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Category : Entrepreneurship
Top 5 problems that a start up will face in India !!
 Ranjit Samal  
 18 February 2018  

A great question that hovers around the mind of every Start Up enthusiast. Many business strugglers name Start Ups as a land of problems - I mean a quantified amount of problems. Either you are already in a business or planning to jump into the land of unseen potential. It’s all about a journey of uncertainty, travelling a distance less travelled or untraveled – It’s Entrepreneurship. But let’s understand Top 5 problems that each of thestartup encounters:1.      Businessmodel Validation: What we think while modeling a business or in an excel sheet, might not sync while we get down to the ground. A major quantum of the problem is caused due to lack of proper validation of the idea. A pen & paper B- model might not get accepted by the customer thus creating many problems. A sample study of the model with the target market is advisable before dropping ourselves in the market.2.      Competition: A new start up is always a kid in the land of huge, bully filled playground. Rival companies that are already in service in similar market to yours do have a competitive advantage. Their presence in the market for a longer time, high figure in market share, brand loyalty, intense market knowledge & degree of market acceptance makes life difficult for new start ups. But a new start up with a base of disruptive innovation will always have an edge over the older players.3.      Lackof Funding: Majority don’t start a business stating that funding is a big problem. But one won’t realize that we start a business because we don’t have money - it’s quite funny isn’t it?? But the fact is we can’t make money unless we have some money at the beginning. Financial risk plays a huge part in small business, ensuring a constant cash flow to cover up the running cost.4.      Acceptancefrom customers: Initially when your product/service is unknown to the public, the acceptance level of a new entity is a question at consumers’ level. Pushing out the first plot of services, bringing the first set of target customers, converting the prospects to a happy consumer became very difficult at the initial days. However all these are temporary as long as you have tested a sustainable product.5.      Unavailabilityof previous data: Business decisions are often data driven and for a new business not having adequate data set keep them in the face of dilemma. Launching a new concept in the market or even for the business founders themselves with little knowledge of the Industry can be extremely hard to plan. But for a smart guy, we have our end customers to make the things done.Someone said, there are two important days in your life. One, the day you are born, and the other – When your realize Why you have born. Similarly if you are very clear with the solutions that you are offering to the society, these problems are just a DOT. 

How is StoryMirror on a path to changing the Creative landscape of India?
 Aman Upadhyay  
 22 February 2018  

There are seven billion on this Earth. So, there are seven billion equally important journeys of their lives that they have lived and the stories that they created during those journeys. These stories define these individuals because these stories appeal to these individuals too. StoryMirror is the home to these seven billion stories. It is the home where stories are nurtured in myriad creative ways.And just like every individual, every brand has a story to tell—creative stories that not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that also deliver on a measurable level of Creativity.Brand StoryMirror’s story, is the story of Creativity. StoryMirror explores thoughts or ideas that are new or different in some way from previous thoughts and ideas. And as exploring thoughts and ideas can be expressed by people in many ways, it can also be expressed through drawing, writing, singing, or even doing something. And StoryMirror is the conduit between the audience and the Creativity - a movement which brings every creative mind on a single platform. It is a Creative ecosystem that is beautifully involved in providing the stage for Creative minds to share their work on. It is a unique online platform created to showcase the diversity, versatility, and excellence in the field of literature and art dispersed across the length and breadth of India. StoryMirror was set up, in the year 2015, as a revolution to connect people through stories and inculcate the spirit of storytelling in the stressful lives of the masses. Every story, poem, and artwork that appears on www.storymirror.com reflects the emotions and lives of every individual. Hence the tagline, ‘Stories that reflect you.’ It was founded, with the vision to let the artists give their piece of mind for the world to behold. StoryMirror started off as an online portal wherein any person who believes that they could write a story or a poem or had creative traits to be an artist could submit their work to be cherished by millions of individuals across the globe. By 2016, they entered publishing industry and their Future Prospects include Audio Books, Interactive Webzines, 30+ Regional Languages, Short Films/Videos, and Authors’ Workshops.StoryMirrror is trying to connect storytellers with their peers through advanced technology and digital prowess. All the stories, poems, artworks, and eBooks are available for reading, sharing, and submitting. They also have an eCommerce website and mobile application from where all the products can be downloaded or ordered. Currently, they support 6 languages - Hindi, Odia, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, and English and they are going to cover Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada very soon.Therefore, when it's said that StoryMirror is on a path to changing the Creative landscape of India, it leads to the fact that www.storymirror.com has brought to the world and made it realize the power of storytelling with its 3 million+ readers, 70k+ users, and 10k+ writers/poets/artists. It’s the only story portal with a mobile application and with more than 10,000 downloads.StoryMirror, is your way in and while this Creative Ecosystem’s stories reflect you, it is all set to always amaze you with the enormous possibilities that lie within its global vision. Because StoryMirror is the idea of Creativity. StoryMirror gives you the wonders of Creativity. And StoryMirror is the answer to your Creativity. It is all about Creativity!

All about ebazaar
 StoryMirror Feed  
 21 May 2018  

StoryMirror interviewed Viral Thakker and spoke about his venture eBZaar. Here is what he has to say.Q. Tell us about yourself and your backgroundI (Viral Thakker) have 13 years of corporate experience (prior to starting up), primarily as a corporate banker (Relationship Manager) working at ICICI, HSBC and JPMorgan amongst others and managing a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies, top 10 Indian Conglomerates and top 10 PSUs. After completing my Chartered Accountant course, I had a stint in internal & process audits, though business (sales) was always my calling. Audit happened by chance (or brutally put for incorrect guidance and then lack of opportunity) and a Sales role was by choice. My last role was an Executive Director at JPMorgan providing Trade Finance and Working Capital Loan solutions to clients North and East India markets.I also have 20yrs+ of experience as a grocery retailer, in a family business. Have first-hand experience as a milk delivery boy to procurement, selling at the cash counter, keeping track of margins, SKUs, what inventory to push and how to build a loyal customer base built on customer service and trust.Q.What is your life's greatest dream?To be atop Mount Everest and to travel the world. Q. What's is your business all about?eBZaar.com sells fruits, grocery, mithai, cakes, flowers, meat, sea food etc. eBZaar.com makes daily shopping easy and rewarding for the consumer. While daily shopping has many inconveniences, it is no secret that customers love their local stores who provide the right quality, the right products and the right price points. eBZaar empowers these local stores to come online. We provide them a free of cost digital store to help them sell to online customers. At the same time, customers get to buy all their varied grocery at one place, in an online avatar and with all conveniences of online shopping added. In other words, it customers are buying from a real world store but without the need to visit the store.Q. What are its main features and USP?The main feature is that eBZaar allows customers to shop from her own stores  - that same quality, same price, same reliability. But now that her life is digital, she also sees the store in her digital world, available 24X7, better price discovery, improved product discovery and a uniform shopping experience.As soon as customer enters the platform, she inputs delivery address and her nearby stores are shown to her. She selects the store, shops from the store and checks out.We simply build upon the loyalty and trust that a customer already has with her favourite local store and add the digital layer; you can say we bring back the choice of products, quality and price points back to the customer; a factor that many large ecommerce offerings overlook.eBZaar also ensures that only your well known and trusted stores are on-boarded onto its platform, yes we have a curation process. This has been one of the success factors in our internal metrics which perform better then some industry averages.Q. What inspires you?To make a mark, to leave a legacy, to not give up, to make it happen – that is very inspiration to me. Sports stories and war stories of fighting out the odds inspires me. Towards, I see Entrepreneurship as an opportunity to make a real world large impact, to make the world a better place. And retail transformation is a chosen space due to my background.Entrepreneurship was always lurking as part of my aspiration as much as banking as a career. As I set about doing my research, I figured that the technology space was evolving rapidly, the big tech eComm players were becoming big, offering huge discounts to force customers to move online. The rate of technology adoption by consumers has been much higher compared to a retail stores. I realized that the retailer has failed to keep pace in the embracing technology, and if this continued, it will become a matter of survival for them.From the context of running a family grocery business for 25 years, I obviously had a lot of passion for this segment, and pull of retail was inherent in my thought process. I could feel and see their potential pain, this was most inspiration as I quit JPMorgan to set out on my own.The shopkeepers or the banyas are otherwise a very smart set of people. Sooner or later, they’d realise the need for online strategy. We decided to make this as our mission - to bring back parity between the tech savvy online consumers and the lesser evolved local stores, connecting them both on a single online platform. The obvious question was: What if I could add a layer of technology to create convenience on top of the existing trust and goodwill already built by the local kirana stores? Thus eBZaar was conceived. Beyond mere survival, it helps local retailer to also compete effectively in the digital world. I had always wanted to grow our family business manifold in to a big organised set of retail stores, after all as a Gujarati, business is in my DNA. And so our mission was formed, a mission of connecting a 100 thousand stores to more then 10million customers in next few years, using tech & online marketing for the digital transformation in retailQ. How do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?eBZaar is on a mission to connect million of stores of 100 million online customers in a few years time. While our current focus in Mumbai – the home market, in 5 years we should have completed our roll out to top 15 cities. Apart, we are working on a few additional tech products to create the desired transformational impact on the retail segment.Find them on Facebook.com/ebzaar , Instagram, twitter and google+.

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 15 November 2018  

This quote is a good one

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 17 November 2018  

Grow Faster

 Silver Fox Garage  
 10 December 2019  

While numerous DIY ventures let you securely adopt new aptitudes as you improve your home, garage DIY ventures are not on that list.More than 1600 wounds identified with DIY garage door repairs are accounted for consistently. In addition, another 2100 wounds are an aftereffect of falling garage doors, andgarage door springs alone make up 300 additional damages.Attempting to fix a garage door all alone can be risky, which is the reason you should leave the work to the experts. You should set aside cash by carrying out the responsibility yourself (it doesn't generally set aside you cash at any rate); your safety should consistently start things out.However, it boils down to something other than safety.Read these five reasons you should never endeavor DIY garage door installation.1.You Don't Have the ExperienceExperts are both profoundly prepared and have long periods of experience introducing garage doors. They'll have the option to ensure they've introduced the door effectively and that it works the manner in which it should, and they'll spare you a great deal of time and disturbance.2.You Don't Have the Proper ToolsIntroducing a garage door requires explicit instruments, and they're likely not the sort of tolls you have concealed in your shed as of now.Additionally, a ton goes into installing anew garage door. You need to adjust the photograph eye, secure the door opener, wire everything appropriately, balance the heaviness of the door, and introduce the springs, pulleys, and links. An expert will have both the correct parts and the correct tools to do this productively and successfully.3.You'll Spend More MoneyIt's anything but difficult to commit errors with any DIY ventures the first occasion when you attempt them, yet botches equivalent going through more cash. If you mess something up the first occasion when, you'll need to buy the parts again and begin once again.Since they have the correct apparatuses and the correct understanding, an expert can introduce the door with no knocks en route. This sets aside your cash, yet it spares you time too.4.You'll Void the WarrantyMost garage doors accompany a guarantee, yet in the event that you attempt to introduce or fix the garage door yourself, you'll void the guarantee. Since garage door organizations know DIY garage door ventures can be perilous, and they don't need you to chance harming yourself. On the off chance that you have the guarantee, you should utilize it.5.Never Attempt DIY Garage Door InstallationThere's an explanation garage doors accompany guarantees. Taking a shot at these doors independent from anyone else can send you to the medical clinic. Rather than attempting DIY garage door establishment, ensure you leave the activity to the experts.Searching for a trustworthy company to install your garage door? Ensure you call Silver Fox Garage Door Repair and find how we can help you.

 Silver Fox Garage  
 24 December 2019  

With regards to yourcustom garage door, its torsion springs assume a key job, and when your breaks, your garage door will never again lift and near permit you in and out.Garage door springshave a specific time span of usability, and occasionally they do require substitution with the goal that your door can keep on performing at the level you and your family require.Things being what they are, exactly to what extent would you be able to expect your garage door springs to convey? Sadly, there's no straightforward answer – everything relies upon the amount you open and close the door. Each time your garage door rises and falls, it finishes one "cycle," and commonly, you can expect your garage door springs to last around 10,000 cycles. If you have a normal size family, you can anticipate that your springs should last somewhere close to seven and nine years, though if you live alone and don't travel every which way too much of the time, your springs may most recent 15 years or significantly more.What Leads to Breakage?Garage door springs can break after some time because of various elements, however much of the time, they break due to:1.Wear & Tear:Much the same as the tires on your vehicle, your garage door springs endure wear after some time.2.Rust and corrosionwill influence your garage door springs, however you can avoid rust-related harm somewhat basically by showering your springs with WD40 at regular intervals or something like that.3.Cutting Corners:In certain circumstances, manufacturers attempt and cut corners by using just a single extra-long torsion spring for the whole door, instead of depending on one spring on each side. This implies one spring needs to serve twofold obligation, which thus implies quicker spring disappointment.How To Assess the Strength of Your Springs?Need to know how your own garage door springs are holding up? Pursue these straightforward strides to get a thought of their quality.1.Draw the red-dealt with crisis discharge string.2.Lift and lower the door by hand, taking consideration to tune in for squeaking. If it happens, apply some WD40 and check whether the squeaking stops.3.Raise the garage door a few feet off the ground by hand, and afterward discharge it. If it remains set up, you can securely accept your garage door springs are fit as a fiddle. If it quickly tumbles to the floor, however, it's an ideal opportunity to supplant them.Try not to attempt to replace them yourself – on account of the weight they're under and how firmly twisted they are, doing so can demonstrate profoundly risky and is something best left to an accomplished professionals.Contact Silver Fox Garage Door Repair for garage door repair Las Vegas, today!

 Silver Fox Garage  
 30 December 2019  

Your garage door is intended to withstand almost no measure of effect. If you find your external overhead door has been hit excessively hard by something, it is feasible for a garage door panel to be broken. Obviously, it's constantly a tragic circumstance when a panel of your garage breaks, yet if you end up in this circumstance; it's good to realize that you have some plan of action.Regardless of what materials you use or how much support you complete, mishaps occur, and you need to figure out how to take care of the issue. Ordinarily, when agarage door panel breaks, you have two alternatives; to repair it or to replace it. Which choice you choose to seek after will rely upon a few components. Garage repair specialists explore some of the things that property holders need to think about when looked with the decision to replace or repair their damaged garage door panels.HOW OLD IS THE DOOR?One of the primary things that you have to consider is how old the door is. If your garage door is over twenty years, it is best to replace the whole overhead garage door. Then again, if your door is generally new, ten years or less, you should consider overhead garage door repair for panel. The other choice is to paint the new panel or repaint the whole door.     Also Know: WHEN TO REPLACE YOUR BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS?WHAT IS THE DEGREE OF THE DAMAGE?How much harm has really been caused to the door, will be another significant thought in choosing whether to repair or replace the panel. For a little degree of harm from a light effect or from minor flotsam and jetsam, a little filler and some paint may be all you need. However, if you upheld your vehicle into the garage or there was a major tempest that did serious harm, the harm will most likely reach out past a little gouge. For this situation, you should examine further for hidden issues moreover.WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET?The expense of replacing as opposed to repairing a damaged panel will be a critical thought. Repairing the panel is quite often the more reasonable choice, and your repaired panel can regularly look all-around great. Then again, if your garage door is over the hill and the panels are broken, it may very well be good to replace the whole garage door.With anew garage door, you should call our repair professionals less regularly, your home will be kept progressively secure, and you can appreciate some of the mod-cons that numerous modern garage doors presently accompany, for example, energy efficiency alternatives, keen innovation, and sensors.Contact Silver Fox Garage Door Repair or more choices on garage door replacement panel!

 Silver Fox Garage  
 7 January 2020  

With regards to enhancement and upgrades of a house, there's no uncertainty that the inside of your home takes the entire flourish and the outside establishes the primary connection. One area of your home frequently takes the back seat is your garage door! Forgarage door repair, contact a professional.All things considered, your choice ought to result from the amount in your garage, around the roof and the gateways. Henceforth, picking the best plan of your garage door can be somewhat troublesome. Nonetheless, you should coordinate the style of your home, yet the material you use can get all the more confounding. The following are four distinctive garage door materials to assist you with finding the ideal one to accommodate your way of life and furthermore your financial limit:·         FiberglassBeing effectively pliant, fiberglass materials can imitate any kind of material. Pick one with the magnificence and warmth of wood or keep its straightforwardness to allow in delicate light. They are brilliant options for seaside territories. However, fiberglass can yellow and in the long run break after some time, particularly in cool natural conditions. Contact Silver Fox for garage door repair Henderson.·SteelThe steel garage doors are fabricated from two layers of excited steel. They need very lower support than wooden materials, yet they do rust and are inclined to scratches. If you need to limit hazard to your door, consistently decide on a 24 or 25 measure steel one or one with a fiberglass overlay, which will oppose scratches and rust.·AluminumIn spite of the fact that aluminum is delicately weighted, so it very well may be utilized for extra wide-swinging doors. These days this sort of garage door has gotten sturdier and heavier than past aluminum garage door plans. What's more, it incorporates covered boards for being scratch safe. Notwithstanding, the aluminum garage door additionally accompanies a sensible sticker price, particularly if you pick the doors with substantial edges. However, you can get reasonable arrangements on garage doors; which have boards fabricating from different materials.·Wood and Wood CompositeUp until now, wood and wood composite materials are considered as the loveliest and real material for the garage doors, however tragically, the expense of wood doors is high. In any case, they stand up to wear; however, they need normal resurfacing and don't keep going long like different doors. These doors are extending from mid-cost to costly; so pick the best one to suit your spending limit. Also, the wood composite will offer a superior inclination to you as it weighs less and has a littler sticker price. If you possess huge swinging doors, at that point you can utilize wood composite garage doors.Most of the time, property holders are utilizing their garage for stopping or capacity purposes. For more information oninstallation and repair of garage door, contact Silver Fox Garage Door Repair, now!

Digital Transformation and AI To Change The Future of Business
 Priya Negi  
 6 February 2020  

The workflow of a business depends on human resource, management, resources, hierarchy levels, communication in the different levels of management, integration of all the departments, synchronization of the divided work in different departments, completion of milestones, approvals of different requests for accomplishing the goals in voice processing, coordination of various touchpoints, and more.Apart from this, the requirement for satisfactory operations depends on the personalised needs of a business. The different complicated levels cannot be managed with efficiency on paper. At this point, the integration of artificial intelligence and the manpower of the company becomes a must. Moreover, the complications in the financial and accounts department can create complete chaos. Accounts Payable Solutions are to make the accounts department of your company completely automated. It will enable the smoother workflow and optimise all the requirements within your organization. There would be lesser chances of mistakes and higher availability of precision and accuracy. Also, the time is taken to accomplish a single task or calculation greatly reduces. Continue to read the blog to know more about the benefits of digital and artificial intelligence integration with your business. 1. Desired Routing and Immediate ApprovalsSome of the most common problems faced in the accounts department are the accumulation of the work and the inability to process the request. The employees and the partners keep on raising the invoices but it takes a long time to get them cleared from different levels of approval. The result is that it takes several days, weeks, monthly, and even years for the processing of bills. It considerably hampers your business relations and can also break the trust of your employees. In short, you have to bear complete mismanagement. Accounts Payable Solutions provides an efficient solution for such a condition. The bills that are generated from any end directly reflect a concerned person automatically and if the approval is not done within a specific time limit, the authorities would receive the alerts and notifications for the same. Automation has greatly reduced the burden and inefficiency in the accounts department of any company. 2. Integration With Ongoing Accounting Functions & Existing Systems of the CompanyThere is an existing myth that the integration of the automated systems brings together the risks and complexities. Some of the other reasons that most of the companies do not want to include the automated financial operative systems are the expenses involved with the same.Well, one cannot deny the fact that the cost of installation of the system can be a bit on the higher side, but once the system is integrated, you can save considerably in the long run. Effective automated account solutions can directly integrate with your existing ERP and make your work better. They can immediately consolidate the previous data without any issues of mismanagement even for a day. The service providers integrate the system software within a few hours and also train you with the easy operations so that you and your team do not require to suffer the inconvenience. Installation of the upgraded accounting system does not require any development from scratch. So, if you want to remove the complexities from your accounting system, you shall opt for accounts AI software. 3. Reduce Risks in Your Financial ManagementThere are higher chances of fraud, scam, and failure of your existing account system if there is no option for the security of the system. It might take a huge time for big companies to identify the small changes in their account system until it is under continuous monitoring. This is where the automated system is significantly helpful. The system has no chance to be hacked or cracked from an external risk as it is built with complete security. Even a single dollar transaction made from your company’s account is under your direct governance and cannot be initiated without your approval. Not only that, but it also keeps track of all the transactions that are made from your company’s account. You can analyse this data at the end of every financial year to know about the profit, loss, and the growth of your company. Final WordsThe digital transformations and improvements in artificial intelligence are done keeping in mind the requirements of a company. Accounts Payable Solutions resolve the existing problems of your organisation along with providing an efficient and practical solution for the same. All the companies using the automated system in the finance department has seen growth in a minimum span compared to the organisations that are still dependent on manual systems. It not only improves the environment within the company but makes the client relationship stronger. No organisation can see further growth unless and until they maintain a trustworthy relationship in the market. One can gain the trust of the customers only by maintaining the transparency in the financial sector. 

Most AccurateCisco 200-125 Questions & Answers
 Best Exams  
 13 February 2020  

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