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Category : Entertainment
Snake Repellant
 Suchismita Sahu  
 25 February 2018  

One day, I saw a snake's skin near the window of my office room. I ran to my desk, sat keeping my legs up in the chair and started telling my teammates that i saw a snake's skin. They laughed at me and said these are very common here!!! Snakes are like our friends. Without telling anything, I kept quite and started working myself. Next day morning, i saw the infrastructure admin in my office room. I could not resist and started asking "Uncle, can my desk be shifted to Helix,which is near to the office gate?"Admin: "Why Mam? Why do you want to shift?"Myself: "No, I am scared!!!"Admin: "Of what?Myself: "Of snakes!!!"Admin: "Dont worry mam. Snakes wont come inside your office room."😊Myself: "what is the guarantee that they wont come inside?Many are roaming in the surrounding of office room!"Admin:"I am assuring you that they will never come inside of this office room".Myself:"How can you be so sure?"Admin: "Because we don't provide access card to anyone who are not our employees and snakes are not our employees. They dont have access card, so they cannot come inside!!!"😊😊Myself: "Yes, I agree. They can come inside when someone will open the door."Admin: "Tailgating is prohibited in our organisation!"😊Myself: "But, space-tailing is there! They can come inside through the 1" space gap between the floor and the door."Admin: "Mam, you can use this snake repellent, while you are inside this room"Myself: "OMG!!! where I came! I need to use snake repellent to work in the office!!!"😮

Eight female led crime TV shows you must watch
 Smita Bhattacharya  
 14 March 2018  

I love, love, love watching crime shows and love more Nordic noir and the temperamental detective, where the moods are as erratic and dark as the plot. Here is a list of a few I watched over the last year which has strong female leads. A few of them are incredibly edge of the seat with a fantastic plot and cast to execute them. And thankfully, the women at the center are not seeking or falling in love with the nearest good-looking man as a respite from (and sometimes at the cost of) their detective duties. They are middle-aged with children or are single and unapologetic about it, much flawed and human, yet brilliant and unwavering in their goal. Check them out and let me know others. This genre, I wish, would grow in multitudes1.The Fall: Gillian Anderson returns to the small screen as Stella Gibson and how brilliant is she? We know both the hunted and the hunter in this slow, moody, psychological thriller and yet, the cat and mouse game is less than predictable. The plot: when a Belfast murder remains unsolved, Stella Gibson (Anderson) is brought in to catch the killer. DSI Gibson soon fears that a murder spree is underway in Belfast and a killer is on the loose. An equally brilliant Jamie Dornan plays serial killer Paul Spector whose identity is known within a few minutes of the first episode, but hey, watch it and tell me if that makes it any less exciting.2. The Killing: Who killed Rosie Larsen (and other questions answered). The Killing is based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen (The Crime) and stars Detective Sarah Linden and her loyal love-to-hate-you-hate-to-love-you sidekick Stephen Holder (I admit, I fell a bit in love with the damaged piece that was him by the end of it). Each episode ends with a cliffhanger that points of a possible killer who doesn’t turn out to be the one in the next (but of course!). In essence, the show follows the investigation of the murder of local teenager Rosie Larsen but is intertwined with others: the police investigation into the murder, the Larsen family's attempts to deal with their grief, and the fluctuating electoral fortunes of a political campaign that becomes embroiled in the case.3. Happy Valley: Oh, how much do I LOVE BBC’s crime productions? There are five on this list (barring The Killing) and I say without hesitation they have mastered the art (or science or what have you). Happy Valley is set in the Calder Valley and Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) plays a strong-willed police sergeant, still coming to terms with the suicide of her daughter, Becky, eight years earlier. She is now bringing up Becky's young son, Ryan, the product of rape. Catherine hears that Tommy Lee Royce, the man responsible for the brutal rape that impregnated Becky and drove her to suicide shortly after Ryan was born, is out of prison after serving eight years for drug charges. Catherine becomes obsessed with finding Royce, unaware that he is involved in the kidnapping of a young girl—Ann Gallagher. Things get worse as the kidnappers try to hide their tracks and Catherine grows neurotically persistent.4. Vera: Based on the Vera Stanhope novels by bestselling author Ann Cleeves, Vera (starring Brenda Blethyn in the titular role) is an employee of the fictional Northumberland and City Police. She is obsessive about her work and driven by her own demons. She plods along in a constantly disheveled state but has a calculating mind, and despite her irascible personality, she cares deeply about her work and comrades (-- from Wikipedia). Everything about her screams motherly and cantankerous, yet she is a formidable force to watch. And you will grow very fond of her by the end of it.5. The Honourable Woman: Not a detective series this but I couldn’t help adding it to the list. THW is a political spy thriller which is so nail-bitingly good, you have to watch now. It features Maggie Gyllenhaal in the title role (isn’t that the new, happy trend: small screen revival projects for the out-of-work or fading big screen stars?). She won a Golden Globe for it. Totally deserved, may I add? Gyllenhaal plays Anglo-Jewish businesswoman Nessa Stein who eight years earlier became the new head of the Stein Group after her brother abruptly stepped down. As she continues her work to maintain the Middle East peace process, old secrets come to the fore and bodies pile up. The stakes are raised high when Kasim, the son of Atika, Nessa's friend as well as Ephram Stein's Palestinian housekeeper, is kidnapped.6. Top of the Lake: Okay, to be honest, this is not one of my favorites. I thought the plot fell a bit flat towards the end. But the characters and the settings are quirky and unique and the whimsical style of storytelling reasons enough to watch. The drama stars Elizabeth Moss (someone I admired in Mad Men and will, till the end of life, know as Peggy Olson). She plays Detective Robin Griffin, a Sydney police officer returning to her remote New Zealand hometown of Laketop, facing the crimes surrounding the pregnancy and disappearance of a local 12-year-old girl, Tui.7. Spiral (Engrenages): Another one to add to the list is the French BBC Drama - Spiral: Engrenages - broadcast on Canal+. It stars two powerful female characters: a quirky, obsessed, but brilliant female Police Captain Laure Berthaud, and a ruthless, corrupt and beautiful female lawyer Joséphine Karlsson, both caring less about the many feathers they ruffle. These female characters are primary to the plot and rarely was their gender invoked in relation to their job role or position of power. This feminist observation apart, the 12 part series is gripping: the characters etched out in great detail (I felt for each of them in their individual disasters and triumphs), their relationships and challenges realistic, and the three subplots cleverly executed and tied together. A minor quibble was the need to look at the subtitles constantly, but I swear by end of it I could speak a little bit of French myself.8. Marcella: Err... another British television crime noir detective series. Yeah, mea culpa, but I do like them so much! They are astonishingly atmospheric—a trait I look for in everything I read or watch—the cast and setting need to grow on me. The series stars Anna Friel as Marcella Backland, a former London detective who is asked to return to work to investigate an unsolved case from eleven years ago involving an unidentified serial killer who appears to have become active again. What I love best is she is un-coplike, almost vulnerable and thus, very relatable. Series 2 started airing in Feb, 2018 and I can’t wait for it to come to Netflix.Homeland and House of Cards are the other two wildly popular series with strong female leads. Might I also dare add Game of Thrones season 6? Finally, we have women sailing to conquer worlds and play both the hero and the villain. We have come a long way.But you know what else I wish for now? That the victims of these murders are not women! YES, let’s write a book or make a TV series where the victims of the serial killer is not a WOMAN? Yes, yes, please? I know, we make a pretty picture no matter what, but let’s not have any more cowering and whimpering. Just for a change.About the writer: Smita Bhattacharya is an author based out of Mumbai. She has a particular soft spot for psychological thriller novels and TV series. Her latest novel, Dead to Them, was released in January 2018 and is currently garnering rave reviews. Her other two books, He Knew a Firefly and Vengeful, have ranked among the top 100 Asian Literature & Fiction on Amazon. Several of her short stories have appeared in Indian and international publications over the years, making her a very happy person indeed. More about her at: www.smitabhattacharya.com

Neuroendocrine Tumors: Irrfan Khan
 Devesh Rai  
 30 March 2018  

One of the finest actors in the Indian Cinema, known for his versatile and natural acting. He has also worked in British films and Hollywood films. His love for the art of cinema knew no boundaries of culture or countries for that matter. 2017 Filmfare award for best actor for the role, The Padma Shri award- India's fourth highest civilian honor for his contribution to the field of arts. Irrfan Khan, known for changing and redefining the 'hero' perception in our country. His love for finding rare and incredible movies, unfortunately, is diagnosed with a rare disease- Neuroendocrine tumors. The Madaari fame actor updated his fans about his health via Twitter by posting a note that read: "Learning that I have been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour as of now has been admittedly been difficult, but the love and strength of those around me and that I found within me has brought me to a place of hope. The journey of this is taking me out of the country, and I request everyone to continue sending their wishes." This makes us wonder how and what is this disease. So, here is everything you need to know:What is Endocrine?The body’s endocrine system is made up of cells that produce hormones. Hormones are chemical substances that are carried through the bloodstream that have a specific effect on the activity of other organs or cells in the body.About endocrine and neuroendocrine tumorsA tumor begins when healthy cells change and grow out of control, forming a mass. A tumor can be cancerous or benign. A cancerous tumor is malignant, meaning it can grow and spread to other parts of the body if it is not found early and treated. A benign tumor means the tumor can grow but will not spread. A benign tumor usually can be removed without it causing much harm.An endocrine tumor is a mass that begins in the parts of the body that produce and release hormones. Because an endocrine tumor develops from cells that produce hormones, the tumor can also produce hormones. This can cause serious illness.A neuroendocrine tumor begins in the hormone-producing cells of the body’s neuroendocrine system, which is made up of cells that are a combination of hormone-producing endocrine cells and nerve cells. Neuroendocrine cells are found throughout the body in organs such as the lungs and gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and intestines.Types of neuroendocrine tumorsThere are many types of neuroendocrine tumors. Mainly of 3 specific types: pheochromocytoma, Merkel cell cancer, and neuroendocrine carcinoma. Pheochromocytoma is a rare tumor.This type of tumor increases the production of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which increase blood pressure and heart rate. Even though a pheochromocytoma is usually benign, it may still be life-threatening because the tumor may release large amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream after injury. Merkel cell cancer is a highly aggressive, or fast-growing, rare cancer. It starts in hormone-producing cells just beneath the skin and in the hair follicles. It is usually found in the head and neck region. Merkel cell cancer may also be called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin or trabecular cancer.Neuroendocrine carcinoma. Around 60% of neuroendocrine tumors cannot be described as anything other than “neuroendocrine carcinoma.” Neuroendocrine carcinoma can start in a number of places in the body, including the lungs, brain, and gastrointestinal tract.Overall, it is estimated that more than 12,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor each year.The 5-year survival rate of people with a neuroendocrine tumor varies and depends on several factors, including the type of neuroendocrine tumor and where the tumor is located.  what factors may increase the chance of developing this disease. Neuroendocrine Tumor: Risk FactorsA risk factor is anything that increases a person’s chance of developing a tumor. Although risk factors often influence the development of a neuroendocrine tumor, most do not directly cause it. Some people with several risk factors never develop a tumor, while others with no known risk factors do. However, knowing your risk factors and talking about them with your doctor may help you make more informed lifestyle and health care choices.The following factors can raise a person's risk of developing a neuroendocrine tumor:Age. Pheochromocytoma is most common in people between the ages of 40 and 60. Merkel cell cancer is most common in people older than 70.Gender. Men are more likely to develop pheochromocytoma than women. For every 2 women who develop pheochromocytoma, 3 men will develop the disease. Men are also more likely to develop Merkel cell cancer than women.Race/ethnicity. White people are most likely to develop Merkel cell cancer; however, some black people and people of Polynesian descent develop the disease.Family history. Ten percent (10%) of pheochromocytomas are linked to hereditary, or genetic, causes.  Immune system suppression. People with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and people whose immune systems are suppressed because of an organ transplant have a higher risk of developing a neuroendocrine tumor.Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCV). Research indicates that there is a link between this virus and Merkel cell cancer. Arsenic exposure. Exposure to the poison arsenic may increase the risk of Merkel cell cancer.Sun exposure. Because Merkel cell cancer often occurs on the sun-exposed areas of the head and neck, many doctors think that sun exposure may be a risk factor for this type of cancer. The next section in this guide is Symptoms and Signs. It explains what body changes or medical problems this disease can cause.Sometimes, people with a neuroendocrine tumor do not have any of these changes. Or, the cause of a symptom may be another medical condition that is not cancer.Symptoms of pheochromocytomaHigh blood pressureAnxiety attacksFeverHeadachesSweatingNauseaVomitingClammy skinRapid pulseHeart palpitationsSymptoms of Merkel cell cancerPainless, firm, shiny lumps on the skin that can be red, pink, or blueSymptoms of neuroendocrine carcinomaHyperglycemia, which is a high level of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a sugar that is converted into energy by the body. Hyperglycemia causes frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger.Hypoglycemia, which is a low level of glucose in the blood. It causes fatigue, nervousness and shakiness, dizziness or light-headedness, sweating, seizures, and fainting.DiarrheaPersistent pain in a specific areaLoss of appetite or weight lossA cough or hoarseness that does not go awayThickening or lump in any part of the bodyChanges in bowel or bladder habitsUnexplained weight gain or lossJaundice, which is the yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyesUnusual bleeding or dischargePersistent fever or night sweatsHeadachesAnxietyGastric ulcer diseaseSkin rashSome people also experience nutritional deficiencies before a diagnosis, such as niacin and protein deficiency. Others develop this symptom later.If a neuroendocrine tumor is diagnosed, relieving symptoms remains an important part of your medical care and treatment.Doctors use many tests to find or diagnose, a tumor. They also do tests to learn if the tumor is cancerous and if so, if it has spread to another part of the body from where it started. For most types of tumors, a biopsy is the only sure way for the doctor to know whether an area of the body has cancer. In a biopsy, the doctor takes a small sample of tissue for testing in a laboratory. This list given below describes options for diagnosing this type of tumor.The type of tumor suspectedYour signs and symptomsYour age and medical conditionThe results of earlier medical testsIn addition to a physical examination, the following tests may be used to diagnose a neuroendocrine tumor:Blood/urine tests.- Urine tests check for increased levels of adrenaline in the body. Large amounts of adrenaline can be a sign of pheochromocytoma.X-ray.Computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Biopsy- A biopsy is the removal of a small amount of tissue for examination under a microscope. Molecular testing of the tumor. Positron emission tomography (PET) or PET-CT scanLiving a Healthy lifestyle has become of utmost importance. Early detection of such diseases could save you from later complications and from harmful chemos and painful treatments. Till then, we can only pray and bestow our blessings on Irfaan Khan. We hope he returns in the pink of health and gets back to action very soon.#smblogcontest

'Captain' COOL
 Diksha Yadav  
 5 April 2018  

The best finisher in the sport and one of the highest rated keepers of all time. Yes, our favourite captain coolMahendra Singh Dhoni received country's third highest civilian award, Padma Bhushan, from President Ram Nath Kovind on Monday. The very same day, when India won the World Cup under his captaincy in 2011 and became the first country to win the world cup on its home soil. He wants to join Army after retirement. Territorial Army has given the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel to M.S.Dhoni and thus, he received the award in the Indian Army uniform. As his name was announced, Dhoni marched past the dignitaries present at the Rashtrapati Bhavan before receiving the honour from President Ram Nath Kovind. In his own words: it's always been about serving the country.Apart from Dhoni, multiple billiards world champion Pankaj Advani also received the award for his extraordinary achievements. Advani, 32, has ruled world billiards for several years. The Bangalore-based cueist has won 18 world titles. Ace cueist Pankaj had claimed the IBSF World Snooker Championship title in November last year.Dhoni has been the recipient of many awards, including the ICC ODI Player of the Year award in 2008 and 2009 (the first player to win the award twice), the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 2007 and the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour in 2009. Considered as the country's most successful cricket captain, Dhoni led India to two World Cup triumphs -- in the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 held in South Africa in September 2007 and the 2011 ICC ODI World Cup. India also won ICC Champions Trophy under him. It was under his captaincy that India climbed to No. 1 in the ICC Test Rankings in December 2009.Advani also has a distinguished career, having won gold twice in Asian Games in 2006 Doha and 2010 Guangzhou. He is also a multiple world champion.On Tuesday, Dhoni took to social media to share his thoughts on what the 'uniform' means to him'"An honour to get the Padma Bhushan and receiving it in Uniform increases the excitement ten folds. Thanks to all the Men and Women in Uniform and their families for the Sacrifices they make so that all of us could enjoy our Constitutional Rights. Jai Hind," he wrote in the Instagram post.On April 2 in 2011, India won the World Cup final against Sri Lanka. With 10 balls to go at the Wankhede Stadium, the then-captain Dhoni ended India's 28-year wait with a massive six.Dhoni has been the recipient of many awards, including the ICC ODI Player of the Year award in 2008 and 2009 (the first player to win the award twice), the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 2007 and the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour in 2009.PADMA AWARDSThe Padma Awards are one of the highest civilian honours of India announced annually on the eve of Republic Day. The Awards are given in three categories:Padma Vibhushan (for exceptional and distinguished service)Padma Bhushan (distinguished service of higher order) Padma Shri (distinguished service).The award seeks to recognize achievements in all fields of activities or disciplines where an element of public service is involved.The Padma Awards are conferred on the recommendations made by the Padma Awards Committee, which is constituted by the Prime Minister every year. The nomination process is open to the public. Even self-nomination can be made.All persons without distinction of race, occupation, position or sex are eligible for these awards. However, Government servants including those working with PSUs, except doctors and scientists, are not eligible for these Awards.The awards are presented by the President of India usually in the month of March/April every year where the awardees are presented a Sanad (certificate) signed by the President and a medallion.The recipients are also given a small replica of the medallion, which they can wear during any ceremonial/State functions etc. if the awardees so desire. The names of the awardees are published in the Gazette of India on the day of the presentation ceremony.The total number of awards to be given in a year (excluding posthumous awards and to NRI/foreigners/OCIs) should not be more than 120. The award does not amount to a title and cannot be used as a suffix or prefix to the awardees’ nameAn unwritten rule is that generally, 10 years must pass before someone gets to get a higher Padma category award.Here are some quotes from Mahender Singh Dhoni, which simply speaks about his golden  heart:The untamed Captain.The nation comes first.The secret behind his 'coolness'.No wonder why we love him so much.

Review on the movie - Dangal
 Harsha Darji  
 20 April 2018  

'Dangal' in hindi, but you can call 'Wrestling' in English. We all are wrestlers in real life, coz we fight with our fears, failures, we fight for our dreams, success, we fight for our love, our near ones, dear ones & much more. Wrestling is not so easy, one has to put in hard efforts, one has to give away sleep & work dedicately towards the goal. The journey is painful & their is always learning in each small step that you take towards your goal. It really needs a big heart to give away entire time & life for shaping the career & moulding it into the finest piece. No other can do that for you except our parents. We at times do question them, we doubt them , we blame them, but the fact is , whatever little they had, they spend that little on us. In todays scenario a child often forgets the pain that parents took to upbring them. No other can trust you as much as our parents does & no other can motivate us except our parents. Even if the entire world is against us, we have parents who stand firm with us. We should always be kind, grateful, thankful & shld show our respect by showering our love & care towards them. The other fact of the society is male dominating, inspite of being educated. We give more encouragement to son in sports or any other field & less to girls. The state fund raised for girls in sports shld be easily approved & available but this corrupted ppl eat funds & fill their own pockets. Girls need to fight with the society & ppl around to prove that they are not less then boys & thoughts towards them are wrong & has no base. Girls are not only born to get marry & do household cores. Parents must take initiative to make their daughter realise of their own worth, potential & value. I salute to the parents who encourages their daughters into sports, singing, dancing or any other field. I feel proud to see parents fighting for the daughters for their rights & equality. The movie emphasis on the thoughts of the society towards girls whether its sports, whether giving birth to girl child etc etc. If given opportunity girls can be much better than boys & we can shape their career, passion & their life. The movie is humorous, it has drama, it has fun, aggression & passion for sports & it has undying spirit of hope & a strong message to the society 'Let her Live' & she can do wonders & create history. The movie is awesome & aamir was superb with his role of being father of two proud daughters geeta & babita. Our society needs more such inspiring father to create more such stories. I give 4.5 star to this movie. Do go & watch & be wrestler to cope up with your life...😊

Borislav award by Ivanovitch Committee
 saurabh pant  
 6 August 2018  

Borislav award by Ivanovitch committee It is a great day in Sveti Stefan in Montenegro for me and all the Indian visually impaired who are involved in the international field to share on and I am extremely glad first of all to be part of 4th Ivanovitch poetry meet from 1st to 3rd August.Before I share the big news I would like to express my gratitude to my parents, my author team, Nick sir and Priya madam, All my Visually impaired community mates and everyone who support strongly that makes the difference. Now there you go with the big news of 3rd of August 2018- The organisers of the Ivanovitch committee has decided to award the 2018 Borislav medal (Man of legacy price) to Saurabh Pant for his contribution in such a young age as author whith 32 books on his name including 1 novel, 5 Indian research works, 6 Lulu ebooks, 14 Scribd books, 4 Education books in New Zealand and 2 Education books in Ireland which include all to be 32 books in complete which is a great feeling. And When my coach told me all about it and the fact to be coming to reality this day, I became shocked with delight and joy and no worries he said to me that around it is about time indeed that my writing has been proudly appreciated. It was further collaborated by the organizers around the closing ceremony (that is according to Indian time around 5 pm), They have handed over this prize that contains 1 medal of gold, 1 letter of appreciation and strong prize money around. I have been asked by the committee members to present braille facts to performed the Borislav presentation which is the tradition to be for the person who achieves this award in which the receiver expresses the past where Sir Borislav Mendredevitch lived, how he was a man of legacy himself and how rich was his time of brilliance which can be revived in present day by rising poets. They were kind to ask me to do it with ease and I was up for the task; made quick braille notes due to team support, checked the facts to right value and finally managed to perform on stage with 4-page braille presentation and my voice swirling around the whole corridor of the organizer's premises. I also mentioned in my presentation that how The connection of the award is also deeply relative whereas it explains how every time this award is given to one of the country poets who participated in the poetry meet and how it showcases the realist touch of both the meet and the pride moments. this time It is me for which I am thankful to the mighty lord and all of you have been great support indeed... List of Borislav award receivers: 2012: Myneis Olgovitch, Albania, 'poet of 12 International books' 2014: Reigstler Alchmaineder, France, 'Author and poet of 23 books' 2016: Antonio Mardretch, Germany, 'Author of 18 poem collections' 2018: Saurabh Pant, India, 'Author of 32 Books'. Once the presentation was done, I also mentioned those above-listed names, how they are still valuable in the present day and how they can still lead to the world with their skills for the Blind community. Finally completing the words, I stepped forward to receive my award from the Chief leader of Montenegro and it was great feeling altogether. There you go with the memorable achievement and I am sure that India would continue to become better and better even in the Visually impaired sector and the revival of our country goes on... Once again a big cheerful thank you note to all of you, Stay blessed and keep your bliss to continue to help me become better... 

Why is it Advantageous to Play At Online Casinos?
 lucy get  
 23 September 2018  

Long time ago, before online casino game came into existence, an awesome game named roulette was very popular and could be played without even leaving the comfort of your couch.As online casinos came into popularity and right after invention they became famous all over the world. New online casinos facilities are being introduced every time online.Accessible to play everywhere and anytimeOnce you have web connection, you have a choice among hundreds of web casinos without downtime. Your geographical location does not interfere with your entertainment of online casinos with real sum of money. If you check these out, you will come to find that all these web casinos offers a lot of entertainment package and an opportunity to win real cash.No dress codeMost of the real time casino has a requirement to be dressed in certain way in order to bet a big amount of money. With online casino, you can even play baccarat while having just your pajamas on. No longer there is need to show off, you can play at the best comfort of your own house.Weather condition no longer mattersWhile playing at web casino, you no longer have to bear the heat of the Las Vegas. You can play at online casino without having to worry about carrying umbrella or any weather protection ever. You can relax at your best place at home and play without leaving or house or travelling a long distance to play at desired casino.No longer concern about safetyWhile playing at comfort of your home at online casino you no longer have to worry about your chip falling down or being robbed of your hard won money ever. You will not have to see face of anyone while playing game or take away your concentration. A lot of female feels a lot safer while playing online casino because they do not have to encounter their outside world to play any game.Control the number of peopleGambling is one of the favorite past times for a number of people. Real casinos gets hectic and busy and sometime it gets quite difficult to find a slot machine and table game. Often people are intimated by crowds. On the contrary, online casinos render confidence and privacy to the players you want. It is always nice to concentrate on gaming at a crowd- free place.Selection of GamesOnline casinos render just almost any game that you wish to wager on. It offers you with more options than a typical land casino. Look for any theme on a slot machine and you’ll find it on the internet. Gclub คาสิโนออนไลน์ offers you more variety of casino games. Withdrawal and deposit optionsFor the land casinos, you can just use cash for your game play. But, the online casinos render a variety of funding and withdrawal methods to commence your game. Credit cards are also allowed. Gclub Casino gives you a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to ease your gambling and live games. 

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 15 November 2018  

Mobile Friend quote is a good one

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 15 November 2018  

Its true

Bollywood around the trees
 Kalpana Swamy  
 6 February 2019  

"Bollywood is all about dancing around the trees"... probably yes and that's what makes us unique and jhintaak!
I guess "around the trees" is a metaphor to show that sweet shyness which tingles your body and that strange happiness you don't know how to express. Most of the songs picturised around trees are the ones where the girl and boy are expressing their love coyly. Starting from 1930s where Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani crooned to “Main Ban Ki Chidiya Ban Me” around the trees to almost the end of 1990s, hindi cinema have taken refuge of nature to depict romance.
And why not? Trees, flowers, gardens and nature appear the best when you heart is blooming with love. It is a state of mind which depicts happiness and joy. Even autumn starts looking fresh in hues of brown and grey, when the love blossoms! Remember the tulip garden in Dekha Ek Khwab from Silsila!
However, I want to recollect one rare song which fits the bill and still does not qualify to be jhintaak at all! “Dil Dhoondhta Hai” from Mausam!
Mausam signifies weather, which changes and never remains constant! The movie aptly titled shows myriad variations of emotions which are created by circumstances and fate. A happy couple separates, a daughter never sees her father and life takes her on the path of a profession where a man is a man, not a father or brother or friend! Fate brings the father and daughter back and relationship tornado takes swirls!
And one song which summarises the whole movie is Dil Dhoondhta Hai Phir Wohi Fursat ke Raat Din!
Gulzar Saab has penned this song in such articulated way that the same lyrics make up for a happy version and a sad version. While Madan Mohan ji has composed both the versions in typical moods, we must give complete credit to Bhupinder Singh ji for exuding such strong emotions in each version so beautifully!
The baritone effortlessly reach your soul in both the versions. While singing happy, he voice smiles and while remembering the happy times heart cries, his voice will pierce you with pain and pathos! More you listen to each version, more you fall in love!
Happy Birthday Bhupinder Singh ji!


Laughing Time
 Sara Garg  
 15 February 2019  

Laughing time

What Should you Consider in Wedding and Pre-Wedding Photographers in Lucknow
 Subodh Bajpai  
 5 June 2019  

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Article - 15
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 8 July 2019  

Our country would complete 73rd independence day in Aug 2019 and we have achieved many mile stones, went through lot of high & lows, have overcome so many challenges till date, the only saddest part that still exists in our country is caste and religion. Our constitution was so well framed by Dr ambedkar, wherein we talk about basic rights and equality of people, but its still a matter of shame coz, equality for all caste and religion exist only on papers. We have never tried to overcome this biggest challenge and have just used the caste and religion for vote bank, to seek admission with bribe on the seats of lower caste, to seek job in govt sector by buying the seat of lower caste and much more. I keep travelling around, and where ever i go i have seen, ppl do not hesitate to ask, which caste you belong to. In south there is village where lower caste has to think alot before passing the village that belongs to upper caste. I have seen even educated ppl residing near or around me talking rubbish about caste and religion. In this 21st century ppl are highly qualified, the only thing that is missing is humanity and we cannot add value to the society unless and until we ovecome our rigid mindset of lower caste, upper caste etc. I would like to share one incident, i got transfered to a particular city and was in need of maid and someone staying near by recommended me a maid, she came to meet me, bt the owner of the house did not allowed her to come inside, coz the maid belonged to lower caste. The other day i asked the owner of my house did any maid came to meet me ?, she said yes, but would you allow 'chamaran' to enter and work in your house. I really felt bad the way she talked, such low minded people do not even think before they speak. The fact is we cant live without this lower caste people or else Our household work would remain still, if these ppl from lower caste do not work for us. The roads and surroundings would have become hell to live, if this ppl who belong to lower caste do not clean it. The drainage would over flow if this ppl stop working. People must learn to respect each other irrespective of the work and profession that one belongs to. No work is small, except the thinking and the mentality that you carry, coz this mentality you are passing to new generation. Wherein the problem of caste and religion would never be solved in our country. We live in a democratic country, where everyone has right of justice, equality and freedom to express. Article 15 has lot to say and it highlights on the current incident that still prevails in most part of our country. Even if we talk about ex chief minister mayavati, she has nt done any work for the ppl of lower caste except using them as vote bank and many other in politics are still using them. The govt should control alter delete the caste system from the country, so that it can lead to equality in income, education, job and most of the problem could be solved by bringing caste system to an end. The standard of living, the education, the income equality, etc of this caste has really not change much in uttarpradesh and many other parts. The movie highlights the heart touching incident, i.e rape of two minor girls who were working as child labor and they wanted the hike of just rupees three. My eyes were teared and i asked myself, in which world are we living ??, that we really do not feel the pain ? how can people be so inhuman ?. One can laugh, giggle, can spread rumours, but cant contribute their emotions, sympathy, empathy to the people around. Such ppl are shame to the society, coz they do not have much to give to the society and its ppl, not even humanity, and neither they add value to anybodys life. Learn to be human first, humanity itself is a biggest religion. We are indians, do not catergorize indians state, caste, religion wise. Try to come above all this. The movie is really worth watching, and ayushman did a complete justice with his character and role. I give 4.5 star to this movie for showing the reality, that our country can never overcome the caste and religion base issue, coz we are passing our rigid mindset and thoughts to the next generation. What we preach our children that is what they give to the society. Enjoy ur weekends with family by watching movie 'Article 15' 👍

 Hritika Bhattacharya  
 30 July 2019  

Laughter is the best medicine

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 robert clark  
 6 November 2019  

If you like to try something new in the online casino then you can choose the new casino. New casino sites bring you thrilling and exciting slot games. The casino games are developed with the new technology that offers fun gaming experience. The new casino must offer innovative concepts to its customers if they need to succeed in the online casino industry. The trusted new casino allows gamers to play casino games with peace of mind. The licensed casino is 100% secure to play the online slots from home.Why should you choose a new online casino siteAt present, the online casino software provider launches lots of the new casino. New casino sites offer awesome benefits to players like awesome casino bonuses, the latest casino games, mobile-friendly functionality, and others. You can play the slot games at the new casino and get a chance to win a high jackpot. If you are playing online then you can try out the new online casino games for fun or real money. Here are some of the reasons for selecting a new online casino site.Casino games and softwareOne of the reasons for choosing the new casino is games and software. The new online casino site will provide lots of newly released games and software to the players. They increase the customer’s base on their site by offering thrilling casino games such as online slots, video poker, table games, and others. The casino software provider creates new games by considering the player's needs. They offer games in different themes like music, forest, adventure, and more that suits all players taste. It also provides a realistic gambling experience to the gamblers.Casino bonusThe bonus is an essential aspect of the online casino site. The new casino sites need to attract the gamblers quickly by offering the casino bonuses. You can receive awesome bonuses when creating an account in the new casino site. They provide you a variety of bonuses like welcome, deposit offers, free spins, no deposit bonuses and more. The new casino offers daily or weekly free spin bonuses that attract the players to create an account on their site.The bonuses have terms and conditions so you must read it when claiming in the online casino. When you are registering with the online casino, you receive a welcome bonus which increases their chances of boosting the profits. Sometimes, the players don’t want to deposit the real cash in the account to claim the free spin bonuses. The online casino provides no deposit bonuses to the players that allow them to play slots without the risk of real money.Mobile CompatibilityOne enticing reason for selecting the new casino sites is mobile compatibility. The new online casino site is developed to support mobile devices. It is the perfect choice for gamers who like to play casino games while traveling. The online casino site is compatible with different devices such as tablets, smartphones, desktop, laptops, and others. You can gamble online casino games whenever you need it.

Get all latest banking option at mobile slots
 michael davis  
 7 November 2019  

No matter whether you are playing mobile slots games by going on the sites or by its download based option, it is compulsory to do a registration if you are a newbie player. Slots are the famous games of the gambling industry, which both beginners and experienced users wish to play for fun and entertainment.As we all know that in the present scenario, human beings are utterly dependent on smartphones, even for small things. By seeing this thing, the casino industry, in association with technology, has launched the option of playing gambling games on the phone. As compared to a land-based casino enjoying slot games on mobile are more comfortable, plus it also gives much freedom to users for spinning the slot reel at anyplace without any hassle. Phones slots games are highly beneficial to the punters as it provides plenty of free offers, rewards, and playing option from any corner of the world. Like everything has two faces, the same as these slots games have both positive and negative points. Read down further to know all about casinos slots games and essential points that will help you in the gambling journey.Some Pros of playing slots games on a phoneTake a glance at the point that we have mentioned below. It might help gamblers to know about the trill and excitements of the mobile slots games.There are many mobile casinos in the world; it introduces different slots games on daily bases. It also gives an option to a player to choose a suitable one from unlimited sites on google to pass their boredom.In contrast to other casinos, phone casinos have much better odds. The main reason for it is that the rules of playing games on gadgets are elementary and very easier to understand.No need to stand in the long line, now gamblers can enjoy the slot according to their wish at any time on their phones as it comes in the form of apps and instant play options.To make their sites highlighted among the market, they give plenty of free offers on their slot games. By playing with these offers on mobile helps users to learn and discover the strategies as well as the knowledge of all games.Money transfer option that is acceptableFrom billing to shopping, everything is going digital. That why to makes user life more manageable, all new casinos introduced the variety of payment method options on their sites. All kinds of ways of crediting money are accepted in the mobile casino. Players can easily do the transaction of a dime with the national, international, and fast-growing companies. Some famous names that are mostly used by the punters are debit or credit cards, internet banking, e-wallet, Paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Bank transfer. These all are the safest in and out the method of transactions that are most loved and used globally.If a user wants to withdrawal their wining money from the account, they have to fulfill the wagering requirements. Cashing out might take some time because as compared to credit options, there are some limited withdrawal choices for gamers that are accepted for the mobile slots games.

What Everyone Is Saying About Wow Gold
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 13 November 2019  

During the advanced generation, online video gaming are the best interestfor every individuals inspite of their age. There are lots of web based video gaming that are massively popular in the gaming industry platform. Wow is also one of the renowned online multi player video gaming. This unique creation is produced by Blizzard Entertainment throughout the year 2004. It is estimated that around 12 million players are made their account along with a world of warcraft. The astonishing top features ofthe sport impact the massive number of participants as well as set their graph of highest global recognition on the peak in the game playing platform. Addititionally there is an alternative of earning cash from the warcraft. A gamer can enjoy one time at free of cost in free trial perform. Wow is designed along with sorts of amazing features in just one podium for instance participant vs player missions, player versus environment battle, awful zombie-like enemies, amazing personality modification along with the most remarkable 3D warcraft world encircling. In order to get more info you can simply visit to standard site of wow gold cost.Initially to begin the journey of warcraft a player must create his blizzard account thereafter, he can get into the world of warcraft. Within this game to get the victory as well attained the missions a gamer has got to battle along with other participants or even zombie-like creatures and attain victory over them. It is extremely hard for players to accomplish the tasks of warcraft without acquiring wow gold because like additional games wow gold performs an important role in world of warcraft additionally. The journey of warcraft is a lot more intriguing and enjoyable for players with buying wow gold. When a participant shop for wow gold and then he can get incredible tools, equipment’s, gear and tends to make their persona stronger to avoid it from enemies and also eliminate the competitors.If you are seeking the most effective merchant to purchase wow gold then simply Mmogah is available here to provide you all sorts of video gaming currencies at very best costs. Mmogah is Initial ranked merchant in the video gaming marketplace as well as one of the top-notch web sites in google search. The reason behind the huge level of popularity of Mmogah among players is because of its ultrafast and also well-safeguarded distribution. You should purchase wow gold by auction house delivery service as well by way of face to face delivery process. They've got almost 15 years of expertise in addition awarded by a lot of favorable feedbacks and recommendations by their past consumers. Overall, Mmogah is the foremost service provider of gaming currencies. If you wish to find out more info regarding wow gold then simply click on this link. Mmogah staff is obtainable at any hour for customer’s assistance services by way of live chat.

A lifelike doll moves people around the world
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 13 November 2019  

Buying a real love doll usually begins a journey into a fascinating world of eroticism, sexuality and love, sometimes the human soul and spirituality. A lifelike doll moves people around the world in different ways and dimensions. However, it is not enough to bring a real love doll to your home. Some accessories with her are important, even if it should be lubricants, etc., sometimes in more than one form, as they do not produce their own moisture, which is important for sex with it.Of course, if you do not want to spend this money, you can get another form of silicone sex doll. Do you want the whole thing, where you get all the experiences without problems? Well, you can get it too. With all that is given to you, you can choose your partner and love doll as you see fit. Of course you should do what pleases you, and you definitely want to make sure you get exactly what you want.If you're already using sex dolls or silicone dolls and want to try TPE, make sure you separate them. When these materials meet, a chemical reaction can occur that destroys the silicone. If you have a small crack on your TPE doll, you can order TPE adhesive from any doll supplier. Be very careful when using it as it looks like acid from the TPE material. Abuse can lead to more confusion than before.Different people have a different fantasy in their sex life that they want to achieve. The social structure does not always offer the opportunity to fulfill all wishes. The use of anatomically correct love dolls can help you to overcome the limits of society and achieve the satisfaction that you have hidden in your deepest consciousness. So let go of your fantasy thoughts and choose what's for you! The cost of these silicone mistresses are very cheap.https://www.racyme.com?ref=realisticsexdoll

The One Thing To Do For Exalted poe orbs
 Giad rad  
 20 November 2019  

Path of exile is an action online role-enjoying game. This development is formed by GGG (Grinding Gear Games) in October, 2013. The sport gains massive worldwide recognition amongst combat enthusiastic players and in addition gets positive results from its people. Poe is meant at midnight illusion world of wraeclast together with other wonderful capabilities for example terrible beasts, amazing weaponry, tools, and unique personality modification. Path of exile is free to perform the game play not pay to triumph this is why a huge number of battle game enthusiastic participates in this sport to enjoy the amazing popular features of the video game. Path of exile is recognized as within the best rated web-based battling games. Within this sport a gamer regulates merely a individual personality and performed a task of exile. Poe presents seven classes to perform for gamers nevertheless at the start of the sport, an individual can start to play just in 6 classes as well as begin the journey of the path of exile.Path of exile is usually a game by which players fighting along with other gamers in the game to acquire xp together with other astounding advantages. It's not easy for the player to carry out the objective and also get rid of all gamers because the quests of these classes are filled with massiveadventures and obstructions. We all know the currency of the game features a considerablespot in all of internet based video gaming. Path of exile is different from other gameplay simply because of its currency system as path of exile consists of orbs and scrolls in the form of currency neither gold nor coins. Path of exile presents 20 various kinds of orbs and scrolls for game enthusiasts for instance scroll of wisdom, portal scroll, orb of augmentation, chromatic orb and orb of alteration and many more. With the assistance of Poe orbs a player can get several tools as well as tools along with exchange with some other gamers in the game. You can find an additional astounding currency referred to as exalted orb which represents a vital role in the game for avid gamers. You can visit here our website here and get more information about Buy Poe Orbs.In case a player desires to buy exalted poe orbs and then they can acquire directly from retailer or else these scarce orbs are fallen by slain enemies, chests, plus destructible containers. It is termed as the gold standard currency in the game because it is an extremely valued as wellscarce currency along with incredible advantages. If you wish to invest in exalted orbs then Mmogah is the best retailer of all video gaming currencies. They're coming in best three lists for exalted orbs currency. The vast majority of participants recommend Mmogah because they have ages of expertise in delivering incredible service in addition to ultrafast risk-free distribution of order placed. Thus, this is the great spot for avid gamers to buy exalted poe orbs. For more information in relation to poe orbs, click here and visit on the web site. Mmogah team is found 24/7 for client assistance through live chat.

Satisfy Your Sexual Desire
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 27 November 2019  

Falling in love with someone is very easy, but building a strong bond can sometimes not work the way you expect it to. That's the point that hurt you the most. Even if the relationship becomes boring, it's painful to part with someone you've ever spent in good time. It's better to keep happy and find love on quality real doll. We recommend sex toys for adults. If she always has the promise to stay true and love you the way you want without interfering with your private life.Before you buy these dolls, you may be thinking whether you can enjoy the real sense as spending time with these sex doll or not. The real facts that they are not going to talk with you neither share their thoughts with you. They are a real doll but when it comes to have sex and satisfy your physical need, they are nothing less rather than giving you the experience of a real like girl. In some cases, they are even better than having sex with a real girl like you can choose the position of having sex which you prefer the most and also hold it as much as you want without asking for her permission.Choose sex dolls whose realistic looks will make you fall in love again. Satisfy Your Sexual Desire - Why Worry No matter when these adult dolls are competent enough to satisfy all your sexual needs? It is in no way less than your ex. In fact, it can do what even your past resists you all the time. Yes, I'm talking about anal sex. With these realistic puppets you can experience all of your wildest fantasies that you have used for visualization.If you really want to grow, heal, and move forward after a bad separation, those lifelike dolls are the ones that allow you to mate again without fear of separation. The very first thing that makes you to fall in love with them is to watch someone you love the most in these dolls. This will help you to connect the doll emotionally. You can imagine your lover in these dolls and then start doing whatever you want to do with this. This is drastically enhancing your interest in these dolls.https://www.racyme.com?ref=realisticsexdoll

Have sex with a silicone sex doll
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 10 December 2019  

There are several sex doll makers that offer silicone dolls that you can order. You can have sex with one in the privacy of your home, or dress one up for candle light dinner at your own place. The choice is yours. The absence of a partner can create a void in your life. So, if you want to know how it feels to have sex with a silicone sex doll. The best answer is that it fills that void.The truth is you cannot keep on masturbating. You need some sort of intimacy. That’s when silicone sex dolls come into the picture. And as already mentioned, it feels great to have sex with one.It is also said that the silicone dolls have real girl like appearance. A pneumatic tube with other ejaculated apparatus is used to give a real-time sex experience. The rubber used is of Persian quality that is brought up in sales as catalogs.The artificial human sexual partner creation took several years to match the advanced technology. In 1970 silicone, latex and vinyl were used as the basic material. In 1982 the lifelike sex doll were banned in Britain by tagging them as illegal. The dolls were finally seized by the Custom and exercise officers.Your motions and thrusts are far more focused because you are not under the obligation to satisfy someone and hence, you can perform much better. Of course, there will be some cleaning, upkeep and storage involved, but all this is worthwhile.If you can come home to a beautiful day, after a long and tiring day, and enjoy intimacy, there’s nothing like it. When all is said and done, you should not choose just about any done. There are some ethical considerations and for that matter, several factors to choose real silicone dolls which you can take into account to zero in on one that caters to your individual needs.In the present time, real sex dolls have evolved itself as an entire industry. Dolls are under the highest sales. People consider these dolls as their real soul mates. Broken, divorcee and unsatisfied sex partners make the highest use of these dolls. The dolls come in wide varieties carrying different facial attributes. The realistic appearance of the silicone sex dolls impresses the eye of every person easily. So if you carry an urge to buy sex dolls. You can better explore the term on the internet and find the best deals as per your requirements.https://www.racyme.com?ref=realisticsexdoll

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Whizzinator
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 10 December 2019  

What Is The Real Whizzinator XXX?The real Whizzinator XXX is a urinating device that is realistic in its look and feel with the folds and texture of a real flaccid penis. It is easy to use, silent, and reliable. The real Whizzinator XXX kit includes a prosthetic with an adjustable strap and 4oz reservoir, one vial of lab grade sterile Gold'n Shower dehydrated synthetic human urine with the same pH, color, smell, specific gravity, and foam of real human urine, 2 eight hour heat pads (total of 16 hours of heat), temperature indicator, detailed instructions, and a reusable fill pump.Using The Real Whizzinator XXX Using the real Whizzinator XXX is very easy. Mix 90mL of water with the included vial of Gold’n Shower dehydrated synthetic human urine in order to create 90mL of lab grade pure synthetic urine. Using the included fill pump, inject the synthetic urine into the reservoir bag. When you’re ready to use the real Whizzinator XXX, place one of the included heating pads onto the back side of the reservoir bag and wait approximately 15 minutes for the synthetic urine to reach a user temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check the temperature of the reservoir bag using the included medical grade temperature indicator strip. To start and stop the flow of synthetic urine, the real whizzinator XXX uses a discreet on/off valve located conveniently above the prosthetic (blue lever in picture). This on/off valve is turned one direction to start the flow of synthetic urine and the opposite direction to stop the flow. If using an on/off valve is a concern then try the new real Whizzinator XXX 1. A touch sensitive valve in the tip of the prosthetic allows you to use only one hand to start and stop the flow of fluid.What Is The New Real Whizzinator XXX 1? The new real Whizzinator XXX 1 is the one-handed version of the real Whizzinator XXX. A touch sensitive internal pinch valve allows you to control when and how fast you want the synthetic urine to flow. To start the flow of synthetic urine, all that is necessary is a simple pinch on the touch sensitive valve located in the tip of the prosthetic. To stop the flow of synthetic urine, all you need to do is stop pinching. The real Whizzinator XXX 1 includes an on/off valve (the blue lever seen in the picture) to prevent any accidental discharge of synthetic urine during transport. Once this on/off valve is turned to the on position you just need one hand to control the flow of synthetic urine.Using The Real Whizzinator XXX 1 The real Whizzinator XXX 1's Gold'n Shower dehydrated synthetic human urine is prepared in the same manner as described above. The difference is in the control of the synthetic urine. The real Whizzinator XXX 1 is the one handed version of the real Whizzinator XXX. A touch sensitive internal pinch valve located near the tip of the prosthetic is used to start and stop the flow of synthetic urine. Pinch on the shaft of the prosthetic when you want the synthetic urine to flow and stop pinching when you want it to stop. The touch sensitive valve also allows you to control the strength of the flow of synthetic urine. The more you pinch the faster the synthetic urine will flow. The area of the prosthetic where you pinch is the same area in which you would hold your penis during normal urination. The real Whizzinator XXX 1 also includes an on/off valve (blue lever in picture) to prevent any accidental discharge of synthetic urine. Once this on/off valve is turned to the on position you only need one hand to control the flow of synthetic urine.

Shopping for the Ultimate Video Game Chair
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 13 December 2019  

Looking for the ultimate video game chair? here are three things to look for that will set the ultimate video game chair apart from the rest.For the ultimate gaming experience it is best to get the ultimate video game chair. There are many benefits to this chair that sets it apart from the rest of the ones in its league. With the Ultimate video game chair, you can do things that you couldn’t with an ordinary video game chair. The sound system is improved, the motors are more powerful and put you into the game more, and you can be more comfortable. But these are only a few of the benefits of the ultimate video game chair. Some other benefits include:1. Ordinary Chair- That is the great thing about theultimate video game chair! You don’t have to worry about it being low to the ground and having one of the family members getting in your way when you are playing the last level of your favorite video game or watching the last scene in a movie you have not seen yet. The chair is off the ground and looks just like an ordinary chair.2. Reclining Action- No one likes to have perfect posture throughout the whole game it is not that comfortable. That is why the ultimate video game chair has the opportunity for you to recline and watch your movies or play your game. There is no need to get uncomfortable just to play a game. You can get into the game more when you are relaxed and don’t have to worry about anything.3. Beverage Holder- Just when you thought it could not get any better, they installed a drink holder for you when you are in intense gaming mode. We all have been in this type of mode before. It is necessary to be hydrated when you are playing games. That is why the ultimate video game chair has one pre-installed. That is the glory of the chair in itself and why it is one of the best benefits.Having the ultimate video game chair in your home will allow you to play your games and watch your movies in style. The sleek design allows for the blending of your current furniture and the look doesn’t distract your attention to the room. This is what every homeowner likes, especially the women. Having the ultimate game chair will be beneficial to you if you are an avid gamer. Have fun with everything you do in the world of gaming and remember to always stay safe and have fun!

आदमी एक खूबियाँ तीन
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 29 December 2019  

आदमी एक खूबियाँ तीनएक बार अकबर और बीरबल बागीचे में बैठे थे। अचानक अकबर ने बीरबल से पूछा कि क्या तुम किसी ऐसे इन्सान को खोज सकते हो जिसमें अलग-अलग बोली बोलने की खूबी हों?बीरबल ने कहा, क्यों नहीं, मै एक आदमी जानता हूँ जो तोते की बोली बोलता है, शेर की बोली बोलता है, और गधे की बोली भी बोलता है। अकबर इस बात को सुन कर हैरत में पड़ गए। उन्होने बीरबल को कहा किअगले दिन उस आदमी को पेश किया जाये।बीरबल उस आदमी को अगले दिन सुबह दरबार में ले गए। और उसे एक छोटी बोतल शराब पीला दी। अब हल्के नशे की हालत में शराबी अकबर बादशाह के आगे खड़ा था। वह जानता था की दारू पी कर आया जान कर बादशाह सज़ा देगा। इस लिए वह गिड़गिड़ाने लगा। और बादशाह की खुशामत करने लगा। तब बीरबल बोले की हुज़ूर, यह जो सज़ा के डर से बोल रहा है वह तोते की भाषा है।उसके बाद बीरबल ने वहीं, उस आदमी को एक और शराब की बोतल पिला दी। अब वह आदमी पूरी तरह नशे में था। वह अकबर बादशाह के सामने सीना तान कर खड़ा हो गया। उसने कहा कि आप नगर के बादशाह हैं तो क्या हुआ। में भी अपने घर का बादशाह हूँ। मै यहाँ किसी से नहीं डरता हूँ।बीरबल बोले कि हुज़ूर, अब शराब के नशे में निडर होकर यह जो बोल रहा है यह शेर की भाषा है।अब फिर से बीरबल ने उस आदमी का मुह पकड़ कर एक और बोतल उसके गले से उतार दी। इस बार वह आदमी लड़खड़ाते गिरते पड़ते हुए ज़मीन पर लेट गया और हाथ पाँव हवा में भांजते हुए, मुंह से उल-जूलूल आवाज़ें निकालने लगा। अब बीरबल बोले कि हुज़ूर अब यह जो बोल रहा है वह गधे की भाषा है।अकबर एक बार फिर बीरबल की हाज़िर जवाबी से प्रसन्न हुए, और यह मनोरंजक उदाहरण पेश करने के लिए उन्होने बीरबल को इनाम दिया।

तीन रूपये, तीन चीज़ें
 Anu Jain  
 29 December 2019  

तीन रूपये, तीन चीज़ेंएक मंत्री की उदास शक्ल देख बादशाह अकबर ने उसकी उदासी का कारण पूछा। तब मंत्री बोले कि आप सारे महत्वपूर्ण कार्य बीरबल को सौप कर उसे महत्ता देते हैं। जिस कारण हमें अपनी प्रतिभा साबित करने का मौका ही नहीं मिलता है। इस बात को सुन कर अकबर ने उस मंत्री को तीन रूपये दिये और कहा कि आप बाज़ार जा कर इन तीन रुपयों को तीन चीजों पर बराबर-बराबर खर्च करें…यानी हर एक चीज पर 1 रुपये।लेकिन शर्त यह है कि-पहली चीज यहाँ की होनी चाहिए। दूसरी चीज वहाँ की होनी चाहिए। और तीसरी चीज ना यहाँ की होनी चाहिए और ना वहाँ की होनी चाहिए।दरबारी मंत्री अकबर से तीन रूपये ले कर बाज़ार निकल पड़ा। उसकी समझ में नहीं आ रहा था कि वो अब क्या करे। वह एक दुकान से दुसरे दुकान चक्कर लगाने लगा लेकिन उसे ऐसा कोई नहीं मिला जो इस शर्त के मुताबिक एक-एक रूपये वाली तीन चीज़ें दे सके। वह थक हार कर वापस अकबर के पास लौट आया।अब बादशाह अकबर ने यही कार्य बीरबल को दिया।बीरबल एक घंटे में अकबर बादशाह की चुनौती पार लगा कर तीन वस्तुएँ ले कर लौट आया। अब बीरबल ने उन वस्तुओं का वृतांत कुछ इस प्रकार सुनाया।पहला एक रुपया मैंने मिठाई पर खर्च कर दिया जो यहाँ इस दुनिया की चीज है। दूसरा रुपया मैंने एक गरीब फ़कीर को दान किया जिससे मुझे पुण्य मिला जो वहाँ यानी ज़न्नत की चीज है। और तीसरे रुपये से मैंने जुवा खेला और हार गया… इस तरह “जुवे में हारा रुपया” वो तीसरी चीज थी जो ना यहाँ मेरे काम आई न वहां ,ज़न्नत में मुझे नसीब होगी।बीरबल की चतुराईपूर्ण बात सुनकर राजा के साथ-साथ दरबारी भी मुस्कुरा पड़े और सभी ने उनकी बुद्धि का लोहा मान लिया।

 Anu Jain  
 31 December 2019  

श्रीदेवीश्रीदेवी का जन्म 13 अगस्त 1963 को शिवाकाशी, तमिलनाडु में हुआ था। जन्म के समय उनका नाम श्रीअम्मा यंगेर अय्यपन था। श्रीदेवी की मातृभाषा तमिल है।श्रीदेवी ने अपने फ़िल्मी करियर में कई अनगिनत फिल्में की। अपने करियर के दौरान उन्होंने कई दमदार रोल किए और कई मजबूत फीमेल किरदार को पर्दे पर बेहतरीन तरीके से पेश किया और मुख्यधारा के सिनेमा के अलावा उन्होंने कई आर्ट फिल्मों मे भी काम किया जिसे भारत में पैरलल सिनेमा कहा जाता है| उन्हें तीन बार फिल्मफेयर पुरस्कार मिल चुका है। उनके करियर का ग्राफ कई बार नीचे भी गिरा लेकिन उन्होंने अपने आप को कई बार इससे उबारा और स्टेटस को बरकरार रखने के लिए उनकी क्षमता ने सभी का दिल जीता। 2013 में उन्हें भारत सरकार की ओर से पद्मश्री सम्मान से भी नवाजा गया। श्रीदेवी ने अपने करियर में हिन्दी, तमिल, तेलुगु, मलयालम और कन्नड़ फिल्मों में काम किया। 13 वर्षीय श्रीदेवी ने तमिल फिल्म 'मोन्दरु मूडीचु' में रजनीकांत की सौतेली मां का अभिनय किया था।श्रीदेवी ने जब बॉलीवुड में शुरुआत की, तब वे हिन्दी में बात करने में सहज नहीं थीं इसलिए उनकी आवाज ज्यादातर नाज द्वारा डब गई थी। इसके अलावा फिल्म 'आखिरी रास्ता' को रेखा ने डब किया था। श्रीदेवी ने पहली बार फिल्म 'चांदनी' में अपने संवाद के लिए डब किया।कहा जाता है कि मिथुन चक्रवर्ती और श्रीदेवी ने गुपचुप शादी कर ली थी लेकिन कुछ समय बाद ही दोनों अलग हो गए। उनकी शादी का प्रमाण-पत्र मीडियावालों के हाथ लगा था।1996 में श्रीदेवी ने अनिल कपूर और संजय कपूर के बड़े भाई फिल्म निर्माता बोनी कपूर से शादी कर ली और वे अर्जुन कपूर की सौतेली मां हैं।श्रीदेवी की 2 बेटियां हैं जिनके नाम जाह्नवी और खुशी हैं। यही नाम उनके पति बोनी कपूर की फिल्म जुदाई (1997) और हमारा दिल आपके पास है (2000) की नायिकाओं के भी थे।

मोम का शेर
 Anu Jain  
 31 December 2019  

अकबर बीरबल के किस्सेमोम का शेरसर्दियों के दिन थे, अकबर का दरबार लगा हुआ था। तभी फारस के राजा का भेजा एक दूत दरबार में उपस्थित हुआ।राजा को नीचा दिखाने के लिए फारस के राजा ने मोम से बना शेर का एक पुतला बनवाया था और उसे पिंजरे में बंद कर के दूत के हाथों अकबर को भिजवाया, और उन्हे चुनौती दी की इस शेर को पिंजरा खोले बिना बाहर निकाल कर दिखाएं।बीरबल की अनुपस्थिति के कारण अकबर सोच पड़ गए की अब इस समस्या को कैसे सुलझाया जाए। अकबर ने सोचा कि अगर दी हुई चुनौती पार नहीं की गयी तो जग हसायी होगी। इतने में ही परम चतुर, ज्ञान गुणवान बीरबल आ गए। और उन्होने मामला हाथ में ले लिया।बीरबल ने एक गरम सरिया मंगवाया और पिंजरे में कैद मोम के शेर को पिंजरे में ही पिघला डाला। देखते-देखते मोम  पिघल कर बाहर निकल गया ।अकबर अपने सलाहकार बीरबल की इस चतुराई से काफी प्रसन्न हुए और फारस के राजा ने फिर कभी अकबर को चुनौती नहीं दी।Moral: बुद्धि के बल पर बड़ी से बड़ी समस्या का हल निकाला जा सकता है.

Prepare And Pass With Latest 2020 Microsoft MS-600 PDF Questions
 Charlotte ava  
 6 January 2020  

Microsoft MS-600 Dumps PDFNow it has become easier to pass MS-600 exam by using MS-600 dumps as your study guide. Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate is a well reputed IT certification which is required in all the technology related organizations. With the increasing demand of this certification the competition has also heightened. But Realexamcollection.com has created Free MS-600 dumps which can help you prepare your IT exam easily. This exam material covers all the syllabus topics by filling very apposite information in the form of questions and answers. All the questions and answers included in this study material are fully verified by the experts. By memorizing all the questions, you will be able to answer all the questions in the final exam and will get your desired grades. This handy study material will save your time by giving exactly relevant information and give you’re a competent understanding of the field. This can be considered a passing guarantee chit from the experts to students.https://www.realexamcollection.com/microsoft-365-certified-developer-associate-certification.htmlPreparation of MS-600 with the help of MS-600 Exam Dumps:Candidates for this exam are Microsoft 365 Developers who design, build, test, and maintain applications and solutions that are optimized for the productivity and collaboration needs of organizations using the Microsoft 365 platform.Candidates for this exam are proficient in Microsoft identity and Microsoft Graph. They have general knowledge on UI elements (including Adaptive Cards and UI Fabric), integration points (including Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, Actionable Messages), and determining workload platform targets.Candidates should have experience developing solutions on Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, or SharePoint Framework through all phases of software development. They should have a basic understanding of REST APIs, JSON, OAuth2, OData, OpenID Connect, Microsoft identities (including Azure AD and Microsoft accounts), Azure AD B2C, and permission/consent concepts.Skills measuredImplement Microsoft Identity (20-25%)Build Apps with Microsoft Graph (20-25%)Extend and Customize SharePoint (20-25%)Extend Teams (15-20%)Extend Office (15-20%)MS-600 Braindumps will help you to ace yourBuilding Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services certification:Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate is not considered now so much difficult as much it was used to be considered before the introduction of MS-600 exam dumps. This helping material is very useful for the students who are going to appear in this exam. This material has been designed by the experts so it fulfills all the exam requirements. You can easily pass your exam buy the help of this material.https://www.realexamcollection.com/microsoft/ms-600-dumps.html

Want to Know More About Buying Swtor Credits?
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 16 January 2020  

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Will Win Her Heart
 Alisha Singla  
 30 January 2020  

It does not matter if you are heading for your first Valentine’s Day or you have been together for several years, V-Day is the perfect date to really spoil the lady of your life and make her feel loved. When it comes to showing her how much you care, a special gift on Valentine’s Day is just the ticket. What to present your girl for Valentine’s Day sometimes becomes a tough going, so to help you let us play Cupid and provide amazing gift suggestions for your wife or girlfriend. The following Valentine day gift ideas for her will earn you praise and fill her heart with the stuff she really wants.BlueTooth HeadPhonesIf the special woman in your life is going to buy Bluetooth headphones or is about to replace those old wear out ones, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to look for this much intended Valentine’s gift. Let her enjoy while she works out at the gym, during traveling or doing some light work around the home. Although Bluetooth headphones are a bit expensive than regular wire headphones, they're more flexible to use and the sound quality is often better. Valentine's PerfumeGoing for perfume is always a good idea, especially if you know your lady's favorite fragrance. Every guy knows what type of scent his wife likes. Getting perfume is one of the most preferred Valentine gifts for wife. There are a variety of new fragrances up in the market around Valentine’s season. These perfumes have a beautiful packing, while some may come in red color with a ribbon while others have a sparkle in them. A Bouquet of FlowersFlowers are a timeless gift for special occasions. Gift her with a bouquet of roses or other flowers together with other gifts such as Valentine cake as an addition. Flowers are loved by everyone and the rose bouquet is a very special Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend or wife, as those red roses give a very classic touch. A stunning roses bouquet poses a very royal appeal and almost every couple gives roses to each other. It is a sign of love and cares towards each other. A Beautiful Valentine’s BraceletA nice piece of jewellery is by far one of the best way to show and express your love to the person. A bracelet is a wonderful gift and a perfect way to symbolize your bond. Make the queen of your heart day feel very special by gifting her the special Valentine’s bracelet and make your bond even stronger, as this elegant piece of jewellery will always remind her of you. Smartphone CaseA beautiful smartphone case is a reasonable present that will be appreciated by her for its practical value. For a woman who needs to attach to her smartphone, a classy smartphone case is perfect for reminding her how much you care for her. She would feel her heart-melting every time she holds the phone. Therefore, choose one that can double as a decoration for your sweetheart's home as well as office. When choosing the perfect V-Day gift for your lady, remember that the most important thing is to make her happy. Consider her taste and choose an item that will put a smile on her face! Let this Valentine Day be the beginning of a deeper and happier relationship! 

Launching An Indoor Playcentre for Kids
 Billy Gun  
 11 February 2020  

So as to begin any business you should need to address all the things that are mandatory to run it smoothly. So as you start your journey to open an Indoor Play Centre, you should record your thoughts in an organized format and you have to research it thoroughly. Your Research will at last become your Business Plan and you will have the option to start the business effectively. Still there are some essential structures which you have to follow in order to open play area for kids:Market Research: The main thing you have to do before open play centre for children or to any business for the issue is to research about the market altogether. You need to understand the elements that contribute in the success and failure of the business. You have to discover that where you are going to start a business, is it acceptable wagered or not? Suppose if there is already more than one play area then there is no use of opening one more. You may search for other choice.Finding a Play Area: The important thing you found a workable pace finding a reasonable area where there is no traffic and the area should be free from any dirt or pollution so the kid's does not feel any irritation while playing. The kids' health should be your number one priority. If the kid’s parent feels healthy then your business is going to be healthy.Setting Play Themes: The following thing you have to do in the wake of finding a clean spot is to set play subjects in such a way, that the children feel they have gone to the magical world. The kids love the magical animals so manufacture your indoor play place in like manner.Building Facilities for Parents: The parents are the most important part in the success of your business. So ensure you give them the most ideal facility that they can love. This is very important as the parents are going to take their children to the play place.For more information click here kids indoor play centre.

Launching An Indoor Playcentre for Kids
 Billy Gun  
 11 February 2020  

So as to begin any business you should need to address all the things that are mandatory to run it smoothly. So as you start your journey to open an Indoor Play Centre, you should record your thoughts in an organized format and you have to research it thoroughly. Your Research will at last become your Business Plan and you will have the option to start the business effectively. Still there are some essential structures which you have to follow in order to open play area for kids:Market Research: The main thing you have to do before open play centre for children or to any business for the issue is to research about the market altogether. You need to understand the elements that contribute in the success and failure of the business. You have to discover that where you are going to start a business, is it acceptable wagered or not? Suppose if there is already more than one play area then there is no use of opening one more. You may search for other choice.Finding a Play Area: The important thing you found a workable pace finding a reasonable area where there is no traffic and the area should be free from any dirt or pollution so the kid's does not feel any irritation while playing. The kids' health should be your number one priority. If the kid’s parent feels healthy then your business is going to be healthy.Setting Play Themes: The following thing you have to do in the wake of finding a clean spot is to set play subjects in such a way, that the children feel they have gone to the magical world. The kids love the magical animals so manufacture your indoor play place in like manner.Building Facilities for Parents: The parents are the most important part in the success of your business. So ensure you give them the most ideal facility that they can love. This is very important as the parents are going to take their children to the play place.For more information click here kids indoor play centre.

Engage your Kids in Games and Learning Through Kids Play Centre
 Billy Gun  
 12 February 2020  

A child's smile can remove all the day's strain! You must have heard this best statement in your life! To be sure a child's grin makes us smile too. Although kids selflessly love their parents and the people around, they may need more love from you. We see that more often than not kids spend in playing games, watching TV and roaming around here and there.To keep them occupied with intelligent yet pleasing games is the task of their guardians. At the point when you offer them tons of toys, the grin on their faces is mind boggling, that each parent needs that minute to be clicked in camera! Very often parents do not get ready to keep their kids in play school for entire day, right now can consider kids play focus. Child's play community is only a play structure that comes with different toys and activities.On the off chance that you are getting ready for child's party spot or setting, at that point it may turn up to be an easy task! Get well versed with areas near by your home! Deciding your child's party venue needs various things to think upon:. Would you like to turn up with basic play area for the children with pr-requested food, better you approach a party specialist.. You will get such a significant number of alternatives for such party venues and places online. On net you can surf through sites which offer such services, and receive the best in return, fitting your pocket!. At such party venues, you simply need to manage your children.. Many party places give nourishment, prizes, and cake etc.. Greatest advantage of such party places/venues is no requirement for either set up or clean-up.. You can simply respect your visitors at relaxation.Moreover, to expand children's bliss, you can also arrange for special attractions like magic show, interesting games etc.! You may go over other striking party themes also. You can put the clothing regulation with bright colors. Keep your children as much occupied as you can. Many parents choose for rabbit costumes to keep party more joyful.For more information click here toddler play area.

Activate plutotv on your Roku device now
 gracia thomas  
 22 February 2020  

Select the best shows to stream on Pluto TV channel. Programs belong to different categories and it’s your interest to choose your favoriteSelect your device to activate the channel using the pageHere is the list of devices to stream and activate Pluto TVAmazon Fire TVRoku streaming devices ( Express Plus, Ultra, Premiere, and Premiere plus )Chrome cast Android TVEntertaining program categories to watch on Pluto TVIf you are engaged with day to day job routine, it's always good to stay apart from the job routine for a while Classic MoviesTV documentariesToday's top storyNews 24/7Surf channelPluto sports ActionPluto FamilyStrong man champions LeaguePluto TV channel updatesPluto TV channel is on its mission to introduce new offerings and this include the Film channels, Pluto TV action, Pluto TV thrillers and much more        new channels are added – NBC News now channel, beIN Sports XTRA Channel 486Follow the updates on social media platforms such as  Face book and Twitter . Stay updated to know more Pluto TV channel activation guideSelect your device to start Pluto TV channel activationPower on the deviceComplete the initial and guided setupMove to the channel store category, Movies, and TV Add the channel to proceed with the activationVisit the page pluto.tv/activate, type the code to complete the processDo you need any activation support?then call us using our toll-free number +1-877-991-7050.our team there will be ready to assist you and resolve all your queries.

Here Is List of Joe Rogan’s Memoir And His Wealth
 Priya Negi  
 25 February 2020  

BiographyBirth NameJoseph James Rogan is his birth name.OriginUnited States of AmericaHeight5 feet 8 inch (1.73m)Zodiac SignLeoWealth SourceProfessional Comedian/CommentatorProfessionScreenwriter, Announcer, Comedian, Actor, Television Presenter, Martial, Commentator, Artist, Film ProducerNet WorthAccording to networthobserver, the net worth of Joe Rogan is approximately $25 million. He got rank in richest comedians in the world by his interesting character.Initial LifeJoe Rogan took birth in Newark, New Jersey on 11thof August in 1967. He is of Irish and Italian plunge. When Rogan was only 7 years old, his parents separated. His father did job of police officer.He went to Newton South High School after moving to California from New Jersey after divorce. He lived in California with his mother. He had interest in Martial arts in his teenage. He competed in Kickboxing as well as Taekwondo. Since then, he suffered from headaches and left martial arts.FamilyFather:  Joseph (Former Police Officer).Mother: His mother was a party girl. He never discusses about his mother.Siblings: N/AWife: Jessica Ditzel (Former cocktail waiter)Children: He has two daughters.CareerJoe Rogan started his career as a stand-up comedian in 1988. Basically, he never thought about making his career in it because he was interested in making name in martial arts. But fortunately, his career in stand-up comedy got success and he signed many deals in his career like of other comedians such as Disney and many more.After that, he got a position as a commentator and interviewer for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1997 and further moved his career. He worked in so many projects in his career.He appeared in several movies like ‘Zookeeper’ and hosted ‘Fear Factor’ show of NBC gross-out which showed from 2001 to 2006. And by his popularity and the high rating of this show, he was selected for his next season which released in 2011.He appeared in so many comedy albums and hosted ‘The Man Show’ show of Comedy Central. In 2009, he became one of the most popular Podcast when he released ‘The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast’ in 2009. He featured on so many shows due to his conversations and interesting character. Some of the famous Brands enhances the attractiveness of his show and make his show memorable, informative and entertaining. Some of famous Russel Brands are ‘Tim Ferriss’, ‘Dan Bilzerian’ and Steve-O.Rogan used to discuss about his drugs like ‘Cannabis’, ‘Mushrooms’ and ‘DMT’. He is the public defender of competitive and medical use of drugs. He displayed in ‘The Union’ a marijuana documentary. As his side business that he was getting high has appeared as a production of DMT in his house. AchievementsHere are some best focal points and Achievements in Joe Rogan’s Career:In 1988, he started his stand-up career.In 1994, he joined team to play Frank Valente in Hardball.He played Joe Garrelli in NewsRadio during 1995 to 1999.Since, he is color commentator and Interviewer for the UFC from 1997.In 2001 & 2002, he hosted two shows ‘Fear Factor’ and ‘Late Friday’.In 2009, the show ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ discharged.In 2013, he worked in UFC Ultimate Insider.Please visit https://goubba.com/

Holiday Table Decoration. 5 Helpful Tips
 David Mark  
 11 March 2020  

When you have friends and family visiting you on the occasion of a festival, then it’s as crucial to have an attractive looking, well-put table to welcome them for some quality time. Now, it can be your dining table, study table, or just the one in front of the sofa inside your guest room, a holiday season seems all the more appealing when your holiday table exhibits the same positivity and enthusiasm of the occasion itself.With that said, below we are mentioning 5 tips to help you decorate your table for the upcoming special occasions (or even for regular days if you like)-1. Include Greenery With Succulents:Plants can go about as a jolt of energy immediately! It can make your room look all the more joyful, fresh and new! Greenery is consistently in style and you should check out this idea by placing small succulents. To give it a progressively finished feel, use jars that work like beautifying focal points also. You can likewise get little pots of succulents or enjoy a terrarium as both are cost-friendly alternatives.2. Keep Entertaining Props On The Table: Offer your visitors an approach to reprieve the ice when situated around the end table. A couple of vibes stimulating props to consider: a vintage table game, a chessboard, a deck of cards or dominos to add a touch of excitement and engagement to your space. 3. Various Items that go high and low: Add different measurements to your table with the assistance of high and low table props such as cake stands, glass bowls with multiple-layers and platters. Not only can you place more beautiful crockery this way, yet the table layout will look additionally fulfilling when it's not all in just one scale and height. Make certain to leave some freedom space so you can get and set down each dish on the table effortlessly. 4. Adorn Your Table With Travel Curios: We all have a little tourist inside of us and that explorer takes us to places far and separated. In the event that you're somebody who cherishes the dose of nostalgia from your past adventures, at that point you will adore this thought of placing travel curio. Your middle table is the ideal spot to show those magnificent pieces that you collected (such as a daruma doll, a snow globe, etc)!5. Include a Personal Touch: Let the articles on your footstool recount a story and offer glimpses of your interests and joyous memories. A gathering of shells gathered from an overseas excursion, rummage dolls or roses clipped from your own nursery are altogether incredible ways to give your lounge room table a stylistic layout and a festive vibe.Conclusion:MTM Events is the largest Event Company Singapore, and that is a result of our unmatched efficiency and work ethic. We have a team of experienced, enthusiastic and educated event management experts who’ll take care of all your party requisites with the utmost ease. Some of the events that we offer professional services for are as follows-Conferences And SeminarsOpening And Ground Breaking CeremoniesAwards CeremoniesTeambuilding And RetreatsExhibitionsDinner And Dance SingaporeCarnivalsTradeshowsThemed PartiesBirthdays & Weddings etc.

Important Things That Artist Should Do Before Releasing Music Track
 John miller  
 12 March 2020  

The post discusses the important things that every artist needs to follow before releasing their music. This post covers the whole thing in detail about the pre-music release.1. Create a Time-Line:First of all the artists need to create a timeline because there is no time spending money on the creation of the track if the artist is opting to drop the track the next day. So it is suggested a lead time period of at least four weeks. If you have longer than give it a go but never make it too long that you’re promoting pre-release for a longer time. This will only annoy your audience. That’s why it suggests a leading time period of four weeks. So you have four weeks before release, the track is dropped and then you have four weeks after to push out those live links. 2. Have a Distributor:Before doing anything else, you need to have a distributor. A distributor is one who will help you to get your music into all the platforms. Traditionally they will get your music into the store, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Instagram stories. So that people can use your music on Instagram stories, Apple Spotify, etc. They will help to get your music in the right places. It is also suggested using CD baby and DistroKid, because they work best for Spotify as they were part of Spotify’s preferred distributors. CD Baby and DistroKid take everything, you pay a small fee and they can distribute it to every platform. The main reason that they are so good is they get your track on Spotify for artists prior to the release date. This is very important because you need to submit to Spotify via Spotify for artists. These things can get your music placed on one of the biggest Spotify playlists and change everything. So you need to get a distributor to get your music upload to Spotify at-least four weeks before the release. Therefore picking the right distributor is very important. DistroKid and CD baby has the features and available customer support to get it onto Spotify for artists.Once it is uploaded, you get a mail from Spotify saying your music is set for release and the will allow you to go into music and if you click upcoming then you will find the submission form. Sometimes this is available on the dashboard of the home page. Then you can submit your track to the editors. Click as many options that apply to your music because the more curator it goes out to, the more option you select. So it asks a thing like kind, mode, religion and language instrument used of the track. And then finally you have the opportunity at the end to pitch. The pitch will ask you to describe the track and how to promote the track for the clients. The pitch is written in the same way that you would pitch to the media. So research for Spotify playlist and see if there is anything that fits you. The location also plays a big role because if you are from Ireland, you can get yourself on the “breath of fresh air” playlist as well. So there are lots of different playlists that you can be so. It is underutilized as form and as a feature and many people don’t know this. It is beta but it is given a level playing field. So if you are not putting onto Spotify for artists until two days before then you are never going to get into those playlists. Therefore you need to work with distributors that are uploading the track as soon as possible. You can communicate with them easily. 3. Get Pre-save Link and Followers on Spotify:Getting a pre-save link also plays an important role. The distributor can provide this for the artist in their package. So make sure you ask for the pre-save link with your distributor because it can help you a lot. The entire pre-save link is not native to Spotify. Many people think that it is a feature of Spotify, it’s not. It’s a feature of your distributor. So it is a platform that will allow you to take control of the user’s account that wants to pre-save. As soon as the track is out, you have the authorization to add and save the track to the user’s playlist which gets you more saves and helps the algorithm. So when you’re asking people to pre-save and you are an emerging artist, you’re kind of asking for a favor from them. If you are asking for a favor, then you need to give something in return. After getting pre-saves and you also need to try to get followers on Spotify because this too helps the algorithm. If you get pre-save, followers on Spotify, then you are immediately going to be on their algorithmic playlist like “release Radar”. In order to get pre-save, followers you need to run a competition which will very helpful. Artwork and imagery are also very important. So your artwork and imagery need to represent you as an artist. They need to be something that will persuade some to listen.  A lot of artists use literally like toilet selfies and graduation picture, it really makes no sense. Don’t just upload those to Spotify. So you need to have some professional photos.Once you get your artwork made, you know what sort of theme you’re opting for. Spend the day with a photographer and you can change the outfit in the day. The imagery is very important because if you mess up that artwork, then you will not able to get the streams. You will also not get the attention that the track actually deserves because people take a look at that and they will not stream your track. 4. Social Media Presence:Your social media presence will help people to stream your track. You can build your audience on Social media, even if you have only a few tracks. And you want people to be able to know that you’ve got a new track. So make sure your image is right and you can perform all types of things on your Social media. You can create countdown posts and let people know you got a track coming out in seven days, three days, you can do teasers the tracks. You have to do all the things that really engage your audience and create anticipation for that track coming out.  So when you release a track, it should feel like a special release, not just another release.  Then your existing audience will stream the track. Social media also helpful in increasing free SoundCloud plays for the track.5. Run Ads Before Release:You can also start running ads for the track before you release.  Especial with pre-save, if you create a short promo video for the pre-save link and start running it as an ad, then you will get streams not only from the existing audience but also from the potential audience as well. Don’t forget to retarget when you are running those ads.  Retarget everyone who watched half of that video. Because you are not going to just come upon someone’s timeline where some want to listen to your music.  So you need to nurture and persuade them. You need to persuade them to give up their time to listen to your track. 6. Write a Press Release:Press Release is basically the pitch to the media which has a massive headline, images, artwork, and a press shot. It has all the information about the release, what you have done before the release, what you are dong after the release. It is just like your bio about the release. The main thing about the press release is that you don’t need to go and tell them everything that they don’t want to listen to.  So it needs to done prior to release as well. 

Roku support Disney plus
 James Whatt  
 20 March 2020  

Disney Plus is one of the latest streaming services, and also it is a paid subscription that gives to its consumers where they can access a huge library of Disney’s and Fox's legacy content. It consists of an enormous kind of shows and series, and they are available under the Roku channel storeWhat are the streaming gadgets that support Disney plus?Roku streaming deviceRoku TVApple TViPhonesAndroid TVGoogle ChromecastXbox OnePlayStation 4Amazon Fire TVLG devicesSamsung devicesYou must execute the following guidelines for downloading Disney Plus on Roku.Signing up for Disney plusAt first, you have to reach the Disney Plus site on your BrowserAfter that, you have to enter the email address that you are currently using so that you get details about the channel regularlyMoreover, you have to accept the Privacy Policy and Subscriber agreementSimilarly, you have to create your private password for your account with at least six characters long and click ContinueSecondly, you have to add your payment details like the credit card information or Paypal for purchaseOn the other hand, after completing the billing information, you have to click Agree and Continue boxFinally, once finished with the payment process, you have created the Disney Plus accountHow to download Disney Plus on the Roku streaming device?Most importantly, before you could start with channel addition, you have check whether the Roku device is set up and activated via roku.com/link Firstly, you have to press the Home button to reach the Home screen of the Roku streaming deviceAfter that, scroll to the left side and search for Disney Plus from the available streaming servicesIf you could not find the channel, then you have to enter the name of the channel as Disney plus in the search field of the Roku channel storeWait for the results and choose Disney PlusSecondly, you have to check for the channel information and then select the Add channel optionThirdly, you have to sign in to the Disney Plus account using the credentials that were given during the signing up processFinally, after this, you have to find your favorite show and choose the Play option to start streaming and enjoy the experience of streamingIf you have any doubts or want to get additional information regarding roku.com/link, you can feel free to contact our professional executive team @ +1-888-298-2680

What are some animals that have five letters in their names?
 Priya Negi  
 30 March 2020  

Are you someone who often gets asked questions that leave you wondering their answers for hours on end? Or are you simply surrounded by multiple people who think out of the box and ask unorthodox questions, demanding unorthodox and not so simple answers?Are you ever played the game “unscramble words cheat”?Lego lights are the most beneficial to our mental health should we immerse ourselves in them and forget about the world around us. Are you someone who remains curious on your own and demands answers to questions left and right? Do you often cook up wonderful yet weird questions in your mind that you, then, have trouble solving on your own, and find minimal help from other people and books? Are you even failed by the internet more often than not? If any of this applies to you, worry not! We have got your back. The Internet will completely change itself for you after you read our helpful article, regarding your wonderfully weird question! How to approach it in the best way? As you may already know, the key to solving any big question is by wondering whether it can be solved or not. You may often think that something cannot be solved. That is where you are wrong. This proves that your morale is down and that you have given up already. This is exactly the time when you need to take a step back and breathe in deeply. Think once, twice, thrice, about things completely unrelated to this. However, this alone will not help you efficiently. You must also distract your brain in an activity that absorbs you, so as to ensure that you relax as fully as possible. Our number one suggestion is the usage of Lego light kits. Trust us when we say that you will relax like never before!Brainstorming Now let’s come back to the subject at hand. What are the names of animals containing five letters? Let's rack our brains at it and start with the domestic animals. A horse can be one. Use this strategy to note down as many as you can find. Then work your way outwards, towards other animals that are not domestic. An example can be snake or zebra.The best way is to use Lego night mode and lose yourself in the pretty lights, forgetting about all else for a while. If you use this technique you are bound to come up with a variety of animals that you could not have come to without relaxing yourself before the process. Now that your mind is a lot more efficient, you will do this in a much better way! ConclusionWe hope you find all the animals that you need to know, and satisfy your inner mind through this simple method! Happy thinking! Good luck. 

Which Online Bike Racing Games Are Worth Playing?
 Saba Alam  
 2 April 2020  

Be it boys or even girls; nowadays, virtual bike racing is still one of the best games which thrill and excite the players. From street races to unlocking the latest bike models, online bike racing games are the best way to feed the bike racer within you, safely.The popularity of the game can be judged by the fact that almost every single gaming site hosts at least 50 motorcycle racing games. With ample choices, it can get confusing for the player. Now add the fact that some of the games are better than the others based on their features and graphics.So, here are the top 8 suggestions to play online bike racing games:1. Drag Racing: Bike EditionDeveloped by Creative Mobile, Drag Racing: Bike Edition is one of the most exciting bike racing games topping the list. With distinct features and difficult challenges, the game increases the level of fun by allowing the players to design their bikes the way they want.2. Death MotoDeath Moto reminds us of the very famous classic game: Road Rash. Rather than kicking other players, it allows you to throw tools at them and earn helmets to go higher in the levels.3. Dirt Bike RacingFilled with endless challenges increasing the difficulty level, it is one of the most addictive games of all. Unlike other online bike racing games, you will be required to race not on smooth, clean tracks, but dirt piles obstructed by various hurdles. As you complete the given tasks, new paths will become available.4. Racing MotoRacing and traffic will together create another dimension for stirring stimulation in this gripping adventure game named Racing Moto. The game is famous for allowing the bikers to ride at shockingly high speeds through the roads jammed with traffic.5. Bike Race FreeIf you want to race against millions of different players from the world, this is the perfect platform to accomplish that goal. After training yourself on a single player, you can switch to multiplayer mode and win numerous tournaments!6. Highway RiderRouse up the game by giving a try to the Highway Rider, which includes the police and escaping element, mixed with speed and racing. You can also easily style your ride and unlock new features and cities.7. Moto RacingLast but not least, Moto Racing is a 3D bike racing game that includes not only eye-catching graphics but also different motos and locations where you can ride.8. Traffic RiderNot an actual racing game, but Traffic Rider brings you the modern way of riding with style and show. It provides different modes and background scenery. It is better known for its astounding graphics and sound quality. The level of competition increases with the entry of the leaderboard and 50+ missions to complete.To play online bike racing games mentioned above, you can effortlessly search them on google and play on different gaming websites. Or you can even download these games available in the play store to have a more lively and realistic experience at your place.

Russell Dickerson Shares Advice and Sympathizes With Fellow Artists During Billboard Live At-Home
 Micheal Zero  
 2 April 2020  

'We're attempting to make sense of what we will do,' Dickerson said about these abnormal occasions.Russell Dickerson facilitated a Billboard Live At-Home show on Friday to fund-raise for American Red Cross.Sticking from his as of late bought Nashville, Tenn. home with his guitar and beat machine, Dickerson commenced the 20-minute show with "Each Little Thing" while at the same time tasting on some joe as he sang, "Better believe it, she's Seattle and Sonoma, runs on espresso and red wine."He later praised his most recent single "Love You As I Used To," which topped at No. 5 on Billboard's Country Digital Song Sales graph.In the meantime, artists remarked on his live-stream execution, asking how they could likewise look on the brilliant side of the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused a significant monetary strain on the whole music industry with dropped visits and postponed collections."I think [live concerts], you know, this is certainly not money related... yet, you can direct those individuals toward your site, your merchandise page," Dickerson prompted.Russell Dickerson is one of the leading artist right now. With so many of their worldwide concerts coming up Ticket2concert gives you a fair chance to see them live. Russell Dickerson Concert Tickets are on sale right now, but you better hurry before they sold out."Truly, we're battling with that, as well," he at that point conceded. "We're attempting to make sense of what we will do with this because... I got transport. I truly need to pay for my visit transport still so attempting to make sense of all that, as well."The nation star said he has delighted in not being out and about while in self-isolate with his significant other, Kailey Dickerson. "Being home with her and not agonizing over going out and about or busy. We're simply getting a charge out of this time," he said.Watch Dickerson's whole Billboard Live execution above, and give to American Red Cross here.

Alexa Echo dot 3rd Generation
 kevin cena  
 4 April 2020  

The 3rd evolution of the echo dot by Amazon doesn't disappoint. its new design is simply stunning with fabric all around its body covering the 1.6-inch speaker. it comes in three colors i.e choco (Charcoal), heather grey and sandstone white. like its predecessor, it has a 3.5 mm audio output, four control buttons and the famous blue ring that indicates the use of Alexa voice service. the only thing that is common with all Alexa echo devices is Alexa app or Echo dot setupNow in terms of its style, it significantly unique than its predecessor, the Echo dot 2nd generation. First of all, there is no big Amazon logo on the front of Echo dot 3rd generation like its predecessors which sometimes disliked by many users because it's like massive branding on products you spend money on. so that is good for all such users. in new echo dot 3, this amazon logo is replaced by a nice, lovely looking speaker cloth all the way around which gives it a marvelous look indeed. it is significantly heavier then Echo dot 2nd generation and the fact is that the speaker is all way round, not just on the bottom and makes a big difference to the sound. download alexa appOn the top, the buttons are slight with difference although they perform the same functions and the microphones have changed as well. the new Echo dot 3rd generation comes with four microphones. overall, the functionality seems similar but the design change is phenomenal. the most important thing is how does it sound and how does it performs against the Echo dot 2nd generation. the fact is, Alexa echo dot 3rd generation got 360-degree loudspeaker which is quiet impressive improvement in comparison to predecessors.the sound is not the best music in the entire world but if we consider the sound quality in comparison to speaker size, it is very good and the bass quality is better or best if we look around previous versions. Realistically speaking, most of the people have such devices on their bedside cabinet and they listen to the bit of internet radio in the morning to wake them up. so let us be one of them by setting up the new Amazon Alexa echo dot 3rd generation.The Echo dot is quick and easy to setup:First of all, you need a device and a working Wi-Fi connection. the device can be an android or Fore OS or IOS or web browserStep 1: Plug in your Echo dotA light would illuminate the Alexa echo dot, once you plug in your device.the light would turn to different color once it is in pairing mode.Step 2: Connect Alexa app to the internetInstall the Alexa app on your device. once it is installed, you need to follow the instructions for set up and connecting Download Alexa app to your device. you would be in need to login in your Amazon account. if you don't have an amazon account then you need to create an account. after logging I n your account, pair your device to smartphone or tablet.you can do it manually or by using an automated interface.Step 3: start communicating with Alexa echo dotOnce setup is complete, you would be able to address Alexa using your voice. simply say Wake word "Alexa" and your device would respond to you.Echo dot 3rd generation features:- Listen to music- Set a timer- Set a reminder- Set an alarm- Real time weather, traffic updates- Control compatible smart home devices- Control Roomba, a robo Vaccum- Change temperature with paired smart home thermostatThe above-stated features consist of a few of the work managed by our AI-enabled device. Explore more to find out how efficient our smart digital companion is. Share your experiences and let us all enjoy a wonderful smart digital world.

Looking To Load Your Nights With Pleasure Hire This Spicy Mg Road Call Girls
 Roshni Khanna  
 7 April 2020  

Hi folks, I am an incredibly lovely Mg Road Escorts, and on the off chance that you're searching for a selective joy and happiness, at that point procure me. At the point when you search for help from a tasteful Independent Mg Road Escorts like me, you'll without a doubt get precisely, what you're searching for. At the point when I'll thump at your entryway, you'll realize that I look precisely, what you're scanning for. I offer my administrations precisely, what you want. I am entirely perfect and provocative and I can be your optimal friend. I likewise have what it takes to occupy your valuable time with amazing recollections that make certain to keep going for your life. I am the ideal answer for your dejection and weariness. I am extraordinary at offering you the highest caliber of fun and the joy. In this way, in the event that you go through even one hour in my organization, you're certain to assuage your pressure and strain. In the event that you need your days and evenings, stacked with joy, contract me. The demonstrable skill and capacity of Mg Road Call Girls like me is completely unparallel. . Thus, regardless of what your fantasies are, I am certain to satisfy them effortlessly. I am certain to satisfy all your sexual dreams. The most significant thing about me is, the captivating excellence that I have been honored with. There is no other method to be enchanted with the exception of enlisting my administrations. You can make the most of my hot body for whatever length of time that you wish. I am perfectly prepped and I generally stay prepared for any circumstance. My administrations are just remarkable and my character is shocking. My great comical inclination and disposition is constantly noteworthy for the customers.Also Check:-https://www.hoomet.com/profile/7382http://www.faccedatennis.it/roshnikhannahttps://dateevolution.net/user/roshnikhannahttps://www.volgmijnreis.nl/profiel/roshnikhannahttps://roshnikhannagurgaon.nethouse.ru/https://dateevolution.net/forum/topic/9054

Time to Ready Up to 7% off wow classic gold cheap for WOW Classic Phase 4 come
 michael david  
 11 April 2020  

Were told the first tee was dead. So I asked if we could world of warcraft classic gold loop again, and they said, Have at it. So we played 36 that day. If everyone is in the same room they still all need their own 3DS (and if you don want to wait five minutes for each race to transfer, their own copy of the game). If the players are playing online, they lose that human touch of close communication. To put it simply, neither of those activities are something you going to do either, depending on your demographic, with a group of friends in your parents basement or with a group after a night out at the bar, which, lets be honest, are the best Mario Kart experiences..(1) How we use (and do not use) non personally identifiable information: We use non personally identifiable information in aggregate form to build higher quality, more useful Services by performing statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of the users of the Services, and by measuring demographics and interests regarding specific areas and features of the Services. We provide statistical information based on this data to advertisers, affiliates, and other current and potential business partners. We also use the aggregate data to inform these third parties as to the number of people who have seen and clicked on links to their web sites.. Finally, Street Fighter V will be making it here as well. The game has a February 16 release date for PC and PS4. It will be priced at Rs. This adorable koala is taking it easy and wants to be carried everywhere with you. His arms are sewn together, in this way he can easily be hung everywhere you want. Inside his ears, I needle felted some white wool to make them more fluffy. Players take on the role of Nelson Tethers, the lead (and only) agent in the US Department of Puzzle Investigation, sent to Scoggins, Minnesota to find out why the town's eraser factory has stopped working. Mazes, puzzles, riddles and logic brainteasers twist their way through an eerie mystery story. But what most intrigues us, is the way it's all wrapped up in Graham's humorous yet creepy visual and narrative style.. With all the excuses (and their variants) stated here shows both simple ignorance and complacency. Clearly, common sense tells us that the loss of anything in orbit is dangerous practice, and those occupying low Earth orbit have a general responsibility of both safety and prevention if they are in orbit. To suggest anything else is just ludicrous.. They have struggles, they also see the positives of it. Son, Gavin, 11, who was diagnosed with at age six, is one of the people who proudly identifies as an he has never dumped a bowl of spaghetti over his head in the school cafeteria, she could see him in the character of Connor, Walberg says. Like the fictional boy, Gavin paces when he stressed out, has sensory sensitivities, and has difficulty with social nuances.just doesn get the point of things sometimes.Welcome to Join Easter Big Sale on WOWclassicgp:Up to 7% off WOW Classic gold US/EU,WOW Classic Powerleveling for all Apr.11-Apr.21!Use Code GPE7 to buy from https://www.wowclassicgp.com/Long-Term Code:Up to 6% off Code WAP6 to buy wow classic gold AnyTime! 

Importance of baby sword in games
 Priya Negi  
 20 April 2020  

Sword:A sword is an important weapon larger than a knife or dirk having cutting edges that varies in length and width with capability of sharp cutting. It is handed weapon used with professional skills or not, for self-defense and attack.History:Initially swords were introduced in 1600 BC. In Europe sword were used since Roman time. First sword was used properly in 1910. Now a day, technology has advancement, we are living in the time of advance weapons so commonly use of sword is not so much as earlier. trend of sword has been decreased so much that today we see Final fantasy sword just in different games.In the early history, swords were Consider as main powerful weapon in the war. With the passage of time depend upon sword as a winning tool changed. Use of swords have reached to an end. During the modern age military importance of swords steadily decreased, but still swords are considered as a powerful weapon. Importance of Sword in a war:Sword is pure war weapon as pole or axes are weapons used for hunting purpose. Sword make the man brave in fighting as it is one of the powerful weapons. If you are carrying a sword, people think you as battler or fighter.  Sword is a sharper weapon which harm the enemy a massive. In war, if you are riding on a horse with sword, you are the most dominant and energetic one in the battle. From historical perspective, sword was most commonly used weapon in the war. It was not much expensive tool or weapon. Swords were used for short range enemy troops. Comparatively, sword is quicker and light weight than other weapons like axes, pikes or spears etc. sword is easy to use and an effective weapon in the war. If a battler has professional skills to use the sword then he can defeat and handle multiple opponents in front of him in in the war.in a civilian context, it is easier to injure your enemy. In general term, sword is considered as personal weapon, it means swords are made mostly for individual combat. Surely, sword is versatile weapon having great strength and it sum up many qualities in it and it can be taken in daily routine. Sword is flexible in war and this make its strength. As sword is one handed weapon, so mostly it is paired with another weapon to make it more potential for defense. Combination of sword and dagger is very effective, especially larger sword damages more. Also, Swords were not the main weapon for the war, but troops use it beside other weapons for safety. To easily decapitate anyone, long sword or bastard sword deliver a well stroke. Final fantasy baby swords are Japanese science and made by the historical overview and put in the Japanese games. These swords are designed as old swords. These swords are also in small sizes so, if a baby is in baby stroller, he or she can also play with it. There are many types of swords in these games. These swords do not commonly and physically exist. Final Fantasy Sword gives us the idea and fighting style of the old battels. today, swords can also be used for fighting and safety. No doubt, it is energetic weapon.

Will Motley Crue Cancel The Stadium Tour: The Official Announcement Has Been Made!
 Alisa Smith  
 21 April 2020  

Motley Crue's iconic drummer Tommy Lee had a recent conversation with Billboard and broke the silence on whether or not the band would postpone their next "The Stadium Tour" or not.According to the legendary drummer of Motley Crue, the reunion tour is still an opportunity, and they have no plans to postpone or cancel the stages of the tour yet.He also said that all the members of the group are in constant contact and that the apocalyptic atmosphere is developing, everyone will be in a good mood to have a good time in concert.Here's what Tommy said:"We are all in constant communication. Nikki and I have attended several production meetings. You are talking about different stages, it's like two children in a candy store who are putting together something that people will walk and said:"Are you kidding ?!"This is our mission today, and it certainly goes in that direction. By the time all of this apocalyptic shit is over, I think everyone will be in a great mood to go out and have the best time. I do.“I hope everyone stays inside, and we can control that and go back to the normal people."Don’t miss your chance to see World’s best-selling artists performing live. The Stadium Tour is approaching fast and Tickets4Chicago gives you the chance to grab The Stadium Tour Chicago Tickets Cheap. To watch your favorite singers performing live it is best if you can get safe money transaction & fast delivery.

5 Dosti Hindi Songs that you can dedicate to your Best Friend
 kk sharma  
 24 April 2020  

The bond of friendship is one of the most special connections that 2 persons can have with each other.The love shared between two friends was, is and will always remain unconditional, right?So, today, to cherish that unconditional bond of friendship love, we have brought together 5 Dosti hindi songs that you can dedicate to your best friend. Ye Dosti Hum Nai Todenge (Sholay)The very first song on our list of Dosti Hindi songs is “Ye dosti hum nai todenge”. After all, this is forever the favorite song of almost everyone. The music, as well as yeh Dosti hum nahi todenge lyrics, makes it one of the best hindi songs from bygone eras that cherish the bond of friendship. Ye dosti hum nai todenge lyrics were written by Anand Bakshi. This song features the on-screen pair of Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra aka Jai and Veeru. Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan (Yaarana)Number 2 on our list is this beautiful song from the movie Yaarana. Featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Amjad Khan, this song not only represents unconditional companionship but also highlights the true bond of friendship. Undoubtedly, this song is as epic as the movie its part of.So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dedicate this song to your best friend. Meri Dosti Mera Pyar (Dosti)Meri dosti mera pyar from the movie Dosti instantly became the friendship anthem of the year as soon as it was released.Written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, the iconic lyrics of this song celebrate the spirit of friendship. So, if you’re looking for a song to dedicate to your best friend then Meri dosti mera pyar is one of the best dosti hindi songs that you can definitely choose. Atrangi Yaari (Wazir)Number 4 on list of Dosti songs is the song “Atrangi Yaari” sung by Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar. This song features the incredible friendship and love between the characters in its own amazing way. Jane Nai Denge Tujhe (3 Idiots)The last but not least, Jane nai denge tujhe! An emotional song from the movie 3 Idiots, this number is portrayed beautifully in the voice of Sonu Nigam. So, Go ahead and dedicate this song to your best friend (if you haven’t already). So, these were our 5 favorite bollywood friendship songs. Which one of these songs is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

5 Most-Romantic Songs For Lovers
 kk sharma  
 28 April 2020  

While there are so many ways to say “I Love You” but nothing’s better than saying it through a romantic song.If you’re not sure which song will fit in well to such situation then here’s a list of 5 most-romantic songs for lovers.1. Chal Ghar Chalen (Malang)Yet another soulful song by Arijit Singh, this song portray that at the end of the day it’s your partner who matters the most. “Ab thak chuke hain yeh kadam, Chal ghar chalen mere humdum”Written by Sayeed Quadri, the lyrics along with its soothing music make it a great song for new lovers and old lover.2. Shayad (Love Aaj Kal)Romantic song? Check Emotional yet soulful lyrics? CheckSoothing music? Double checkEverything about this song is just perfect. Sung by Arijit Singh and composed by Pritam, this song contains all the key ingredients that are required to express your love to your partner. So, if you’re experiencing all the lovey-dovey feelings for the very first time then tune into this song and confess to your love with this romantic number from the movie Love Aaj Kal!3. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (Dum Laga Ke Haisha)A very emotional yet soothing song from the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha!The lyrics as well as the music of this song make it the best song for lovers.Composed by Anu Malik, its female and male versions are sung by Monali Thakur and Papon respectively. Also, did you know the film “Dum Laga Ke Haishah” features an original musical score composed by Italian composer Andrea Guerra who is best known for his score for The Pursuit of Happyness starring?No doubt, the entire soundtrack of this movie is so good. 4. Janam Janam Sath Chalna Yuhi (Dilwale)Featuring the “King of Romance”, this song is one of the most romantic songlover that was ever made! With its soft music and heart-touching lyrics, this song makes for a great way to confess to your love. So, what are you waiting for?Go ahead, tune into this song and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.5. Pehla Nasha (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander)This song was released in 1993 and even after 28 years, this song can get anyone high on love.Its lyrics and music make it the best song for new lovers as well as old lovers. So, if you feel that there is no end to the love that you have for him/her then this is the best song for lovers that you can dedicate to the love of your life. So, these were 5 Tamil romantic songs for lovers that you can dedicate to your partner. Which of these songs is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!Also, if there’s any other song that you want to add to the list, please let us know in the comments below.We’re waiting! 

Kane Brown Just Wants to Be 'Cool Again' Like Last Summer on New Single
 Micheal Zero  
 29 April 2020  

Like many of us, Kane Brown remembers a happier time in the new single "Cool Again".Released on Thursday, April 23 and will be a sure competitor for the summer song, the joyful song sees the multi-platinum country artist reflect on last summer when he and his love drank vodka and soft drinks with limes extra and tangled in each other."We wrote" Cool Again "during a writing retreat when it was about 20 degrees outside," said Brown. “At the time, it was about losing hot weather, but it turned out much more. It made us think of all the incredible memories of summer. We really wanted to come back. I think there is something that people can really identify with in their lives, especially right now. "Brown wrote the song with Josh Hoge, Matthew McGinn and Lindsay Rimes, who also co-produced the song with Dann Huff.Earlier this month, Brown released "Last Time I Say Sorry" with John Legend. The two performed the track together from their respective homes on CBS: Our Country's ACM Presents on April 5.Kane Brown is one of the leading artist right now. With so many of their worldwide concerts coming up Ticket2concert gives you a fair chance to see them live. Kane Brown Concert Tickets are on sale right now, but you better hurry before they sold out. Ticket2concert is also offering full Kane Brown Concert schedule with timings as well as Kane Brown Concert Tickets Discount Coupon. Stop wasting your time and benefit from this rare chance of secure transaction. Plus, we deliver on time too.

Let's get to know about Roku activation using roku.com/link
 Elizabeth Warren  
 30 April 2020  

Roku activation is a one –time process that you need to accomplish before you start using your streaming player. The activation process is essential to link your Roku player with the roku.com/Link account.  For this, you will need an activation code also known as Link code, and an active internet connection to access roku.com/link. Along with this, you will need to become a Roku member by creating the Roku account so that you can get the Roku.com/link activation code. Creating account would not involve any sort of charges or payment.How can I activate my device using link code?The steps laid down below are accurate and complete to setup and activate Roku TV using Roku setup link.Refer to quick manual guide and connect player to TV.Now plug in all the essentials wires as expected.Now connect the included power adapter to power up both the devices.Press Home on remote. This will turn on your device.Choose the Network type and complete Roku wireless connection setup.After a while, you will receive an activation code.After that, Go to browser and enter the code to roku.com/link.Login to your Roku account to complete the process.You player is activated now.How to avoid Roku activation errors?There are multiple reasons for the setup failure. Some of the them are- slow internet connection, unsupported device, wrongly input code, sudden demise of activation process, Roku having low power supply or insufficient device memory.Fortunately, you can fix the issue by applying the steps listed hereafter:Your Roku device fails to connect with Roku server. Simply put, the server is denying the request to activate the roku.com/link account. To fix this, troubleshoot your network.If you find an error code Roku 001, the restart your router and try connecting your device again.Allow your device to update its operating system.Use another browser to access activation link.Try after the sometime.What if my Activation code not working?While performing the above set of instructions, users are prone to get roku.com/link not working issue after they enter the code into said URL. If this goes with you also, then here is what you can do to fix the error:Make sure your have disabled the Caps lock, num Lock and all other functions keys that can change the actual value of key press.Enter the same code again to see if this works now or not.Try to enter the code by typing the every single letter, rather copying it form the device screen. This will eradicate the possibility of empty space before and after the password.Try to get the new activation code.*ConclusionRoku needs to be activated before you start streaming channels like Netflix on Roku. Roku.com/link is the page user can use to activate their player.  However, if you can’t activate the device, then apply the troubleshooting steps as mentioned above to get correct the issues.

What is meant by Twitch and Why Should You Buy Twitch Followers?
 John miller  
 16 May 2020  

What is Twitch?Twitch is one of the best live streaming platforms for Gamers. In this, the video content is shared in real-time. Generally, Twitch is owned by Amazon. Streaming on Twitch with huge followers will increase your status and popularity. It is also considered the best place to build a community of real viewers. It is one of the biggest platforms in the world.If you are a gamer, you will be surprised how you can make money through your passion. Streaming video or playing games on the Twitch platform are great ways to make money for the gamer.Twitch has around two million streamers every month. So it won’t be an easy task to make a bit deal on this platform. To get success on this platform, you need to have great strategy and goals. Many gamers gave up in the middle because of a lot of competition on the platform.You can also share your hobbies to an active online community while streaming on Twitch. The more followers you get on Twitch, the more reputation you will be getting. Therefore you should know how to increase followers on Twitch.This is such a great platform where your followers will be watching your gaming. If you are new on the platform, then you will understand that you have no followers at all. So you don’t need to worry because all the gamer has zero followers at the start. But even after spending a few days and only ending up with few followers, then it is not a good sign. Since success on this platform is mainly depends on a number of your active followers.You must be wondering how to get followers on the Twitch platform. The answer is through the purchase of Twitch followers. There are plenty of unexplained techniques to get followers on this platform. The big names on this platform are due to the purchase of followers on the Twitch platform. But to get the success, you should get the right support from your seller.Reason to buy followers on Twitch:Many significant users used to buy Twitch followers on the Twitch platform daily.You can make money and enhance your potential among your fan base.It will improve your authority on the Twitch channel, and this will result in getting more viewers and followers to your stream.It is the foolproof, most comfortable, and most excellent way to grow your Twitch channel.Whenever you start streaming on this platform, an active community will be watching you every minute. And when you start streaming on Twitch, then your followers will also get notified.If you have huge followers on the Twitch platform, then you will automatically get more Twitch followers because you are a top player who provides the best gaming entertainment.Take Way:There are plenty of sites in the market place through which offer you, fake Twitch followers. You should always avoid buying Twitch from such sites. Because this harms your chance of becoming a future partner. So while buying followers on Twitch you should never violate its term and conditions.

Thomas Rhett Plans 2021 Detour for Center Point Road Tour
 Micheal Zero  
 20 May 2020  

Thomas Rhett followed in the footsteps of many of his colleagues and announced on Tuesday that he would transfer his tour of Center Point Road to 2021, where he would be joined by Cole Swindell. The Rett tour, named after the May 2019 album, was scheduled to start in late May before the singer "Life Changes" postponed the walk to July in March before finally deciding to spend the entire race. Until 2021.Thomas Rhett has mesmerized the world with their enchanting voice. After winning so many award nominees for the best singer and artist he is coming to your city. Are you not excited? If you are a fan and trying to get Thomas Rhett Concert Tickets, today is your lucky day. Cheap Thomas Rhett Concert Tickets 2021 are on sale now at Ticket2concert."The local team, it has been a few wild months," Rhett said in a statement. "I pray that each of you will be fine." "I hope those who may be safe at home with their families, and for those of you who are on the front line: our health care workers, delivery drivers, supermarkets, and everyone else who works in our communities. Thank you for continuing our country to work through this period ".He continued, "We decided to reschedule my concerts for 2020 until 2021." “This decision was made with the health, safety, and well-being of our fans, our tourist team, and the place’s employees as our priority. If you can leave in 2021, your tickets will be honored and if you need a refund, you will soon receive an email from the point of purchase with instructions. I miss seeing you on the road and not I can wait until we return to your neck in the woods next summer. I will continue writing songs and creating music, hoping to hear your voices singing the year stronger than ever. ”Are you also Thomas Rhett fan and looking for Discount Thomas Rhett Concert Tickets? Ticket2concert has all that you need, Cheapest Thomas Rhett Concert Ticket, Concert Location, and Concert Schedules. Ticket2concert also offers the best deals you cannot find anywhere else. Enter our Thomas Rhett Concert Tickets Discount Coupon at checkout and get a special discount.Tickets purchased for original offers will be honored on scheduled dates, and all ticket holders will receive a direct email with refund options, including full refunds until June 19, 2020. View the list of dates for the new Center Point Road tour below:

 kk sharma  
 26 May 2020  

Who is that special person in your life? Do they know they hold a significant place in your life or do they feel like an afterthought?Several times, we get so occupied in a relationship that we get strangled in a routine that keeps us away from checking to see our mate doesn’t feel alone or taken for granted but feel significant and pampered. We all have our weaknesses and shortcomings and if we focus on them, it will change the way we see our partner and also affect how we relate with them.I am a firm believer in communicating your partner what you think is significant, positive and not keeping this to yourself.Want to know even more small tricks about how to make your partner feel special? In this blog, we will be talking about ways to ensure your wife, husband or partner feels significant and learning new ways to relate with them.1. LEARN TO KEEP YOUR PROMISESIf someone can trust you, they probably will feel more pleasant having the relationship keep going.Trust plays a major role in ensuring that your relationship goes well with your partner. If you are reliable and be present when your partner needs you, he/she will feel more pampered and loved.2. GIVE SMALL, YET MEANINGFUL, GIFTSWomen love small gifts like flowers and chocolates. Gifting a woman some flowers like roses, lavenders will make her feel pampered and loved. Also, don’t forget to take chocolates with you when you are going to meet her be it her home or some café. This will add an extra romantic edge to your relationship.At some meaningful occasions like when it is her birthday or your anniversary, try to give her some exquisite jewellery to make your day memorable. Women love adorning jewellery. Gift her some cute pendant or ring on both of your special occasion.3. DEDICATE A SONG TO HIM/HERWhether you are a good singer or not, your partner will feel definitely good when you will dedicate a song to him/her.There are a lot of songs for lovers that are romantic and equally meaningful for your beautiful relationship. Browse through songs for new lovers online to get the latest songs to dedicate to your partner.Sing old romantic songs in hindi on a date night or your partner’s birthday to embrace a special moment in both of your lives.4. SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH HERAlways carve out some time for each other whether it be planning a weekly date night or having a brunch together. Let things flow naturally and give your partner your undivided attention while you are having quality time with each other.Spend time watching Netflix together and not checking your phone, emails or office related work. Show that you love your partner’s company and try to make this a regular plan.5. GIVE COMPLIMENTSToo many people wait to compliment people like it’s a special occasion. Compliments are free and make people feel loved and confident. Do it when you are with friends, family and business associates. This will make your partner feel appreciated and loved.6. LISTEN TO YOUR PARTNERGiving attention to what your partner says, makes them feel loved and appreciated. Lending a listening year can go a long way to make your partner feel deeper in love with you because they feel heard and important and for this, you do not have to say a lot of things or try to fix a lot of problems.If you are looking for ways to make your partner feel special and strengthen your bond with your partner, these are a few things that can assist you. Just be real, kind and authentic and you have already won half of a battle.Tell us in the comments below what would you feel is good to make your partner feel special?

How to play blackjack online
 Rbn Medi  
 26 May 2020  

Taking interest in playing blackjack would be fun if someone’s is knowledgeable about the basic steps on doing it. If you’re one ofthe newbies, it’s greatly suggested that you proceed with playing blackjack online at first. The reason being is that the software of online casino games serves as a guide for aspiring blackjack players who are not aware or unsure of the complexities that contained within the game itself. If you’re now itching to start playing but don’t know where to start with the procedures, read the list below:Finding blackjack games online typically entails selecting the amount of money that you’re looking to bet with. The amounts that you’re only allowed to bet depends on the casino platform that you’re playing at, but usually, the amounts are only limited to $1, $5, $25 and $100. After picking out your desired amount, hover your mouse to the “Deal” button and click it. Shortly after, you will be able to get your cards.Playing your HandOnce your cards are provided, a pop-up window will appear and you will be selecting from the given choices on the screen:HitStandDouble DownOn the other hand, if a pair is what you have received, you also have a similar option provided to you, which is “Split”. Now that you have chosen what you wanted, the software you’re using will deliver the cards to you and your dealer as well. Now, if the hand is done already, two events would ensue. It’s either you’ll be given payment or have your bet snatched from you. It all boils down on what the outcome of the hand is. With that, you are also given the freedom to choose the re-bet option wherein the amount that’s going to be used on the next hand is similar to the one that you’re going to bet. Another scenario would be having the ability to pick the following wager manually.Help ScreenWithin the duration of playing blackjack online, you might be noticing that the process is fairly straightforward with no confusion nor inconsistencies. However, take note that you’re also allowed to seek the help of the platform by clicking the Help button. After you clicked it, you will see an array of blackjack’s rules in order to win the game fair and square. For instance, you will have the ability to see the amount of each card in terms of its worth; the steps, rules of the house blackjack; and the number of users that would be participating. Depositing and WithdrawingFinally, one significant part of playing blackjack is having the ability to deposit and withdraw your money. But the fact that there’s no existing universal payment gateway for deposits and withdrawals makes it difficult for some users, especially those who reside within barred countries with limited payment options. That’s why, upon finishing the steps prior to payment, check the cashier or checkout page of the casino platform to confirm if your desired payment method is allowed. Afterward, you should load up your card or digital wallet to pursue the transaction.

Top websites which allow to download Hollywood movies
 William McDonalds  
 28 May 2020  

The craze for movies is increasing day by day among all age group people. Each person has their own taste with different preferences like some watch Hollywood movies while some are Bollywood lovers. In Fact, the popularity of Tamil, Telugu and Kannada movies is also at its peak. If you are also a movie lover but don't have an idea of where to get your favourite Hollywood movie then we are here to help you. There are various platforms which allow you to download hollywood movies in hindi dubbed.You may have got to know about various illegal websites and other platforms which help you in getting the perfect deal but for everyone, it doesn't sound cool. It is not necessary that you only go with the illegal websites. There are even many legal platforms which help you in enjoying and downloading multiple Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. We are going to share a few websites and places which will let you download hollywood movies in hindi dubbed, let's begin. 1. Websites to get your favourite movieThere is a wide range of websites that will definitely help you in downloading the desired movie. In this section, we are going to share the names of such websites which are legal and completely free to use. YIFY moviesMyDownloadTubeBob MoviesCosmo TubeMovie DDLMovies CouchLoaded moviesiPagal moviesWell torrent movies Critic bayDIVX crawlerMovie watcher Vidmate2. NetflixNetflix has now become one of the most loved applications for seeing different content in different genres. If you are a member of Netflix then for sure you can easily get access to thousands of movies which you can watch for free. If in case you are not on the paid subscription then you can opt for the free trial period or can even search for free working Netflix username and password online which will definitely help you. 3. Zee5It is another application which was launched by Zee a few years back. Although the content is limited still you can get access to hundreds of Hollywood dubbed movies that you can either watch online or can even download them. Zee5 works as both a free and premium app. It is all up to you how you want to use it. In the case of free usage, the allowance is limited. 4. Vodafone PlayIf you are a Vodafone customer then you will get free access to the premium subscription of Vodafone Play. This app has recently brought various contents and movies that can be streamed by the viewers for free. It will only work for Vodafone customers. 5. Airtel XtreamIt is also similar to the Vodafone play, the app has been launched by the airtel for its customers. Those who are having airtel service for them is free to stream different movies and other things on the app. You can simply log in with your airtel number and you are done. 

Online Games - Play With Your Children To Stop Worrying
 Sylvester Balchunas  
 29 May 2020  

Regular message reports and some Straystudien suggest that some on-line-plays children affect. Parents are ensured and the play industry blames. This approximation is similar, the white spirit industry blames if your child begins to drink or the tobacco industry blames if your child becomes a smoker. What over parental responsibility? If your child the best of the schools and the universities worries itself and do not handle learning, is the school alone responsible? It becomes simple for parents, all outside effects blames, which can endeavor their children. The same one happens with on-line-plays. The solution lies if it takes your responsibility. Speaking one on-line-plays, the multiplicity is many and the levels, on which the plays can be played, is also many. Play as obvious, the play with your child for some days in the beginning. It's/their reaction when playing on-line play watch out.The act of violence of the play finds out. Find out, if on-line play can promote your child. Can ability on-line-plays many of your child sharpen? Instead of, something blaming, which your child continues with, responsibility takes and your child helps to learn of. Your children love also your Zusammengehörigkeit. You spend also some quality time with your children when playing online games with them. Today's parents are employed in such a way that they have very little time for their children. As soon as the child stops, parental love, and inclination too received, try the child to receive joy with other activities. Society does not produce Tyranne for no reason. Your children depend on you for their whole emotional support and guidance. It please give to them. They please connect, if you do, what it loves. Trying to order and ask it to stop does not serve your responsibility. A responsible person's parents must go beyond that much. They connect and on-line-play play, they love to play. You can steer the time period easily, for which she on-line-plays plays and peace of the understanding has.To know more info visit https://www.waybinary.com