-plated copper or oxidized silver, this style of Maharashtra traditional jewellery is embossed with stones and floral motifs. A traditional Maharashtrian challa is worn by the Marathi women on festive occasions/weddings. Which type of Marathi jewellery did you like the most? Drop comments and let us know about your favorite pick.

8 Must-Haves for a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe
 Kevin Faber  
 19 April 2020  

Everyone’s wardrobe should start with the basics. These basics, in particular, are minimalist clothes and accessories. While simple in appearance and color, they're bold in their execution. They are the foundation of any wardrobe with their neutral colors that one can wear with anything. Here are some minimalist staples to include in a minimalist capsule wardrobe.1. JewelryMinimalist jewelry is optimal for everyday wear, and a delicate trinket can contribute plenty to an outfit without adding too much. When searching for minimalist jewels to include in your collection, look for simple designs and hues. Gold and silver are the typical go-to colors for jewelry, but black and white are also excellent options.2. ShoesOne can never have too many shoes. But if your goal is to have several shoes for every occasion, designate a few pairs for this purpose. One way to achieve this is to buy one to two pairs each of athletic shoes, heels, flats or sandals, boots, and versatile footwear such as leather sneakers. For the aspiring minimalist, it’s important to aim for everyday footwear to dress up for a dinner date or dress down for a grocery store trip.3. OuterwearWhen building a minimalist wardrobe, it’s OK to have over one of each item of clothing. With outerwear, two coats and two jackets are all one needs to stay warm in the chilly days. When torrential downpours threaten the meticulous outfits you put together, one raincoat will be enough to keep you dry. Include a few sweaters in your capsule wardrobe to throw on whenever it gets cold and keep yourself warm without sacrificing your coordinated fits.4. BottomsNote that as a rule of thumb, the minimum color requirements for bottoms are black and neutral. Black bottoms are universal in both color and style. Neutral colors such as tan add a pop of color to your outfit without taking attention away from the rest of it. Pants, shorts, skirts, and jeans in these colors can work for any outfit you want to pull off.5. TopsFor the top half of your outfits, simple is always best. Plain colored T-shirts are a perfect staple for the wardrobe because you can dress them up, down, or any which way one likes. For women, a few unique blouses in neutral colors can carry the wardrobe far. Button-up shirts are honored for their adaptability, so opt for several to choose from whenever the moment strikes.6. FormalwearNo wardrobe is complete without some basic formalwear. Suits are easy to assemble with the minimum requirements being a blazer, buttoned shirt, and pants. Neckties and bowties are optional but can add a pleasant touch for any occasion that requires dressing up. Likewise, dresses are fun to wear and can be paired with any accessories such as a belt or scarf. Little black dresses are staples that come in all kinds of designs for every woman’s personal style, so don’t forget to add one to your capsule.7. AccessoriesAccessories are like the cherry on top of a sundae—they add that small but necessary final touch to anyone’s outfit. Accessorizing with things like belts, gloves, sunglasses, and even socks can enhance your outfit by a longshot. But don’t overdo it—one or two statement accessories will be enough to emphasize what you’re wearing.8. MakeupFor women, putting on makeup can be a daunting mission because of the process itself. Aspiring minimalists need not fret, for they only need several tools in their makeup collection. This varies from woman to woman, but mascara, lipstick, and moisturizer are great starting points. And just like with clothing and accessories, neutral nude lip colors and black eye makeup are your best bet.Less is more with minimalism. Once you learn the principle of KISS, which is “Keep It Simple, Silly”, building a minimalist wardrobe will be an easier task than usual.

10 Fashionable Poolside Outfits for That Next Party
 Jeremy Sutter  
 25 April 2020  

When it comes to summertime, it's all about the pool parties. Whether you're hosting a poolside batch of your own or frequenting those thrown by friends, it's important to dress appropriately. Here are ten poolside outfits that will make everyone look at you with admiration:1 - Anything StripedStripes are reminiscent of the nautical essence emitted by the sea and will undoubtedly bring some beach time pizzazz to the party! Although white and blue are classic colors for this pattern, feel free to pick your own colors depending on what best suits your complexion.2 - Mix and Matched PatternsAlthough people tend to stray away from experimenting with contrasting patterns when it comes to casual street wear, this rule can be omitted when it comes to pool party wear. Go crazy and mix that gingham top with a floral print wrap because you will still look stunning!3 - A Basic White Tee Over a Daring SwimsuitSay you bought a neon pink or metallic gold swimsuit that you think might come off as just a little flashy for this event. Tone these daring swimsuits down by pairing them with a calming white tee, which is a closet staple that basically goes with anything.4 - A Loose and Breathable Midi DressRegardless of what you wear under this billowy and loose midi dress flo, the wind is the accessory that will complete this particular look. Imagine it now: a beautiful pool constructed by custom pools Montgomeryand you're standing next to it looking like a Greek goddess in that draping dress. Plus, this is one of the layer that would be easy to strip when it does come time to take a dip.5 - A Fun RomperA romper is a simple, one-piece summer essential that should be present in every closet. Play around with a variety of prints, materials and fits!6 - A Floral KimonoA floral kimono looks absolutely majestic over a plain bikini or swimsuit. Use this piece to lighten up an otherwise drab or basic looking poolside outfit. Not only is it lightweight, but also extremely accessible.7 - A White Button down Topped Off with a Straw HatAnother classic pairing, a white button down draped over a swimsuit exudes elegance and sophistication. However, opt for the looser and more breathable fabrics as the starchy, pressed types may look too stiff for a relaxing poolside party. Top the entire look off with an adorable straw hat!8 - A Pair of Cutoff Denim Shorts with a Bikini TopCutoff denim shorts are a closet staple that most people already have. These are easy to throw over a bikini bottom and just as easily to slip off when warranted. Don't complicate this outfit by adding an extra trop because the bikini top will do just fine.9 - A Soft Mini DressFor those days when you'd rather lounge with a good book than spend time in the pool, a reliable mini dress will suffice. However, these dresses are also easy to slip off in case you change your mind!10 - A Crop Top with Highwaisted BottomsAlthough most people may feel wearing of trying on a crop top, any unwanted exposure or poor fits can be fixed with the use of highwaisted bottoms. Not only do skirts, shorts and pants with a higher waistline look more form flattering, but they will cover for the lack of length in crop tops.Now that you have a reliable guide of cute poolside outfits to recreate, it's time to head on over to the closet and see what you can come up with! Remember that the weather will be on the warmer side so, although layers are key to establishing an impressive outfit, keep the choices of fabric light and breathable. Cheers to fun, lazy summer days next to those beautiful pools!

7 Standout Summer Fashion Trends 2020
 Shelly Collins  
 27 April 2020  

Fashion is not something that has fixed set of implications behind it. A particular shirt design may seem completely fine to one person but may sound horrendous to the other. It is a picturesque of taste, preferences, personal appearance as well as seasons. You may not wear a long coat in steamy summers but would opt for one when temperatures go down. As compared to winter and other seasons, summer throws more fashion options towards you. It allows a person to play around more with length, fabric and color scheme. Every year is a different blossom when you talk about selecting clothes, hair style, foot wear and time pieces. For this year, these are 7 trends that would surely be followed.Short length female dresses with puffed sleevesAlthough puffed sleeves were a trend in the 1970’s, they struck back in the last quarter of 2019 and a lot of designers heavily endorsed it. It is expected to go with the flow in the year 2020 as well. If you are living in a country where summers are not extreme, you would see a lot of brands launching short as well as medium length shirts with these sleeves. To know about all products that fall in this category, you can use search image process to view all possible options.While shopping, no one wants to spend lengthy spans and this searching alternative works better than text statements. At times, it is hard to transform the creative image in the mind to words. You can obviously reach to your favorite brand through this method in quicker manner. Although it is expected that more than 70 percent of the top rated brands will introduce shirts with heavy sleeves.Ankles with wrapped clothingAlthough this is not a common style statement, it is expected to hit the markets in 2020. Long pants as well as capris will be introduced with clothing wrapped around the ankles. However, if you are among people who get agitated with long pants, apply this fashion with three quarters. In case of full length ones, ensure that you are not picking a thick fabric.Pants made of metallic leatherIf you are a party goer and have the vibrant feel in your mind, this is one style you would not want to miss. It is a fact that metallic leather does not suit everyone. The shiny feel can surely cause irritation particularly for middle agers. However, for people who take age as just a number, silver and golden colored pants would be one of the options. For shirts, this is not expected to be a popular alternative. People usually blend matt colors with metallic ones. Hence, in terms of combination, bland tops with shiny bottoms will be noticed.High heels will dominateIn the past year or so, high heels have been a symbol of panache for all kinds of dresses. They go well with short length party dresses as well as long gowns. However, carrying them comfortably is not a possibility for every female. It is all about liking and comfort. Flats will continue to pop their head through some brands but are unlikely to take the driving seat. A lot of females simply rule out the option of wearing heels due to comfort problems. If you are one of them, unfortunately, a lot of footwear options of 2020 will not suit you.The Khaki ImageA fact is that Khakis have never been out of vogue considering the ease that they offer. Men can wear them for work, casual dinners and even while walking down to the street. In the present year, brands are expected to launch more ranges. With these pants, you get a lot of alternatives for upper wear as well. Starting from button down shirts to jerseys and skin fit uppers, everything tends to go with them.Most people opt for loose ones which is why fashion firms focus on it. The overall feel comes better when khakis do not cling to your thighs. You can always opt for custom fitting if you wish to follow the fashion in your own merry way.Long boots for menWhether you want to go camping or attend a get together at the coffee café, long boots give the desired rugged look. In 2017 and 2018, the trend sort of faded away as people opted for sneakers and low length loafers. However, in 2019, there was a rebirth and boots are a strong fashion symbol for this year. There are numerous material options to choose from if you are a fan of long boots. Leather won’t work for you if you don’t prefer weight on your feet. Similarly, some people prefer the real heavy ones used by machine lifters. It all depends on what you find comfortable. Brown, camel and charcoal are expected to the popular shades for the upcoming summer.Smart watches will take over round dialsAlthough round dials are still considered the most elegant time piece style, smart watches would be among the more preferred types. The reason being that they come with the option of taking calls, reading emails and performing other synced tasks. However, real watch lovers would still opt for the vintage round shaped style. If you like your wrist to be free of weight, don’t waste your time on metallic belts. Even the conventional ones with leather belts are heavier than smart watches.Summing it UpFashion changes knock at our door steps every and 2020 will be no different. If you are a guy who wants to go with the flow, purchase long boots as they go with multiple wardrobe categories. Similarly, for females, high heels are expected to stay in fashion for this year. When it comes to following fashion, a lot depends on what people are comfortable with.

Trending Flower Jewellery Styles For Haldi
 kk sharma  
 5 May 2020  

Floral jewellery is the hottest trend right now. It not only looks beautiful but it’s very lightweight hence easy to carry as well.Talking about which, check out this list of trending flower jewellery for haldi.Chunky Floral Earrings: This is the trendiest style of jewellery for Haldi that any bride can invest in. Chunky floral earrings give an extravagant feel to your look without making you uncomfortable. Check out this bride for instance. Isn’t she looking absolutely gorgeous yet comfortable in those chunky floral earrings?Floral Hathphool:Floral hathphool will make your “Mehendi wale hath” look even more gorgeous. The best part is floral hathphool are available in a plethora of flattering designs. The kind of variety available will leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose anything from a subtle design with just one finger ring to a heavier one that comes with multiple finger rings. Whatever style you choose, it will only make you look gorgeous. So go on, carry it with confidence and you’re all set to slay!Floral Nath: Next on our list is Floral naths. This style of jewellery for haldi is gaining major attention these days. It, in fact, has become the new crush of every bride to be. So, go on and wear it on your Haldi and garner tons of compliments. Floral Tiara:Tiaras are one of the hottest styles of floral jewellery for haldi these days so much so that almost every bride can be seen wearing it in at least one of her wedding ceremonies. Take gorgeous Bipasha Basu for example! She wore a beautiful pink floral tiara on her Mehandi ceremony. So, go on and add this style to your wedding jewellery list if you haven’t already.Floral Passa and Matha PattiMatha patti or Passa? If you’re confused then pick both... Not at a time of course!You can wear each style on different occasions at your wedding. For example, you can wear the floral passa on your Mehandi function and the matha patti on your Haldi ceremony. Floral Choker Necklace:Floral chokers look super glam!And there are literally hundreds of designs available in this style of floral jewellery for Haldi which means that you can choose anything from a heavy floral choker with multiple floral strands and tassels to a minimal choker necklace with a subtle design.Have a look at the bride in this picture for instance. She is wearing a heavy choker necklace studded with beautiful work and strings of pearls and flowers. You too can create such a look with a heavy floral choker necklace. So, ladies, these were some of the most gorgeous floral jewellery styles for Haldi that you can invest in. Which of these floral jewellery styles did you like the most?Tell us in the comments below!

Trending Tribal Earrings For Your Sunday Looks
 kk sharma  
 7 May 2020  

’Who What Wear’ described tribal necklaces as “the love child of a bib necklace and a futuristic metal collar.” Such is the glory of tribal jewellery that it seizes to fade away with time. Even today an endless number of women go shopping for oxidised silver jewellery although gold continues to dominate the market. Gradually, women are shifting from high-investment gold jewellery to pocket-friendly oxidised silver jewellery styles like tribal earrings, rings and necklaces. You ask, why such a change in tastes and preferences? Well, there are numerous reasons for you to choose tribal earrings or diamond polki jhumkas. First one being, the costs involved in purchasing either vary by a couple of lakhs which means only those with deeper pockets and large disposable income can buy gold jewellery. Tribal jewellery is highly-affordable and safe to wear even in the metro. Gold jewellery is delicate while German silver jewels are prone to wear and tear.Sold on the idea of buying tribal jewellery? Well, for starters in this blog we will cover some 11 odd designs of German silver earrings that will keep you ahead of the fashion curve. Check it out so you can be fashionably ready for all the Sunday brunches of summer 2020. Vintage Afghani earringsWith embellishments of red and green colour, these Afghani earrings capture your heart at first sight. The unique designs boasting of chains tied to a statement jhumka with tingling beads is one for the books. We love the fabulous artisanship that reflects so well in this pair.Jhumka upgrade earringsA fair upgrade to your everyday simple jhumkas, this pair with three tiny hanging jhumkas elongated with chains is outstanding. You simply cannot say no to these fabulous earrings that match well with your kurtas, sarees and even simple maxi dresses apt for summer. We bet even your simplest outfits would liven up with just the addition of this pair.Enameled earringsThe pretty popping colours of yellow and pink look beyond fabulous when enamelled into these edgy german silver earrings. The best part is that these can be worn with your traditional Indian as well as western outfits like crop tops and shorts. The beautiful enamelled earrings add a jolt of colour and crazy to your every OOTDs giving you all the attention at college and work.Multi-colour peacock jhumkasJhumkas are unarguably the best fashion accessory in oxidised silver metal. The beauty of jhumkas lies in their traditional yet contemporary vibe that can elevate your every day as well as event outfits. The regular germans silver jhumkas look stunning but these tri-colour fancy baubles are perfect. The intricately done peacock design exudes some traditional Indian aura making it a good choice of accessory with your solid kurtas and single-toned looks.Clip-on maroon and pearl earringsMeenakari trend has been picked up by all jewellery designers from across the world. The beauty of these pieces lies in their old-world charm and contemporary designs. We found these contrastingly beautiful maroon meenakari embellished designs with tiny pearls hangings at the bottom for all you fashionistas. If you’re not big fans of danglers, jhumkas or any of the elongated designs then these stud earrings are a good pick for you. Comfortable, stylish and versatile, these pieces have our heart swooning.Tribal earrings have a way to accentuate your neckline and face-shape. They match most of your summer looks like a t-shirt & jeans, floral dresses, pants and crop-tops and the solid colour maxi dress too. If you haven’t already stocked up on tribal silver earrings then hurry because these trending designs will go off the shelf before you know it.

Jewellery Styles For Your Dandiya Look
 kk sharma  
 23 May 2020  

Dandiya is the most famous and important occasion of Gujarat.And because it is celebrated on a large ground with hundreds of people, it is very important for each and every woman to wear the best of the clothes and jewellery on this occasion. After all, looks adorned by Gujarat women on a Dandiya night are seen as a symbol of pride in the society.Check out these 5 Jewellery styles that will help you to take your Dandiya-look up a notch. Colorful Oxidized Silver EarringsImage: oxidized earringsPairing your outfit with colourful oxidized earrings/jhumkas is one of the best ways to garner tons of compliments on the Dandiya night. Oxidized earrings lend a perfect style statement to any outfit. They are, in fact, one of the most popular styles of Gujrat jewellery adorned by women. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add this beautiful style of jewellery to your collection if you haven’t already. Tribal Maang TikkaImage: maang tikkaNowadays, everyone is constantly looking for ways to create jaw-dropping OOTDs that have been rarely worn by others, especially on festive occasions such as a Dandiya night. If you too are looking to style your Dandiya outfit in the most unique way then we have just the right type of accessory that would do the trick for you. A Tribal Maang Tikka: One of the most flattering styles of Gujrat traditional jewellery.Style your Dandiya look with a Tribal maang tikka only. Trust us, you will thank us later! Peacock JhumkasImage: jhumkasPeacock jewellery is a must-have Gujarat jewellery style for every woman. So without thinking anything, buy a pair of peacock jhumkas, a silver bracelet with peacock charms or a silver necklace with a peacock pendant if you haven’t already. Statement Oxidized Silver NecklaceImage: necklaceA statement necklace is one of the best and most famous Gujrat jewellery styles that you can style your Dandiya outfit with. Available in a plethora of designs, when paired with the right outfit, it can elevate even the drabbest of your outfits in seconds. So, go ahead and add this gorgeous style to your collection right away because trust us, it will only fetch you tons of compliments.Tribal BraceletsImage: braceletThis is another versatile style of Gujrat traditional jewellery, the one that can be paired with your Dandiya outfit as well as with your work outfit. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a beautiful tribal bracelet for yourself and turn heads.Colorful Meenakari JhumkasImage: meenakariWant to look stunning wearing your Dandiya outfit? We’ve got the most beautiful Gujrat Jewellery style that will help you to steal glances on the Dandiya night. Yepp! We’re talking about Meenakari Earrings. Intricate Meenakari work done by the Artisans makes a must-have jewellery style for every woman. So, go ahead and pair Meenakari jhumkas with a colourful chaniya-choli, a bindi and nude pout. You will surely garner tons of compliments. Which type of Gujarat traditional jewellery did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

 kk sharma  
 23 May 2020  

Kerala, a state on India’s tropical Malabar Coast, is known for so many glorious things that one would lose count. It is famous for its beautiful Kanjeevaram silk sarees, beaches, lungis, backwaters, culinary delights, superstars and their acting skills. Amidst all this, how can you skip theKerala traditional jewellery that is worn by the women of Kerala?The folklore of wearing Kerala jewellery is as evergreen as the newly-wed women. There are gold as well as diamond designs for the Malayali Manga. You will find Purity and elegance in Keralan traditional jewellery.Initially, the Kerala jewellery was worn by devotees and temple dancers in their daily routine. With time, temple jewellery became famous not only because it looked enchanting on women but also it induced religious sentiments among people of Kerala. This jewellery dates back to the dynasties of Chola and Pandya. Precious metal donations were used by craftsman to make beautiful Kerala jewellery designs. Artisans started carving inspirations from the work done on temples’ walls and ceilings. These ornaments were adorned with deity inspired motifs such as coins, bells, leaves, trees, flowers etc. It is done to invoke a feeling of divine presence in the life of the wearer. Traditional dress of Kerala is ‘Mundum Neriyathum’ which looks gorgeous with jewellery of Kerala adorned by a Malayali Manga.Read all about the different types of Keralan traditional jewellery below.1. MULLA MOTTU Mulla Mottu jewellery is made up of series of gold petals running across the ornament. Mulla Mottu is also known as ‘Jasmine Buds’. This Kerala traditional jewellery comes in plain gold as well as gold with studded gemstones. Adding this beautiful ornament to your bridal trousseau would add the right dose of sparkle that any bride would want to begin her new journey with.2. MANGA MALAPrecious gemstones like emeralds and rubies are used with the use of colored glass to make intricate paisley design of this beautiful jewellery of kerala. Delicate Ambi motifs are studded on Manga Mala to make your wedding look as beautiful as you desire.3. LAKSHMI MALAThis type of ornament contains tiny gold coin motifs, engraved with Goddess of wealth, ‘Lakshmi’. It is used to sustain the bride’s aura for her future home and hearth. It goes well with a heavily embroidered blouse and simple saree.4. PALAKKA MALAThis ornament comes with a gold leaf pattern studded with precious green coloured rubies. Precious rubies and pearls are inlaid in a bed of gold to make it look more charming and gorgeous. Green ruby symbolize fertility, wealth and prosperity of a Malayali bride.5. NAGAPADA THALIThis piece of jewellery is inspired by the Naga, the great king cobra. Nagapada Thali is placed nearer to the neck which is a dainty piece of Keralan traditional jewellery with emeralds or rubies encrusted in a bed of gold. This design is meant for a special occasion and it signifies the strength and royal aura of a bride.6. PATHAKAThis beautiful piece is the first necklace from Kerala jewellery that the bride adorns. This necklace is threaded through a thick gold chain with a large pendant studded with precious gemstones. Traditionally, the pendant has a carving of ‘Lakshmi’ on it. It is sometimes also equated with the northern concept of Mangalsutra.7. POOTHALI MALA It is a necklace with a broad motifs of leaves and flowers inspired by nature. This piece of Keralan traditional jewellery gives a beautiful rhythm and flow that compliments the charming bride.8. ELAKKATHALIElakkathali sits on the top of all other necklaces adorned by the bride on her wedding day. It is a choker type ornament which is made up of pure gold plates entwined together to form a heavy thick chain. It is also known as ‘Kasu Mala’.9. JHIMKISPopularly known as Jhumka today, these are gold earrings with small dangling bells engraved with precious gemstones like rubies, pearls, diamonds and emeralds.Which of these Kerala jewellery design did you like the most? Tell us in comments below.

 kk sharma  
 26 May 2020  

The beautiful pair ofethnic earrings can add finishing and glamour to any outfit be it western or ethnic attire. There are a variety of women earrings that suit different outfits and face shape. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to choose earrings that not only look gorgeous on your face but also match your outfit.A lot of questions were raised on the versatility of ethnic earrings. The fact that they can be adorned with traditional outfits and not so much with your western wear. But now there are multiple ways to style ethnic earrings with western outfits too.Few tips on how to style ethnic earrings with your outfits:1. STUD EARRINGSThese are the type of women earrings that do not go beyond your ear lobes and they are embedded with a single stone or a simple design. It gives a classy and elegant look to your charming face. They work well with long and oval face, mostly when the face is narrow and forehead is wide.You can wear them with every outfit, formal or semi-formal. Go for pearl studs or classic stones for an everyday look. You can also choose one design that goes with your dresses.2. HOOP EARRINGSThese type of western earrings are made up of a variety of widths and circumference. They are circular in shape whether big or small. They are easy to carry because of their lightweight. They look best with heart-shaped, oval or diamond face and thus enhances your jawline.You can pair heavy ethnic hoop earrings with salwar-kameez that gives elegant and Indian look to you. You can also pair them with a boat neck, off-shoulder or strapless necklines. Shop this type of ethnic earring online.3. CHANDELIER EARRINGSThese earrings are made up of a combination of stud and drop earrings. They are simple, elegant and looks amazing on traditional outfits. They start from one small stud and becomes wider at the end, just like a shape of the chandelier.They go well with any simple outfit or you can adorn them with sarees to make you look enchanting. You can also wear them with Anarkalis and A-line suits. If you are looking to flaunt them with your casuals, opt for contrasting coloured outfit to compliment it more. You can easily shop this earring online with better choices and fewer prices.4. JHUMKASJhumkas are stapled jewellery piece for every woman of India. Even the Bollywood beauties love to adorn them with their Indian ethnic wear. They complement every type of attire to oomph up your look. You will find multiple types of jhumkis such as embossed ones, silver ones and with layers of latkans to match almost every kind of attire.They go along well with chikankari or silk Kurtis and also with vibrant colored sarees. You can also adorn oxidized jhumkas with your black Kurti to look Proper patola for your special occasions. They are must-have for every Indian woman.5. UTTARIKSHIN EARRINGSThese type of ethnic earrings are an amalgamation of elegant Gulabi Meenakari with the boldness of gold coins. These earrings are made up of a combination of various styles and colours to give you a distinct look.Wear Uttarikshini earrings with your all-black outfit as these earrings will stand out on their own.6. FLORAL CHANDBALISThese type of ethnic earrings is a wardrobe must-have. They come with various designs and patterns but floral ones sizzle your look.Pair Floral Chandbalis with a long summer dress for a bohemian look, or with any other floral dress to create a day with a touch of elegant gold.Which style did you love the most? Tell us in the comments below.